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Descendants of Jean Le Pape

Generation No.4

4. HANSS CONRAD4 BAPST (ABRAHAM3, JOHANN2 BAPST/PABST, JEAN1 LE PAPE) was born Abt. December 14, 1651 in Annweiler,Bavaria,Germany, and died October 28, 1728 in Annweiler,Bavaria,Germany. He married DAVIDA MUNSTER June 13, 1682 in Annweiller,Baveria, Germany.


i. ANNA MARIA5 PAPST, b. Abt. April 27, 1683.

ii. JOHANNES PAPST, b. Abt. April 01, 1685.

iii. DANIEL PAPST, b. Abt. February 20, 1687/88; d. Bef. 1691, Annweiler,Bavaria,Germany.

iv. DANIEL PAPST, b. Abt. January 14, 1690/91.

v. SUSANNA PAPST, b. Abt. August 16, 1697.


5. ABRAHAM4 BAPST/PABST (ABRAHAM3 BAPST, JOHANN2 BAPST/PABST, JEAN1 LE PAPE) was born 1664 in Annweiler,Bavaria,Germany, and died January 07, 1733/34 in Froeschen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany. He married MARIA MAGDALENA Abt. 1690 in Germany. She was born Abt. 1666 in Germany, and died May 15, 1735 in Froeschen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany.


Abraham Bapst/Pabst was baptized/christened 7 Apr 1664 in Annweiler,Bavaria,Germany. Sometime after 1690,when Abraham's mother died,and by 1606,Abraham married Maria Magdalena(?). Their son, Hanss Henrich was born in 1697 in Biedershausen. This researcher believes she ws a Hofer, but more research is required. C David Pope,Jr of Statesville,NC, researched and provided the following information on Abraham Pabst and many of his descendants.

The entire area of Rheinland-Pfalz was greatly devastated during the Thirty Years War,1618-1648,as it lay in the invasion route from France to Germany. Some historians state that only one out of every fifty persons in this area survived this war. Many villages ceased to exist. This area was ruled by the house of Hanau-Lichtenburg until 1736 when it came under the Landgrafen von Hessen-Darmstadt and the Fuersten Leiningen-Hardenburg-Daxburg.

The first church built in Thaleischweiler was the Margarthen Kirche (church) about 1238. This church was almost totally destroyed by a fire in the fall of 1611. The building was rebuilt in 1620 as the Simon-Juda-Kirche. In 1632 the church was destroyed and was not rebuilt until 1720-22. The St. Cyriakus Chapel at Meisenbach, just outside of Thaleischweiler-Froeschen, wa also destroyed and has never been rebuilt.

In the Kirchenbuch(parish register or book) of the parish of Waldmohr is found the record of the baptism of Abraham's son, Hanss Henrich,in the year 1697, at the Evangelical Reformed Church at Waldmohr. Abraham Pabst is listed as a resident of Biederhausen and Hanss Henrich's sponsor was Heinrich Hofer( possibly father or brother of the mother of Hanss Henrich). David wondered why they would travel from Biederhausen to Waldmohr in order to have a child baptized. On a vist to Germany and the area in 1988, David learned that there was not and never had been a church in the small village of Biederhausen. The church in Waldmohr is on the original site, but it has been rebuilt.


She died at age 69 years and 3 months old.





The only source of information regarding Maria Margaretha Pabst is her record of confirmation. This occurred on Easter Sunday in 1719 at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thaleischweiler,Rheinland-Pfalz( Thaleischweiler KB)

7. iii. HANSS HENRICH PABST, b. 1697, Biedershausen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany; d. Abt. 1762, Pa.

8. iv. MARIA ELISABETHA PABST, b. June 17, 1709.

Generation No. 5


Children of ANNA CATHRINA PABST are:

i. ANNA BARBARA6 PABST, b. April 12, 1722, Froeschen, Meisenbach ,Germany.


Her father was Franz Pfieffer,who was from nearby Pirmasens and was a Roman Catholic.

ii. FRIEDERICA PABST, b. April 26, 1728, Froeschen, Meisenbach ,Germany; d. July 11, 1736, Froeschen, Meisenbach ,Germany.


