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The War of 1812


smallgoldnoteThe Battle of New Orleanssmallgoldnote

Mathew Brunson,Jr 1781-1855--Private Alston's Third Regiment South Carolina Militia William Henry Cannon 4/25/1783-12/02/1843--Captain in Nash's Regiment- South Carolina Militia

Nash's Regiment SC Volunteers

D. D. Wallace's SOUTH CAROLINA: A SHORT HISTORY: "Peace came to a South Carolina that held a very credible record. Colonel Nash's regiment of South Carolina volunteers suffered great hardships in the Creek war phase of the conflict. The President appointed a sixth of his new generals from South Carolina. Major-General Thomas Pinckney commanded the Sixth Military District. George Izard of the regulars served under Major-General Wade Hampton on the Canadian front and in March ,1814, was made brigadier to command around Lake Champlain. Major Arthur P. Hayne fought under General Jackson. The gallant Colonel Fenwick was severely wounded at Queenstown. Lieutenant John Templar Shubrick, who later distinguished himself against Algiers, was awarded a handsome sword by the South Carolina legislature for his gallantry against the Guerriere, the Java and the Peacock. Thus South Carolina, patriotic and nationalistic, came through the War of 1812." "Dr. Wallace could have added that Gen. Andrew Jackson, a South Carolina native, won the Battle of New Orleans, which even though the war had ended propelled Jackson to the ultimate prize, the White House." - Donated by Louise Pettus.

John Evans 12/04/1790-7/07/1865-- Private--Nash's Regiment South Carolina Militia

William Ford Spencer 3/13/1799-4/29/1869--Mean's First Regiment South Carolina Militia

John Boon 1795-1898--Under Captain Payton R Parker-Third Regiment Sampson County North Carolina Militia

Zachariah Parker 6/22/1791-7/19/1863--Under Captain Payton R Parker-Third Regiment Sampson County North Carolina Militia

John Popst(Pope) 1787-1856--Fourth Regiment Fith Company

Daniel McLeod 1780- --McWillie's Second Regiment South Carolina Militia--married Jane Raspbury Evans

Roderick McLeod 1775-- ---Private--Keith's Fifth Regiment South Carolina Militia

Samuel Boon 11/19/1771-1855---First Regiment Eighth Company Detached from Hertfield Regiment under Captain Irwin Jenkins North Carolina Militia --married Elizabeth Bradley

Issac Michau ca1790-- --Gasque's Batallion South Carolina Militia

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