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The Civil War


5th Regiment North Carolina Infantry

JOHN HENRY BOONE Company E,Private,M230--roll4 and 44th Regiment,Company G, Private and 51st Regiment,Company B,Private.

30th Regiment North Carolina Infantry

STEPHEN BOON He was born in Sampson County,NC. He enlisted April 14th,1862 in New Hanover County as a Private in Company A.He was wounded and captured July 1,1862 at Malvern Hill,Virginia and was received at Aikens Landing, Virginia for exchange on July 16th,1862. Stephen was promoted on January 1,1863 to Corporal. He was captured again on May 12th,1864 at the Spotsylvania Court House,Virginia. He was confined to Point Lookout,Maryland and Elmira, New York. Stephen was released May 29th, 1865 by oath of allegiance. M230--roll 4.

NICHOLAS BOON He was born in Sampson County,NC. He enlisted September 1, 1861 in Clinton,NC as a Private in Company A. He was captured May 12th, 1864 at the Spotsylvania Court House,Virginia.He was confined to Point Lookout,Maryland and Elmira, New York. He was released by oath on June 30th,1865. Apparently Stephen and Nicholas served together and were captured and confined together. M230--roll 4.

48th Regiment North Carolina Infantry

GEORGE WILLIAM POPE He was born in Lincoln County, NC. He enlisted in Company B as a Private and was promoted to Seargant.M230--roll 31.

55th Regiment North Carolina Infantry

DAVID LAFAYETTE POPE David was born in Lincoln County,NC. The following records are from the National Archives for Confederate Soldiers: David Lafayette Pope was mustered into Company F, South Mountain Rangers,55th Regiment,North Carolina Infantry, at Camp Mangum on May 30,1862 by A S Calloway. He had previously been enrolled at Catawba County, NC an April 21,1862 by P M Mull. The enlisment period was "for the war". The following information was given: 1) born in Catawba County NC, 2) 34 years old, 3) occupation,farmer, 4) 5feet,81/2 inches tall. He signed "Lafayette Pope" with his mark. On the Company report for May 31 to June 30 ,1862, the notation was made that he was due his pay since his enlistment. On the report for the General Hospital at Goldsboro,NC for the month of September 1862, he is listed as having died during the month from typhoid fever.On November 27,1862, ELiza Pope, widow, registered a claim with the office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department. (Confederate Archives,Chapter 10,File No23,page 101). His name is listed as D L Pope. On September 29,1863, E. Pope, widow, made another claim for Lafayett Pope. ( Confederate Archives,Chapter 10, File No. 32, page 80).

61st Regiment North Carolina Infantry

HENRY RIVENBARK He enlisted in Company G,Private,M230--roll 33.

2nd Battalion North Carolina Calvery (Local Defenders)

ABSOLOM CHESNUTT BOONE He was born in Sampson County,NC. He enlisted August 10th, 1863 at Fayetteville,NC and stayed in till December 31, 1864.

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