Her father was Frederick Hammerer of Meisenbach. He was Evangelical ( Protestant)


7. HANSS HENRICH5 PABST (ABRAHAM4 BAPST/PABST, ABRAHAM3 BAPST, JOHANN2 BAPST/PABST, JEAN1 LE PAPE) was born 1697 in Biedershausen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany, and died Abt. 1762 in Pa. He married GERTRUDA KIEFFER in Germany, daughter of HANS GEORGE KIEFFER. She was born in Herschberg,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany, and died in Pa.


Hanss Henrich Pabst is also known as: Hans Heinrich Pabst, Johannes Heinrich Pavst, Henry Bobst/Bopst/Pobst/Popst/Pope. His father was Abraham Pabst,last of Froeschen,and his grandfather was Abraham Bapst/Pabst of Annweiler.

Henrich's family must have moved around somewhat in his early years. He was born in 1697 in Beidershausen. He was baptized 9 August 1697 in Waldmohr, Germany. Mr Bernd Goelzer, a German professional genealogist,researched the original records of the Waldmohr reformed church and found that Henrich Pabst was sponsored by Henrich Hofer. It is beleived by Gail Pope Barnes that Henrich's mother, Maria Magdalena(?), was a Hofer. Her relation to Henrich requires further research. The next record of Henrich is his confirmation on 16 April 1713 at the Evangelical (Reformed) Church in Rieschweiler,Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany,which is south of Beidershausen and west of Froeschen. The date of his marriage to Gertrud Kieffer of Herschburg has not yet been found. There are records in Germany for the birth of only three of there children at present: Maria Elizabetha, Anna Eva, and HAns Georg. They may have had more children prior to 1726. From these records we can tell that Hanss Henrich and Gertrude lived in the small village of Froeschen from at least 1726 to1732. Hanss Henrich is listed as a "schweinhirt", or a sheperd of pigs. The family kept close ties with Hershburg as Hans Konrad, son of Hans Konrad of Hershburg, and Hans Georg Kieffer of Hershburg, a brother to Gertrud, served as sponsors at the baptisim of two of their children. Even though they lived in Froeschen, the children were baptized at the Evangelical( Lutheran) CHurch at Thaleischweiler. This was due to the fact that there was no church in Froeschen and the probability that Gertrud had been a member of the Lutheran rather than the Reformed faith as the church in Herschburg is Lutheran. Jennings Bland Pope,Ph. D.,CPA,8107 East Court,AUstin,Texas 78759, born 17 April 1914 in Bertram Burnet County,Texas, died 15 April 1983 in Austin ,Texas, wrote the book, "Pabst1/Bopst2/Pobst3/Pope4 Family in the South in 1978." Others who provided information to Bland were: 1) Emma Afton Lindsay Barry, Box 53,Granger,TX,76530; 2) Hattie Belle Tegge Pope,Rt 1, Box 53,Granger,Tx 76530; 3) Anita Tindle HAll,900 Douglas,Midland ,Tx 79701; 4) Ruby F Hutzel,330 Hospital Road, Canton,Ga. 30114; 5) C David Pope,Jr, P O Drawer 1266,Statesville,NC28677; 6) Ann Keener,Route 1,Box 315, Denver,NC 28037; 7) Virginia Davis Westhaeffer,3411 No George Mason Drive, Arlington,VA22207; 8) Carl Hammer,Po Box 4579,Lubbock, TX79409; and 9) Raymond E Hollenbech,415 Church Street, Royersfford, PA 19468. When Bland Pope wrote his book, he referenced our immigrant ancestor as generation 1. Evidently, he had not researched or learned that Abraham Pabst was Hans Henrich's father.

In Bland's book, he provided the following explanation regarding the anglicazation of german names: Germans entering this English-speaking land generally spoke only German and wrote in German script. On the other hand, official records were written by English-speakers, who did not understand German and could not read German script. Consequently, many German names became anglicized, usually by one of these processes:

a. By translation. Since no German immigrant to Philidelphia signed oaths as Bobst, the name signed by generation 2, it is beleived this family name was anglicized on board ship to Bobst and at port of entry by translation to Pabst, the German spelling for Pope. There was an educated minister on the ship with Heinrich Pabst in 1732 to make this translation. In commenting on Bobst signatures by generation 2 in NC in the late 1770's and on names in early 1800's estate documents, Dr Carl Hammer, explains as follows:

