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KAHN, Barbara 27 February 1950
KALACKAR, Kevin Private
KALSCHEUR, Alan J. Private
KALSCHEUR, Amanda Private
KALSCHEUR, Amy Private
KALSCHEUR, Anita 26 August 1942 25 May 1943
KALSCHEUR, Anita Private
KALSCHEUR, Anna Bet. 1825 - 1826 WFT Est. 1820-1927
KALSCHEUR, Anna Catherine 29 August 1872 14 October 1874
KALSCHEUR, Anna Christina Walburga 1838 WFT Est. 1839-1932
KALSCHEUR, Anna Clara 15 June 1774 WFT Est. 1775-1868
KALSCHEUR, Anna Marie 26 January 1835 30 December 1916
KALSCHEUR, Annabelle Private
KALSCHEUR, Annette M. Private
KALSCHEUR, Audrey Private
KALSCHEUR, Barbara Private
KALSCHEUR, Beatrice Private
KALSCHEUR, Becky Private
KALSCHEUR, Beth Private
KALSCHEUR, Brenda Private
KALSCHEUR, Brian Private
KALSCHEUR, Calvin Private
KALSCHEUR, Carol Jean Private
KALSCHEUR, Catherine M. 31 March 1897 WFT Est. 1938-1992
KALSCHEUR, Charles 21 July 1882 16 January 1940
KALSCHEUR, Charles 19 September 1892 18 June 1895
KALSCHEUR, Christine 26 February 1772 WFT Est. 1773-1866
KALSCHEUR, Clara 18 February 1866 23 January 1931
KALSCHEUR, Cleone Private
KALSCHEUR, Craig Private
KALSCHEUR, Danny Private
KALSCHEUR, David Private
KALSCHEUR, Debra Kathleen 18 April 1970
KALSCHEUR, Dennis Private
KALSCHEUR, Dennis Joseph 17 August 1949
KALSCHEUR, Diane Lynn Private
KALSCHEUR, Donald Private
KALSCHEUR, Edward 11 July 1944 11 July 1944
KALSCHEUR, Edward Melchoir 29 September 1909 August 1980
KALSCHEUR, Eileen Private
KALSCHEUR, Eleanor C. Private
KALSCHEUR, Elizabeth 22 July 1896 05 October 1990
KALSCHEUR, Emily Private
KALSCHEUR, Emma 27 November 1905 19 May 1974
KALSCHEUR, Frank 30 April 1894 26 June 1932
KALSCHEUR, Franz 18 February 1864 01 March 1894
KALSCHEUR, Gary Lee Private
KALSCHEUR, Gerald Private
KALSCHEUR, Gertrude Ida 22 September 1899 August 1976
KALSCHEUR, Gilbert Private
KALSCHEUR, Gregory A. Private
KALSCHEUR, Herman Abt. 1872 1939
KALSCHEUR, Herman 04 January 1900 October 1976
KALSCHEUR, Hilda Private
KALSCHEUR, Jackie Private
KALSCHEUR, Jacob 1768 WFT Est. 1802-1859
KALSCHEUR, Jacob 04 December 1827 19 April 1912
KALSCHEUR, Jacob 28 October 1888 14 November 1900
KALSCHEUR, James Private
KALSCHEUR, James Private
KALSCHEUR, James Henry Private
KALSCHEUR, James L. Private
KALSCHEUR, James Lawrence Private
KALSCHEUR, Jane Private
KALSCHEUR, Jean Ellen Private
KALSCHEUR, Jean Marie Private
KALSCHEUR, Jennifer Private
KALSCHEUR, Jill T. Private
KALSCHEUR, Joan Marlene 03 April 1966
KALSCHEUR, Johann 10 August 1799 03 March 1889
KALSCHEUR, John 22 September 1871 03 February 1936
KALSCHEUR, John F. 17 February 1898 WFT Est. 1941-1990
KALSCHEUR, John Peter 03 August 1824 19 September 1900
KALSCHEUR, Joseph 1845 WFT Est. 1846-1935
KALSCHEUR, Joseph John 05 November 1919 07 January 1994
KALSCHEUR, Joseph L. 11 January 1895 27 December 1946
KALSCHEUR, Joseph William 04 February 1880 09 February 1880
KALSCHEUR, Josephine 05 April 1859 27 October 1918
KALSCHEUR, Josephine 22 July 1890 25 November 1900
