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Descendants of Gregory Boon

Generation No.4

4. GEORGE4 BOONE III (GEORGE3, GEORGE2, GREGORY1 BOON) was born 1666 in Stoke Canon,Devonshire, England, and died August 07, 1744 in Exeter Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania. He married MARY MAUDRIDGE August 16, 1689 in Bradninch,Devonshire,England, daughter of JOHN MAUGRIDGE and MARY MILTON. She was born 1669 in Bradninch,Devonshire,England, and died February 02, 1739/40 in Exeter Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania.


He was born in a village near the city of Exeter in Devonshire.In 1713, George sent his three oldest children to America to find land. George and Mary and their six remaining children set sail for America and arrived in Philadelphia on Oct 10, 1717. They settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania. With the exception of their son John, all of the children of George and Mary Boone married and had large families. George died at the age of 78 years in Berks County, Pennsylvania and Mary died on Feb 2, 1740 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Notes for MARY MAUDRIDGE: Bradninch was near Exeter.


5. i. GEORGE5 BOONE IV, b. July 24, 1690, Bradninch,Devonshire,England; d. November 20, 1753, Exeter,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

6. ii. SARAH BOONE, b. February 29, 1691/92, England; d. Bef. 1744.

7. iii. SQUIRE BOONE, b. November 25, 1696, Devonshire,Englnad; d. January 02, 1765, Rowan County,North Carolina.

8. iv. MARY BOONE, b. September 23, 1699, Devonshire,Englnad; d. January 16, 1774.

v. JOHN BOONE, b. January 14, 1701/02, Bradninch,Devonshire,England; d. October 1785, Exeter,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

Notes for JOHN BOONE:

He was a school teacher; first to keep track of the family line; did not marry. John Boone, fifth child of George III and Mary, is a key figure of any story of the early Boones because of the family records which he preserved and passed on to his nephew James Boone, who compiled them into the Old Boone Genealogy from which most of the early records of the Boone family are obtained. Squire Boone, third child of George III and Mary Boone, was the father of Daniel Boone the famous frontiersman.

9. vi. JOSEPH BOONE, b. April 05, 1704, England; d. January 30, 1776, Pennsylvania.

10. vii. BENJAMIN BOONE, b. July 16, 1706, Devonshire,Englnad; d. October 14, 1762.

11. viii. JAMES BOONE, b. July 18, 1709; d. September 01, 1785.

12. ix. SAMUEL BOONE, b. July 07, 1711, England; d. August 06, 1745, Exeter,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

Generation No. 5

5. GEORGE5 BOONE IV (GEORGE4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, GREGORY1 BOON) was born July 24, 1690 in Bradninch,Devonshire,England, and died November 20, 1753 in Exeter,Berks County,Pennsylvania. He married DEBORAH HOWELL August 07, 1713 in Abington,Philadephia County,Pa, daughter of WILLIAM HOWELL and MARY HOWELL. She was born October 23, 1691, and died January 26, 1759.


According to his nephew,James , he was a good mathmatician. "The Boone Family" by Hazel Atterbury Spraker (1922) - pages 27-31: Accompanied by his brother Squire and sister Sarah, George Boone came to America a few years in advance of his parents and their other children, probably about 1713, and was married soon after his arrival. He settled at Abington, in Philadelphia Co., a village not far from Philadelphia, and in the Meeting Records of the Abington Society of Friends we find the following entries regarding him:-- "5-27-1713, George Boone, Jr., and Deborah, daughter of Wm. Howell, married."

"8-26-1713, George Boone produced a certificate from 'Bradwitch' in Devonshire, Great Britain, of his orderly and good conversation while he lived there, which was read and accepted."

At Abington, George Boone was appointed to take charge of the records of the Friends Society, and many of the old records now extant are in his writing. (Preserved in the Friends Libraries of Philadelphia.) These items are also found in Abington Monthly Meeting Records:--

"10-28-1716, George Boone delivered a large bound book in order to Transcribe over ye Minutes in ye M. Meeting Books."

"12-25-1716. Paid George Boone for a bound book, 14 S.--0 D."

