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WACHTL, David W. Private
WACHTL, Denise M. Private
WACHTL, William C. Private
WAGNER, Albert Private
WAGNER, Alice Private
WAGNER, Barry Private
WAGNER, Bernadette 02 March 1912 December 1971
WAGNER, Carla Jo Private
WAGNER, Curtis Private
WAGNER, David Private
WAGNER, Deborah Private
WAGNER, Denise Private
WAGNER, Dennis Private
WAGNER, Douglas Private
WAGNER, Duane Private
WAGNER, Florence 02 May 1908 02 May 1909
WAGNER, Francis Private
WAGNER, Gale Private
WAGNER, Gary Private
WAGNER, Gregg Private
WAGNER, Gregory Private
WAGNER, Gregory Private
WAGNER, Helen Private
WAGNER, James Private
WAGNER, Jeanne Private
WAGNER, Joan Private
WAGNER, Joseph Private
WAGNER, Karen Private
WAGNER, Kevin Private
WAGNER, Kevin J. Private
WAGNER, Marcella Private
WAGNER, Marcia Private
WAGNER, Margaret Private
WAGNER, Marie Private
WAGNER, Mark Private
WAGNER, Mary Private
WAGNER, Michael Private
WAGNER, Paula Private
WAGNER, Peter 01 August 1880 1943
WAGNER, Phyllis Private
WAGNER, Robert Private
WAGNER, Thomas Private
WAGNER, William Private
WAICHTE, Shirley Private
WALDO, Cary Thomas Private
WALDO, Joel Frederic Private
WALDO, Jon Private
WALDO, Kimberly Private
WALDO, Robert Private
WALDO, Robert Kent Private
WALSH, Debra Private
WALSH, Gregory Private
WALSH, Margaret Private
WALSH, Michael Private
WALSH, William Private
WALTERS, Cheryl Private
WALTERS, Lisa Private
WALTERS, Ronald Private
WALTON, Albert Private
WALTON, Barbara Private
WALTON, Cheryl Private
WALTON, Donna Private
WALTON, Gary Private
WALTON, Katherine Private
WALTON, Lee Joseph Private
WALTON, Nadine Private
WALTON, Pamela Private
WALZ, Alfred H. Private
WALZ, Benjamin F. Private
WALZ, Ed Private
WALZ, Gordon Lee Private
WALZ, Herbert Private
WALZ, Margaret Ann Private
WALZ, Michael Edward Private
WALZ, Pamela June Private
WALZ, Phyllis Private
WALZ, Vicki Lynn Private
WALZ, William Private
WALZ, Winifred Ann Private
WALZ, Yvonne Isa Private
WARNKE, Al Private
WARREN, Dalton Charles Private
WARREN, Donald Earl Private
WARREN, Spenser Kenneth Private
WATERS, Gregory Private
WATERS, Joseph Gregory Private
WATERS, Kathy Private
WATERS, Rosemary Private
WATTNUM, Cecilia (Wattnem?) Private
WEAVER, Colette Private
WEBER, Alvina Private
WEBER, Angeline Private
WEBER, Arnold 20 June 1917 29 December 1960
WEBER, Bernadette Private
WEBER, Bernice Private
WEBER, Bernita Private
WEBER, Bertha B. Private
WEBER, Bradley Private
WEBER, Brenda 12 June 1963 30 April 1965
WEBER, Carl Private
WEBER, Carol Private
WEBER, David Private
WEBER, Dennis Private
WEBER, Diane Private
WEBER, Donna Private
WEBER, Donna (Myers?) Private
WEBER, Donna Mae Private
WEBER, Ella Eva 12 September 1893 23 December 1992
WEBER, Elmer Private
WEBER, Eugene Private
WEBER, Fred L. 12 September 1893 18 September 1961
WEBER, Glen Private
WEBER, Gregory Private
WEBER, Hubert (Herbert?) Private
WEBER, Isabell (Bylla) M. 22 November 1889 04 March 1972
WEBER, Ivan Private
WEBER, Jane Private
WEBER, Janet Private
WEBER, Janice Private
WEBER, Jerome Private
WEBER, Joan Private
WEBER, Jodi Private
WEBER, Joel Private
WEBER, Julia 15 February 1898 17 May 1989
WEBER, Keith Private
WEBER, Kenneth Private
WEBER, Larry Private
