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BAILARGEON, Michael Private
BAILARGEON, Richard Private
BAILARGEON, Steven Private
BAILARGEON, Therese Private
BALEY, Kevin James Private
BALEY, Richard Private
BALEY, Scott Richard Private
BALKE, Ernie Private
BALKE, Jonell Private
BALKE, Karl Private
BALLENTINE, Carol Ann Private
BALLENTINE, Donald Private
BALLENTINE, Duane L. Private
BALLENTINE, James Daniel Private
BALLENTINE, John Private
BALLENTINE, Karen Ann Private
BALLENTINE, Kay Marie Private
BALLENTINE, Kevin Donald Private
BALLENTINE, Lyle W. Private
BALLENTINE, Lynn Marie Private
BALLENTINE, Mark D. Private
BALLENTINE, Sharon Mae Private
BALLENTINE, Steven A. Private
BALLENTINE, Thomas Lyle Private
BALLENTINE, William 27 January 1889 27 January 1956
BALLENTINE, William Private
BALLWEG, Bridgett Private
BALLWEG, Jill Private
BALLWEG, Marlene Private
BALLWEG, Richard Private
BALLWEG, Shirley Private
BALOUN, Darleen Private
BARBIAN, Amanda Private
BARBIAN, Andrea Ann Private
BARBIAN, Arthur Peter Private
BARBIAN, Ashley Peter Private
BARBIAN, Bradley John Private
BARBIAN, Jaime Lynn Private
BARBIAN, Westley Lawrence Private
BARKER, Lee Private
BARMAN, Magdalene A. Private
BARMEN, Jennifer Private
BARMEN, Robert Private
BARMEN, Sarah Private
BARNICK, Phyllis Private
BARONDEAU, Lena 25 March 1898 November 1980
BARRY, Vivian Private
BARSNESS, Jay Private
BARSNESS, Leaf Private
BARSNESS, Leif Private
BARSNESS, Wayne Private
BARTA, Ian Private
BARTA, John Private
BASH, Betty Private
BASH, Boy 1937 1937
BASH, George 1902 WFT Est. 1942-1993
BASH, Georgia Private
BASH, Girl 1939 1939
BASH, Marjorie Private
BASS, Laurie Private
BATZ, Petronella Adelaid 23 July 1910
BAUHS, Adam John 16 May 1886 26 October 1969
BAUHS, Andrew James Private
BAUHS, Ann Marie Private
BAUHS, April Private
BAUHS, Bette (? Maiden) Private
BAUHS, Brian Private
BAUHS, Brittany Private
BAUHS, Bryan Robert Private
BAUHS, Carey Private
BAUHS, Carol Marie 07 August 1929 March 1993
BAUHS, Charles Private
BAUHS, Charles Private
BAUHS, Cheryl Jean Private
BAUHS, Clara Elizabeth 14 July 1893 01 August 1991
BAUHS, Cody Private
BAUHS, Cynthia Ann Private
BAUHS, Daniel Private
BAUHS, Darcy Darleen Private
BAUHS, Derald Private
BAUHS, Donald Joseph Private
BAUHS, Donald Joseph Private
BAUHS, Duane Adam Private
BAUHS, Gordon Private
BAUHS, Harriette Private
BAUHS, Hubert John 14 September 1863 22 February 1951
BAUHS, James Anthony Private
BAUHS, Jason Adam Private
BAUHS, Jill Madeleine Private
BAUHS, Jo Ann Clara Private
BAUHS, John Michael 09 January 1888 27 February 1960
BAUHS, Joseph A. Private
BAUHS, Joyce Annetta Private
BAUHS, June Private
BAUHS, Lisa Ann Private
BAUHS, Lisa Marie Private
BAUHS, Loretta 16 January 1921 15 April 1983
BAUHS, Lucille Private
BAUHS, Luvern Raphael 10 January 1918 21 June 1980
BAUHS, Margaret Private
BAUHS, Marguerite Marie Private
BAUHS, Marilyn Anne Private
BAUHS, Mary Catherine Private
BAUHS, Mary Geneva 24 May 1928 12 May 1969
BAUHS, Maryann Sandwick Private
BAUHS, Maxine Private
BAUHS, Michael A. 12 August 1891 10 June 1963
BAUHS, Michael Adam Private
BAUHS, Michael C. Private
BAUHS, Michael John Private
BAUHS, Michelle Marie Private
BAUHS, Noelle Marie Private
BAUHS, Norvin Private
BAUHS, Peg (?Maiden) Private
BAUHS, Peter John 15 December 1895 07 May 1982
BAUHS, Raymond 17 May 1920 17 October 1992
BAUHS, Raymond E. Private
BAUHS, Rebecca E. Private
BAUHS, Rhodell Hubert Private
BAUHS, Robert James Private