"1-30-1718, Friends at this Meeting do appoint Everard Bolton and Morris and Robert Fletcher to view ye Minutes that are recorded by George Boone and to agree with him for the transcription and pay him and give the Meeting acct. next month."

George Boone, was joined in 1717 by his father and family, who stayed in Abington but a few months and then located in North Wales, but it is probable that George Boone, Jr., continued to reside in Abington until he left there with his wife and children to settle at Oley in 1720. He probably taught school at Abington, as his nephew, James Boone, recorded that George Boone IV, "taught school for several years near Philadelphia; was a good mathematician and taught the several branches of English learning; and was a magistrate for several years."

In 1718 he purchased land in Oley township, Philadelphia, Co. (now Exeter Twp., Berks Co.), which we find record of in the Minutes of the Proprietors of Pennsylvania:--

"Agreed with George Boone, Jr., of Abington for 400 acres of land at Oley, at 14 pounds per hundred and one shilling sterling quit rent, for which a warrant is granted. Signed and dated the 4th of October, 1718." (c)

On 26 Dec., 1720, a certificate was granted by the Abington Meeting to George Boone and family to "settle in and towards Oley and join themselves to Gwynedd Meeting." It can reasonably be supposed that they removed at about that time. The land warrants of Pennsylvania show many entries of land granted to George Boone in Philadelphia and Berks Counties, but which tracts are taken up by George Boone, Jr., and which by his father or younger relatives it is impossible to determine. It is said that when Exeter township was erected 7 Dec., 1841, out of the south west part of Oley township, including 13,500 acres, the survey was made by George Boone. (d)

At their new home in Oley George Boone and his wife again became active in affairs of the Friends Society, this time under the fold of Gwynedd Meeting. They were probably instrumental in founding the new meeting which was later formed, and called Oley Meeting. On 24th Dec., 1736, George Boone and wife Deborah deeded to the Friends one acre of ground for a meeting-house and burying-place. The first meeting house stood upon this plot, although the present building is across the road. (e) See appendix, page 589.

In the manuscript department of the library of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (g), there is an old letter written by George Boone, Jr., reading as follows:

To William Peters, Atty. at Law, Phila.

Exeter, ye 3rd day of

May, 1745.

Esteemed ffrd,--

I having an opportunity at this time to send a few lines by my wife; Requesting thee pursuant to our discourse when I were last in town, to let me know whether I must attend at Chester Court or not, in order to a Tryal with Jacob Casdorp. If thee cannot attend thyself, deliver those papers I left with thee unto ye Attorney General. I should be well pleased to put some end to this affair. My wife will be some time in ye town so thee may send by her. I remain thy ffrd


From this it will be seen that George Boone was somewhat a "man of affairs", and also that even in those days it was quite in order for the busy wife and mother to run down to the city for a few weeks of shopping, and recreation. However, Deborah Howell's shopping was probably not for worldly trifles, as we are told that she was a preacher of some note in the Friends Society. Below is given an account of her which was published in "The Friend" (h), Vol. 32, 1858-9, page 403:--

"DEBORAH BOONE was a daughter of William and Mary Howell, of Haverford, Chester County, Pa., and was born there 8 mo. 23 day 1691. (m) Her parents were valuable Friends, and were favored to see the fruit of their religious concern for their children's everlasting good. Among others of them who early in life submitted to the Cross of Christ, was Deborah, the subject of this notice. On the 20th of the 6th mo. 1713, she was married to George Boone. Some years after her marriage, a dispensation of the ministry of the gospel was committed to her. She was often led in her ministry to speak of the mercies and goodness of her Heavenly Father to her. Her appearances in the ministry were short and she seldom spoke, yet they were attended with life and received with love. At the first settling of Friends in the neighborhood of Exeter she and her husband removed there with their family. She was at times after this engaged with others in visiting the families of Friends, in which she was remarkably favored. She was of generous disposition and charitable to the poor. About a year before her decease she became, through weakness of the body, unable to attend meetings, and during this time of suffering she was preserved in patience. To some who visited her, she expressed much love for Friends, and her earnest desire for the prosperity of the truth in that newly settled and remote part of the world. She deceased 1st. mo. 26th day 1759, aged about 67 years."

