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Welcome to The Families of Dane County, Wisconsin




SABER, Charles K. Private
SABER, Daniel C. Private
SABER, John M. Private
SABER, Mary L. Private
SABER, Richard H. Private
SABER, Steven J. Private
SACCUCCI, Toni Marie Private
SACHS, Beatrice Private
SACHS, Clara 20 April 1903 September 1987
SACHS, Elaine Private
SACHS, George L. Private
SACHS, Mary Jeanne Private
SAILING, Dennis Private
SAILING, Kathleen Private
SAILING, Sherri Private
SAILING, Warren Private
SANBORN, Edwin Private
SANBORN, Tammy Private
SANDHOFF, Agnes Private
SANDHOFF, Alma Private
SANDHOFF, Anthony Private
SANDHOFF, Charles Private
SANDHOFF, Corinne Private
SANDHOFF, George Private
SANDHOFF, Helen 12 September 1909 01 March 1992
SANDHOFF, Lunette Private
SANDHOFF, Rolenda Private
SANDHOFF, Sheila Private
SANDOVAL, Cathleen Private
SANDWICK, Cheryl Rose Private
SARUTZKI, Robert Private
SARUTZKI, Sheila Private
SAUVAGE, Dale William Private
SAUVAGE, Dawn Renee Private
SAUVAGE, Jeffrey John Private
SAUVAGE, Jerald Francis Private
SAUVAGE, John Terry Private
SAVAGE, Brandon Michael Private
SAVAGE, Lauren Marie Private
SAVAGE, Paul Winthrop Private
SCHAEFERS, Camille A. Private
SCHAEFERS, Carole L. Private
SCHAEFERS, Collen M. Private
SCHAEFERS, Dale T. Private
SCHAEFERS, Darold J. Private
SCHAEFERS, Dean W. Private
SCHAEFERS, Delmar J. Private
SCHAEFERS, Dorine G. 29 April 1920 09 September 1993
SCHAEFERS, Douglas T. Private
SCHAEFERS, Genevieve E. Private
SCHAEFERS, John Private
SCHAEFERS, John T. 18 May 1896 November 1984
SCHAEFERS, Julie Private
SCHAEFERS, Kathleen C. Private
SCHAEFERS, Marcella A. Private
SCHAEFFER, Arnold Private
SCHAEFFER, Catherine Ann Private
SCHAEFFER, Kevin Walter Private
SCHEIFLEY, James Private
SCHELL, Katharine Elizabeth 13 March 1830 12 March 1903
SCHELLE, David Henry Private
SCHELLE, Henry Private
SCHELLE, Mary Denise Private
SCHELLE, Susan Kay Private
SCHELLE, Teresa Lynn Private
SCHELLE, Wanda Jean Private
SCHELLY, Joseph, Jr Private
SCHEMEL, Beatrice Private
SCHIEG, Wolyce A. Private
SCHIFFIMAN, Gertrude 05 December 1887 January 1976
SCHLADER, Bibiana V. Private
SCHLADER, Douglas G. Private
SCHLADER, George W. Private
SCHLADER, Gerard D. Private
SCHLADER, Gregory G. Private
SCHLADER, Ione G. Private
SCHLADER, Lana S. Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Beverly Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Chris Allen Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Deborah Lynne Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Kathy Marie Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Melissa Rae Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Melvin Private
SCHLAFFMAN, Scott Wayne Private
SCHLIMGEN, 2 Children Private
SCHLIMGEN, Agnes 22 March 1917 27 July 1987
SCHLIMGEN, Agnes Catherine Private
SCHLIMGEN, Albert WFT Est. 1885-1910 1945
SCHLIMGEN, Albert Engelbert 28 January 1889 10 June 1957
SCHLIMGEN, Amanda Jeanne Private
SCHLIMGEN, Amay Noble Private
SCHLIMGEN, Ambrose Lawrence 07 February 1882 25 March 1947
SCHLIMGEN, Ambrose P. 30 November 1896 September 1976
SCHLIMGEN, Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Ann Katerine Private
SCHLIMGEN, Anna 06 February 1898 November 1985
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Gertrud 1848 WFT Est. 1849-1942
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Maria 1802 Bef. 1808
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Maria April 1808 13 July 1809
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Maria 1843 WFT Est. 1844-1937
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Sibilla May 1804 WFT Est. 1805-1898
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Sibilla 19 February 1862 17 January 1937
SCHLIMGEN, Anna Sybilla 02 August 1856 03 February 1898
SCHLIMGEN, Anne Dreppard Private
SCHLIMGEN, Anne Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Anthony 01 June 1913 07 December 1981
SCHLIMGEN, Anton 29 November 1880 19 November 1956
SCHLIMGEN, Arthur Private
SCHLIMGEN, Arthur Edward 22 May 1895 25 May 1950
SCHLIMGEN, Ashley Private
SCHLIMGEN, Augusta 08 September 1877 31 July 1899
