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Culpepper Coat of Arms
 "I die a Queen, but I would rather die the wife of Culpeper"
Catherine Howard,
5th wife of Henry VIII

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Lord Thomos Culpeper
Thomas Lord Culpeper
Margaret Lady Culpeper
Margaret Lady Culpeper

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* Portraits reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the Leeds Castle Foundation.

New Family Tree!
A new version of the Culpepper Family Tree was published Sunday, 21 Mar 2004.

Other New Content
Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Louisiana Censuses for 1930.
Full transcriptions of the Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Louisiana censuses for 1930 have been made by Dorothy Nash Roberts and added to our archives. At the same time, we reorganized the archive pages for each of these states by county. (5 Apr 2004)

California Census for 1930.
Full transcriptions of the California 1930 census have been made by Dorothy Nash Roberts and added to our archives. At the same time, we reorganized the California archive pages by county. (23 Mar 2004)

Lew Griffin Updates. Lew has been busy. Here is his update log for the last three months. (21 Mar 2004)

Reorganized Archives. The archive pages for Texas, Arkansas, Arizona and New Mexico have been reorganized by county, and all entries within the archives have either been entered in the Family Tree or flagged as unidentified. (20 Mar 2004)

Arizona and New Mexico: All Censuses and SSDI. Full transcriptions of the 1930 censuses have been made by Dorothy Nash Roberts for Arizona and New Mexico and added to our archives. We have added to this, transcriptions of all earlier censuses in these states, as well as all entries for them from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).  (19 Mar 2004).

Arkansas Census: 1930. Full transcriptions have been made by Dorothy Nash Roberts of all Culpeppers from the Arkansas census of 1930 and posted in the Arkansas Archives (16 Mar 2004).

Texas Censuses: 1860 - 1930
. Full transcriptions have been made by Pat Culpepper Roberts of all Culpeppers from the  Texas censuses of 1860 - 1930 and posted in the Texas Archives (19 Feb 2004).

The Culpepper Linkage to Charlemagne, Emperor of the West (born 762)
All living Culpeppers, worldwide, descend from William Culpeper of Hunton and Wigsell and his wife, Cicely Barrett. Cicely Barrett's ancestry has been traced back to European royalty and to Charlemagne, Emperor of the West during the 9th century. William Culpeper's ancestry has been traced back to Sir Thomas Colepeper, born 1170.
While these lineages have long been contained within our family tree, we have now highlighted them through the use of two new charts:
   Ancestry of John Culpeper of Wigsell (son of Cicely Dingley Barrett and William Culpeper)
   Descendants of Charlemagne down to the 17th Century Culpepers. (6 Jan 2004)

Other site updates in the last year.

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Culpepper Family Reunions
Let us know if your Culpepper reunion is not listed in our reunions page.

Culpepper Places
The section previously named Culpepper places has been merged within our Archives section

Would you like to discover some previously unknown cousins?
Upon your request, we will add a note to the record of a selected ancestor (such as your great-grandfather), which states that you would like to communicate with other descendants of your ancestor. Just tell us the name of the ancestor, how you are related to him or her, and how you can be contacted (e-mail, postal mail or phone). See Sending Info.

We Need Your Help
If you found information on this site that was helpful, it was probably something that was provided by another Culpepper family member. Wouldn't you like to return the favor? Listed below are seven ways you can do that, and here is how to send it.
   1. In our Family Tree, can you tell us which members of your family are missing? Or can you provide additional or corrected facts?
   2. In our Photograph Index, we show the names of all deceased family members for whom we have photographs. Can you provide photographs of your ancestors?
   3. In our Archives, can you scan the names in your family's States and Counties and see if you can identify any of the unknowns?
   4. In the Interesting Culpepper section, can you tell us the ancestry of any of the unknowns? Or can you send us a news clipping on another Culpepper, perhaps yourself?
   5. Do you know a Culpepper in the Military that is not reported or whose ancestry is unknown? Do you have a photograph of one in uniform that we could publish?
   6. In our Places section, do you know for whom any of the Culpepper places were named? Or do you have any photographs of these places?
   7. We are in the process of transcribing the census records for every Culpepper in every US Census that has been released to the public (1790-1930). Description and how you can help.

The Culpepper Archives
Census, marriage, deed, death, wills and other archived records of genealogical significance. Also includes over 200 places (towns, cemeteries. islands, streets, mountains and streams) named Culpepper

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