The will of George Boone IV, is recorded in Berks County, Pa., and reads as follows:--

Will of George Boone of Exeter.

Signed 11-18, 1753. Proven Dec. 24, 1753. (i)

In the name of God, Amen. I George Boone of Exeter in County of Berks, and Province of Pennsylvania Esq. Being sick and weak of Body but of Sound Mind (and) memory thanks be to Almighty God Therefore do make this my last will and Testament in form and manner as follows:-- In the first place my will and desire is that my just Debts Be all honestly Paid and that the Remainder and Residue of my Estate to be Divided among my beloved wife and children in the manner follow:--

Viz:--I give and Bequeath Unto my beloved Sone William all that part of my lands and livings Lying and being on the South Side of the Tullpahocan wagon road belonging to and appertaining to the old plantation in Exeter and also one half part of all the mills and water works now on any part of said premises; to have and to hold the Same Unto him and his assigns forever.

Secondly:-- I give and Bequeath Unto my Sone Hezekiah all that part of said old Plantation Lying and being on the North Side of the said Tullpahocan wagon road and the other half part of all the mills and water works thereunto belonging to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Thirdly:-- I give and Bequeath to my Beloved Sone Josiah the Sawmill in Robinson Township in Berks aforesaid together with all the lands rights and Privileges thereto belonging to have to hold the Same unto him his heirs and assigns forever.

Fourthly:-- I give and Bequeath Unto my Beloved Sone Jeremiah all that Plantation and Parcell of Land Called Andreew Sanduskies Situate in Amity Township to have and hold to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Fifthly:-- I give and Bequeath unto my three daughters Viz. Mary, Deborah and Dinah, to Have each and every of them the just sum of Fifty Pounds Currant lawful Money of Pennsylvania the same to be Unto them or their heirs within the Space of three years next after my Decease.

Sixthly:-- I give and Bequeath Unto my two little Grandchildren Viz:--George and Jane Hughes the issue of my Deceased Daughter Hannah the Sum of Seventy-five Pounds to be paid to each of them when they arrive at their proper ages and if either of them do not live till their proper ages then the same to go and be paid to the survivor of them.

Seventhly:-- I give and Bequeath Unto my Beloved Wife the Sum of Twelve Pounds to be paid Unto her yearly and Every year During her life the Same to be paid Unto her by my Sons William and Josiah and also the liberty of the use of the Best Room in the old house where she has had her Residence the Chiefest part of the time since it pleased God to couple us together likewise it is my will and desire that my Sone William keep a Riding horse and Milch cow for her and find her as much firewood as is necessary for her Winter and Summer During her Natural Life also Some Necessary household Goods, etc.

I do hereby nominate and appoint my four Sons Viz:-- William, Josiah, Jeremiah and Hezekiah Executors to this my Last Will and Testament Impowering them to make Sale of my lands all such as is my own and other lands in partnership with Richard Peters Gentleman together with all my stock movable and unmovable in order to pay my just debts and the legacies thereby Impowering them or any two of them to act do and perform this my last Will and Testament and after paying all just Debts legacies, etc., they my said executors to pay all mortgages due o?? becoming due on any of my lands Each and Every of them to pay a moity thereunto according to the Estates they hold if so be there is not sufficient without.

Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced and Delivered to be my last Will and Testament the eighteenth Day of the 11th Month, 1753, In Presence of these the Subscribers.







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When Deborah was age 22 and George Boone, IV was age 23 they became the parents of George Boone, V 3 Jul 1714 in Abington, Philadelphia Co., PA.



ii. GEORGE BOONE V, b. July 03, 1714, Abington,Philadelphia County,Pa; d. November 30, 1737.

13. iii. MARY BOONE, b. April 10, 1716.

14. iv. HANNAH BOONE, b. September 20, 1718.

v. DEBORAH BOONE, b. February 19, 1719/20, Exeter,Berks County,Pennsylvania.