SCHLIMGEN, Augusta Private
SCHLIMGEN, Aurelia 25 January 1898 17 April 1900
SCHLIMGEN, Barbara Private
SCHLIMGEN, Barbara Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Bernadette Mary 17 November 1906 25 December 1992
SCHLIMGEN, Bernard Private
SCHLIMGEN, Bernard Private
SCHLIMGEN, Bernice 27 December 1905 01 November 1907
SCHLIMGEN, Bertha Elizabeth Private
SCHLIMGEN, Bertha Helen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Bertha Katharina 23 April 1885 01 November 1935
SCHLIMGEN, Bertha Sibilla 14 August 1874 20 August 1917
SCHLIMGEN, Betty Private
SCHLIMGEN, Beverly Jane Private
SCHLIMGEN, Boy 29 August 1908 29 August 1908
SCHLIMGEN, Brenda Lee Private
SCHLIMGEN, Carl Arthur 10 May 1964 11 May 1964
SCHLIMGEN, Carol Private
SCHLIMGEN, Carol L. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Carrie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Catherine Private
SCHLIMGEN, Catherine Devona Private
SCHLIMGEN, Charles 11 May 1861 26 July 1928
SCHLIMGEN, Charles Private
SCHLIMGEN, Charles Mathias 28 October 1886 April 1969
SCHLIMGEN, Cheryle Private
SCHLIMGEN, Christina September 1793 23 July 1794
SCHLIMGEN, Christina M. 02 October 1872 28 September 1940
SCHLIMGEN, Clara Ann (Sr M. Laurence) 15 September 1889 10 February 1985
SCHLIMGEN, Clarence Mathias 27 January 1913 05 July 1955
SCHLIMGEN, Clement Joseph Private
SCHLIMGEN, Corrine Private
SCHLIMGEN, Dana Kay Private
SCHLIMGEN, Daniel Private
SCHLIMGEN, Daniel L. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Daryl Private
SCHLIMGEN, David Private
SCHLIMGEN, David Private
SCHLIMGEN, David Private
SCHLIMGEN, David Allen Private
SCHLIMGEN, David Allen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Dawn Jannette Private
SCHLIMGEN, Dennis Patrick Private
SCHLIMGEN, Dennis Paul Private
SCHLIMGEN, Diane Private
SCHLIMGEN, Diane (? Maiden) Private
SCHLIMGEN, Diane Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Donald 11 April 1914 17 April 1972
SCHLIMGEN, Donald Private
SCHLIMGEN, Donald Private
SCHLIMGEN, Donna Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Donna Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Doris Private
SCHLIMGEN, Douglas G. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Edna Isabelle Private
SCHLIMGEN, Edward E. 07 June 1875 22 August 1960
SCHLIMGEN, Edward Lawrence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Edwin Arthur Private
SCHLIMGEN, Elaine Isa Private
SCHLIMGEN, Eleanor Private
SCHLIMGEN, Eleanor L'Hommedieu 15 October 1904 October 1979
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabeth 1835 WFT Est. 1836-1929
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabeth 28 May 1846 14 February 1919
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabeth Private
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabeth A. 02 March 1915 1991
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabeth H. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabeth Mary 08 March 1858 01 May 1933
SCHLIMGEN, Elizabetha October 1798 30 October 1843
SCHLIMGEN, Emma Private
SCHLIMGEN, Emma Mary 26 July 1890 14 March 1986
SCHLIMGEN, Engelbert 05 March 1830 20 September 1904
SCHLIMGEN, Engelbert 08 June 1909 29 May 1952
SCHLIMGEN, Engelbert Charles 02 March 1892 08 October 1953
SCHLIMGEN, Eric Matthew Private
SCHLIMGEN, Esther Julia Private
SCHLIMGEN, Eugene Paul 06 March 1930 19 March 1978
SCHLIMGEN, Eva 1844 WFT Est. 1845-1938
SCHLIMGEN, Evelyn Irene Private
SCHLIMGEN, Florence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Frances 16 April 1904 07 August 1910
SCHLIMGEN, Frances Private
SCHLIMGEN, Francis Lawrence 19 April 1905 30 June 1905
SCHLIMGEN, Francis P. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Frank 13 January 1873 25 March 1897
SCHLIMGEN, Frank Sigmund 12 December 1886 WFT Est. 1925-1977
SCHLIMGEN, Frank W. 23 April 1937 11 February 1938
SCHLIMGEN, Fred 04 May 1900 02 April 1969
SCHLIMGEN, Frederick Private
SCHLIMGEN, Frederick Mathias 04 August 1868 18 September 1931
SCHLIMGEN, Gary Steven Private
SCHLIMGEN, George 01 June 1894 22 April 1952
SCHLIMGEN, George C. 20 January 1868 31 January 1953
SCHLIMGEN, Gerald Benjamin Private
