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HAACK, Frank Edward Private
HAACK, Gregory John Private
HAACK, Jane Ellen Private
HAACK, Jeffrey Joseph Private
HAACK, John Francis 18 February 1951 22 February 1951
HAACK, Joseph Aloysius Private
HAACK, Laurie Jo Private
HAACK, Peggy Anne Private
HAACK, Susan Mary Private
HAAG, Adela 1923 1923
HAAG, Alben Private
HAAG, Albert 1892 WFT Est. 1938-1984
HAAG, Allan Private
HAAG, Alvin Private
HAAG, Andrew Private
HAAG, Anne Private
HAAG, Arlene Private
HAAG, Arthur Private
HAAG, Barbara Private
HAAG, Barbara Private
HAAG, Bernadette Mary Private
HAAG, Bertha Private
HAAG, Beth Ann Private
HAAG, Betty Rae Private
HAAG, Brian Private
HAAG, Bruce Private
HAAG, Carol Private
HAAG, Christine Private
HAAG, Clement Private
HAAG, Cynthia Private
HAAG, Cynthia Marie Private
HAAG, Cyril Private
HAAG, Daniel Private
HAAG, David Private
HAAG, David Private
HAAG, David Private
HAAG, De Wayne Private
HAAG, Deanna Private
HAAG, Debra Private
HAAG, Debra Private
HAAG, Delores Private
HAAG, Dennis Private
HAAG, Dennis Private
HAAG, Diane Private
HAAG, Don Private
HAAG, Donald Private
HAAG, Donald Private
HAAG, Donna Private
HAAG, Douglas Private
HAAG, Douglas Private
HAAG, Elizabeth Private
HAAG, Evonne Private
HAAG, Frank 1914 WFT Est. 1948-1997
HAAG, Frederick Private
HAAG, Gary Private
HAAG, Geraldine Private
HAAG, Gladys Private
HAAG, Gregory 1895 WFT Est. 1935-1986
HAAG, Gregory Private
HAAG, Gregory, Jr Private
HAAG, Harold Private
HAAG, Inez Private
HAAG, Ivan Private
HAAG, James Private
HAAG, James Private
HAAG, James Private
HAAG, Janet Private
HAAG, Janet Private
HAAG, Janie Private
HAAG, Jeanette Private
HAAG, Jeffrey Private
HAAG, Jeffrey Private
HAAG, Jerome Private
HAAG, Jerry Private
HAAG, Jo Ann Private
HAAG, Joan Private
HAAG, John Private
HAAG, Joseph 30 July 1897 05 April 1989
HAAG, Josephine Private
HAAG, Jude Private
HAAG, Judith Private
HAAG, Karen Private
HAAG, Karen Private
HAAG, Kathleen Ann Private
HAAG, Kathy Private
HAAG, Kendall Private
HAAG, Kevin Private
HAAG, Kevin Private
HAAG, Larry Private
HAAG, Lawrence 03 April 1865 1947
HAAG, Lawrence 22 February 1902 February 1980
HAAG, Lenore Private
HAAG, Leona Private
HAAG, LeRoy Private
HAAG, LeRoy Private
HAAG, Linda Private
HAAG, Linda Private
HAAG, Linda Private
HAAG, Lisa Private
HAAG, Loretta Private
HAAG, Lucille Private
HAAG, Magdalene 15 March 1868 25 August 1916
HAAG, Marcella Private
HAAG, Maria Private
HAAG, Marie Private
HAAG, Marilea Private
HAAG, Mark Private
HAAG, Mary 03 July 1860 19 November 1944
HAAG, Mary Private
HAAG, Mary Private
HAAG, Michael Private
HAAG, Michael Private
HAAG, Michele Private
HAAG, Michele Private
HAAG, Monica Private
HAAG, Norbert Private
HAAG, Patricia Private
HAAG, Patricia Private
HAAG, Phyllis Private
HAAG, Raymond Private
HAAG, Rita Private
HAAG, Roger Private
HAAG, Roman Private
HAAG, Roman Private
HAAG, Ronald Private
HAAG, Rosena Private
HAAG, Sally Kay Private
HAAG, Sandra Private
HAAG, Scott Private
HAAG, Sharon Private
HAAG, Sheila Private
HAAG, Stephan Private
HAAG, Stephen Private
HAAG, Susan Private
HAAG, Sylvia Ann Private
HAAG, Theresa Private
HAAG, Thomas Private
HAAG, Thomas Private
HAAG, Timothy Private
HAAG, Tracy Private
HAAG, Victor Private
