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Fernhill Cemetery
East Saint John, NB
SJA-04 = The necessity for a larger cemetery near the city was forced upon the citizens early in 1847. The old burial grounds within the limits of the city were about to be closed by law and the ground near the Marsh Bridge, which exclusively belonged to the Church of England, with a small area, was rapidly filling up; while the population of the city was gradually increasing. Under these citcumstances, a number of public-spirted citizens, desiring to interest in the scheme all classes and denominations, prepared and addressed a circular to the office bearers of the several churches in the city, pointing out the crowded conditions of the cemeteries then in use, and appealing to them to join in an effort to procure a larger one. All responded to this appeal, except the Roman Catholics and the Methodists, they having cemeteries of their own. The result was an appointment of a general committee to select a site and place the scheme on a business bases.
    After a lengthened and laboured investigation of all the localities in the vicinity of the city likely to be suitable for the purpose, the committee concluded to purchase seventy acres of land from Henry Golbert, Esquire, forming part of the present site of the cemetery. The price paid for this property was ten thousand four hundred dollars, a lot being reserved for each of the proprietors. A subscription list for stock in a proposed Company was then prepared. Each share was placed at ten dollars and in a very short time the stock was all taken up. A meeting of stockholders was immediately held when twelve directors were chosen, who prepared a bill for the incorporation of the company, which was finally inacted by the Legislature of the Province on 30th March 1848.
    By the terms of the act it will be seen that the capital stock of the Company was twelve thousand dollars, which was expended in paying the purchase money of the property and in laying out and improving the grounds. As lots were sold, the stock was paid off and cancelled, and there is some of it still outstanding.
    In the year 1897, the cemetery was enlarged by the purchase of the adjoining property, making the total area now to be one hundred and forty-four and a half acres. [pp. 626 - 705 of Film P-757 / old film # at PANB]
03. Thomas Boyne d. 31 Aug 1896 ae 78 yrs
      G.Gordon Boyne d. 16 Dec 1907 ae 63 yrs

01. = Hon. Ward Chipman for many years a member of the Provincial Legislature, H.M. Advocate,
      Solicitor General, and sometime Recorder of the City of St. John, afterwards one of the Judges of the
      Supreme Court and from A.D. MDCCCXXXIV - MDCCLI Chief Justice of NB.  He was the only child
      of the late Mr. Justice Chipman, and d. on the 26 Nov A.D. MDCCCLI aged 64 yrs
      = Elizabeth, widow of the Hon. Chief Justice Chipman, and daughter of the late Henry Wright, Esqr.,
      Collector of Imperial Customs at St. John, NB b. 30 Aug 1792 d. 4 July 1876.
      = This monument is erected over the remains of the Hon. Ward Chipman, Esq. who was born in the
      Province of Massachusetts Bay on the 30th July 1754 and died at Fredericton in this Province on the
      9th February 1824.
      He was a graduate of Harvard University and educated to the Profession of the Law. Retaining his
      Loyality to his Sovereign, he was obliged to abandon his native land on the evacuation of Boston in the
      year 1776. Having repared to England, the Royal Bounty bestowed on him a pension in common with a
      long list of his suffering fellow countrymen. But a state of inaction being ill-suited to his ardent mind in less
      than a year he relinguished his pension and and rejoined the Kings troops at New York where he was
      employed in a military department and in the practice of the Court of Admiralty until the Peace of 1783.
      On the first erection of this Province in 1784 he was appointed Solicitor General and continuing
      afterwards bore a conspicious and most useful part in its affairs as an advocate at the Bar and Member of
      the House of Assembly. a member of His Majesty's Council, a Judge of the Supreme Court and agent on
      the part of His Majesty before several commissions for settling disputed points of boundry with the United
     States until he closed his mortal career while administering the government of the Province as President
     and Commander-in-Chief during a vacancy in the office of Lieut. Governor. Distinguished during the whole
     of his varied and active life for superior abilities and unswerable zeal, for genuine integerity and singular
     humanity and benevolence his loss was universally deplored and this frail tribute from his nearest
     connections affords but a feeble expression of the affectionate respect with which they cherish the memory
     of his witness.
02. Elizabeth, d/o the late Hon. Wm. Hazen, widow of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Chipman and mother of the
     late Hon. Chief Justice Chipman. Born in Newbury Port in Massachusetts 2nd June 1766 died at St. John
     18 May 1852

31. Sarah Catherine DeWolfe, d. 29 June 1851 ae 50 yrs, Erected by three religious
      societies who shared her benevolence --  The British & Foreign Bible Society; The
      Church Missionary Society; The Diocesan Church Society of New Brunswick

04. Noah Disbrow, Esq. d. 19 Apr 1853 in the 81st yr of his age, erected by his  widow & daughter.
05. Amelia w/o Noah Disbrow d. 5 Feb 1881 ae 90 yrs