SCHLIMGEN, Gertraud 1824 WFT Est. 1825-1918
SCHLIMGEN, Gertrud 1841 WFT Est. 1842-1935
SCHLIMGEN, Gertrude Rita Private
SCHLIMGEN, Gertrudis September 1791 22 December 1844
SCHLIMGEN, Gilbert Wilfred Private
SCHLIMGEN, Girl 08 March 1904 08 March 1904
SCHLIMGEN, Gladys Marion Private
SCHLIMGEN, Gladys Regina Private
SCHLIMGEN, Glen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Grace Elizabeth Private
SCHLIMGEN, Gregory Private
SCHLIMGEN, Harold Private
SCHLIMGEN, Harold E. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Harry 24 March 1904 28 September 1972
SCHLIMGEN, Helen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Helen K. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Helen Mildred Private
SCHLIMGEN, Henry 04 July 1883 17 September 1910
SCHLIMGEN, Herbert 19 April 1924 21 April 1924
SCHLIMGEN, Herbert Joseph (Fr Bernadine) 21 January 1899 25 January 1964
SCHLIMGEN, Herman Joseph 15 September 1923 27 March 1987
SCHLIMGEN, Hilda April 1921 1924
SCHLIMGEN, Hildegard Amelia 17 April 1894 04 July 1896
SCHLIMGEN, Hubert Jacob 08 June 1895 04 May 1896
SCHLIMGEN, Ida Private
SCHLIMGEN, Irene Clare Private
SCHLIMGEN, Irene Mary Private
SCHLIMGEN, Iris (Maiden) Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jacqueline Private
SCHLIMGEN, James 19 September 1932 April 1969
SCHLIMGEN, James C. 17 September 1939 18 July 1981
SCHLIMGEN, James E. Private
SCHLIMGEN, James Edward Private
SCHLIMGEN, Janet Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Janice B. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Janice M. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Janine Ellen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jared Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jason Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jason Edward Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jay Gerald Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jean Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jeanne E. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jeannette Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jennifer Lynn Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jeremi Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jerome Francis Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jerome John Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jessica Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jill Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Jill Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Joan Private
SCHLIMGEN, Joan Bernadette Private
SCHLIMGEN, Joannis Abt. 1740 24 December 1808
SCHLIMGEN, Joel Private
SCHLIMGEN, Johann 14 June 1795 29 September 1871
SCHLIMGEN, John 03 April 1842 08 March 1927
SCHLIMGEN, John 06 February 1854 07 November 1936
SCHLIMGEN, John 26 June 1941 November 1983
SCHLIMGEN, John Private
SCHLIMGEN, John Private
SCHLIMGEN, John Private
SCHLIMGEN, John Alois 06 May 1918 20 April 1994
SCHLIMGEN, John E. 23 June 1894 16 February 1966
SCHLIMGEN, John Lambert 30 March 1866 17 October 1949
SCHLIMGEN, John Lucian Private
SCHLIMGEN, John M. 11 December 1902 09 November 1985
SCHLIMGEN, John Michael Bruno 06 October 1872 01 November 1926
SCHLIMGEN, Jonathan James Private
SCHLIMGEN, Joseph 04 April 1894 November 1987
SCHLIMGEN, Joseph Brady Private
SCHLIMGEN, Joseph Frederick 18 July 1916 15 June 1989
SCHLIMGEN, Joseph Hubert 28 July 1901 28 March 1989
SCHLIMGEN, Joseph John 19 December 1859 23 April 1930
SCHLIMGEN, Joseph LeRoy Private
SCHLIMGEN, Josephine 10 July 1908 09 August 1989
SCHLIMGEN, Josephine E. 07 December 1870 18 April 1895
SCHLIMGEN, Josephine Frances 25 November 1898 06 October 1961
SCHLIMGEN, Joshua Private
SCHLIMGEN, Joyce Private
SCHLIMGEN, Judd Ronald Private
SCHLIMGEN, Judith Private
SCHLIMGEN, Judy Kay Private
SCHLIMGEN, Judy Kay Private
SCHLIMGEN, Julia Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Julie Sue Private
SCHLIMGEN, Justin Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kara Private
SCHLIMGEN, Karen Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Katharina 09 August 1859 02 November 1861