HAAG, Vincent Private
HAAG, Virgil Private
HAAG, Virgil Private
HAAG, Wallace 1925 1944
HAAG, William 1893 1958
HAAG, William Private
HAAG, William Private
HAAG, William L. Private
HABERSTROH, Kevin J. Private
HABERSTROH, Tabitha Lyn Private
HAGAR, Jarret Alan Private
HAGAR, Matthew Lee Private
HAGAR, Vernon Jay Private
HAGEN, Mary Private
HAHN, Gerald Private
HAIAR, Doris Private
HALBKAT, John Private
HALBKAT, John, Jr Private
HALBKAT, Kathryn Private
HALBKAT, Mark Private
HALL, Alan Joseph Private
HALL, Albert Private
HALL, Brian Patrick Private
HALL, Carolyn Jean Private
HALL, Colene Alice Private
HALL, Jacquelyn Marie Private
HALL, Marilyn Jane Private
HALL, Sharon Ann Private
HALL, Susan Lynn Private
HALLMAN, Carolyn A. Private
HAMBRIGHT, Gertrude Mae Private
HAMERSLY, Daniel Private
HAMERSLY, Kristin Private
HAMERSLY, Lisa Marie Private
HAMERSLY, Lynn Private
HAMERSLY, Stephanie Private
HAMILTON, Charlene Private
HAMILTON, Charles P. Private
HAMILTON, Michelle Private
HANDEL, Lisa Private
HANDEL, Mitchell Private
HANDEL, Randy Private
HANDEL, Robert Private
HANSEN, Daniel Private
HANSEN, Elmer Private
HANSEN, James, Jr Private
HANSEN, Marilyn Private
HANSEN, Randall Peter Private
HANSEN, Shawn L. Private
HANSON, Danee Gene Private
HANSON, Elizabeth Susan Private
HANSON, Garrett Michael Private
HANSON, Spencer Clayton 20 February 1991 20 February 1991
HANSON, Virginia Kay Private
HANSON, Wade Adam Private
HANTEN, Adeline Private
HARAHILL, Patrick Private
HARAHILL, Tia Renee Private
HARAN, Barbara Private
HARDING, Evelyn V. Private
HARDY, David Private
HARDY, Leonard Private
HARMON, Andrew M. Private
HARMON, Robert V. Private
HARRINGTON, Robert Lee Private
HARRINGTON, Tara Lea Private
HARRIS, Alan Private
HARRIS, Brent Michael Private
HARRIS, David Private
HARRIS, Joseph Private
HARRIS, Kathy Private
HARRIS, Kathy Private
HARRIS, Robert WFT Est. 1876-1910 WFT Est. 1908-1990
HARSTAD, Delrose Dutton Private
HARVISON, Amy L. Private
HARVISON, Arden Private
HARVISON, Brian A. Private
HARVISON, Gary F. Private
HARVISON, Gregg A. Private
HASSLINGER, Mary Private
HATTERY, Anne Private
HATTERY, Susan Private
HATTERY, Thomas Private
HATTERY, Waldo E. Private
HAUGAN, Mark Private
HAUPT, Berdine William Private
HAUPT, Bruce Allen Private
HAUPT, Christine Private
HAUPT, Daniel Private
HAUPT, Daniel Joseph Private
HAUPT, Donna Private
HAUPT, Herbert Private
HAUPT, Joshua Private
HAUPT, Nicholas Private
HAUPT, Richard John Private
HAUPT, Terry Private
HAUPT, Victoria Lynn Private
HAUSER, Joyce Private
HAUSER, Unknown Private
HAUSMANN, Julia Rose Private
HAWKINS, Sandra Private
HAYES, Shannon Private
HAZLETT, Janette Private
HECATHORN, Michael Private
HECK, Gerard Private
HECK, James Private
HECK, John Private
HECK, Joseph Private
HECK, Kathleen Private
HECK, Larry Private
HECK, Louise Private
HECK, Therese Private
HECK, Thomas Private
HEFTY, Adella Private
HEFTY, Angeline Private
HEFTY, Debra Private
HEFTY, Diane Private
HEFTY, Francis Private
HEFTY, Gary Private
HEFTY, Herman WFT Est. 1885-1918 WFT Est. 1952-1997
HEFTY, Kenneth Private
HEFTY, Kevin Private
HEFTY, Lawrence Private
HEFTY, Marilyn Private
HEFTY, Paul Private
HEFTY, Randy Private
HEFTY, Rita Marie Private
HEFTY, Ronald Private
HEFTY, Steven Private
HEFTY, Thomas Private