KALSCHEUR, Josephine Private
KALSCHEUR, Josephine Mary 21 September 1905 21 May 1992
KALSCHEUR, Judith L. Private
KALSCHEUR, Julianne Carol 02 September 1963
KALSCHEUR, Julie Private
KALSCHEUR, Julie Ann Private
KALSCHEUR, Kenneth Private
KALSCHEUR, Kenneth Frank 12 October 1968
KALSCHEUR, LaVerne Sylvester 11 July 1947
KALSCHEUR, Lawrence 14 July 1860 05 August 1937
KALSCHEUR, Lawrence Herman 16 February 1902 October 1974
KALSCHEUR, Lawrence V. 16 October 1908 September 1972
KALSCHEUR, Leo 14 April 1912 05 February 1986
KALSCHEUR, Leo J. Private
KALSCHEUR, Linda Private
KALSCHEUR, Lisa Private
KALSCHEUR, Lois Catherine Private
KALSCHEUR, Lois May, Sr. Private
KALSCHEUR, Lorenz 03 January 1868 10 March 1952
KALSCHEUR, Lori Private
KALSCHEUR, Lorraine Barbara 08 May 1938 10 July 1943
KALSCHEUR, Louan Marie Private
KALSCHEUR, Louise Private
KALSCHEUR, Lucia 03 April 1904 16 July 1995
KALSCHEUR, Marcella Private
KALSCHEUR, Marcia 16 November 1938 26 December 1938
KALSCHEUR, Marciana 1920 1983
KALSCHEUR, Margaret Rose Private
KALSCHEUR, Maria Clara 13 July 1830 26 February 1884
KALSCHEUR, Maria Josepha 16 March 1782 17 August 1783
KALSCHEUR, Mark Private
KALSCHEUR, Mary 05 August 1862 12 January 1953
KALSCHEUR, Mary Private
KALSCHEUR, Mary Catherine 26 February 1965
KALSCHEUR, Mary E. Private
KALSCHEUR, Mary Ellen Private
KALSCHEUR, Mary Jo Private
KALSCHEUR, Mary S. 11 January 1895 21 May 1955
KALSCHEUR, Mary Theresa Private
KALSCHEUR, Matilda 21 August 1909 26 January 1991
KALSCHEUR, Matthew Private
KALSCHEUR, Medora Private
KALSCHEUR, Melissa Private
KALSCHEUR, Melissa Private
KALSCHEUR, Michael Private
KALSCHEUR, Natalie Private
KALSCHEUR, Nicole Private
KALSCHEUR, Olive 30 August 1909 08 August 1977
KALSCHEUR, Patricia Private
KALSCHEUR, Pricilla Private
KALSCHEUR, Ralph Herman 22 May 1936
KALSCHEUR, Regina 03 August 1907 11 September 1986
KALSCHEUR, Regina Theresa 08 June 1904 25 April 1990
KALSCHEUR, Richard Evan Private
KALSCHEUR, Ronald Private
KALSCHEUR, Rosa 30 August 1875 08 February 1930
KALSCHEUR, Rosella Private
KALSCHEUR, Rosemary Private
KALSCHEUR, Rosemary Private
KALSCHEUR, Scott Private
KALSCHEUR, Sharon Ann 09 March 1959
KALSCHEUR, Shirley Private
KALSCHEUR, Simon 1740 WFT Est. 1784-1832
KALSCHEUR, Simon 13 March 1795 WFT Est. 1796-1885
KALSCHEUR, Steven Private
KALSCHEUR, Steven Private
KALSCHEUR, Steven Private
KALSCHEUR, Tecla C. Private
KALSCHEUR, Terry Private
KALSCHEUR, Theresa 11 December 1860 13 March 1943
KALSCHEUR, Theresa Mary 27 February 1900 22 September 1989
KALSCHEUR, Timothy Leo Private
KALSCHEUR, Tonia Private
KALSCHEUR, Tracy Private
KALSCHEUR, Troy Private
KALSCHEUR, Valentine 29 October 1877 09 November 1953
KALSCHEUR, Valeria Private
KALSCHEUR, Vicky Lynn Private
KALSCHEUR, Viola 29 April 1927 13 October 1985
KALSCHEUR, Wayne A. Private
KALSCHEUR, Wilhelm 08 August 1832 06 December 1908
KALSCHEUR, William Jacob 12 September 1874 21 October 1874
KALSCHEUR, William L. 22 October 1932 21 May 1993
KALTENBERG, Janet Private