SCHLIMGEN, Katharina Pauline 07 October 1890 24 November 1963
SCHLIMGEN, Katherine Private
SCHLIMGEN, Katherine Elizabeth 25 July 1863 05 July 1899
SCHLIMGEN, Kathleen Joanne Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kathryn Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kathy Jo Private
SCHLIMGEN, Katie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kay Private
SCHLIMGEN, Keith Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kenneth Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kenneth Laurence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kenneth Lee Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kenneth M. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kim Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Kristyn Private
SCHLIMGEN, Larry Allen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Laura Private
SCHLIMGEN, Laura Mary 04 June 1888 25 August 1978
SCHLIMGEN, Laurence J., Sr. 18 February 1867 06 November 1930
SCHLIMGEN, Lawren Joyce Private
SCHLIMGEN, Lawrence 26 March 1858 12 November 1861
SCHLIMGEN, Lawrence 26 October 1898 February 1980
SCHLIMGEN, Lawrence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Lawrence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Lawrence George 17 February 1864 02 November 1948
SCHLIMGEN, Leo 05 March 1929 17 July 1929
SCHLIMGEN, Leo Ambrose 11 March 1893 18 August 1955
SCHLIMGEN, Leo Carl 23 December 1896 05 September 1930
SCHLIMGEN, Leo W. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Leona Private
SCHLIMGEN, Leona Emma Private
SCHLIMGEN, Leonard Hubert 11 February 1910 25 March 1990
SCHLIMGEN, Leonard John 23 November 1903 17 September 1904
SCHLIMGEN, LeRoy Private
SCHLIMGEN, Lorraine Private
SCHLIMGEN, Louis 11 May 1909 12 May 1909
SCHLIMGEN, Louis J. 1894 WFT Est. 1913-1985
SCHLIMGEN, Louise 02 May 1902 12 September 1948
SCHLIMGEN, Louise Katherine 03 April 1870 13 August 1950
SCHLIMGEN, Lucian George 26 June 1898 July 1973
SCHLIMGEN, Lucian George, Jr 14 September 1925 30 August 1992
SCHLIMGEN, Lucille Private
SCHLIMGEN, Lucy Eleanor Private
SCHLIMGEN, Lynda M. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Margaret Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Margaret Bertha 02 January 1916 13 June 1963
SCHLIMGEN, Marie 27 April 1911 23 August 1970
SCHLIMGEN, Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Marilyn (? Maiden) WFT Est. 1936-1956 WFT Est. 1958-1997
SCHLIMGEN, Maripat Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mark WFT Est. 1917-1945 21 April 1995
SCHLIMGEN, Mark Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mark Robert Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary (? Maiden) Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary A. 16 May 1870 03 April 1950
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Alice Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Amanda 07 February 1901 12 April 1987
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Beth Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Ellen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Isabelle Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Jo Private
SCHLIMGEN, Mary Therese 09 October 1876 02 December 1876
SCHLIMGEN, Mathias 30 November 1827 24 February 1915
SCHLIMGEN, Mathias John 09 August 1859 06 October 1905
SCHLIMGEN, Mathias Lawrence 12 January 1889 09 April 1916
SCHLIMGEN, Mathilda K. 10 March 1878 13 November 1974
SCHLIMGEN, Matt Private
SCHLIMGEN, Matthew Private
SCHLIMGEN, Matthew Louis 15 February 1891 26 October 1976
SCHLIMGEN, Maureen Teresa Private
SCHLIMGEN, Maurice Lawrence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Melvin L. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Michael WFT Est. 1931-1973 WFT Est. 1941-1997
SCHLIMGEN, Michael WFT Est. 1941-1980 WFT Est. 1952-1997
SCHLIMGEN, Michael Private
SCHLIMGEN, Michael James 26 May 1957 13 August 1985
SCHLIMGEN, Michael Sean Private
SCHLIMGEN, Nancy Private
SCHLIMGEN, Nancy Private
SCHLIMGEN, Nancy Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Nathan Edward Private
SCHLIMGEN, Norbert Private
SCHLIMGEN, Odelia 01 August 1892 WFT Est. 1908-1986
SCHLIMGEN, Pamela Private
