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Oct.14, 1915

Dear Sister, [Jennie]
Just a few lines to let you know I am still well. Hope this will find you all the same. I got a letter from Cora yesterday and one on Sunday, too. She must be writing about twice a week now. Had one from K. McIntyre the same day and today got one from Gertie. She was sick when she wrote it. I get one from her every week now.

I am not in the trenches just now. But out resting and believe me, we all feel like a rest. We only get about 4 or 5 hours sleep a day while in there. And I never had any of my clothes off, not even my boots, for almost a week. They took us all down for a bath and change of under clothes today which I was very pleased to get. Then I went up town and got a big dinner of pork chops and eggs. That is the first time I had enough to eat since coming over here. We got paid today too. We get 30 Francs a month here which amounts to 6 dollars in Canadian money. However it is nearly all we can spend here. I find it easier money to handle that English. But they have English, French and Belgium money here. They will take any kind you feel like giving them.

Oct. 17, 1915

Dear Sister,
Will now try and write you a few lines in my spare time. We are not in the trenches at present. But out resting for a few days. Don't suppose it will be long before we will be going back in again. I am not fussy about going back at all. This is a cold cloudy day. I wish the sun would come out and warm things up. I am sitting in the straw up in a hay loft writing this. My hands are blue with the cold. Would like a nice fire to sit beside.

I got two letters from you this week and two from Gertie as well. The Canadian mail comes in today. So perhaps I will get some more. There is very little to tell you today. If I were in the trenches I would be able to write a more interesting letter. I can hear the big guns roaring away from here. I'm just as close to them as I want to be. Now I believe I must close as I have to go down to the orderly room. So Bye Bye with love and best wishes to all.
From your brother, Martin

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