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Compiled By: James H. Culbert
Last Revised: 3 May 2005

The earliest record known to me is from 1531, involving Cuthbert, the Earl of Glencarne [Glencairn] as

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Mr. CUTHBERT, 1790, proprietor of Ednam Hill, Kelso, Scotland bn1


as Archives of Scotland, Reference No.: 713 GD77/3; Description: Precept of clare constat by William Cunynghame [Cunningham], kt., and Cuthbert, Earl of Glencarne [Glencairn], in favour of John Grerson [Grierson], son and heir of deceased Roger Grerson [Grierson] of Lag [Lagg], of lands in GD77/2; Date: 16 Jul 1531.

bn1 The Belfast News-Letter, Ireland, 5-8 Oct 1790, p. 2.  The article follows:
"On Wednesday, the 22d instant, being his birth-day, a number of gentlemen, at the request of the Earl of Buchan met at Ednam, near Kelso, Scotland, the place of his nativity, when the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted:
"Resolved, To hold an Annual Meeting in commemoration of the Bard; the next meeting to be at Ednam on the 22d of Sept. 1791, and the Members to be in coats of Ednam manufacture."
"Resolved, To erect a Monument to Thomson on Ednam Hill, if a grant of the ground can be obtained from Mr. CUTHBERT, the proprietor, and request the Earl of Buchan to correspond with him on the subject..."


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