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May 23, 1916

Dear Sister, [Jennie]
I was pleased to get your letter yesterday as I got back off leave. Thought there would have been more awaiting me but yours was the only one. I was up to Scotland again. Had a very good time. I spent two days in London, one in Edinburgh and the rest of the time in Perth at my chum's people. He got killed a month ago. Perhaps I told you. His people feel pretty badly over it. Couldn't say I had a good time while there as they all seem so different to what they were when I was there last summer.
The worst part about getting leave is coming back. I sure hated to come. The next leave I get I hope it will be to Canada. I'd sure like to go back about now. I'd stay about a month at your place, then go west. Things will be looking pretty nice back there again by now. I hope Cora is better by now. What is wrong with her? I have not heard from Gertie for some time now. Suppose they will be quite busy just now. And no doubt you people will be too. Do you know whether Andy has enlisted again or not?

Now I must close. Trusting this will find you all well as it finds me. We are going into the trenches. So bye bye for now with love to all.
From your brother Martin

June 1, 1916

Dear Sister,
I was very pleased to get your ever welcome letter last night. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well, also Mrs. McIntyre. Trust you are both your selves again. Hope the rest of you are all fine. I have been away on leave to Scotland and you know perhaps I didn't tell you, did I? Well, I just..............

none of my letters reach her when I get hers alright. There must be something wrong some where.

So none of the McKinnon boys have joined yet. I'd like to tell the old lady what I think of her for stopping them. It's too bad about her little boys. Have you heard from Andy lately? Do you know if he has enlisted again or not? Thought he'd have enough of the first bunch. Well news are scarce so I suppose there is nothing left to do but close. I'm sending you a picture I had taken when on leave. Don't laugh at it.
Will close with best love.
From your brother Martin

Note: Pte JOHN SHARP, SCRYMGEOUR KIA April, 1916 Service #74232 No. 6 Platoon, "B" Coy., 28th Btn.
Son of John and Elizabeth Robb Carr Scrimgeour, of Sydenham Villa, Glasgow Rd., Perth, Scotland.

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