HEFTY, Wilbert Private
HEIBEL, Edward August June 1995 17 June 1995
HEIDENREICH, Shelly Private
HEILMAN, Catherine WFT Est. 1914-1959 1987
HEILMANN, Emma 20 May 1877 24 January 1908
HEINTZ, Michael W. Private
HEINZ, Carole Private
HEINZ, Lynda May Private
HEINZ, Quintin Private
HEISER, Chad Mitchell Private
HEISER, Christopher Michael Private
HEISER, Rodney Milton Private
HEISER, Scott Milton Private
HEISINGER, Constance S. Private
HEISINGER, Cynthia L. Private
HEISINGER, Janis K. Private
HEISINGER, Margaret L. Private
HEISINGER, Pamela J. Private
HEISINGER, Robert L. Private
HEISINGER, Terrence J. Private
HEISINGER, Thomas L. Private
HEISINGER, Timothy R. Private
HEITER, Kay Leone Private
HELLEM, Gail Private
HENDERSON, Anne Marie Private
HENDERSON, Carole Elizabeth Private
HENDERSON, James Allen Private
HENDRICKSON, Unknown Private
HENEGHAN, Maureen Private
HENKEL, Barbara Private
HENNING, Unknown Private
HENRIKSON, Cynthia L. Private
HEPPNER, Amanda Josephine 20 July 1845 28 March 1911
HERMAN, Lorraine Irene Private
HERMANN, Josephine Private
HERMANN, Julie Private
HERRICK, Carol Private
HERRMANN, Julia 29 April 1902 27 January 1986
HEXTELL, Cera Gabrielle Private
HEXTELL, Dean Lawrence Private
HEXTELL, Dennis Harold Private
HEXTELL, Robin Delphine Private
HIBBERT, Heide Christina Private
HILGART, Veronica 19 March 1896 04 November 1974
HILKEMEYER, Donna J. Private
HILL, ? Private
HILL, David Anthony Private
HILL, DeAnn Marie Private
HILL, Douglas Augustus Private
HILLESTAD, William Private
HINES, Mary Private
HODGES, ? Private
HODGES, Eric Private
HODGES, Erin Private
HOERTER, Joseph H. 10 November 1891 25 November 1977
HOERTER, Robert Joseph Private
HOFBAUER, Child Private
HOFBAUER, Mark Daniel Private
HOFER, Brian Keith Private
HOFER, Lynn Ashley Private
HOFER, Michelle Rae Private
HOFER, Taryn Kay Private
HOFF, Kenneth Private
HOFFER, Grace Private
HOFFMAN, Debra Kay Private
HOFFMAN, Donald Lee Private
HOFFMAN, Henry J. Private
HOFFMAN, James H. Private
HOFFMAN, Jean Ellen Private
HOFFMAN, Kevin Reed Private
HOFFMAN, Kristel Lee Private
HOFFMAN, Lawrence M. Private
HOFFMAN, Scott Private
HOFFMAN, Thomas P. Private
HOHM, Peggy Lee Private
HOHN, Adella Margaret 23 July 1928 17 June 1995
HOHN, Alida Private
HOHN, Almond Private
HOHN, Amy Marie Private
HOHN, Andrew 06 December 1879 September 1962
HOHN, Ann Martha Private
HOHN, Antoinette Private
HOHN, Arlene Private
HOHN, Arnold Private
HOHN, Arthur 18 July 1908 May 1975
HOHN, Barbara Annette 22 July 1951 14 March 1993
HOHN, Bernard Stephen 26 September 1883 19 August 1943
HOHN, Boy Private
HOHN, Bryan 08 October 1960 28 October 1960
HOHN, Carl Theodore 28 February 1895 20 October 1974
HOHN, Carol Private
HOHN, Cassandra Mya Private
HOHN, Catherine Private
HOHN, Charles Shelton Private
HOHN, Charles Shelton III Private
HOHN, Charles Shelton, Jr Private
HOHN, Christian James Private
HOHN, Christine Private
HOHN, Christopher Andrew Private
HOHN, Claudette Private
HOHN, Courtney Marie Private
HOHN, Curtis Marvin Private
HOHN, Darlene Private
HOHN, Darrell Private
HOHN, Darrell Dean Private
HOHN, Darrell John Private
HOHN, Darren Michael Private
HOHN, Deloris A. Private
HOHN, Dennis Private
HOHN, Dennis Eugene Private
HOHN, Dennis Francis Private
HOHN, Dennis Lee Private
