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George Dando married Sarah on 24 Jun 1716 in Paulton Somerset. Sarah was buried on 13 Jan 1769 in Paulton Somerset. George was buried on 13 Jan 1773 in Paulton Somerset.

Settlement Certificate

To the Church-wardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Highlittleton in the County of Somerset


We, the Church-warden and Overseer of the Poor of the parish of Paulton in the said County of Somerset, do hereby own and acknowledge George DANDO, Sarah his wife, John, Sarah, George, Samuel and James, theirs sons and daughter to be parishioners legally settled in our said Parish of Poulton for oursevles and successors, do promise and agree to take and Receive them as such at any time Hereafter, Together with such Child and Children as the said George DANDO shall have by the said Sarah his wife.

In Wittness whereof we have hereunto set out hands and seals this sixth day of March in the Tenth year of the Reign of OUr Sovereign Lord George the second, by the Grace of God of Great Brittain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the faith and so forth, and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty six [1736/7].  Overseer Mary PLUMER, her mark, Churchwarden Joh. BAILEY.

26th October 1737, We, two of his Majestie's Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid, do allow the above Certificate on the oath of Samuel SYMES, who saw the same duly Executed. Wm. JONES, H. STRACHEY, Document in High Littleton Vestry Aug. 2000.

[Note: Entered together in the Paulton Parish Register is the marriage of George DANDO and birth of 5 children. George & Sarah Dando were married at Paulton 24 June 1716.
  1. John their son was born 30 Dec 1719. He married Ann MARTIN at High Littleton 13 Oct 1746.
  2. Sarah their daughter was born 25 Oct 1774.
  3. George their son was born 19 Sep 1727. He married Jane Green at High Littleton 21 Apr 1753.
  4. Samuel their son was born 3 Dec 1733. He married firstly Katherine.....(died 1782) and secondly Ann SEYMOUR at High Littleton 7 Feb 1787.
  5. James their son was born 4 Feb 1736/7. He married Sarah HARRIS at High Littleton 26 Sep 1762. 
  6. Mary (born 2 Jun) dau. of George & Sarah DANDO bapt. at High Littleton 15 Jun 1740.
Sarah wife of Geo. DANDO of Hallatrow was buried at Paulton 13 Jan 1769.
George DANDO an old man was buried at Paulton 13 Jan 1773.]

In 1736 they moved with their five children to the Hamlet of Hallatrow, which is in the parish of High Littleton.  Although the family had moved to High LIttleton, they were still regarded as "belonging" to Paulton.  This meant that in their old age George and Sarah turned to Paulton for help and received payments from the overseers of the poor of that parish. They were buried in Paulton, at least Sarah was and almost certainly George as well.  The burial registers of Paulton show: Sarah Dandoe, wife of George Dandoe of Hallatrow, buried 13 Jan 1769.  Exactly four years later is a burial which almost certainly for her husband - George Dandoe an old man was buried 13 Jan 1773.

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