BAUHS, Sarah R. Private
BAUHS, Sharon Ann Private
BAUHS, Sheila Private
BAUHS, Sheri M. Private
BAUHS, Steven Gregory Private
BAUHS, Susan Mary 08 November 1961 27 November 1961
BAUHS, Suzette Private
BAUHS, Tamara Private
BAUHS, Theresa Private
BAUHS, Theresa Ann Private
BAUHS, Theresa JoAnn Private
BAUHS, Thomas Eugene Private
BAUHS, Thomas Sandwick Private
BAUHS, Timothy Victor Private
BAUHS, Tina Jeanne Private
BAUHS, Twyla Private
BAUHS, Valarie Jean Private
BAUHS, Verdell John Private
BAUHS, Victor Joseph 04 February 1899 02 May 1988
BAUHS, Victoria Marie 10 May 1952 01 October 1956
BAUHS, William J. 28 August 1889 02 August 1951
BAUHS, Zenna Private
BAUMANN, Lorna Private
BAUMGAERTEL, Sandee Kaye Private
BECKER, Charles S. Private
BECKER, Edward J. Private
BEEBE, Dave Private
BEEBE, Wilson Private
BEHLING, Lorraine Private
BELL, Grace Private
BENSON, Geoffrey Regan Private
BENSON, Kevin Charles Mary Private
BENSON, Mary Victoria Philomenia Private
BENSON, Pamela Maureen Private
BENSON, Taylor Gates Private
BENT, Barbara Private
BENT, Claud Private
BENT, Judith Private
BENT, Leland Private
BENT, Nancy Private
BERES, Janeen Ingar Private
BERRY, Cheryl Private
BERRY, Homer Private
BERRY, Thomas Private
BEWICK, Nancee Jean Private
BIGLER, JoAnn Private
BIRRENKOTT, Adolph 07 June 1855 WFT Est. 1906-1947
BIRRENKOTT, Adolph M. 12 April 1890 03 September 1957
BIRRENKOTT, Allen E. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Amelia 1901 WFT Est. 1983-1997
BIRRENKOTT, Anna Private
BIRRENKOTT, Anna E. 03 September 1902 March 1985
BIRRENKOTT, Audrey Private
BIRRENKOTT, Barbara 27 March 1893 07 May 1955
BIRRENKOTT, Barbara Private
BIRRENKOTT, Barbara Jean Private
BIRRENKOTT, Bernice Private
BIRRENKOTT, Beverly C. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Bobby Private
BIRRENKOTT, Brian Anthony Private
BIRRENKOTT, Catherine M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Christian 21 November 1897 January 1980
BIRRENKOTT, Clara C. 01 January 1896 September 1975
BIRRENKOTT, Clara M. 06 February 1892 WFT Est. 1931-1987
BIRRENKOTT, Coletta T. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Daniel Private
BIRRENKOTT, Daniel V. Private
BIRRENKOTT, David Private
BIRRENKOTT, Donna Jean Private
BIRRENKOTT, Dorothy Private
BIRRENKOTT, Duane Private
BIRRENKOTT, Edmund J. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Edna Private
BIRRENKOTT, Eileen Private
BIRRENKOTT, Eleanor Private
BIRRENKOTT, Eric Thomas Private
BIRRENKOTT, Francis J. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Gary M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Gerald Lee Private
BIRRENKOTT, Geraldine Private
BIRRENKOTT, Gertrude 29 July 1859 12 July 1934
BIRRENKOTT, Gertrude Private
BIRRENKOTT, Gertrude C. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Glen Private
BIRRENKOTT, Glen, Jr Private
BIRRENKOTT, Godfrey 28 March 1897 June 1972
BIRRENKOTT, Guy L. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Harold 1938 1940
BIRRENKOTT, Helane Private
BIRRENKOTT, Henry M. 05 August 1887 24 March 1954
BIRRENKOTT, Herbert 1906 1906
BIRRENKOTT, Hubert 21 September 1896 November 1984
BIRRENKOTT, Hubert Private
BIRRENKOTT, Irene Private
BIRRENKOTT, Jacob 07 July 1862 09 February 1933
BIRRENKOTT, Jacob M. 10 November 1904 13 June 1965
BIRRENKOTT, James Private
BIRRENKOTT, Janel M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Jean L. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Jeffery L. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Jeffery Paul Private
