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Thank you for wanting to download the UFT Roles dataset.

TMG 6.11 or better

If you have TMG version 6.11 or better, then you should download this dataset. It was created in January 2008 in v.6.11 and it takes advantage of certain features that were introduced in TMG version 6. The dataset is 345.4 k large, or more precisly, 353,736 bytes in size. It should take only a minute to download.

Click here to download if you have v.6.11 or better

If you have any trouble with the above download, let me know and I'll provide you with a link that I know will work.

TMG 4.0d to 6.10

If you do not have TMG v.6.11 or better, (and you're not going to upgrade), but you do have version 4.0d or version 5 or version 6.0 to version 6.10, then this is the dataset for you. It was created in TMG version 4.0d. Import this dataset into TMG, and choose the second option on the import screen of TMG version 4 BACKUP. E-mail me, and ask me for the uft2tmg file, or the pre v.7 uft roles dataset. I will either send you a dataset by return e-mail or I will provide you with a link so you can download it from an on-line data storage site. Please read about that site below.

The file is 237.3 k in size. More precisely it is 243,046 bytes in size. It should take less than a minute to download.


You will be downloading these files from my on-line data backup storage and file sharing site. has three different data storage plans, and I use their free service. You can upload any file to your account and store it there without cost. If you want to you may share any of your files with others, and that is what I'm doing here. You can store up to 50 GB of files---yes, that's Gigabytes . Fifty of them. Free. More than that and you have to pay. I highly recommend that if you don't already have an on-line backup storage application that you get one. And use it. You don't want to have your computer crash, and it will happen, or some other diaster, and loose all of your files. Back them up. Now. And I suggest that you check out, and possibly use them.

e-mail me e-mail me