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In an email from Susan Rowland( daughter of Dorothy Edwards Hancock,Elizabeth

Franklin McSween&Gustave Beauregard,Susanna Michaux Cummings,Dr Samuel

Maxwell Cummings,She recalled her grandmother ( Elizabeth Franklin McSween)

talking of her great grandfather,the doctor and how Benjamin Franklin help to educate

him at the College of South Carolina.He gave him his Doctor's bag with a (?) brass plate

that read: To My Beloved Adopted Son….Now she always felt that he was just that

close to Old Ben and not really adopted… The bag is said to have burned while in the

home of a family member whos house was burned down when Sherman's men came

thru Columbia after their visit to Charleston…The oil paintings that hang in her parents

house were also hanging in this same house but they were saved. With Elizabeth Franklin

being the baby is how they were passed down and her grandmother also being named

Elizabeth Franklin. Mrs. Hancock sent me a polaroidof the paintings (I enlarged them on

my computer). It is said they were done in the early 1800's in France.

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

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