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Greg Dand
Box 2399
Kindersley, Saskatchewan
S0L 1S0

April 1, 2001
Craig Johnson

Hi -
     I visited your website on James Dand. I have an ancestor named James Collins Dand who was born Feb. 6, 1841 in New Glasgow, Pictou, Nova Scotia. His parents are listed as Thomas Dand and Belle Frazer. I was thinking he might be the son of your Thomas Smith Dand, christened July 1, 1821 in Fowlis Easter. Do you have any more information on Thomas Dand?


April 19, 2001
Patricia L. (Spencer) Miller

Looking for Thomas Spencer wife Ann both from england who moved from Otsego county New York to Graying Michigan or Curtisville MI. enjoyed your site!

April 25, 2001
Martin Lee Andrew Dand

I just did a general search of Martin Dand on YAHOO and to my surprise I found my uncle Martin...who has exactly the same name as mine. I am interested in hearing from the editor of this page.
Martin Dand
Mississauga Ontario

May 11, 2001


Great site looked at your pictures they are great.
I was a Munroe from NB CAN.I am trying to trace my family
too. My Great Great Grandfather was John Munro born abt 1797
in Scotland. His wife was Martha born abt 1809 in Scotland.
I dont seem to be able to find out if they came straight here
or did they come from another province in Can?Oh well thought
i would say hello.

Bye Marilyn

June 15, 2001
David Assinder

After doing some work researching my father's surname Assinder I'm now thinking about working on my mother's side of the family the Dand clan! This particular branch lived in Carlisle England just south of the Scottish border. Your site has encouraged me by seeing where several other Dands have ended up!

David Assinder

July 10, 2001

Hi Greg,

After looking at the pictures on your website, I wish these were my McIntyres. They're an exceptionally good looking group of people. So far I haven't been able to tie any Alexander McIntyre to my McIntyre family. I think there was more than one Alexander in the hamlet of McIntyre in Osprey Township at the time your Alexander and my Archibald McIntyre were there. A connection would have been nice to expand the information.

Judy McIntyre
Chico, California

July 25, 2001
John and Pauline Cashman

Just looking for information about my great grandfather James Collins Dand from Nova Scotia and found your site.

Aug 8, 2001

Hello, Greg:
I was very interested in your posting to the Angus Mailing List as I too have a Dand ancestor in Auchterhouse and I haven't been able to trace that line any further.
She was my GGGGG grandmother, Jean Dand, who was the mother of Margaret Duncan (baptized 22 June 1764) of Auchterhouse. Margaret married Andrew Cant in Auchterhouse and raised many children, the oldest of which, William Cant, moved to Broughty Ferry and began the line of Cants from which I am descended. My father, Alexander Cant, Jr., was born in Broughty Ferry. But, so much for the Duncans and the Cants. I have looked at your Web Site and although I haven't looked over all of your Angus listings as yet, I have noted a "Jean Dand" born in 1722 in Auchterhouse but she would have been 42 when Margaret Duncan was born in 1764. This of course is possible but I think a better guess would be that my Jean Dand might have been the daughter of Patrick Dand and Agnes Chalmers. I see that you have listed Katharine Dand (born 1745) as their first child but I wonder if they could have had another child (my Jean) before that. On your list this family does have a "Jean" but she was born in 1756, much too late to have been my ancestor who had a child (Margaret) in 1764. I have seen more than one instance of a "replacement name" where a later child is named for an older child that has died and I wonder if this may be the case here since all I know about my "Jean" is her name and nothing else.
But all of this is extreme speculation. Do you have any other ideas? It is so good to find someone else who not only is researching the name, "Dand", but also has the actual name as well! As you say on your Web Site (which incidentally, is an excellent, well done site), "Dand" is not a common name. Jean Dand has been a mystery lady for me and I hope that this connection with a real, live Dand will have some good results.

Jean (Cant) Allen
Kittery, Maine

September 6, 2001
Dianne Neva Topley

Spencers from England to Ontario

January 3, 2002
Martin Dand
Burntisland Fife Scotland U.K

Interesting Site

January 24, 2002
Martin Lee Andrew Dand

Very Interesting! I was also looking at anoth website re the DandDunne family. The URL is0D

I would be interested to know who put this web page on the Internet?0D Martin Dand (son of Donald Dand and grandson of Andrew Dand)

November 6, 2002
David McKee

I happened on to your site while looking for some info on my own roots in Osprey Township. My Grandmother (Mary Frances Alexander) Had a sister Lila who married a William Colquette-a name I found mentioned in your site. I assume this is someone from the same family. My Great Grandfather was Henry Alexander who ran a tailor shop in Feversham in what is now the home of Mrs. Lyle Short. Very Interesting Site!

June 5, 2002
Alan R Gray

Have just been reading your site re The Dand Family in Canada.
My Grandfather Robert Gray emigrated to Canada in 1904 I have a book called Golden Memories1882-1967 compiled by the Dand Womens Institute which confirms the stories that my Grandad used to tell me as a child that he went to work for Mr Jim Dand and his father Mr Thomas Dand.
As I remember the stories Mr Dand snr had been a Surveyor or something similar working on the siting of the track etc for the new fangled Railway which they wanted to bring to this part of Canada.
On finishing the bridge over Kicking Horse Pass they looked around for some land and the Hamlet of Dand was later built nearby.
Their original homestead was at SE 1/4 24.4-23 and NE 1/4 24.4-23 They called it MORTON MANOR.
Dand I believe was built at NE 1/4 27.3-23
Grandad was at SW 1/4 27.3-23.
My son and I came over in 1980 and found the Section and a fairly delapidated shack where he had once lived. The stove ( source of many stories) was still there with an inscription London 1902 We met a lovely old lady, I believe she was called Miss Godrey, who was away at school at the time but remembered Robert Gray, the Englishman taking the nearby Section. Best regards
Alan R Gray
Levlox Farm
North Leverton
DN22 0AN. UK

October 6, 2002
Major Chance

I found you site quite by chance while searching old family photos. Congratulations, you have great photos!

Please see Dand photo attached which I send as a little tribute.

All the best,

Major Chance
Ontario, Canada

December 20, 2002
Tom Cosans

Am searching for information on my birth mother, Dora Lougheed, parents William & Elizabeth Lougheed of Clifden Co. Galway, Ireland.
She gave me the name of Donald McLeod but I was subsequently adopted ,approximate date of her birth 1900.
Any information or suggestions you may have would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Tom Cosans

December 29, 2002
Chris Corrigan

Shocked here.       My grandmother is (was) Ruby Dand who became Ruby Murphy and gave birth to my mom and my uncle. She was the daughter of William and Gertrude.