SCHLIMGEN, Patrice Private
SCHLIMGEN, Patrice Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Patricia Private
SCHLIMGEN, Patricia Private
SCHLIMGEN, Paul WFT Est. 1882-1910 WFT Est. 1935-1993
SCHLIMGEN, Paul 14 August 1925 February 1986
SCHLIMGEN, Paul Private
SCHLIMGEN, Paul C. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Paul Elliott Private
SCHLIMGEN, Paul John Private
SCHLIMGEN, Paul Stephen 29 June 1896 13 February 1951
SCHLIMGEN, Peter 1838 WFT Est. 1839-1928
SCHLIMGEN, Phillip Joseph Private
SCHLIMGEN, Ramulda C. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Raymond Joseph Private
SCHLIMGEN, Regina Private
SCHLIMGEN, Richard Private
SCHLIMGEN, Richard J. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Rick Private
SCHLIMGEN, Rita Marie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Robbie Private
SCHLIMGEN, Robert Private
SCHLIMGEN, Robert Private
SCHLIMGEN, Robert J. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Robert Lynch Private
SCHLIMGEN, Robin Private
SCHLIMGEN, Rodney James Private
SCHLIMGEN, Roland James Private
SCHLIMGEN, Roman 1878 1878
SCHLIMGEN, Roman Private
SCHLIMGEN, Roman A. 23 December 1892 23 November 1911
SCHLIMGEN, Ronald Private
SCHLIMGEN, Rose 16 April 1896 18 July 1964
SCHLIMGEN, Rudolph 20 November 1902 August 1985
SCHLIMGEN, Sabra Private
SCHLIMGEN, Sandra Kay Private
SCHLIMGEN, Sean Private
SCHLIMGEN, Senade Private
SCHLIMGEN, Sharon Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Shawna Michelle Private
SCHLIMGEN, Siobhan Antionette Private
SCHLIMGEN, Sophia 04 March 1898 18 August 1985
SCHLIMGEN, Stephen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Steven Private
SCHLIMGEN, Steven Private
SCHLIMGEN, Steven Peter Private
SCHLIMGEN, Susan Private
SCHLIMGEN, Susan Private
SCHLIMGEN, Susan Kay Private
SCHLIMGEN, Sybilla 25 November 1832 23 November 1910
SCHLIMGEN, Teresa 04 August 1930 28 July 1942
SCHLIMGEN, Theresa Ann Private
SCHLIMGEN, Thomas Harold Private
SCHLIMGEN, Thomas J. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Thomas J. Private
SCHLIMGEN, Tiffany Dawn Sheak Private
SCHLIMGEN, Timothy Allen Private
SCHLIMGEN, Todd James Private
SCHLIMGEN, Victor R. 24 September 1915 April 1981
SCHLIMGEN, Victoria Private
SCHLIMGEN, Virginia Private
SCHLIMGEN, Wallace 22 July 1911 20 December 1969
SCHLIMGEN, Wayne Paul Private
SCHLIMGEN, Wilford 20 April 1905 02 January 1972
SCHLIMGEN, Wilfred Lawrence Private
SCHLIMGEN, Wilfred M. 26 March 1914 06 August 1917
SCHLIMGEN, Wilhelmina (Minnie) 18 May 1875 21 June 1947
SCHLIMGEN, Wilhelmina M. 31 January 1895 13 May 1945
SCHLIMGEN, William 12 August 1882 25 November 1932
SCHLIMGEN, William Private
SCHLIMGEN, William Private
SCHLIMGEN, William A. Private
SCHLIMGEN, William Edward Private
SCHLIMGEN, William Engelbert 02 February 1867 WFT Est. 1908-1958
SCHLIMGEN, William F. 21 July 1913 03 November 1989
SCHLIMGEN, William Leo Private
SCHMADER, Mary A. Private
SCHMIDT, Adeline Private
SCHMIDT, Anette Private
SCHMIDT, Carol Lee Private
SCHMIDT, Constance Ann Private
SCHMIDT, David Allan Private
SCHMIDT, Diane Marie Private
SCHMIDT, Dianne Private
SCHMIDT, Donna Jean Private
SCHMIDT, George Private
SCHMIDT, George D. Private
SCHMIDT, Janet Lynn Private
SCHMIDT, Jean Marie Private
SCHMIDT, Kevin Private
SCHMIDT, Leo George 17 September 1922 03 July 1981
SCHMIDT, Linda Private
SCHMIDT, Melinda Private
SCHMIDT, Nikki Tala Private
SCHMIDT, Patricia Private
SCHMIDT, Robert Leo Private
SCHMIDT, Ronald Private
SCHMIDT, Tami Private
SCHMIDT, Thomas Leo 26 October 1955 27 March 1983
SCHMIDT, Timothy Paul Private
SCHMIDT, Valerie Sue Private
SCHMITT, Amy Lynn Private
SCHMITT, John Peter Private
SCHMITT, Kathryn Ann Private
SCHMITT, Margaret Mary Private
SCHMITT, Michael John Private
SCHMITT, Thomas James Private
SCHMITT, William Joseph Private
SCHMITZ, Augustine 1875 1948
SCHMITZ, David R. Private
SCHMITZ, Eva 1871 1935
SCHMITZ, Frank 1874 1952
SCHMITZ, Gregory J. Private
SCHMITZ, Hugo J. Private
SCHMITZ, James R. Private
SCHMITZ, Joan L. Private
SCHMITZ, John A. 1902 1958
SCHMITZ, Joseph Carl Private
SCHMITZ, Josephine 1872 1964
SCHMITZ, Josephine C. Private