BIRRENKOTT, Jeffrey P. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Joann M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, John 04 October 1860 05 February 1933
BIRRENKOTT, John Private
BIRRENKOTT, John C. 16 January 1889 11 August 1932
BIRRENKOTT, John H. 07 November 1890 02 June 1965
BIRRENKOTT, John J. 07 July 1905 07 July 1905
BIRRENKOTT, John J. Private
BIRRENKOTT, John K. Private
BIRRENKOTT, John K. Private
BIRRENKOTT, John M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, John P. Private
BIRRENKOTT, John Terry Private
BIRRENKOTT, John, Jr Private
BIRRENKOTT, Joseph 06 March 1873 15 May 1931
BIRRENKOTT, Joseph D. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Joseph L. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Joseph W. 11 April 1907 March 1984
BIRRENKOTT, Joyce M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Joyce R. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Karen Private
BIRRENKOTT, Karen D. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Kenneth 31 March 1921 January 1982
BIRRENKOTT, Laurel M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Laurence Private
BIRRENKOTT, Laurile F. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Laverne Private
BIRRENKOTT, Lawrence 1907 18 February 1917
BIRRENKOTT, Leo 19 November 1896 November 1974
BIRRENKOTT, Linda R. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Lois Private
BIRRENKOTT, Lorraine 15 March 1923 29 July 1967
BIRRENKOTT, Lorraine Private
BIRRENKOTT, Louis A. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Lunette Private
BIRRENKOTT, Margaret 12 November 1898 December 1984
BIRRENKOTT, Margaret C. 01 May 1887 November 1971
BIRRENKOTT, Mark Allen Private
BIRRENKOTT, Mary M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Mary P. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Matilda T. 05 July 1900 December 1975
BIRRENKOTT, Maxmillian B. 25 October 1902 16 February 1988
BIRRENKOTT, Michael 07 September 1830 12 January 1874
BIRRENKOTT, Michael 18 May 1905 March 1972
BIRRENKOTT, Michael Private
BIRRENKOTT, Michael A Private
BIRRENKOTT, Michael A. 01 July 1889 09 December 1963
BIRRENKOTT, Michael D. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Michael J. 08 September 1869 05 May 1929
BIRRENKOTT, Michael J. 21 May 1888 06 February 1940
BIRRENKOTT, Michael J. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Michael W. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Minnie 19 July 1892 09 January 1899
BIRRENKOTT, Patricia A. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Paul Private
BIRRENKOTT, Paula K. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Peter 02 May 1864 WFT Est. 1905-1955
BIRRENKOTT, Peter Private
BIRRENKOTT, Peter J. 06 September 1898 27 June 1900
BIRRENKOTT, Randy Lee Private
BIRRENKOTT, Raymond M. 06 December 1901 October 1971
BIRRENKOTT, Rebecca Jo 02 June 1963 September 1980
BIRRENKOTT, Richard D. 25 July 1932 20 July 1933
BIRRENKOTT, Richard M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Rick Private
BIRRENKOTT, Robert Private
BIRRENKOTT, Robert G. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Roderick R. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Rosalean Private
BIRRENKOTT, Rosella M. 1912 1912
BIRRENKOTT, Rosemary Private
BIRRENKOTT, Rueben A. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Russell R. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Ruth E. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Sandra Ann Private