15. vi. WILLIAM BOONE, b. November 29, 1724, Oley,Berks County,Pa; d. Bef. 1771, Frederick County,MD.

vii. JOSIAH BOONE, b. March 06, 1726/27.

viii. JEREMIAH BOONE, b. September 06, 1729; d. 1787.

Notes for JEREMIAH BOONE: never married

ix. ABIGAIL BOONE, b. 1732.

Notes for ABIGAIL BOONE: died young

x. HEZEKIAH BOONE, b. 1735, Pennsylvania.


6. SARAH5 BOONE (GEORGE4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, GREGORY1 BOON) was born February 29, 1691/92 in England, and died Bef. 1744. She married JACOB STOVER March 15, 1714/15 in Philadelphia,PA. He died Abt. 1741.

Children of SARAH BOONE and JACOB STOVER are:




16. iv. ABRAHAM STOVER, b. Aft. 1720.


7. SQUIRE5 BOONE (GEORGE4, GEORGE3, GEORGE2, GREGORY1 BOON) was born November 25, 1696 in Devonshire,Englnad, and died January 02, 1765 in Rowan County,North Carolina. He married SARAH MORGAN September 23, 1720 in Berks County,Pennsylvania, daughter of EDWARD MORGAN and ELIZABETH JARMAN. She was born Abt. 1700, and died 1777 in Mocksville,Rowan County,North Carolina.


Daniel Boone's father (frontiersman)Squire Boone's significance to this genealogy, however, is due to his influence upon his nephew John Boone in settling in North Carolina. On April 11, 1750, Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone sold their land in Berks County and left with their family, including their sixteen-year-old son Daniel, who was destined to become the most celebrated frontiersman in America. The Boones stopped for a year or more in Linville Creek, six miles north of Harrisonburg, Virginia. It was not until the late autumn of 1751, or some time in 1752, that Squire Boone and his party reached the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. For his first home site Squire chose a hill overlooking the Yadkin River in the area which soon became a part of Rowan County but which is now in Davidson County. At the first County Court held in Salisbury in June, 1753, Squire Boone was listed as one of the fourteen justices. His residence was given as Boone's Ford. Later in that year, on December 29, Squire acquired land on the western side of the Yadkin River in what is now Davie County, but Rowan County at that time. The grant was for 640 acres on Bear Creek from the Earl of Granville.

As indicated earlier, the primary significance of Squire Boone's migration to North Carolina, so far as these narratives are concerned, lies in the fact that he was accompanied or joined soon afterwards by his nephew John Boone, son of Benjamin and Ann Farmer Boone.

Children of SQUIRE BOONE and SARAH MORGAN are:

17. i. SARAH6 BOONE, b. June 07, 1724, New Britian,Bucks County,Pennsylvania.

18. ii. ISRAEL BOONE, b. May 09, 1726, Pennsylvania; d. June 26, 1756, North Carolina.

19. iii. SAMUEL BOONE, b. May 20, 1728, New Britian,Bucks County,Pennsylvania; d. 1808, Fayette County,Kentucky.

20. iv. JONATHAN BOONE, b. December 06, 1730, Pennsylvania; d. 1808, Illinois.

21. v. ELIZABETH BOONE, b. February 05, 1731/32, Berks County ,Pennsylvania; d. February 25, 1825, Kentucky.

22. vi. DANIEL MORGAN BOONE, b. October 22, 1734, Lancaster County,Pennsylvania; d. September 26, 1820, St Charles County,Missouri.

23. vii. MARY BOONE, b. November 03, 1736, Exeter Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania; d. July 05, 1819, Kentucky.

24. viii. GEORGE BOONE, b. January 02, 1738/39, Exeter Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania; d. November 14, 1820, Shelby County,Ky.

25. ix. EDWARD BOONE, b. November 19, 1740, Exeter Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania; d. October 06, 1780, Kingston Creek,Montgomery County,Ky.

26. x. SQUIRE BOONE, JR, b. October 05, 1744; d. August 05, 1815, Indiana.

27. xi. HANNAH BOONE, b. August 24, 1746, Exeter Township,Berks County,Pennsylvania; d. April 09, 1828, Thomkinsville,Monroe County,Kentucky.

Generation No.5


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