Obviously, Bobst was the generally accepted spelling at the time in Catawbaa County,formerly Lincoln County,NC among your ancestors and relatives. Bopst would seem to be a variant spelling,pronounced the same way as Bobst... The form Pobst,however,makes me wonder whether we have to go with an anglicized name in th eusual sense, or with a translation. Pobst suggest Pabst (" Blue Ribbon") . Now, Pabst is not only a family name, but also the old spelling of Pabst the Pope(at Rome). If we consider Bobst/Pobst variants of an earlier Pabst, then the change to Pope becomes a matter of translation. The "B" and "P" are frequently interchanged. For example: Bobst=Popst=Pabst,translation,Pope. The confusion of B and P in the Rhineland and South German Dialects is quite common.

b. By sound. Any short name with an overall long "O" sound can be mistaken for Pope. The following names that could be misunderstood for Pope, when spoken by a German to an English-speaker, appear among immigrants listed in " Pennsylvania German Pioneers". Bob/Pop,Bobe,Bop/Bopp,Brobst/Bropts/Probst/Propst, Pock/Poke/Pok, Bub,Prove/Proby, Prost. The more likely of these have been DIS-proved in this Bland's research. For example, the name Bopp became Bobb. (PA Germany Society Proceedings, VOl 30,1919,p39).

Conrad Popp,1741, has been researched by Hyde W Ballard, Barto,Pa 19504. Three 1754 possibilities were eliminated by Mr Ballard because given names did not come down inthe Conrad Popp family (note that one clerk wrote " Pope"):

List A (ship passenger) Bernhard Pop Jurg Pop Mathias Bub List B (allegiance) Bernhart Bob Johan Georg Bob Mathas Pope List C ( adjuration) John Bernhartt Bob Johan Georg Bob Matheas Pop

The name of Jurg/Georg did come down in the above family, but this individual was traveling with Bernhart, whose name did not come down. There was a Christopher/Christoffer Pock/Poke/Pok, who arrived in 1753 and could not sign, but the name of Christopher did not come down in the family. The Brobst/Bropst/Probst/Propst families in PA and in NC gave Bland Pope great concern,but the names were ruled out by his research and information from Virginia Davis Westhaeffer and Raymond E Hollenbach.

More about the translation method. There were three "Pabst" immigrants between 1727 and 1775: a Heinrich Pabst 1732. Did not sign,but somebody present when the name was written knew how to spell the name that meant Pope. This somebody was most likely Johannes Christian Schultz, a Lutheran minister whose names heads both oath lists.

b. Christopher Pabst 1752. Did not sign c Johann Adam Pabst 1753 . Signed The most likely of these as the Pope family immigrant is Heinrich Pabst,because the year of immigration fits, and because the given name "Heinrich" (Henry) came down in this branch of the family.

After Heinrich Pabst settled in Windsor Township, Berks Co, Pa, the family name was spelled Pabst by educated German pastors nad bobst by English-speaking government clerks recording th esound of the name. Members of generation 2 signed Bobst in NC in late 1700's. So the translation method of anglicization was used on shipboard and at port of entry, and the phonetic method was used inland in cases where an educated German pastor was not present to translate. Bland Pope, with the information he researched and that provided by th eabove persons, developed the only likely hypothesis about our immigrant ancestor not DIS-proved in his research, and which appears the most likely possibility. Bland Pope states in his book that he is indebted to Virginia David Westhaeffer for most of this hypothesis,constructed, with a skill he lacked,largely from information contained in " Daniel Schumacher's Baptismal Register" traanslated by Frederick S Weiser included in " Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society," Vol 1 1968,pp 217,230,231. Schumacher was a Lutheran, The only Pabst baptism shown in on p 230.

Child , Baptismal Day Father, Mother Sponsers 18Aug1759 baptized Jurg Pabst David Alspach Anna Christina Esther, Maria Christina Catharina Esther Papstin, Windsor Township both single Oterh entries in the pastor's register shown in Windaor Township: a Anna Cathrina PApsten,single,sponsored Maria Cathrina Hill 18Dec1754,p217 b. Christina Papsten sponsored child of Hans Nicholaus and Anna Elizabeth Eismann, 9Nov1755,p 223 c. Anna Christina Esther Papstin,single,and Maria Christina Papsten,married, sponsored child of John and Anna Maria Hill,17Nov1756,child named Anna Christina Esther Hill,p 231. Note that Pabsten women sponsored two children for John and Anna Marie Hill, who was probably Anna Maria(Papsten) Hill. In German, "en" or "in" added to a family name indicated the individual was female.