06. George Dury, Esq. b. Bulbray Hill, Co. Cork, Ireland, the residence of his ancestors, 25 Oct 1782,
      and after serving his King and Country most faithfully for 22 yrs as a Military and 12 yrs as a Civil Officer
      d. at Newland, Co. of St. John, NB 24 Oct 1836 deeply lamented by a large family ...
07. Frances Amelia, w/o the late Charles Drury, Esq., and the last surviving ch/o the late Hon. Wm. Hazen,
      d. 31 Aug 1862 ae 75 yrs
08. Mary Dury, eldest d/o the late Charles Drury, Esq. d. 1 Jan 1867 ae 54 yrs
09. Charles Drury, eldest s/o Charles & Frances A. Drury 9 Oct 1805 - 21 Feb 1880
10. John Drury 12 Dec 1808 - 29 May 1880
11. Edward O'Brien Drury 6 Nov 1816 - 29 May 1880

02. Elizabeth - see CHIPMAN, Elizabeth
12. The Hon, Robt. Leonard Hazen, Q.C., one of the Senators apptd by the Crown on the formation of the
      Dominion of Canada. Judge of the Court of Admiralty in the Province of NB, and for many years
      Recorder of the City of St. John. 15 Oct 1808 - 15 Aug 1874
13. Sarah A. Hazen w/o the Hon. R.L. Hazen 2 Apr 1815 - 2 Feb 1867
14. William Hazen, Esq. Treasurer of the Province and High Sheriff of this city and County, who was b. at
      Newbury Port 28 June 1768, d. in this city 11 Feb 1816 after discharging with integrity and honor all his
      duties as a public officer and as a private individual.
15. Deborah, d/o the late Hon. John Murray, Esq., and relict of the late Wm. Hazen, Jr., Esq. who was b. at
      Rutland, Massachusetts on the 7 Sept 1771 and d. in the city of St. John 15 June 1837
16. George, fifth s/o the late Wm. Hazen, Jr., Esq. b. at Fredericton 9 Dec 1806 d. in the city of St. John
       9 Apr 1829
17. LeBaron Hazen, Esq. Barister-at-Law, fourth s/o the late Wm. Hazen, Jr. Esq, b. at Fredericton
      21 Sept 1803, d. at City of St. John 5 July 1836
18. Robert Hazen, a Major in His Majesty's 60th Regt of Foot and third s/o Hon. Wm. Hazen 7 Sept 1775 -
      17 July 1815
19. Mary d/o the late Munson Jarvis, Esq. and relict of Major Robert Hazen, H.M.L. Regt of Foot
      31 Mar 1775 - 18 Sept 1835
20. Johanna, w/o Robt. F. Hazen, Esq. & d/o the late Lieut-Col Morris Robinson, b. at York, England
      15 Oct 1804, d. at St. John 16 June 1853
      also, Robert Frazer Hazen, Esq., s/o the late Robert Hazen, Major in H.M. 60th Regt of Foot, and
      grandson of the late Hon. Wm. Hazen  19 Apr 1803 - 25 Apr 1874
21. J.H. obt XVI June MDCCCLIII ae XLIX
22. R.F.H. obt XXV Apr MDCCCZXXIV ae ..
23. Wm. Hazen 4 July 1831 - 11 June 1881
24. Annitte, w/o Wm. Hazen, & 4th d/o the late Henry Savymmer d. at St. John 23 Mar 1860 in her 29th yr
25. The Hon. William Hazen, Esq., one of the earliest settlers in this province, while a part of the Province of
      Nova Scotia, and appointed a member of His Majesty's Council. [Elected at] the first election of this
      Province in the year 1787. 11 July 1738 - 23 Mar 1811
26. Mrs. Sarah Hazen, widow of the Hon. Wm. Hazen, Esq. b. in the Province of Massachusetts Bay,
      22 Feb 1749, d. in this city 3 Apr 1823
27. Edwin Hazen, Esq. s/o the Hon. Wm. Hazen 5 Aug 1783 - 24 Sept 1815;
      his sister, Sophia Ann Hazen 5 Apr 1794 - 21 July 1812
28. LeBaron Hazen, 6th s/o the late Hon. Wm. Hazen, Esq. b. at Portland Point 7 Apr 1782,
      where he d. 12 Nov 1816

15. Deborah - see MURRAY, Deborah

20. Johanna - see HAZEN, Johanna

24. Annitte - see HAZEN, ANNITTE

32. Henry Bowyer Smith for many years Collector of H.M. Customs at this Port. b. at Deal, Kent, England
       9 Aug 1900 d. at St. John 3 Jan 1868

29. Harriet w/o John [Wright] d. 15 Feb 1871
      John Wright d. 9 July 1879, Late Collector of H.M. Customs at the Port of Chatham, Miramichi, NB
30. Arthur Wright 17 Aug 1834 - 18 [Nov] 1904

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