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Feb.19, 1916

Dear Sister, (Jennie)
I was very pleased to get your welcome letter last night. I had a letter from Cora the other day, also one from Will. It was very funny. I'm well and trust this will find you all the same. We are not in the trenches at present but expect to go back soon again. I'd far rather be there than running around all over the country.

So you think B. Huitman and Carrie are going to get married. Has Billie still got his farm and Katie Scott is going to Calgary, eh? Is she as good looking as she used to be? How is Nelson Scott's and the McKinnon's?

I hope Cassie Davidson writes me and I'd like to see here again too. How are they all?

I had a couple of letters from Tom but he never writes any more now for a long time.

Do you remember I said I'd never go back to McIntyre for ten years? Well, I wouldn't mind being back there for a month right now.

I hear from Andy every couple of weeks. And had a letter from Marion in Oregon. Now I really haven't got any news for you of interest. About all I can do is ask questions. I must close for now with love.
From your brother Martin

Feb.27, 1916

Dear Sister,
Just a few lines to let you know I'm still on the earth. I'm well and trust this will find you all the same. This is a very cold and stormy night. It has snowed for almost a week now. But melts about as soon as it falls.

Haven't had much mail this week. Got a letter from Jim's girl. She writes a very nice letter. He was up to Calgary at Xmas time to see her.

We were in the trenches for four days last week. But we are back in the same place again. Now news are very scarce so I'll have to close any ways as the people in here are going to bed.
From your loving brother Martin

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