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It is not really clear where my Curry family came from or exactly when they settled in Virginia but were well established in what was later to become Augusta and Rockingham counties before the American Revolution. There are some records in these counties of the existence of the Curry family but not enough to pin down exactly who is who.

James Curry and Ann Curry (her maiden name, by her own declaration, was indeed Curry) were married in Rockingham County Virginia in February 1778 by a Baptist preacher. Ann was about 22 to 23 years old when they were married. I have not been able to determine James age.

James and Ann stayed in Rockingham Co. for a short period of time after their marriage. They had one son, whom Ann states, was born in Virginia and died at the age of two or three years. She did not give his name or where he died, it may have been in Virginia, during the journey to Kentucky or after they arrived in Kentucky. It appears that in 1778 James and Ann Curry left Virginia to settle in Kentucky near the town of Harrodsburg, only a few miles from the settlement of Daniel Boone. It is evident that they had family there. In May 1794 they bought a 200 acre parcel of land from Henry Higgins and his wife Mary for 60 pounds. They only stayed on this land for a little more than a year and in September 1795 they sold this same 200 acre parcel of land to Jacob Kurkendale for 325 pounds. In March 1797 they bought a 201 acre parcel of land, on the west side of the Salt River adjacent to John Curry Sr., from Elijah Craig and his wife Ann for 402 pounds. In August 1807 they bought a 5 acres parcel, adjoining his land on the Salt River, from John Curry Sr. for 10 pounds. I very strongly suspect John Curry Sr. was related to either James or Ann.

After their move to Kentucky, they had four more sons and a daughter. John was born November 1782, James February 1784, Robert January 1786, Samuel March 1788 and Nancy February 1786. There seems to be a discrepancy with the birth dates of Robert and Nancy for which I have no explanation.

James, sometimes known as Irish Jimmy, was in the service in Virginia before he and Ann were married where he was at the battle of "The Long Bridge". After their move to Kentucky, James joined Col. George Rogers Clark's Illinois Regt. He first appeared on the payroll in December 1778. He served in that unit as a private through all the campaigns against the British and the Indians till the close of the war. He was with the Illinois Regt. when they captured Gov. Hamilton at O'Post (Vincinnes), the battle of "Blue Licks", the march to the falls of the Ohio (Louisville), Old Chillicothes and the Ma----mee.

Ann had five brothers who fought in the Revolution. Her brother William was killed at the battle of "The Point" and her brother James was killed at the battle of "Kings Mountain". I do not know the names of the other brothers or where they served.

James and Ann were considered upstanding citizens of their community. Ann and her daughter Nancy were members of the Cane Run Church in 1813. Nancy and James Curry were members in 1827. In 1803 James and Ann were sued for 500 pounds, for making defamatory statements against one James Short, the school- master.

John, the eldest surviving son of James and Ann Curry, stayed in Merer Co. and raised his family there. He married Lane Demeree in January 1807 and had three daughters, Nancy J., Mary Ann and Phoebe. After Lane's death he married his second wife, Liney Smock in October 1822. John joined the Cane Run church some time between 1813 and 1818. Lamma (Liney) Curry his wife was received in 1823 and Phoebe Curry his daughter in 1826. John died in February 1825.

I know nothing of James, the second surviving son of James and Ann Curry him except his father, in is will, mentioned that his rifle be left to his brother Robert. This is an indication that he had died before February 1828.

Robert, the third surviving son of James and Ann Curry, was my great grandfather. He probably married his first wife in Mercer Co. KY or Sullivan Co. IN but so far I have found no confirmed record of the marriage. They had three or four children. Mary, Cinthia (may or may not be their child), Robert Brewer born in September 1822, and Elenor R. born in December 1824. In 1818 Robert and his family moved to Sullivan Co. Indiana. Sometime after his first wifes death he married his second wife, Jane Thompson, and in September 1832 my grandfather John was born.

I have not been able to find any information on Samuel the fourth surviving son of James and Ann Curry.

Nancy was the only known daughter of James and Ann Curry. She married Abraham Brewer in October 1810 they stayed in Merer Co. and raised their family there. They are both buried in the Whiteneck Family Graveyard in Mercer Co. KY.