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  The following is a preliminary listing of Kings County Cemeteries. Names may be altered over time as the cemeteries are more properly identified, and new cemeteries may be added. 
   There are other collections online, such as those for those on the various County GenWeb sites; as well as on the Provincial Archives Website. There are also many individual NB cemeteries on private sites. These will be linked when/if they can be found.

The student project from 1969 (Opportunities For Youth grant - to study pre Confederation graves in Kings County) had a booklet with many items of interest. A pdf file was made of most of the pages from this booklet, which may not be in order as it was made from loose photo copies of various pages. A list of the cemeteries they visited is on page 4, and again on page 20. Maps of the location of these cemeteries are located in an additional pdf.

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Cardwell Parish:

  A-01 Portage Baptist Cemetery
  A-02 Plumwescep Cemetery, N/E of Sussex
  A-03 Cardwell Baptist Cemetery 
  A-04 Penobsquis - Anderson Cemetery 
  A-05 Mechanic Cemetery 
  A-06 South Branch - Baptist Cemetery 
  A-07 South Branch - Roman Catholic Cemetery
  A-08 Penobsquis - Pioneer Cemetery, west of Penobsquis  / aka Upper Corner Burial Ground
  A-09 Portage Anglican Cemetery 
  A-10 Anagance Cemetery
  A-11 Mechanic Settlement - Roman Catholic Cemetery
  A-12 Portage Vale - Old Pioneer Cemetery
  A-13 South Branch - United Baptist Cemetery
  A-14 Buckley Settlement - R.C. Cemetery

Greenwich Parish:
  B-01 Oak Point Cemetery - Anglican (St. Paul's)
  B-02 Brown's Flats - St. James Anglican Cemetery (partial)
  B-03 Evandale Ferry (near) - Worden Farm Cemetery
  B-04 Brown's Flat United Baptist Cemetery
B-05 Elm Road - Pte. Cemetery, R.H. Jones property near Evandale Ferry
B-06 Evendale - Adams Family Cemetery (by Evendale Ferry)
  B-07 Evandale - VanWart Family Cemetery
B-08 Days Corner Cemetery
  B-09 Oak Point Baptist Cemetery

Hammond Parish: check that site for other links

  C-01 Londonderry - St. Paul's Church Cemetery
C-02 Hammond Vale Cemetery
C-03 Cassidy's Hill Cemetery
C-04 Hillsdale Baptist Cemetery
  C-05 Shepody Road - Crow Burial Ground, near Crow Brook
  C-06 Londonderry Presbyterian Cemetery
  C-07 Shepody Road - Presbyterian Cemetery
C-08 Poodiac - Poodiac Cemetery (also Parlee Cemetery)

Hampton Parish:

  D-01 French Village - Cemetery (Smithtown)
  D-02 Hampton - St. Alphonsus R.C. Cemetery
  D-03 Hampton - Rural Cemetery
  D-04 Smithtown - Loyalist Cemetery
  D-05 Lakeside - St. Paul's Amglican Church
  D-06 Titushill - Cemetery
  D-07 French Village - Church Of England
  D-08 Smithtown - United Baptist Cemetery

Havelock Parish:

  E-01 Corn Hill - Baptist Cemetery
  E-02 Butternut Ridge - Loyalist & adjoining Cemetery 
  E-03 Havelock -  United Church of Canada Cemetery
  E-04 Havelock -  Greenhill Cemetery
  E-05 White's Mt. R.C. Cemetery
  E-06 Corn Hill - Pine Grove Cemetery  (United Church)
  E-07 Havelock - Baptist Church Cemetery (partial)

Kars Parish:

F-01 Lower Kars - Bethel United Baptist Cemetery
F-02 Palmer Point - Old Toole Anglican Graveyard
F-03 Tennant's Cove (East) - Cemetery
F-04 Tennant's Cove (West) - Cemetery
F-05 VanWart Road Cemetery
  F-06 Bethel United Cemetery
F-07 Jones Cemetery, off Elm Road
F-08 Beulah Cemetery
  F-09 Kars - Rt 124, near Belleisle Bay Ferry
F-10 Cox Pt. Road Cemetery

Kingston Parish:

  G-01 Kingston -  Anglican Church Cemetery
  G-02 Holderville - Cemetery near the old "Laskey" house
  G-03 Holderville - Cemetery also (NBGS v. 29 - Holderville Cemetery Deed)
  G-04 Holderville - Laskey Cemetery, on Road to Bedford Wharf
  G-05 Whitehead - St Paul's Anglican
  G-06 Gorham's Bluff - Private Plot (Patterson property)
  G-07 Chapel Grove - R. C. Cemetery (St. Bridget's)
  G-08 Long Reach -  United Church

 Norton Parish: check that site for other links

  H-01 Norton - Presbyterian Cemetery
  H-02 Norton - Sacred Heart Cemetery
  H-03 Bloomfield - Big Rock Cemetery (Baxter & Hayes names)
  H-04 Bloomfield - Big Rock Cemetery (1803)
  H-05 Bloomfield - Christ Church Anglican Cemetery
  H-06 Norton - "Old" Norton R.C. Cemetery
  H-07 Norton - Baxter Cemetery
  H-08 Middle Norton - Old Kirk Presbyterian Church Cemetery
  H-09 Lower Norton - Church of the Assension
  H-10 Bloomfield Station - Christ's Church
  H-11 Central Norton - Baptist Cemetery
  H-12 Bloomfield -  Old Presbyterian Graveyard
  H-13 Passekeag - Methodist Church

