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KABEISEMAN, Alfred William Private
KABEISEMAN, Earl William Private
KABEISEMAN, Janice Private
KABEISEMAN, Joan Private
KABEISEMAN, Lucen Private
KABEISEMAN, Lyle Private
KABEISEMAN, Margaret Ann Private
KABEISEMAN, Russell Private
KABEISEMAN, William A. 12 May 1883 10 November 1956
KAISER, Alma 13 April 1901 August 1966
KALAL, Diane Loretta Private
KALSCHEUR, Anita 26 August 1942 25 May 1943
KALSCHEUR, Anita Private
KALSCHEUR, Annabelle Private
KALSCHEUR, Barbara Private
KALSCHEUR, Catherine M. 31 March 1897 WFT Est. 1938-1992
KALSCHEUR, Charles 19 September 1892 18 June 1895
KALSCHEUR, Dale John Private
KALSCHEUR, Darlene Private
KALSCHEUR, David Private
KALSCHEUR, David Private
KALSCHEUR, Dean Private
KALSCHEUR, Donald Private
KALSCHEUR, Donald Private
KALSCHEUR, Donna Private
KALSCHEUR, Douglas Private
KALSCHEUR, Eileen Private
KALSCHEUR, Eleanor C. Private
KALSCHEUR, Gary Private
KALSCHEUR, Gertrude Ida 22 September 1899 August 1976
KALSCHEUR, Gwendolyn Private
KALSCHEUR, Jacob 28 October 1888 14 November 1900
KALSCHEUR, James Henry Private
KALSCHEUR, James L. Private
KALSCHEUR, Jean Ellen Private
KALSCHEUR, Jeanette Private
KALSCHEUR, John 07 April 1902 September 1973
KALSCHEUR, Joseph L. 11 January 1895 27 December 1946
KALSCHEUR, Josephine 22 July 1890 25 November 1900
KALSCHEUR, Karen Private
KALSCHEUR, Kathy Private
KALSCHEUR, Lawrence 14 July 1860 05 August 1937
KALSCHEUR, Lawrence Herman 16 February 1902 October 1974
KALSCHEUR, Lawrence V. 16 October 1908 September 1972
KALSCHEUR, Leo J. Private
KALSCHEUR, Lois Catherine Private
KALSCHEUR, Louan Marie Private
KALSCHEUR, Louise Private
KALSCHEUR, Margaret Rose Private
KALSCHEUR, Mary S. 11 January 1895 21 May 1955
KALSCHEUR, Patricia Private
KALSCHEUR, Paul Private
KALSCHEUR, Priscilla 05 May 1864 10 February 1936
KALSCHEUR, Rosella Private
KALSCHEUR, Rosemary Private
KALSCHEUR, Sharon Private
KALSCHEUR, Steven Private
KALSCHEUR, Tecla C. Private
KALSCHEUR, Timothy Leo Private
KALSCHEUR, William Private
KALSCHEUR, William L. 22 October 1932 21 May 1993
KALTENBERG, James Private
KALTENBERG, Randy Private
KALTENBERG, Richard Private
KALTENBERG, Ronnie Private
KALTENBERG, Ruth Marie Private
KAMINSKY, Ryan Roman Private
KAMINSKY, William Private
KANNEGAARD, Rosalee Faye Private
KAPPLER, Chad William Private
KAPPLER, Joshua David Private
KAPPLER, William David Private
KARLS, Carrie Marie Private
KARLS, Dan Mathew Private
KARLS, George Mathias Private
KARLS, Gregg Thomas Private
KARLS, Jared LaVerne Private
KARLS, Kent Joseph Private
KARLS, LaVerne Thomas Private
KARLS, Lori Beth Private
KARLS, Randy Joseph Private
KARLS, Richard George Private
KARLS, Tammy Kay Private
KARLS, Timothy Gerard Private
KARN, Gregory Private
KARN, Lynette Private
KARN, Richard Private
KARN, Richard Private
KARN, Robert Private
KARNES, Brian Private
KARNES, James P. Private
KARNES, Kayte Private
KARNES, Melissa Private
KARNES, Nicole Private
KAUS, Janice Private
KAYSER, Janet S. Private
KAYSER, Lawrence 29 November 1918 13 February 1991
KAYSER, Michael J. Private
KEARNEY, Eugene Patrick Private
KEARNEY, Michael John Private
KEARNEY, Taylor Renee Private
KELLEN, Angeline 01 July 1892 10 May 1965
KELLER, Boy Private
KELLER, Debra Private
KELLER, Gerald Private
KELLER, Jennifer Private
KELLEY, Michael Verlin Private
KELLEY, Verline Walter Private
KELLIHER, Robert M. Private
KELSCH, Joseph 26 February 1888 August 1975
KEMP, Mary Margaret Private
KEMPER, Sheryl Patricia Private
KENDALL, William Patrick Private
KENNEDY, Dorothy M. Private
KERB, Floyd Private
KERB, Jeffrey M. Private
KERB, Wendy Sue Private
KERKAERT, Alyssa Mae Private
KERKAERT, Wayne Martin Private
KESSNICH, Ann Marie Private
KESSNICH, David Private
KESSNICH, Dennis Private
KESSNICH, Jerome Private
KESSNICH, Joseph Private
KESSNICH, Mary Private
KESSNICH, Michael Private
KILEY, Amy Private
KILEY, Kendall Private
KILEY, Tmothy Private
KILEY, Todd Private
KINNEY, 4 Boys Private
KINNEY, Paul Private
KIRCHHEVEL, Karen Kay Private
KIRSH, Cheryl Ann Private
KIRSH, Dale F. Private
KIRSH, Deborah Jo Private
KIRSH, Douglas P. Private
