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  Also spelled Dannehauer, Danenhour, Donnahower, etc.


Surname: The German spelling, Dannenhauer, means cutter of fir trees.   

The last name can be spelled in a variety of ways.

Dane, Dene, Done, Danne, Denne, Donne, Danen, Dinen,
Donen, Dannen, Dinnen, Donnen, Daven, Dauen, Dannin,
Dinnin, Donnin

Hower, Hour, Hauer, Houer, Houser, Hauser, Haurer,

Because of the wide variance in spellings of names, those listed here do not follow a specific form.

Danenhour Places Names

William F. Dannenhouer Bridge (between Norristown and Bridgeport)

Danenhower's Lane, May's Landing, N.J.


Descendants of other early SE Pennsylvania settlers invited to submit genealogies or sketches. Family Treemaker 7.0 version required.

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Rusty Danenhour Lang

Artwork is all public domain, part of the
Currier & Ives library.


“Names of Foreigners who took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania, 1727-1776. With the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808,” ed William Henry Egle, M.D., Baltimore, 1976. 

p. 141. List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship “Charming Nancy” of London. Chas. Stedman, master, From Rotterdam. Qualified Oct. 1737.            Men: Hans Georg Dannahawer, Abraham Dannahawer;                          p. 144. Women and Children’s Names: Urcilla Dannahower, Anna Maria Dannahower, Abraham Dannahower, Maria Dorthea Dannahower

“Philadelphia Naturalization Records,” P. William Filby

            Danenhaver, Christian, German, Court of Common Pleas, 9-05-1856.

"Eighteenth Century Emigrants vol II, The Western Palatinate,”  Annette Kunselman Burgert.

85. Danehauer, Jon

Winzeln=6780 Permasens 17

Chance, 1765

S-H, I: 705


Pirmasens I: John. Adam Dauenhauer, joiner in Winzeln, son of Hans Christmann Dauenhauer, m. 29 Oct. 1725 Gertrud Fuhrmann, daughter of the late Hans Michel Duhrmann of (6571) Budenbach. They had:

Johannes b. 1 Sept. 1731 in Winzeln.


1790 Census, Bucks Co. Pa.:

John Donanower: 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, 4 females.

 No. 90. Dauenhauer, Jacob, Winzeln = 6780 Pirmasens 17, “Muscliffe Gallery,” 1744; S-H I: 359

(Surname transcribed Daurschauer)


Pirmasens I;

Hans Christman Dauenhauer, son of Hans Nickel Dauenhauer of Winzeln m. 8 July 1679 Margaretha Zilliox, daughter of George Zilliox. They had:

Johann Jacob, b. 19 Oct. 1685; bp 21 Oct. 1685.

Johann Jacob Dauenhauer m. (1) 18 Sept. 1707 Dorothea Anstadt (children did not survive).

(2) 28 April 1716 Maria Elisabetha Sieg. (She was b. 1 Mar 1696 in Winzeln, bp. 4 Mar 1696; conf. 1709; daughter of Johann George Sieg who m. 11 May 1693 Anna Margareta Seiler. They had {surviving only}.

Anna Elisabeth b. 13 Aug. 1727

Johann Gottfried b. 29 Jan. 1729.

Georg Jacob, b. 16 Mar 1735.

Hans Adam b. 31 May 1737.

Anna Katharina b. 6 Sept. 1739

Inventar, 251: nr 1436:

Emigration of Jacob Daugenhauer from Winzeln to Pennsylvania in 1744.


St. Michael’s &Zion Luthern KB, Philadelphia, Pa. Godfried Dauenhauer m. 4 Dec. 1750 Anna Cathrina Sassemannshausen (ref).

Jurg Jacob Dauenhauer m. 6 Jan. 1756 Maria Hauk.

Buried 1 Mar 1771: Maria Elisabeth Tauenhauer, widow. She was nee Sieg. Age 83 yars. B. in “Wisty in Geissen-Darmstadtischen” in 1688. Married 1706 to the late Jacob Tauenhauer, 13 children are living. Came to America in 1744.

Widowed and lived with daughter.

Buried 18 Jan. 1773: Anna Elisabeth Burghardt, b. in “Winzel” 13 Sug. 1727. She m. (1) Conrad Mog. They were m. 16 years and had 10 children. She m. (2) Daniel Burghardt. Died age 45 years, 5 months, 4 days.

 First Reformed KB, Philadelphia, PA.

Conrad Maag from Zurich and Elisabetha had children:

  1. George Conrad bp. 27 May 1759.
  2. Sibylia bp. 4 July 1761.
  3. Barbara bp. 7 Dec. 1762, age 3 weeks.
  4. 4. Gertrude bp. 25 Feb. 1765; 14 days old.

New Hanover Lutheran KB, Montgomery Co. PA.

Conf. 1769: Catharina, daughter of Godfried Dauenhauer, age 17 years.

Conf. 1770: Jacob, son of Gottfried Dauenhauer, age 15 years.

Godfried Towenhower, Coverntry twp. Chester Co., PA., nat 24-25 Sept. 1764.

“Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1709-1786,” ed. Don Yoder, Baltimore, 1980.                                                                                      p. 46 Dannenhauer, Hans Jerg (1-2)—Grotzingen (1746)   Tailer (Schneider). Wf: Catharina. Ch: (1)   Rosina Catharina, b. 7-22-1745 “emigrated with parents, 1746.”// Hans Jerg Dannenauer, Ann Galley, September 27, 1746, Hinke I, 360. Several by this name in Pennsylvania; ef. 3PA 14, 90: George Donnehover, mill, with Abraham Donnehover, Germantown tp, Philadelpha Co., Pa. 1769-3 PA, 16, 536: George Donnehower’s estate, Bristol Tp. Philadelphia Co. 1783. The will of George Donahower of Robeson tp. Berks Co. wife Christiana, sons John and George, executors, and their younger brothers and sisters: witness: Jacob Wratz, Samuel Griffith, Owen Long, Berks County Will Abstracts, I. 137-8.

Elias and John Dannhauer arrived from Bremen on the ship Charlotte on September 5, 1803 at the Port of Philadelphia.  We find no further record of John, but Elias married Elizabeth Ann Cummins and later settled in Muskingum County, Ohio. 

 Their son George was born about 1820 in Muskingum County, and married Elizabeth Jane Charnock of Virginia in 1842.  George served in the Civil War and died at Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. 

Emma Jane Danhour, 4th child of George and Elizabeth, married William A. Shields in 1866 in Putnam County, Indiana.  Their 3rd child, Eva Evandale Shields married William Sanford Bock in Putnam County, Indiana in 1899.  Their oldest child, Nellie Shields Bock is my mother.

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