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"Dando" - A One Name Study

This one name study is for all who are interested in the last name of "Dando".  At this present time, there are a few of us on the list, through many years of research, digging and emails, have found that we are related, albeit quite a while ago now.  Through many amazing emails we have found that if you keep up the research, you can find a common link.  If you do find a link somewhere, please remember this is not the only thing we do, there are, afterall, other committments to current family, work and life in general, even though it may not seem like it. :-))





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Webpage Link or Dando Being Researched

Christine Aldridge
Lois Collins
Lindy Dawson
Annette Dando
Colin Dando
John Dando
Nigel Dando
Phil Dando
Terry Dando
Wendy Jones
Nigel Lord
Bernice Maynard
Dawn Watts

George Dando b. circa 1690
Paulton Somerset
Marni Ardrey
Joseph Dando circa 1860 Somerset

Connie Beachy
Pat Thompson
Howard Van Horn

William Dando1810 Wales
William Dando1810 Wales
William Dando Frostburg MD USA
(yes there are two different webpages)
Peter & Bronwyn Berger

David Bowl
Betty Dando circa 1761
Camerton Somerset

Mark Bowman

John Dando
Sarah Dando

Joy Cooper

George Dando born Dunkerton Somerset 1780
 Giles Dando born Wedmore Somerset 1831
 Edward Dando born Bristol Somerset 1854

Des Currin
William Dando abt. 1687

Gordon Dando
Henry Dando 1921 Atherton Manchester

Maureen (Dando)
Jacob Dando 1796 Somerset
Henry Dando 1827 in Paulton
Margaret Dando 1866 in Hindley Lancashire

William A Dando
Teddy Hearts
Alfred Llewellyn Dando and son Walter Dando Monmouthshire Wales

Marion L

Charles Dando

Chris Lloyd & Barbara Lucas

Tom Morgan

John Dando 1785-1853 Westerleigh
George Mosley Dando1823 Westerleigh
Emily Jane Dando 1860-1893 Swansea

Susan Young

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