SCHMITZ, Leo J. Private
SCHMITZ, Leo R. Private
SCHMITZ, Louise 1873 1958
SCHMITZ, Louise 1904 WFT Est. 1920-1997
SCHMITZ, Marcia A. Private
SCHMITZ, Marilyn K. Private
SCHMITZ, Mary D. Private
SCHMITZ, Mathias 29 September 1848 25 February 1941
SCHMITZ, Michelle A. Private
SCHMITZ, Paul Private
SCHMITZ, Peter John Private
SCHMITZ, Phyllis J. Private
SCHMITZ, Richard A. Private
SCHMITZ, Richard J. Private
SCHMITZ, Stephen Private
SCHMITZ, William A. Private
SCHMITZ, William A. Private
SCHMITZ, William Z. Private
SCHNEIDER, Ray Private
SCHNEIDER, Rebecca Elaine Private
SCHNEIDER, Stephanie Nicole Private
SCHNEIDER, Terry George Private
SCHNEIDER, Terry George, Jr Private
SCHOENFELDER, Aloys A. 21 April 1931 January 1976
SCHOENFELDER, Bernadine Private
SCHOENFELDER, Bertha Private
SCHOENFELDER, Bridget Private
SCHOENFELDER, Carol Jean Private
SCHOENFELDER, David A. Private
SCHOENFELDER, Edward Paul Private
SCHOENFELDER, Englebert Private
SCHOENFELDER, Gerald Private
SCHOENFELDER, Helen Anne Private
SCHOENFELDER, Herbert Private
SCHOENFELDER, Joseph Private
SCHOENFELDER, Joseph J. WFT Est. 1863-1893 26 March 1959
SCHOENFELDER, Leonard Private
SCHOENFELDER, Linda K. Private
SCHOENFELDER, Lynn Carl Private
SCHOENFELDER, Melvin Private
SCHOENFELDER, Ralph H. Private
SCHOENFELDER, Rebecca Susan Private
SCHOENFELDER, Rita Jean Private
SCHOENFELDER, Robert Private
SCHOENFELDER, Robin M. Private
SCHOENFELDER, Roger David Private
SCHOENFELDER, Sharon K. Private
SCHOENFELDER, Sylvester Private
SCHOEP, Don Private
SCHOEP, Janet Private
SCHOEP, Mark Private
SCHOEPP, Beth Louise Private
SCHOEPP, Eunice Private
SCHOEPP, Gary Charles Private
SCHOEPP, Henry C. Private
SCHOEPP, Jayne Ann Private
SCHOEPP, Nanette Susan Private
SCHOEPP, Steven Mark Private
SCHOEPP, Sylvester 21 June 1902 March 1974
SCHOLL, Marie K. 08 May 1905 06 March 1990
SCHREIER, Engelbert 10 May 1920 31 January 1970
SCHREIER, Joseph (John?) 13 April 1896 13 February 1953
SCHREYER, Loraine Private
SCHROEDER, Arthur Private
SCHROEDER, Carolyn Private
SCHROEDER, Jacque Private
SCHROEDER, Jessica Ann Private
SCHROEDER, John Dale Private
SCHROEDER, Lisa Margaret Private
SCHROEDER, Lucas Christopher Private
SCHROEDER, M. F. Private
SCHROEDER, Marie Private
SCHROEDER, Mark Jonathan Private
SCHROEDER, Naomi Lynn Private
SCHROEDER, Richard Private
SCHROEDER, Sarah Jean Private
SCHROEDER, Scott Private
SCHROEDER, Stacey Jo Nell Private
SCHROEDER, Terry Private
SCHROEDER, Thomas Private
SCHUELKE, Jane Emma Private
SCHUETZ, Christina Abt. August 1803 02 April 1838
SCHUG, Arlyn D. Private
SCHUG, Carmen A. Private
SCHUG, Charles M. Private
SCHUG, Christy Private
SCHUG, Kathy J. Private
SCHUG, Mark D. Private
SCHUG, Steven A. Private
SCHUH, Lynette K. Private
SCHULTE, Michelle Marie Private
SCHULTE, Richard Private
SCHULTZ, Karen A. Private
SCHULTZ, Tamera Private
SCHULTZ, William A. Private
SCHULTZ, William C. 24 July 1915 August 1968
SCHULZ, Chad Wayne Private
SCHULZ, Darcy Ann Private
SCHULZ, Ronnie Private
SCHUMACHER, Lois Marie Private
SCHUMACKER, Elaine WFT Est. 1926-1946 WFT Est. 1948-1997
SCHWAN, Rita Private
SCHWEITZER, Abigail Mary Private
SCHWEITZER, Andrew John Private
SCHWEITZER, David Martin Private
SCHWEITZER, Jerome Martin Private
SCHWEITZER, Megan Ann Private
SCHWEITZER, Michael John Private
SCHWEITZER, Timothy James Private
SCHWENN, Daniel Leon Private
SCHWENN, Douglas Private
SCHWENN, Joseph Douglas Private
SCHWOEGLER, Ann E. Private
SCHWOEGLER, Gail M. Private
SCHWOEGLER, Gary M. Private
SCHWOEGLER, Joseph M. Private
SCHWOEGLER, Mark A. Private
SCOTT, James Private
SEAMAN, Barbara A. Private
SEAMAN, Bernadine E. Private
SEAMAN, Catherine M. Private
SEAMAN, Craig A. Private
SEAMAN, Edith M. Private
SEAMAN, Jean M. Private
SEAMAN, John Victor 21 July 1890 18 November 1964
SEAMAN, John Victor III Private
SEAMAN, John Victor, Jr Private
SEAMAN, Kenneth L. Private
SEAMAN, Marie C. Private
SEAMAN, Mary K. Private
SEAMAN, Rose Marie Private
SEDLACEK, Holly Marie Private
SEDLACEK, Melvin Ray Private
SEDLACEK, Nathan George Private
SEFRNA, Marvel Private
SEILER, Michelle Private
SELLAND, Sandra Private
SHACKELFORD, Chelson Lea Private