HOHN, Dennis Marvin Private
HOHN, Derek Private
HOHN, Dewayne J. Private
HOHN, Dianne Private
HOHN, Doris Eileen Private
HOHN, Dorothy Private
HOHN, Dorothy Catherine 19 January 1902 10 August 1965
HOHN, Dustin Fredrick Private
HOHN, Dwight Frederick Private
HOHN, Eileen Ann Private
HOHN, Eldon Private
HOHN, Eldora Private
HOHN, Eleanor Kathryn 30 September 1900 10 August 1988
HOHN, Emily Ann Private
HOHN, Eric Alexander Private
HOHN, Eric John Private
HOHN, Esther Mary Private
HOHN, Eugene Bernard Private
HOHN, Evelyn Marie Private
HOHN, Everett W. Private
HOHN, Fred Mathias 15 March 1885 15 September 1958
HOHN, Gary Private
HOHN, Glen Private
HOHN, Gregory Martin Private
HOHN, Harlen Private
HOHN, Herbert 23 January 1905 December 1980
HOHN, Hollie Joy Private
HOHN, Jacqueline Ann Private
HOHN, James Private
HOHN, James Carlon Private
HOHN, James Matthtew Private
HOHN, James Ralph Private
HOHN, Jane Ann Private
HOHN, Janet Elizabeth Private
HOHN, Janice Eileen Private
HOHN, Jannell Elaine Private
HOHN, Jared Jeffrey Private
HOHN, Jean Marie Private
HOHN, Jeanette M. Private
HOHN, Jeffrey James Private
HOHN, Jennifer Kay Private
HOHN, Jennifer Lorraine Private
HOHN, Jerald Private
HOHN, Jodee Private
HOHN, John Daniel Private
HOHN, John Hubert 24 August 1856 25 April 1934
HOHN, John Joseph Private
HOHN, John Theodore Private
HOHN, Joseph 29 November 1922 29 November 1922
HOHN, Joseph Anthony Private
HOHN, Joseph Fredrick Private
HOHN, Joseph Mathias 18 July 1904 28 May 1980
HOHN, Josephine Katherine 04 March 1888 11 April 1960
HOHN, Joyce Marie Private
HOHN, Judy Ann Private
HOHN, Judy Marie Private
HOHN, Kathleen Joan Private
HOHN, Kelsey Lynne Private
HOHN, Kenneth A. Private
HOHN, Kevin Veryl Private
HOHN, Kristin Private
HOHN, Lee Ann Private
HOHN, Leona Bertha Private
HOHN, Leona Josephine 30 May 1916 10 April 1970
HOHN, Leonard John 09 July 1908 14 July 1976
HOHN, Lisa Marie Private
HOHN, Loomen Brent Private
HOHN, Loomen Michael Private
HOHN, Loomen W. 21 January 1922 30 July 1946
HOHN, Lori Private
HOHN, Lucille Catherine Private
HOHN, Margaret 16 February 1861 29 May 1890
HOHN, Margaret Louise Private
HOHN, Margo Lorraine Private
HOHN, Marilyn Private
HOHN, Marina Mary (Sr Mary Madeliene) 31 March 1910 10 January 1973
HOHN, Marjorie Josephine Private
HOHN, Marlene Private
HOHN, Marlene Mae Private
HOHN, Marlys Elaine Private
HOHN, Martha Catherine 17 March 1891 29 May 1981
HOHN, Marvin Frank 26 July 1912 03 November 1982
HOHN, Mary Ann 19 September 1893 12 December 1993
HOHN, Mary Frances Private
HOHN, Mary Ileen Private
HOHN, Mary M. Private
HOHN, Mary Phyllis Private
HOHN, Megan Private
HOHN, Melissa Lynn Private
HOHN, Merle Private
HOHN, Merri Noel Private
HOHN, Michael Andrew Private
HOHN, Michael Carl Private
HOHN, Michael Carl, Jr Private
HOHN, Michael John Private
HOHN, Nanette Amy Private
HOHN, Norbert Fred Private
HOHN, Norma Jean Private
HOHN, Odelia Josephine 22 September 1889 04 October 1956
HOHN, Orville John 20 August 1909 14 August 1971
HOHN, Pamela Joan Private
HOHN, Patricia Ann Private
HOHN, Patricia Lynn Private
HOHN, Paul Michael Private
HOHN, Rachel Private
HOHN, Ralph N. 19 June 1933 01 April 1935
HOHN, Richard Joseph Private
HOHN, Rodney Private
HOHN, Roger Lee Private
HOHN, Roland Private
