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Last Updated: 29 Dec 2008

John Seignelay COLBERT or CUTHBERT; (b.c. 1735, Castlehill, Invernessshire, Scotland);  On 22 Apr 1781, he was consecrated Bishop Rodez Rovergue in France. bn1  This is supposedly the same man as Alexander CUTHBERT.  See "J" Cuthbert Families of Scotland - Alexander Cuthbert, son of John Cuthbert jb


bn1 Belfast Newsletter, 18-22 May 1781, p. 2.  Under the heading of Dublinis found the following notice:
"A letter from Paris, dated April 30, says, 'On Sunday, the 22nd instant, John Seignelay COLBERT, or CUTHBERT, was consecrated Bishop Rodez Rovergue, by Stephen Charles Lomenie de Brienne, Archbishop of Toulouse, assisted by John de la Croix de Castries, Bishop of Vabres, and John Augustus de Chastenet de Puysequi, Bishop of Careassone(?), in the presence of a numerous assembly of persons of the first distinction in France, friends of the Bishop-elect, and of the principal nobility and gentry, British subjects, who were then in this city.  This gentleman is the eldest son of the late Mr. COLBERT of Castlehill, in Invernessshire, in Scotland.  He came to France at the age of fourteen years, and was placed by his uncle, a Roman Catholic clergyman, in the Scotch college at Paris, where he remained some years.  He was afterwards in the college of Harcourt, and in both these colleges always distinguished himself by his good behaviour, and diligent application to his studies.  He returned to the Scotch college, received priestly orders, was made Vicar-General in the diocese of Toulouse, and on account of his extraordinary parts and great merit, has been raised to the episcopal dignity, which very seldom happens to a foreigner in France.  He is not only Bishop, but also Count of Rodez, and President of the States of Rovergue.  He is, at present, about 46 years of age, of a very becoming appearance, and is endowed with a solid judgement, and a remarkable good heart.'"

jb Jim Brennan  Email: [jsbrennan at]  Last Contact: Dec 2008.


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