SHACKELFORD, Matthew Stephen Private
SHACKELFORD, Stephen Roy Private
SHAHRAZAD, Mersedeh Private
SHANK, Ruth Private
SHAW, Gail Private
SHAW, Lisa Arne Private
SHAW, Pamela Jean Private
SHAW, Ronald Private
SHAW, Sandra Marie Private
SHAW, Theresa Lynn Private
SHAW, Thomas Marvin Private
SHEAK, Ramona Peggy Private
SHERK, Florence Private
SHERK, Judy K. Private
SHERK, Maureen Private
SHERK, Maurice 26 September 1914 08 February 1990
SHILLIAM, Barbara (Schelam?) Private
SHIPLEY, Richard James Private
SHOBERG, Gordon A. Private
SHOEMAKER, Judith Marie Private
SHUBERT, Gerald Private
SIMLER, David Private
SIMLER, Dawn Michelle Private
SIMLER, Steven David Private
SIMLER, Vickie Lynn Private
SIMON, Bradley LaVerne Private
SIMON, John H. Private
SIMON, Julia Private
SIMON, Luann Private
SIMON, Paul Phillip Private
SIMON, Phillip Raymond Private
SIMONSEN, Unknown Private
SIMONTON, Dustin Lee Private
SIMONTON, Dylan Tom 22 January 1972 25 May 1972
SIMONTON, William Private
SIMPSON, Jacqueline Marie Private
SIMPSON, James Kelly Private
SIMPSON, Jessie Lee Private
SIMPSON, Kathryn Elizabeth Private
SIMPSON, Kelley Jeanne Private
SIMPSON, Valerie Katherine Private
SIMS, Billie Jo Private
SINGLER, Donna Doreen Private
SIPE, Derek Private
SIPE, Richard Private
SKAAR, Robert Private
SKELLY, Elizabeth Jane Private
SKELLY, John William Private
SKELLY, Leo J. 28 November 1899 August 1985
SKELLY, Ruth Mary Private
SKIFF, Alecia Rea Private
SKIFF, Rodney Lee Private
SKIFF, Ryan Lyn Private
SKLUZACEK, Karen Ann Private
SKLUZACEK, Paul David Private
SKLUZACEK, Richard William Private
SKLUZACEK, Sandra J. Private
SKLUZACEK, William Private
SLATTERY, David Brian Private
SLATTERY, Jeanne Marie Private
SLATTERY, John Private
SLATTERY, Julianne Kathleen Private
SLATTERY, Kelly Private
SLATTERY, Maureen Ann Private
SLATTERY, Stephen James Private
SLOWEY, Gary Private
SLOWEY, Lisa M. Private
SLOWEY, Tracy Joe Private
SMALLWOOD, Robert Private
SMILKSTEIN, Daniel Howard Private
SMILKSTEIN, Erin Celeste Private
SMILKSTEIN, Jarod Glen Private
SMILKSTEIN, Kelley Rene Private
SMITH, Alexandra Marie Private
SMITH, Amy Marilyn Private
SMITH, Andrea Lynn Private
SMITH, Anthony George Private
SMITH, Camille Jane Private
SMITH, Channing Lane Private
SMITH, Chase Jeffrey George Private
SMITH, Dennis Private
SMITH, Dwyn Ann Private
SMITH, Franklin Giovanni 05 November 1932 11 November 1993
SMITH, Fredric Charles Private
SMITH, George Amos 12 July 1912 13 June 1985
SMITH, James Private
SMITH, James Private
SMITH, James Perry Private
SMITH, Janice Kay Private
SMITH, Jason Andrew Private
SMITH, Jason Jon Private
SMITH, Jeffrey Jon Private
SMITH, Jerald Jon Private
SMITH, Jo Nell Mary Private
SMITH, Jon Francis Private
SMITH, Jonilyn Kaye Private
SMITH, Kendell Margaret Private
SMITH, Kimberley Marie Private
SMITH, Kip James Private
SMITH, Kristen Kay Private
SMITH, Lawrence J. Private
SMITH, Lonon Private
SMITH, Michael Private
SMITH, Michael Thomas Private
SMITH, Michelle Lee Private
SMITH, Montgomery Dean Private
SMITH, Morgan Marie Private
SMITH, Nathan Fredric Private
SMITH, Nicole Josephine Private
SMITH, Patricia Ann Private
SMITH, Peyton Jerald Private
SMITH, Pierce Jeffrey Private
SMITH, Quinn P. Private
SMITH, Reid William Private
SMITH, Richard Private
SMITH, Richard Andrew 30 December 1988 09 March 1989
SMITH, Stacy Lorene Private
SMITH, Thomas George Private
SMITH, Timothy Laszlo Private
SMITH, Tracy Ann Private
SMITH, Travis Eugene Private
SMITH, William Private
SMITHERS, Delbert Private
SMITHERS, Holly Mae Private
SNEATH, Austin Private
SNEATH, Brian Private
SNEATH, Robert Private
SNYDER, Howard Private
SODERHOLM, Andrew J. Private
SODERHOLM, David E. Private
SODERHOLM, John L. Private
SODERHOLM, Judith Ann Private
SODERHOLM, Karen Marie Private
SODERHOLM, Paul V. Private
SOMMER, Cynthia Joan Private
SORENSON, Unknown Private
SPANGLER, Gloria Catherine Private
SPANGLER, Lois Ann Private
SPANGLER, Mary Kay Private
SPANGLER, Paul 28 February 1925 05 December 1972
SPANGLER, Pauline Gertrude Private
SPANGLER, Robert Private
SPRING, Ella Private
SPROULE, Rachel Private
STAFFORD, Adriene Lynn Private