From the above, Bland Pope constructed the following list of children of Heinrich Pabst for Windsor Township Berks County,PA:

Jurg Pabst( who later signed Georg Bobst in German script in NC); Catharina Esther Pabstin; Anna Catharina Papsten;Christina or Anna Christina Esther Papsten/pabstin; Anna Maria Papsten. To this list ws added Michael Bobst,who lived in Weissenburg Township, now Leigh Co Pa. Then Henrich Bobst was added. The pastor mentioned above was educated and knew how to spell Pabst meaning Pope(as in th ePope of Rome) ( in German script) , but whoever taught Heinrich's children to write,taught them Bobst(anglicized by sound, not by translation).

It is noteworthy that Jurg PAbst's wife was named Maria Christina,because in Rowan Co, NC in 1765 "George Pope"(signature as copied by a clerk into D-Bk) and wife Christina sold land. Note, too, that Henrich Bobst had a child named Christina.

From th eabove it is seen that Heinrich Pabst lived in Windsor Township,in the north part of Berks Co,PA, having probably settled there shortly after immigration at which time the area was still part of Philidelphia Co. Later, Michael Bobst lived in Weissenburg Township in the western part of lehigh Co.

Windsor Township and Weissenburg Township are in different counties, but less than 10 miles apart. This hypothesis leading to Heinrich Pabst as the immigrant ancestor is bolstered by various facts of time,place and name,which are presented below:

a. Similarity of names in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

b. Note timing in the two locations of facts about Jurg Pabst/Georg Bobst and his wife,named as Maria Christina in PA church records an das Christina in 1765 Rowan Co NC land records.

c. Henry Popst warranted land in 1751 and 1753 in Windsor Township Berks Co PA Heinrich Bobst was on th e1756 tax lists there.

d. Michael Bobst is on theWindsor Township 1760 and 1762 tax list, possibly having inherited property there.

e. Henry Pobst declined to serve as surety in Orphans Court 1762 Windsor Township PA, possibly indicating illness if this was Heinrich Pabst or imminent departure if it was Heinrich Bobst.

f. Records in Pa indicate that the Bobsts were gone from Windsor Township PA by 1767. Further,absence of Pabst/Bobst/Pobst/Pope name from list s of Revolutionary Militia in Berks Co indicates the family moved from Berks County. Bobst appears in Northampto Co. ( now Lehigh) , however,because Michael Bobst did not go to NC with his brothers.

g. The indicated time (1762-1764) of Bobsts' arrival in North Carolina coincided with the time of considerable migration from PA to NC.

h. The use of Bobst and Pobst for the family in 1790 and 1800 Pa census compares with names signed in NC during the same period.

i. Even in Windsor Township,where the educated pastor wrote Pabst, the 1760 tax list shows Bobst. No Pabst deeds or estate settlements have been found in Pa. There are a few early Popst deeds. Henry Popst, i.e.,Heinrich Pabst,warrented 25 acres in Philidelphia Co (later Berks Co) Pa 24 July 1751. A(3)24-40. Also 25 acres in Berks Co 27 August 1753 A(3)26-302.

Both acquisitions were probably in Windsor Township,which was in Philidelphia Co untill 1751. No grantor deeds disposing of this land were found,but that is not unusual in frontier records. More about Hansss Henrich Pabst: Baptism : 9Aug 1697,Waldmohr,Germany Confirmation : 16Apr1713 Confirmed at Rieschweller Germany

Immigration: 25 Sep 1732,Thaleishweiler-Froschen,Germany,to Pa in America on the ship,Loyal Judith. Religion: Lutheran: Germany-Thaleschweiler-Froeschen. America- Moselem Lutheran Church, Richmond Twp. Berks Co,Pa ( Church also called Zion Moselem Lutheran Church)




In the records of Zion Moselem Lutheran Church in Berks Co Pa, is found that Gertrauta Bapst and Balta Poh were sponsors for Maria Gertrauta Werner who was born 18 September 1746, and was baptized 5 July 1747. she was the daughter of Debald and Charlotte(nee Fuch or Fries) Werner.