BIRRENKOTT, Shirley J. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Susan Private
BIRRENKOTT, Susan Private
BIRRENKOTT, Sylvester 18 November 1918 23 October 1960
BIRRENKOTT, Sylvia Private
BIRRENKOTT, Theckla K. 07 October 1903 17 August 1961
BIRRENKOTT, Theresa 14 April 1903 January 1989
BIRRENKOTT, Theresa J. 20 March 1894 31 March 1988
BIRRENKOTT, Theresa Marie 23 November 1856 23 May 1931
BIRRENKOTT, Theresa S. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Thomas 24 May 1955 March 1977
BIRRENKOTT, Thomas Private
BIRRENKOTT, Thomas H. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Timothy M. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Verner J. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Vernon Private
BIRRENKOTT, Vicky Private
BIRRENKOTT, Viola Private
BIRRENKOTT, Wayne E. Private
BIRRENKOTT, Wilhelmina 31 March 1893 WFT Est. 1933-1988
BIRRENKOTT, William 01 August 1868 23 October 1875
BIRRENKOTT, William Private
BIRRENKOTT, William Private
BIRRENKOTT, William J. 17 October 1894 April 1975
BIRRENKOTT, William P. 26 June 1894 10 January 1895
BLANKENHEIM, Cheryl Private
BLANKENHEIM, Debbie Private
BLUM, Mindy Private
BLUMER, William II Private
BOEHNEN, David Leo Private
BOEHNEN, Heather Marie Private
BOEHNEN, Leslie Ann Private
BOEHNEN, Michelle Rene Private
BOHN, Dennis J. Private
BOHN, Diana L. Private
BOHN, Roger O. Private
BOHN, Vicki L. Private
BOHSEMS, Anna Catharina WFT Est. 1754-1778 WFT Est. 1802-1867
BOLIN, Brittany Ann Private
BOLIN, Jeffery Private
BOLIN, Michael Scott Private
BOLLENBECK, Matt 21 August 1906 23 May 1987
BOLLIG, Casey William Private
BOLLIG, Charles Private
BOLLIG, Craig Private
BOLLIG, David Fred Private
BOLLIG, Dawn Private
BOLLIG, Derek Private
BOLLIG, Donald Private
BOLLIG, Donna Private
BOLLIG, Edward A. Private
BOLLIG, Elizabeth 24 July 1868 11 April 1935
BOLLIG, Evan Private
BOLLIG, Fred John Private
BOLLIG, Jenny Private
BOLLIG, Joyce Private
BOLLIG, Karen Private
BOLLIG, Katherine WFT Est. 1850-1875 WFT Est. 1910-1965
BOLLIG, Kelly Private
BOLLIG, Nicole Private
BOLLIG, Richard Private
BOLLIG, Ryan Private
BOLLIG, Stephanie Private
BOLLIG, William Private
BOMBEI, Alvin 06 October 1918 19 April 1985
BOMBEI, Bernardine Private
BOMBEI, Brianna Lynn Private
BOMBEI, Charles Private
BOMBEI, Cheryl Lee Private
BOMBEI, Cindra Leigh Private
BOMBEI, Clinton Michel Private
BOMBEI, David Herbert Private
BOMBEI, Eric Dean Private
BOMBEI, Gregory Private
BOMBEI, Henry F. 26 February 1895 01 June 1964
BOMBEI, Herbert Private
BOMBEI, Howard Private
BOMBEI, Jean Private
BOMBEI, Joyce Dolores Private
BOMBEI, Justine Nicole Private
BOMBEI, Karen Private
BOMBEI, Kathy Loretta Private
BOMBEI, Lorraine Jane Private
BOMBEI, Marie Private
BOMBEI, Marilyn Private
BOMBEI, Mary Lou Private
BOMBEI, Nicholas Private
BOMBEI, Nicholas Henry Private
BOMBEI, Patrick Private
BOMBEI, Peter 28 April 1893 18 January 1985
BOMBEI, Philomena Private
BOMBEI, Phyllis Private
BOMBEI, Randy Private
BOMBEI, Raymond Private
BOMBEI, Rhonda Private
BOMBEI, Richard P. Private
BOMBEI, Robert Henry 04 June 1930 05 June 1930
BOMBEI, Ronald Private
BOMBEI, Rosemary Marie Private
BOMBEI, Russell Private
BOMBEI, Steven John Private
BOMBEI, Susan Private
BOMBEI, Taylor Jordan Private
BOMBEI, Thomas Private
BOMBEI, Vernetta Private
BONGARD, Brenda Jo Private
BONGARD, Denise Private