KALTENBERG, Joanne Private
KALTENBERG, Keith 06 March 1976 09 August 1992
KALTENBERG, Laura Private
KALTENBERG, Renee M. Private
KALTENBERG, Vicky Private
KAMPMEIER, Mark Private
KARLESKI, Thomas Private
KARLS, Al Private
KARLS, Alyse Mary Ann Private
KARLS, Chad Private
KARLS, Frank Xavior Private
KARLS, James Private
KARLS, Jason Robert Private
KARLS, Jennifer Private
KARLS, Jessie Private
KARLS, Jill Marie Private
KARLS, Joseh Vincent Private
KARLS, Julie Ann Private
KARLS, Martha (Meffert) 1908 17 March 1995
KARLS, Nicholas Daniel Private
KARLS, Paul Private
KARLS, Sara Sue Private
KEICHINGER, Jane Private
KEIKINGER, Anthony Private
KELLEN, Angeline 01 July 1892 10 May 1965
KELLER, Alan George Private
KELLER, Allan Private
KELLER, Amanda Private
KELLER, Austin Private
KELLER, Brittany Private
KELLER, Connie Private
KELLER, Constance Rose (Acker) Private
KELLER, Debra Private
KELLER, Gary Private
KELLER, James Private
KELLER, Jenna Private
KELLER, John A. 04 June 1826 16 October 1905
KELLER, Joyce Private
KELLER, Julie Private
KELLER, Kevin Private
KELLER, Kyle Private
KELLER, Loretta (Goldbeck) Private
KELLER, Mary Ellen (Nolden) Private
KELLER, Melissa Private
KELLER, Mellisa Rose Private
KELLER, Michael Private
KELLER, Raymond Private 29 June 1978
KELLER, Roger Private
KELLER, Roman Private
KELLER, Sandra Lee (Meicher) Private
KELLER, Shirley 28 January 1960 30 January 1960
KELLER, Theresa Private
KELLESVIG, Audrey Private
KELLESVIG, Beth Private
KELLESVIG, Curt Private
KELLESVIG, Erick Private
KELLESVIG, John Private
KELLESVIG, Kate Private
KELLESVIG, Orton Private
KELLESVIG, Tanya Private
KELLESVIG, William Private
KELLEY, Michael Verlin Private
KELLEY, Verline Walter Private
KELLY, Kathy (Spahn) Private
KELLY, Rose M. Private
KENNEDY, Dorothy M. Private
KENNEDY, Michael John Private
KEOGH, Gerard Private
KESSENICH, Crystal Marie Private
KESSENICH, Danny Romain Private
KESSENICH, Michelle Arlene Private
KESSENICH, Nicholas John Private
KESSENICH, Roger Private
KESSLER, Debra (Bollig) Private
KEWLEY, Phyllis Private
KEYMERS, Magdalena WFT Est. 1730-1756 WFT Est. 1784-1844
KIND, Steve Private
KIRKLAND, Jacquelyn Private
KIRKLAND, Robert Private
KIRKLAND, Thomas Private
KISELIS, John M. Private
KISELIS, John Peter II Private
KISELIS, Karen Private
KISELIS, Katherine Jean Private
KLEBESADEL, Janeen Private
KLEBESADEL, John R. 23 June 1914 June 1987
KLEBESADEL, Naita Kay Private
KLEIN, Anthony Private
KLEIN, John Private
KLEIN, Kevin Private
KLEIN, Laurence Private
KLEIN, Mary Pat Private
KLEIN, William E. Private
KLEINER, Dyanne Private
KLINKNER, Jeffery Private
KLONGLAND, George Private
KLONGLAND, Kimberly Ericka Private
KLUG, Matthew Alexander Private
KLUG, Nathaniel Joseph Private
KLUNDT, Jennie Louise Private
KNECHTGER, Greg Private
KNECHTGER, Janice Marie Private
KNECHTGER, John Gregory Private
KNOBLE, Michelle (Frederick) Private
KOCH, David Private
KOCH, David Private
KOCH, Donald L. Private
KOCH, James E. Private
KOCH, Julia Ann (Dahmen) (Kopp) Private