In Reverand Daniel Schumacher's baptismal record are found several references to Anna Catharina Esther Pabst:

Anna Catharina Pabsten (single) and Reinhard Koetze were sponsors for Maria Catharrina Hill,Baptized 18 December 1754, at Windsor, the daughter of Johannes and Maria (nee Pabst) Hill. Catharina Esther Papsten along with Elisabeth Alspachs and pastor daniel Schumacher(all single) were sponsors of Catharina Elisabeth Auenstein, who was baptized 10 March 1756,at the age of three weeks,at Windsor Township. She was the daughter of Casper and Catharina Barbara Auenstein. Catharina Esther Papstin and David Alspach ( both single) were sponsors of Anna Christina Esther Pabst, who was baptized 18 August 1756, at Windsor Township. Her parents were Juerg and MAria Christina Pabst.



In Reverend Daniel Schumacher's baptismal record sre found several references to Anna Christina Esther Pabst:

Christina Papsten,along with Nicholaus Schneider and Nicolaus Wingereth,were sponsors for Nicolaus Eismann who was baptized at Windsor Township on 9 November 1756 at the age of three weeks. The parents were Hans Nicolaus and Anna Elisabeth Eisemann.

Anna Christina Esther Pabstin(single) and Maria Christina Pabsten (married wife of Georg Pabst/Bobst) along with Pastor Schumacher sponsored Anna Christina Esther Hill, who was born 15November 1756 at Windsor Township. She was the daughter of John and Anna Maria (nee Pabst) Hill.


10. v. MARIA ELISABETH PABST, b. January 10, 1725/26, Froeschen, Rheineland-Pfalz,Germany; d. Lincoln County,NC.

vi. ANNA EVA PABST, b. June 22, 1728, Froeschen,Germany; d. February 19, 1728/29, Froeschen,Germany.

11. vii. HANS GEORG PABST, b. January 23, 1730/31, Froeschen,Germany; d. 1812, Lincoln County,KY.

12. viii. ANNA MARIA PABST, b. Abt. 1735, Berks Co,Pa; d. May 1817, Lincoln County,NC.

13. ix. MICHAEL BOBST, b. Abt. 1739, Berks Co,Pa; d. April 07, 1826, Lehigh CO, PA.

14. x. HENRICH PABST (BOBST,POPST,POPE), b. Abt. 1740, Pa; d. Abt. June 1807, Lincoln County,NC.


Notes for JOHN PABST:

The name Johannes Bobst or John Pope occurs in several early documents. C David Pope,Jr originally thought Johannes may be the son of Heinrich Bopst (Henry Pope), who died around 1807;however, David now believes that John was a brother to Heinrich .

The following reference that David found:

Lincoln County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, January Court 1797: Henry Pope to the use of John Beard vs John Pope. Jury charged and fined plaintiff and assess his damage to L43.8 and 6d cost..


8. MARIA ELISABETHA5 PABST (ABRAHAM4 BAPST/PABST, ABRAHAM3 BAPST, JOHANN2 BAPST/PABST, JEAN1 LE PAPE) was born June 17, 1709. She married JACOB GANSEL,JR January 30, 1730/31 in Thaleischweiler,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany, son of JACOB GANTZLER. He was born October 1707 in Thaleischweiler,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany, and died January 08, 1777 in Froeschen, Meisenbach ,Germany.

Notes for JACOB GANSEL,JR: He died at age 69 years , 3months.

Children of MARIA PABST and JACOB GANSEL are:

i. EVA BARBARA6 GANSEL, b. May 19, 1732; d. July 12, 1732.

ii. GEORG HEINRICH GANSEL, b. July 04, 1733; d. December 28, 1752.

iii. MARIA APPOLLONIA GANSEL, b. October 30, 1735; d. January 24, 1735/36.

iv. JOHANN ADAM GANSEL, b. October 18, 1736.

15. v. JOHANN VALENTIN GANSEL, b. February 18, 1738/39, Froeschen, Meisenbach ,Germany.

vi. JOHANN JACOB GANSEL, b. November 08, 1741; d. November 11, 1741.

vii. ANNA ELIZABETH GANSEL, b. November 20, 1742; d. June 16, 1744.

viii. JOHANN JACOB GANSEL, b. April 12, 1745; d. July 06, 1745.

ix. STILLBORN GANSEL, b. July 1746.

16. x. JOHANN ANDREAS GANSEL, b. August 24, 1747; d. January 26, 1771.

xi. JOHAN CONRAD GANSEL, b. June 03, 1751.

Generation No.6

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