Rothesay Parish: check that site for other links

  I-01 Gondola Point - St. Luke's Anglican
  I-02 Hammond River Cemetery
  I-03 Fair Vale - Catholic Graveyard
  I-04 Gondola Point - Rothesay United Baptist
  I-05 Gondola Point - Wilson's Private Plot
  I-06 Quispamsis - Single Grave/WRIGHT
  I-07 Rothesay - Our Lady of Perputal Help (Roman Catholic)

Springfield Parish: check that site for other links

  J-01 Bellisle Creek - Union Cemetery
  J-02 Midland - Cemetery
  J-03 Springfield Corner - Springfield Anglican Cemetery
  J-04 Belleisle Creek - St. Simon & St. Jude's Anglican Cemetery
  J-05 Cromwell Hill - R.C. Cemetery
  J-06 Hatfield's Point - Baptist Church (Scovil/Northrup)
  J-07 Stewarton - United Church of Canada (McLachlan)
  J-08 Hatfield's Point - Bayfield Cemetery
  Near Hatfield's Point-Located Across Belleisle Bay Kierstead Cemetery

Studholm Parish: check that site for other links

  K-03 Berwick - Fenwick Cemetery
  K-04 Berwick - Cemetery
  K-05 Pearsonville - Woodlawn United Church Cemetery
  K-06 Kierstead Mt. - Baptist Cemetery
  K-07 United Church Cemetery - on T.C. Highway near Queens Co. line
  K-08 Head of Millstream - Baptist Cemetery
  K-09 Head of Millstream - Wesleyan Cemetery
  K-10 Queensville - Gailey Cemetery
  K-11 Smith's Creek - United Church Cemetery
  K-12 Little & McPherson Cemetery
  K-13 Snider Mt. - Baptist Cemetery
  K-14 Newton - R.C. Cemetery (St. Michael's)
  K-15 Newton - Baptist Cemetery
  K-16 Mt. Pisgah - Gosline Cemetery
  K-17 Millstream - Wesley United Church
  K-18 Millstream - Old Berwick Cemetery (Fenwick property)
  K-19 Smith Creek - United Church Cemetery
  K-20 Parsonville - United Cemetery
  K-21 Carsonville - Gailey Private Cemetery
  K-22 Carsonville - United Church Cemetery
  K-23 Roachville - Community Cemetery
  K-24 Berwick - United Church Cemetery
  K-25 Head of Millstream - St. Phillip's R.C. Cemetery
  K-26 Millstream - Old Fenwick Cemetery
  K-27 Lower Millstream - Baptist Cemetery (also called Lester or Fenwick)
  K-28 Carsonville - Cemetery
  K-29 Snider Mt. - Methodist Cemetery
  K-30 Apohaqui -  Church of the Ascension Cemetery (Sussex [and] Studholm)
  K-31 United Baptist Church, Head of Millstream
K-32 Kirk Cemetery, Carsonville, Kierstead Mt. - Cemetery by County Line (#22 ?)

Sussex Parish:

  L-01 Ward's Creek - Mill View Cemetery
  L-02 Ward's Creek - Bald Hill Cemetery
  L-03 Sussex - Kirk Hill Cemetery is located in Sussex behind the Elementary School. Has around 1100 stones, and is the second largest cemetery in Sussex Parish
L-04 Markhamville - Saddleback R.C. Cemetery
  L-05 Ward's Creek - St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Cemetery
  L-06 Southfield - Cemetery
  L-07 Markhamville - Knox United Church Cemetery
L-08 Southfield - United Church Cemetery
  L-09 Riverbank between Apohaqui-Norton - Riverbank Community Cemetery
  L-09a Riverbank between Apohaqui-Norton - Cairns at Riverbank Cemetery
  L-10 Smith Creek Rd - Nowlan Private Cemetery (Nowlan)
  L-11 Sussex Corner - Cemetery (Old & New sections)

Upham Parish:

M-01 Salt Springs - Baptist Cemetery
  M-02 Salt Springs - Aiton Cemetery
  M-03 Upham - St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery
  M-04 Back Settlement - R.C. Cemetery
  M-05 Barnesville - Coventer Cemetery
  M-06 Barnesville - Presbyterian Cemetery
M-07 Upham - Tabor Cemetery

Waterford Parish: check that site for other links

  N-01 Cedar Camp - Myers Cemetery
  N-02 Cedar Camp - Myers Cemetery  - Outside the fence of main cemetery
  N-03 Walker Settlement Cemetery
  N-04 Donegal - Baskin Cemetery
  N-05 Philamanro Cemetery (R.C.)
  N-06 Waterford - Anglican Cemetery (old & new)
  N-07 Pleasant Lake - Community Cemetery (McManus & Quinn names)

Westfield Parish:

  O-01 Neripis - Keating's Corner Cemetery - cor Campbell & Brittain Rds (R.C.)
  O-02 Westfield - St. James Anglican Church
  O-03 Westfield - Mt. Hope Cemetery
  O-04 Ingleside - Stephen's Cemetery
  O-05 Sagwa - Lingley Private Cemetery
  O-06 Woodman's Point - St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery
  O-07 Westfield - Brundage Burial Ground
  O-08 Ononette - Graveyard
  O-09 Bayswatter - Cemetery
  O-10 Westfield - Nase Private Plot
  O-11 Carter's Point - Cemetery (Wood Bros. Road)
  O-12 Hardings Pt. - Cemetery


  01 Misc. Cemeteries - Part listings mixed locations
02 Belisle Bay, Shore Rd - Merritt Cemetery (is this in Springfield Parish?)

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