KOCH, Karen (Ziegler) Private
KOCH, Kathy Private
KOCH, Lori Private
KOCH, Lori M. Private
KOCH, Lynn T. Private
KOCH, Norman Private
KOCH, Sherry Private
KOCH, Timothy Private
KOENEN, Maria Theresia 21 December 1794 03 August 1871
KOHLER, Ann Private
KOHLMAN, Daniel Paul Private
KOHLMAN, Thomas Private
KOPF, Allyssa Elaine Private
KOPF, Karisa Cathryn Private
KOPF, Mike Private
KOPP, Barbara (Anderson) Private
KOPP, Bradley 03 February 1964 03 February 1964
KOPP, Christopher David Private
KOPP, Craig Private
KOPP, David Private
KOPP, Donovan Private
KOPP, Doris (Dahmen) Private
KOPP, Doris (Skinner) Private
KOPP, Eugene Private
KOPP, Frank L. 10 April 1891 07 June 1975
KOPP, Franklin Mathias Private
KOPP, James Private
KOPP, Jane (Schineider) Private
KOPP, Jane Barbara (Martinelli) Private
KOPP, Jason Private
KOPP, Jennifer Private
KOPP, Jerome Private
KOPP, Joella H. 25 June 1921 07 February 1995
KOPP, John Joseph 25 October 1927 16 April 1990
KOPP, Jon Private
KOPP, Jordan Daniel Private
KOPP, Joseph 21 September 1895 10 August 1972
KOPP, Kathleen (Thornton) Private
KOPP, Laverne Irene (Cochran) Private
KOPP, Linda Private
KOPP, Lisa (Dancyger) Private
KOPP, Marjorie E. (Petty) Private
KOPP, Mark Lewis Private
KOPP, Mary Private
KOPP, Mary Catherine (Acker) Private
KOPP, Mary Ellen (Geiger) Private
KOPP, Matthew Private
KOPP, Michael Private
KOPP, Micheal Private
KOPP, Nancy (Hellenbrand) Private
KOPP, Paul Private
KOPP, Randy Private
KOPP, Robert Private
KOPP, Robert John Private
KOPP, Robin John Private
KOPP, Ronald John Private
KOSEL, Alvin Private
KOSEL, Kimberly R. Private
KOSOBUD, Susan Gayle (Walter) Private
KOVACH, Francine Private
KOWALSKI, Joseph Allen Private
KOWALSKI, Kimberly Kay Private
KOWALSKI, Thomas Private
KRAEMER, Del Private
KRAEMER, Diane Private
KRAEMER, Eddie Private
KRAEMER, Greg Private
KRAEMER, Joseph Private
KRAEMER, Larry Private
KRAEMER, Mike Private
KRAJEWSKI, Christine (Meicher) Private
KRALING, David Private
KRALING, Donald Private
KRALING, Karen Private
KRANZ, Darlene Gemma Private
KRANZ, Elizabeth 23 November 1880 29 December 1960
KREGER, Sharon Private
KROEGER, Caroline Mary (Wagner) Private
KRUSE, Aaron Michael Private
KRUSE, Emily Ann Private
KRUSE, Eric John Private
KRUSE, Evan Joseph Private
KRUSE, Jeanne Private
KRUSE, Michael Eugene Private
KUEHN, Cheryl (Ziegler) Private
KUEHN, Jamie Lee Private
KUEHN, Joseph Private
KUEHN, Lois (Karls) Private
KUEHN, Louise (Brown) Private
KUEHN, Mary Jane (Ellickson) Private
KUEHN, Verginia Private
KUEHN, Virginia (Kopp) Private
KUHL, Myrtle 07 December 1897 November 1975
KUHLMEIER, Russell Private
KURT, David Private
KURT, Douglas Private
KURT, Susan Private
KURT, Sylvan Private
KURTH, Deborah Ann Private
KURTH, Mary E. Private
KURTH, Michael G. Private
KURTH, Patricia M. Private
KURTH, Raymond D. Private
KURTH, Raymond Peter Private
KURTH, Richard J. Private
KYLE, Mickie Private
KYLE, Robert 04 February 1919 13 February 1978

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