WEBER, Lee Ann Private
WEBER, Lonone Private
WEBER, Lorraine Private
WEBER, Luverne Private
WEBER, Marina Helen Private
WEBER, Mark Private
WEBER, Martina Private
WEBER, Mary Ann Private
WEBER, Mary C. 05 December 1903 14 April 1961
WEBER, Mary Jean Private
WEBER, Mary Kathryn Private
WEBER, Mary M. Private
WEBER, Mildred Private
WEBER, Nancy Private
WEBER, Patricia Private
WEBER, Patrick Private
WEBER, Ronald Private
WEBER, Stella Private
WEBER, Steven Private
WEBER, Steven Private
WEBER, Theresa Private
WEBER, Theresa Marie Private
WEBER, Vincent Private
WEBER, Virgil Private
WEBER, Virginia (? Maiden) Private
WEDWICK, Lois Margaret Private
WEEPIE, Elaine Private
WEEPIE, Janet Private
WEEPIE, Janet Private
WEEPIE, Karen Private
WEEPIE, Laurie Private
WEEPIE, Michele Ann Private
WEEPIE, Robert Private
WEGER, Pauline Cecelia Private
WEILER, Abby Private
WEILER, Adam Private
WEILER, Alexis Private
WEILER, Amanda Private
WEILER, Ann Elizabeth Private
WEILER, Benjamin Private
WEILER, Bernard Private
WEILER, Bernard, Jr Private
WEILER, Clair Private
WEILER, Colleen Private
WEILER, Dan Private
WEILER, Frank Private
WEILER, H. Tom Private
WEILER, Jackson Private
WEILER, Jacob Private
WEILER, James Private
WEILER, Jesse Private
WEILER, Joseph Private
WEILER, Julie Ann Private
WEILER, Kaylea Private
WEILER, Laura Private
WEILER, Mary Private
WEILER, Mathew 1990 1990
WEILER, Mitchell Private
WEILER, Molly Private
WEILER, Rachel Private
WEILER, Susan Private
WEILER, Warren Private
WEILER, Wayne Private
WEINS, Debbie Ann Private
WEINS, Leo Private
WEISNER, Marie J. Private
WEISS, Kelly Private
WEISS, Lyle Private
WEISS, Marvin Private
WEISS, Robert Private
WEISSER, Rhonda Irene Private
WEIST, Darlene Private
WEIST, Gerald Private
WEIST, Janice Private
WEIST, Jean Private
WEIST, Kathleen Private
WEIST, Linda Private
WEIST, Marceline Private
WEIST, Raymond Private
WEIST, Valeria Private
WEIST, Venita Private
WELLS, Brady Halas Private
WELLS, Thomas Edward Private
WENIGARTEN, Velma Private
WEPPLER, Allison Kathleen Private
WEPPLER, Jeffrey Private
WEREEN, James (Werren?) Private
WEREEN, Janet (Werren?) Private
WEREEN, Jean (Werren?) Private
WEREEN, Jeffery (Werren?) Private
WEREEN, John Art (Werren?) Private
WEREEN, William (Werren?) Private
WERMERS, Aaron Joseph Private
WERMERS, Alice Rose Private
WERMERS, Alyssa Marie Private
WERMERS, Amelia Deanne Private
WERMERS, Anna WFT Est. 1848-1867 WFT Est. 1900-1957
WERMERS, Benjamin Arnold Private
WERMERS, Beverly Marie Private
WERMERS, Bradley Robert Private
WERMERS, Brenna Jean Private
WERMERS, Brian Richard Private
WERMERS, Bridgette Ann Private
WERMERS, Bryan Matthew Private
WERMERS, Bryce Andrew Private
WERMERS, Carl James Private
WERMERS, Charles Joseph Private
WERMERS, Cynthia Mary Private
WERMERS, Derek Robert Private
WERMERS, Dexter Allen Private
WERMERS, Dorothy Mildred Private
WERMERS, Douglas Lyle Private
WERMERS, Edward Joseph Private
WERMERS, Elinor Ruth Private
WERMERS, Franziska Christina 24 September 1891 02 September 1970
WERMERS, Gerald John Private
WERMERS, Gerald Leo 10 September 1921 05 March 1994
WERMERS, Gregory Louis Private
WERMERS, Helen Leona Private
WERMERS, James Edward Private
WERMERS, James Gerald Private