BONGARD, Lee Aloysius Private
BONGARD, Michele Lynn Private
BONGARD, Renee Private
BONJOUR, Christopher Robert Private
BONJOUR, Robert Private
BONJOUR, Stephanie Michelle Private
BORK, Linda (Bollig) Private
BORK, Patricia (Bollig) Private
BOWAR, Adeline A. 11 November 1919 October 1977
BOWAR, Angela M. 10 January 1911 January 1993
BOWAR, Barbara Ann Private
BOWAR, Benjamin Private
BOWAR, Beverly Ann Private
BOWAR, Beverly Jean Private
BOWAR, Carol Jean Private
BOWAR, Carol L. Private
BOWAR, Ceacelia A. 02 December 1909 07 April 1993
BOWAR, Cecelia A. 02 December 1909 07 April 1993
BOWAR, Charles 14 September 1862 31 January 1927
BOWAR, Clara 11 August 1886 13 October 1950
BOWAR, Craig Thomas Private
BOWAR, Cynthia Private
BOWAR, Dale Private
BOWAR, David Private
BOWAR, Delores Ann Private
BOWAR, Dorothy C. Private
BOWAR, Earl Camillus Private
BOWAR, Eilene Private
BOWAR, Elizabeth Cordelia Private
BOWAR, Ellen M. Private
BOWAR, Generva Caroline Private
BOWAR, Gerald Joseph 14 May 1917 January 1984
BOWAR, Geraldine R. Private
BOWAR, Gordon John Private
BOWAR, Gregory A. Private
BOWAR, Ida 09 September 1892 January 1971
BOWAR, Jacqueline Private
BOWAR, James G. Private
BOWAR, Jane A. Private
BOWAR, Jane F. Private
BOWAR, Janet Private
BOWAR, John F. Private
BOWAR, Joseph 22 July 1890 07 February 1962
BOWAR, Joseph Albert Private
BOWAR, Josephine 06 December 1868 01 October 1939
BOWAR, Karl Aloysius 01 June 1919 April 1932
BOWAR, Kathleen M. Private
BOWAR, Kay Ann Private
BOWAR, Lawrence J. 27 December 1883 19 May 1967
BOWAR, Lois P. Private
BOWAR, Loraine T. 28 May 1916 30 May 1916
BOWAR, Lorenz 09 April 1888 25 November 1899
BOWAR, Louise J. 11 March 1898 31 May 1965
BOWAR, Marcia Private
BOWAR, Mariam Ruth Private
BOWAR, Marie Lucille 26 October 1921 January 1923
BOWAR, Marilyn Ann Private
BOWAR, Mary Private
BOWAR, Mary E. Private
BOWAR, Mary Kathleen Private
BOWAR, Michael R. Private
BOWAR, Mildred Private
BOWAR, Mildred A. Private
BOWAR, Patricia A. Private
BOWAR, Priscilla 17 July 1890 25 September 1954
BOWAR, Raymond Lawrence Private
BOWAR, Richard E. Private
BOWAR, Roman M. Private
BOWAR, Susan L. Private
BOWAR, Terrance Leo Private
BOWAR, Thomas 09 December 1957 WFT Est. 1958-1997
BOWAR, Verner V. 21 May 1917 24 May 1917
BOWAR, Veronica C. Private
BOWAR, Virginia Lee Private
BOWAR, Wilfred Private
BOWAR, William 17 September 1894 07 November 1918
BOWAR, William Private
BOWER, Bob Private
BOWER, Dylon Private
BOWER, Robert Thomas Private
BOWER, Ryan Private
BOWER, Ryan Private
BOYLE, James Private
BOYLE, Patrick Private
BOYLE, Steve Private
BRABENDER, Alfred Private
BRABENDER, Bernadine (Kyle) Private
BRABENDER, Chris 1891 1975
BRABENDER, Josephine (Golding) Private
BRADLEY, Jennifer Ann Private
BRADLEY, Mark Private
BRADLEY, Michelle Marie Private
BRADY, Austin Private
BRADY, Brain Private
BRADY, Mitchell Private
BRAGGS, Betty Private
BRAM, Judith (Ellickson) Private
BRAM, Kay Ann (Wipperfurth) Private
BRANCH, Henry Private
BRANDON, Beatrice (Littel) Private
BREUNIG, Amanda Sue Private
BREUNIG, Amy Jo Private
BREUNIG, Connie Private
BREUNIG, Denman Private
BREUNIG, Dominque Joy Private
BREUNIG, Ivan Private
BREUNIG, John M. Private
BREUNIG, Linda Private
BREUNIG, Marcia M. Private
BREUNIG, Martha Mathilda 25 June 1931
BREUNIG, Math Private
BREUNIG, Melinda A. Private
BREUNIG, Miles Private
BREUNIG, Neil Private
BREUNIG, Renee (Endres) Private
BREUNIG, Reta Private
BRIDGEMAN, Karl Private
BRIDGEMAN, Sierra Bernice Private