KITTELL, Karla Jeanne Private
KITTELL, Katherine Marie Private
KITTELL, Kenneth Theodore Private
KITTELL, Kimberly Ann Private
KITTELL, Kristopher Charles Private
KITTELL, Thomas Bede Private
KLAGAS, Lori Ann Private
KLEBESADEL, Janeen Private
KLEBESADEL, John R. 23 June 1914 June 1987
KLEBESADEL, Naita Kay Private
KLEIN, Anthony Private
KLEIN, Gertrude Margaret Private
KLEIN, John Private
KLEIN, Kevin Private
KLEIN, Laurence Private
KLEIN, Mary Pat Private
KLOTH, Kathy Lynn Private
KLUNDER, Patricia JoAnne Private
KLUNDT, Jennie Louise Private
KLUTHE, Stella S. Private
KNICL, Julie Diane Private
KNIGHT, Jenny Private
KOCH, Betty Private
KOEHNE, Shirley WFT Est. 1896-1933 WFT Est. 1916-1997
KOENIG, Bernard Private
KOENIG, Esther Private
KOENIG, Marlene Mary Private
KOENIG, Patricia Jo Private
KOENIG, Ricky Joseph Private
KOENIG, Rose Ann Private
KOENIG, Russell Charles Private
KOEPKE, Gertrude Jane Private
KOEPKE, James Private
KOEPKE, Kandi Jo Private
KOEPKE, Rusty James Private
KOHLMAN, Daniel Paul Private
KOHLMAN, Thomas Private
KOOB, Carol Private
KOPPER, Catherine Private
KOPPER, Clinton Private
KOPPER, Herman WFT Est. 1903-1923 WFT Est. 1938-1997
KOPPER, Richard Private
KOSTER, Danny Private
KOSTER, Gerald Private
KOSTER, Irene 28 November 1910 18 February 1991
KOUPAL, Alyssa Helen Private
KOUPAL, Kristen Mary Private
KOUPAL, William Gene Private
KRAFT, Kay Ann Private
KRAFT, Mark Private
KRAFT, Michael Private
KRAFT, Robert Private
KRANZ, Darlene Gemma Private
KRAUSE, Edward WFT Est. 1872-1909 WFT Est. 1904-1987
KRAUSE, Edward, Jr WFT Est. 1904-1943 WFT Est. 1913-1997
KREIKMEIER, Richard Private
KROEGER, Diane Carol Private
KROEGER, James Private
KROEGER, Jean Private
KROEGER, John Private
KROEGER, Karen Private
KROMVEIDA, Shirley Jean Private
KRUEGER, Delores Private
KRUSE, Aaron Michael Private
KRUSE, Emily Ann Private
KRUSE, Eric John Private
KRUSE, Evan Joseph Private
KRUSE, Michael Eugene Private
KRZYZOPOLSKI, Lorraine Gertrude Private
KUEHN, Albert F. Private
KUEHN, Karen Mae Private
KUEHN, Karla Diane Private
KUEHN, Keith John Private
KUEHN, Kendall Arthur Private
KUEHN, Korene Kathleen Private
KUHL, Marian 12 May 1901 12 May 1956
KULAK, Gerald Richard Private
KULAK, Joseph Edward Private
KULAK, Kerrie Elizabeth Private
KULIK, Barbara Jeanne Private
KULIK, George 20 February 1914 09 March 1986
KULIK, Georgianne Paula Private
KULIK, Michael George Private
KULM, David Alvin Private
KULM, Kelley Ann Private
KULM, Laura Lynn Private
KULM, Ralph Alvin Private
KULM, Stacey Beth Private
KUMMER, Bonnie Private
KUMMER, Dorothy Private
KUMMER, James Private
KUMMER, Judy Private
KUMMER, Maribeth Private
KUMMER, Patricia Private
KUMMER, Victor 24 January 1924 29 January 1991
KUNZE, Theresa Bigitta 09 August 1959 22 November 1988
KURTENBACH, Christina 02 June 1890 December 1981
KURTENBACH, Dale Private
KURTENBACH, Daniel Private
KURTENBACH, Darwin Private
KURTENBACH, De Elda Private
KURTENBACH, Devona Private
KURTENBACH, Henry WFT Est. 1892-1926 WFT Est. 1924-1997
KURTENBACH, James Private
KURTENBACH, Jean H. Private
KURTENBACH, Jesse Paul Private
KURTENBACH, Judy A. Private
KURTENBACH, LaVonna Private
KURTENBACH, Linda K. Private
KURTENBACH, Linus Private
KURTENBACH, Lori Jean Private
KURTENBACH, Lyle J. Private
KURTENBACH, Magdaline Private
KURTENBACH, Mary E. Private
KURTENBACH, Ralph V. Private
KURTENBACH, Regina Private
KURTENBACH, Richard L. Private
KURTENBACH, Sherri Private
KURTENBACH, Thomas F. Private
KURTENBACH, Vilas Private
KURTENBACH, Vincent Private
KURTENBACH, Wilfred Private
KURTENBACH, William J. Private
KUSER, Goldie Private
KUTZ, Drew William Private
KUTZ, Tim William Private
KUTZ, Tyler Henry Private
KYTE, Lavalle Louise 28 July 1924 02 June 1993

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Bullet The ADOLPH BIRRENKOTT Family Bullet The LORENZ BOWAR Family Bullet The PETER ENDRES Family
Bullet The PHILLIP JACOB GOEBEL Family Bullet The ANDRES HOHN Family Bullet The SIMON KALSCHEUR Family
Bullet The PHILLIP KURTENBACH Family Bullet The ADAM WEBER Family Bullet The GEARHARD WERMERS Family

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