STANGE, Joyce Private
STAPLES, Deborah Ann Private
STARZYNSKI, Emma Private
STATZ, Anthony Private
STATZ, Joanne Private
STATZ, Kathleen Johanna Private
STATZ, LaVerne John Private
STATZ, Lora Ann Private
STATZ, Sharon Marie Private
STEELE, Colleen Private
STEGERWALD, Julia 08 November 1888 22 January 1970
STEICHEN, Marlys Private
STEICHEN, Mayme C. 1893 1963
STEIN, Craig Harlan Private
STEIN, Wayne Carl Private
STEINER, Heather Private
STEPHANS, Laura M. 12 March 1918 June 1983
STERNHAGEN, Josephine WFT Est. 1880-1907 WFT Est. 1905-1990
STETLER, Debbie Private
STEVERAK, John Private
STODDARD, Janet Private
STOLTZ, Darlene 21 April 1922 16 January 1976
STOPPLEWORTH, Janice A. Private
STORK, Benjamin Private
STRAND, Autumn Private
STRAND, Chad Private
STRAND, Marvin Private
STRASSMAN, Alma Private
STREBER, Anthon F. 12 February 1893 17 February 1963
STREETER, Doris Private
STRICHERZ, Edward Mathew 31 July 1911 March 1984
STRICHERZ, Guy Robert Private
STRICHERZ, Jay Edward Private
STRICHERZ, Mark James Private
STRICHERZ, Stanis Jon Private
STRICHERZ, Timothy Joseph Private
STRICKLAND, Amy Irene Private
STRICKLAND, Julie Marie Private
STRICKLAND, Kathryn Anne Private
STRICKLAND, Michael Thomas Private
STRICKLAND, Thomas George Private
STUART, Deanna K. Private
STUART, Gerhard Private
SUDBECK, Daniel Private
SUDBECK, Dawn Marie Private
SUDBECK, Ervin Private
SUDBECK, Jason Private
SUDBECK, Jeffery Richard Private
SUDBECK, Larry Private
SUDBECK, Lisa Private
SUDBECK, Lorraine (Helen?) Private
SUDBECK, Matthew John Private
SUDBECK, Norbert 29 June 1927 March 1976
SUDBECK, Paula Private
SULLIVAN, Angela 30 July 1896 August 1985
SULLIVAN, Jerome Michael Private
SULLIVAN, Jinette Private
SULLIVAN, Michael WFT Est. 1876-1910 WFT Est. 1902-1990
SULLIVAN, Patrick William Private
SULLIVAN, William Donald Private
SUMMERS, Pamela Sue Private
SUTCHER, Ruth Private
SUTTER, Albert Private
SUTTER, Antoinette Private
SUTTER, Bernadine Private
SUTTER, Beth Private
SUTTER, Brenda Private
SUTTER, Cecilia Private
SUTTER, Charles Private
SUTTER, Daniel Private
SUTTER, Dean Private
SUTTER, Dennis Private
SUTTER, Dorothy Private
SUTTER, Douglas Private
SUTTER, Ed Private
SUTTER, Ellen Private
SUTTER, Francis Private
SUTTER, Glenn Private
SUTTER, James Private
SUTTER, Jane Private
SUTTER, Jean Private
SUTTER, JoAnn Marie Private
SUTTER, John Private
SUTTER, Joseph WFT Est. 1874-1906 WFT Est. 1937-1990
SUTTER, Joseph Private
SUTTER, Kenneth Private
SUTTER, Kristi Private
SUTTER, Laverne Private
SUTTER, Lori Private
SUTTER, Lynn Private
SUTTER, Marcia Private
SUTTER, Marlene Private
SUTTER, Mary Private
SUTTER, Mary Private
SUTTER, Marybeth Private
SUTTER, Michael Private
SUTTER, Mitchell Private
SUTTER, Pat Private
SUTTER, Patricia Private
SUTTER, Patricia Private
SUTTER, Pauline Private
SUTTER, Perry Private
SUTTER, Raphael Private
SUTTER, Richard Private
SUTTER, Robert Private
SUTTER, Rose WFT Est. 1879-1902 WFT Est. 1926-1991
SUTTER, Rosemary Private
SUTTER, Russell Private
SUTTER, Scott Private
SUTTER, Sean Christopher Private
SUTTER, Sherri Private
SUTTER, Stephen Private
SUTTER, Susan Private
SUTTER, Sylvester Private
SUTTER, Thomas Private
SUTTER, Thomas Leo Private
SUTTER, Timothy Private
SUTTER, Todd Private
SUTTER, Wayne Private
SUTTER, William Private
SWADENER, Russel Allen Private
SWANSON, Barbara Private
SWINGEN, JoAnn Private
SWINGEN, Milton Private
SWINGEN, Robert Private
SYORUD, Danny Private
SYORUD, Diane Private
SYORUD, Donna Private
SYORUD, Wayne Private

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Bullet The ADOLPH BIRRENKOTT Family Bullet The LORENZ BOWAR Family Bullet The PETER ENDRES Family
Bullet The PHILLIP JACOB GOEBEL Family Bullet The ANDRES HOHN Family Bullet The SIMON KALSCHEUR Family
Bullet The PHILLIP KURTENBACH Family Bullet The ADAM WEBER Family Bullet The GEARHARD WERMERS Family

To locate a particular individual easily, hit CONTROL - F and type in the name you are looking for. This file contains 5,680 individuals. Generally the families are located in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Germany.

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