BRIESE, Carole Private
BRIESE, Daryle Private
BRIESE, David Private
BRIESE, David R. Private
BRIESE, Dennis Private
BRIESE, Diane Private
BRIESE, Donald D. Private
BRIESE, Donald, Jr Private
BRIESE, Donna J. Private
BRIESE, Fern A. Private
BRIESE, George A. Private
BRIESE, George J. 01 August 1888 23 September 1962
BRIESE, Jacqueline Private
BRIESE, Janice Private
BRIESE, Jonell Private
BRIESE, Joseph Private
BRIESE, Kim Private
BRIESE, La Vern 24 September 1932 January 1976
BRIESE, Lavina 23 March 1920 March 1978
BRIESE, Leona Private
BRIESE, Lonnie Private
BRIESE, Lynelle Private
BRIESE, Michael Private
BRIESE, Neil Private
BRIESE, Randall Private
BRIESE, Raymond J. Private
BRIESE, Reneen Private
BRIESE, Ronald Private
BRIESE, Shirley Private
BRIESE, Susan Private
BRIESE, Tresa Private
BRIESE, Wendy Private
BRIGSON, Karen (Littel) Private
BRISES, Gail Jean Private
BROWN, Donald Private
BROWN, Elise Bauhs Private
BROWN, Erica Joy Private
BROWN, Francis Harold Private
BRUCE, Carol Private
BRUMM, Roger Private
BRUMN, Kristin (Florin) Private
BRUMN, Mark Private
BRUNCLIK, Cody Joe Private
BRUNCLIK, Craig Allen Private
BRUNING, Ann Private
BRUNNER, Charlene C. Private
BRUNNER, Charles Private
BRUNNER, Janet Marie Private
BRUNNER, Jerome A. Private
BRUNNER, Kenneth Charles Private
BRUNNER, Leopold Private
BRYNES, Clinton Private
BRYNES, Vanessa Private
BUCHMAN, Gloria Jean (Meier) Private
BUECHNER, Florian L. Private
BUECHNER, Jack David Private
BUECHNER, James Private
BUECHNER, James A. Private
BUECHNER, James Ralph Private
BUECHNER, Jane Ann Private
BUECHNER, Janet C. Private
BUECHNER, Janet Mary Private
BUECHNER, Jeffrey Thomas Private
BUECHNER, Jerome Dominic Private
BUECHNER, Jerome J. Private
BUECHNER, John C. Private
BUECHNER, John William Private
BUECHNER, Mark A. 23 March 1955 14 August 1966
BUECHNER, Ralph L. Private
BUECHNER, Rita M. Private
BUECHNER, Scott Private
BUECHNER, Sherri Private
BUECHNER, Thomas V. Private
BUEGE, Jeff Private
BUEGE, Tabitha Anne Private
BUFFMAN, Lee Private
BUFFMAN, Margorie C. Private
BUFFMAN, Melvin L. Private
BUFFMAN, Richard L. Private
BUKELAND, Keevan Private
BUNCH, Brittne' Private
BUNCH, John A. Private
BUNN, Beverly (Acker) Private
BURDICK, Balaun Amie Private
BURDICK, Jannelle Marie Private
BURDICK, Kent William Private
BURDICK, Kylee Jo Private
BURDICK, Thomas Scott Private
BURDICK, William Albert Private
BURKELAND, Gary Private
BURNS, Barbara Abt. 1950 Abt. 1953
BURNS, Joseph Private
BURNS, Larry WFT Est. 1899-1930 26 September 1955
BURNS, Michael Private
BURNS, Patrick Private
BURNSON, Lorraine M. (Paltz) Private
BURRESON, James Frances Private
BURRESON, Leoin Private
BUSH, Angela Christine Private
BUSH, James Eugene Private
BUSH, James Melvin Private
BUSH, Nicole Marie Private
BUSHEY, Lee Ann (Brunner) Private
BUSHFIELD, Deborah A. Private
BUSHFIELD, Harlan Private
BUSHFIELD, Janet K. Private
BUSHFIELD, Lynn M. Private
BUSHFIELD, Robert A. Private
BUSHFIELD, Sherry L. Private
BUSS, Clayton Thomas Private
BUSS, Thomas Private
BYRNES, Jim Private

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Bullet The ADOLPH BIRRENKOTT Family Bullet The LORENZ BOWAR Family Bullet The MARTIN BREUNIG Family
Bullet The PETER CONRAD Family Bullet The PETER ENDRES Family Bullet The PHILLIP JACOB GOEBEL Family
Bullet The JOHANN KESSENICH Family Bullet The JOHANN MAIER Family Bullet The MATHIAS MARX Family

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