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The Civil War

1st TEXAS INFANTRY (Hood's Brigade)

1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment

FREDERICK JULIUS WATTS He was born in Sumter District,SC. He enlisted March 28,1862 in Palestine, Texas; 32 yrs. old; Private., Company G. ; wounded nad captured aas a POW September 12th, 1862.Exchanged in 1863. On furlough May 1863; Willis J. Watts list. G says F.J.,(#143), disabled at Sharpsburg. Muster Roll microfilm: Wounded.Chickamauga 19 Sept. 1863; in SCA hospital. M.Roll also says absent; wounded in TX for Nov. & Dec 1863. (Ref -Hood˙2 CONC um (1977) p.56) m227 roll 38.

JOHN FLETCHER WATTS He was born in Sumter County,SC. John Fletcher enlisted for service in the Civil War at Palestine on April 11, 1863; He was reported sick or wounded on February 1, 1864 and was a prisoner of war roll at New Orleans on May 26, 1865.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WATTS He was born in Marengo County, Alabama. He died on June 12, 1862 of rubeola in Lynchburg, Virginia hospital while serving in the Confederate Army in Company G. 1st Texas Infantry. (Hood's Bregade) (CSA Research Center, Hillsborough, Tx)m227 roll 38.

ALEXANDER MCINTOSH WATTS He was born in Sumter District, SC. One of three older sons enlisted at the ages 23, 17, and 16 in Company G-Reagan Guards, 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment. m227 roll 38

WILLIS JAMES WATTS He was born in Sumter District,SC. The Oldest son of Alexander M Watts enlisted at age 23 in Company G-Reagan Guards, 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment. m227 roll 38.

ALEXANDER JULIUS WATTS He was born in the Rembert Community, Sumter District,SC. He Served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He joined the 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment , Company H at the age of 17. He was wounded on May 6, 1864 in the battle of the Wilderness.

CHARLES HAMPTON WATTS He was born in the Rembert Community, Sumter District,SC. Charles Hampton Watts enlisted at Palestine to participate in the War of Secession and served three years, four of his brothers and eight cousins also served. Brother Willis James enlisted into Hood's Brigade at Palestine April 5, 1862, at age 23. He was wounded three at Chicamauga September 19 & 20, 1863, and the Wilderness on May 6, 1864 and was paroled at Appomattox on April 12, 1865. Once while wounded a brother stumbled over him and removed him to safety. Hood's Texas Brigade was a volunteer military unit which saw service in a major conflict and aquited itself with honor leaving a heritage not to be forgotten. The survivors organized a reunion in Houston, Tx. on May 14,1872 and held annual reunions until 1933, in twenty eight Texas citiesand towns. Probably there was nothing else like it, except the GAR(Grand Army of the Republic) which was organized about the same time in the Yankee mid-west. In later years, automotive tours were arranged for the aged veterans. When Willis James Watts was the Brigade President in 1914 the car in which the association president was riding in blew a tire and held up the convoy for over an hour. The last reunion was sceduled in 1934 but no "Old Soldiers" came. The GAR was credited with having nation wide influence at one time with it's lobbying efforts for pensions for the 'Boys in Blue' with the Republican Presidents and Congressmen.It's counter part in the southern states, the United Confederate Veterans built it's membership through 'Pride of Service'. Memory of Hood's Texas Brigade is maintained by a new organization of descendants of soldiers of record in the Brigade with it's annual meeting at Hill College where a fine Libarary is maintained for the purpose. m227 roll 38.

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