HOHN, Ronald Private
HOHN, Royce Kenneth Private
HOHN, Sandra Joan Private
HOHN, Scott Frederic Private
HOHN, Shannon Marie Private
HOHN, Sharon Kay Private
HOHN, Sylvester J. 23 August 1917 11 October 1990
HOHN, Teresa Sue Private
HOHN, Terese Rose Private
HOHN, Theresa Private
HOHN, Timothy Allen Private
HOHN, Todd Michael Private
HOHN, Vanessa Private
HOHN, Veryl Vernon Private
HOHN, Victor Private
HOHN, Virgil Michael Private
HOHN, Virginia Mae Private
HOHN, Virginia Mary Private
HOHN, Wallace Mathew Private
HOHN, Wanda (Maiden) Private
HOHN, Wayne Orville Private
HOHN, Wendy Jo Private
HOHN, Wendy Marie Private
HOHN, Werner 03 March 1911 17 March 1993
HOHN, Wesley Wayne 30 July 1973 12 June 1991
HOHN, Westin Private
HOHN, William John 04 July 1886 08 April 1951
HOKAMA, Helen Private
HOLLFELDER, Elaine A. Private
HOLLFELDER, Eugene Private
HOLLFELDER, Fred H. 11 June 1906 February 1987
HOLLFELDER, Lisa Private
HOLLFELDER, Michael Private
HOLLFELDER, Roger H. Private
HOLLFELDER, Ronald Private
HOLMES, Carol Private
HOLMES, Delores Private
HOLT, Dale Private
HOLT, David Private
HOLT, Joanne Private
HOLT, Judy Private
HOLT, Marie Private
HOLT, Melanie Private
HOLT, Nancy Private
HOLT, Roger Private
HOLT, Wayne Private
HOLT, William Private
HONERMANN, James Michael Private
HONERMANN, Jamie Michelle Private
HONERMANN, Jane Ann Private
HONERMANN, Jill Marie Private
HONERMANN, Jodi Lynn Private
HOOGS, Judith Ann Private
HORA, ? Private
HORRA, Unknown Private
HORSTMAN, Bernard Private
HORSTMAN, Clarence Private
HORSTMAN, Daniel M. Private
HORSTMAN, James Private
HORSTMAN, Janet Private
HORSTMAN, JoAnn Private
HORSTMAN, Judy Private
HORSTMAN, Patricia L. Private
HORSTMAN, Robert Private
HORSTMAN, Ronald Private
HORTON, David Private
HORTON, Heidi Private
HORTON, Jill Private
HOSKINS, Charles (Chuck) WFT Est. 1894-1932 1965
HOSKINS, Janice Katharine Private
HOSKINS, Jean (Sr M. Jean Ann Osb) Private
HOSKINS, Lee Private
HOUSE, Angela Private
HOUSE, Joseph, Jr Private
HOUSE, Philip Desmond Private
HOUSE, Tracey Hope Private
HOUSEMANN, Joan Private
HOUTLER, Kenneth E. Private
HOUTLER, Raymond T. Private
HOWARD, John C. Private
HOWARD, Lee Calvin Private
HOWE, Michael Private
HOWELL, Brenda Private
HUBER, Eric James Private
HUBER, Keri Helen Private
HUBER, Lesilie Marie Private
HUBER, Nicholas Peter Private
HUBER, Peter Private
HUDSON, Sean Private
HUENEFELD, Esther Private
HUFFORD, Edward P. Private
HULS, Angela Lynn Private
HULS, Jason Robert Private
HULS, Keith A. Private
HULS, Kevin (Allan?) Robert Private
HUNT, Christina Jo Private
HUNT, Nathan Patrick Private
HUNT, Patrick James Private
HUSMANN, Claretta Private
HUSS, Maurine Private
HUTCHISON, ? Private
HUTCHISON, Jennifer Nicole Private
HUTCHISON, Kimberly Ann Private
HUTCHISON, Michael John Private
HUTCHISON, Nicole Elizabeth Private
HUTCHISON, Stephanie Jill Private

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Bullet The ADOLPH BIRRENKOTT Family Bullet The LORENZ BOWAR Family Bullet The PETER ENDRES Family
Bullet The PHILLIP JACOB GOEBEL Family Bullet The ANDRES HOHN Family Bullet The SIMON KALSCHEUR Family
Bullet The PHILLIP KURTENBACH Family Bullet The ADAM WEBER Family Bullet The GEARHARD WERMERS Family

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