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  The following is a preliminary listing of Northumberland County Cemeteries. Names may be altered over time as the cemeteries are more properly identified, and new cemeteries may be added. 
   There may be other collections online, and those on the various County GenWeb sites; as well as on the Provincial Archives Website. There are also many individual NB cemeteries on private sites. These will be linked when/if they can be found.
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Alnwick Parish:

  Bartibog - Roman Catholic Cemetery

Blackville Parish:

   Blackville - Anglican Cemetery + 6 pp of history
  Blackville - Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Blackville - Underhill United Baptist Church Cemetery
  Blackville - United Church Cemetery
  Grey Rapids - Anglican Church Cemetery
  Howards - Roman Catholic Cemetery - Howards
  Renous - Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Upper Blackville - Baptist Cemetery

Blissfield Parish:

  Blissfield - Baptist Cemetery
  Blissfield - Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Blissfield - United Church Cemetery
  Doaktown - Mitchell Cemetery
  Doaktown - New Anglican Cemetery
  Doaktown - Old Anglican Cemetery
  Doaktown - New United Baptist Cemetery
  Doaktown - Old United Baptist Cemetery
  Doaktown - Pentecostal Church Cemetery
  Doaktown - United Church Cemetery
  Doaktown - Wesleyan (Reformed Baptist) Cemetery

Chatham Parish:

  Chatham - Catholic Cemetery
  Chatham - Old St. Andrews Cemetery
  Chatham - St. John Cemetery
  Chatham Head - St. Paul's Cemetery

Derby Parish:


Glenelg Parish:


Hardwick Parish:

  Bay du Vin - Ullock's Point Cemetery
  Black River - Cemetery
  Black River - St. Stephen's Cemetery

Ludlow Parish:

  Boisetown - Old Cemetery
  Boisetown - Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Boisetown - United Church Cemetery
  Boisetown - Cemetery (Methodist)   on Murray Smith property
  Carroll's Crossing - Anglican Church Cemetery
  Carroll's Crossing - Nelson Cemetery
  Carroll's Crossing - United Baptist Cemetery
  Ludlow - Anglican Cemetery
  New Bandon - St. Augustines United Church Cemetery
  Porter Cove Road - Cemetery

Nelson Parish:


Newcastle Parish:

  Wilson's Point Cemetery

Northesk Parish:

  Boom Road - Presbyterian Cemetery
  Maple Glen - Cemetery
  Sevogle - Catholic Cemetery
  Trout Brook - United Church Cemetery - formerly Methodist
  Whitney - Baptist Cemetery
  Whitney - United Church Cemetery - formerly Presbyterian, at Church
  Whitney - United Church - "new" Cemetery
  Williamstown - United Church - formerly Methodist

Rogersville Parish:


Southesk Parish:

  Red Bank - Catholic Cemetery (St. Thomas)
  Red Bank - United Church (St. Stephen's) - formerly Presbyterian, on river side of the road.
  Red Bank - United Church, "new" cemetery, - across road from above
  Lyttleton - Little South West Baptist - north side of river
  Lyttleton - Pentecostal Cemetery
  Sillikers - Little South West Baptist - south side of river
  Williamstown - United Church - formerly Methodist
  Boom Road - Presbyterian Cemetery

Unidentified Parishes:

  Moorfield Cemetery
   Cameron Family Cemetery - Cameron Hill, near Bloomfield
   Holtville Cemetery

NBGS - Cemetery Listings In "Generations":

  Boiestown Cemetery  v. 2
   Catholic Cemetery, Howard  v. 8
   Catholic Cemetery, Renous  v. 8
   Carroll's Crossing Cemetery  v. 27
   Wilson Point Cemetery, Newcastle  v. 16

LDS List:

  Chatham - Old St Andrews
   Wilson's Point Cemetery  1p

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