WERMERS, Jason William Private
WERMERS, Jeffrey John Private
WERMERS, Jeffrey Robert Private
WERMERS, Jennifer Jade Private
WERMERS, Jennifer Marie Private
WERMERS, Jeremy James Private
WERMERS, Jessica Diane Private
WERMERS, Joan Frances Private
WERMERS, John Joseph Private
WERMERS, Jonathon James Private
WERMERS, Joseph John 18 November 1893 11 May 1961
WERMERS, Joseph John Private
WERMERS, Justin John Private
WERMERS, Kate Marie Private
WERMERS, Katherine Mary Private
WERMERS, Keith James Private
WERMERS, Kristin Michelle Private
WERMERS, Kristina 16 January 1867 05 July 1917
WERMERS, Kurt Justin Private
WERMERS, Laurie Elinor Private
WERMERS, Lawrence Thomas Private
WERMERS, Loren Michael Private
WERMERS, Lyle George Private
WERMERS, Mallory Lynn Private
WERMERS, Mary Margaret Private
WERMERS, Megan Marie Private
WERMERS, Mildred Mathilda Private
WERMERS, Nancy Joanne Private
WERMERS, Olivia Colleen Private
WERMERS, Patricia Helen Private
WERMERS, Patricia Marie Private
WERMERS, Rachel Janette Private
WERMERS, Rebecca Rene Private
WERMERS, Rita Therese Private
WERMERS, Robert Paul Private
WERMERS, Sandra Joan Private
WERMERS, Sarah Ann Private
WERMERS, Sharon Kay Private
WERMERS, Thomas John Private
WERMERS, Todd Graham Private
WERMERS, Tyler Private
WERMERS, Walter Scott Private
WERMERS, Wayne Francis Private
WERREN, Gretchen Kay Private
WERREN, Michael William Private
WERREN, Patricia Marie Private
WERREN, Peter John Private
WERREN, Rachel Ann Private
WERREN, Teresa Louise Private
WERREN, William A. Private
WEWORA, Michael Private
WHERRY, Josephine 17 March 1900 30 April 1992
WHITE, John Private
WHITE, Mary Edna Private
WHITTINGTON, Carlos Leroy Private
WHITTINGTON, William John Private
WHITWER, David 07 May 1907 June 1983
WHITWER, Rita Private
WHITWER, Theresa Private
WICHMAN, Cynthia Ann Private
WIFE, Unknown WFT Est. 1869-1883 WFT Est. 1889-1971
WILANT, Emily Anne Private
WILANT, Laura Michelle Private
WILANT, Mark Private
WILCOX, Whitney Lee Private
WILD, Jerome Thomas Private
WILDS, Clara Private
WILDS, Louise 03 November 1875 WFT Est. 1926-1970
WILKENSON, Dennis Private
WILKENSON, Kimberly Ann Private
WILKERSON, Jody Jay Private
WILLIAMS, Bonita Private
WILLMANN, Helen 06 April 1869 16 December 1944
WILSON, Patrick Private
WINGET, Josephine Private
WINKLER, LaVona I. 28 July 1898 March 1985
WINN, James Private
WINN, Judith Private
WINN, Paula Private
WINN, Roger Private
WINTER, Len Edward Private
WINTER, Lloyd Private
WINTER, Lon William Private
WIPF, Lana Private
WIPPERFURTH, Lorraine Private
WIPPERFURTH, Margaret Private
WORDEN, Dick Lee Private
WRIGHT, Gladine Private
WUEBBEN, Margaret Marie Private
WUSSOW, Kay Lou Private
WUSTLEHOFF, Barbara Private
WUTSCH, Anne Private
WYLIE, Christopher Wayne Private
WYLIE, Mary Kathryn Private
WYLIE, William Donald Private

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Bullet The ADOLPH BIRRENKOTT Family Bullet The LORENZ BOWAR Family Bullet The PETER ENDRES Family
Bullet The PHILLIP JACOB GOEBEL Family Bullet The ANDRES HOHN Family Bullet The SIMON KALSCHEUR Family
Bullet The PHILLIP KURTENBACH Family Bullet The ADAM WEBER Family Bullet The GEARHARD WERMERS Family

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