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A CUTHBERTSON family settled in Londonderry by 1630, with at least three heads of families.  They appear to have prospered and spread into neighboring County Donegal (only about 10 miles distant) where there were about a half dozen families, including John CUTHBERTSON, found at Drumbarne, Parish of Tullaghferne, County Donegal in 1665.  This family spread across the border into neighboring County Tyrone by 1690.  At the same time, some returned to Londonderry and others may have spread to County Antrim at that time, where the family was said to be connected to the CULBERTSONs of Londonderry. dl

Widow CUDBERTSON; 1665, Castlefin 4 townland, Parish of Donoughmore, Barony of Raphoe South, County Donegal hmr

CUTHBERTSON; Bangor Abbey Graveyard, County Down gi


dl Dale Leppard  [Email: clonfada at].

gi County Down gravestone inscriptions, vol. 17.

hmr Hearth Money Rolls.  See Family History Center Film #100181; Reference 2; and Reference 3.  All viewed 21 Jul 2002.


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