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Last Updated: 30 Aug 2006


The COLBERT surname is well known in south Munster.  The prominence of Cornelius COLBERT, one of the signatories of the Irish declaration of the Irish Republic, who was executed by the British after the 1916 uprising, has familiarized it widely in Ireland.  This name came to Ireland from England.  It occurs in the Domesday Book (1066) as COLBEORHT, a combination of Old-English words meaning calm and bright.  In Ireland, records as early as 1417 show that Thomas COLBERT was involved in a trespass case at Tipperary.  Griffith's Valuation found COLBERT families very numerous in Co. Waterford in 1850, with more than 55 householders recorded there.

    1.1 Daniel COLBERT; May 1850, emigrated from County Cork, Ireland to the U.S.A.; 1852, in Racine, Wisconsin; 1856, missing bp1
    1.2 Edward COLBERT; Oct 1856, resides Racine, Wisconsin and seeking missing brother bp1
    H. COLBERT; 1800, publisher, 136 Capel-street, Dublin, Ireland.  [Note: it is possible this person is related to Stephen COLBERT, below.] bn3 bn4 bn5
    James COLBERT; 1753 probate, Cumber, County Derry, Ireland iiw
    1. John COLBERT; m. Ann ?. js  They had:
      1.1 Frances COLBERT; (b. 17 Mar 1806, Balingarry, County Tipperary, Ireland; d. 5 Jun 1901, Carp, Huntley Township, Carleton County, Ontario js); m. Thomas RIVINGTON (d.c. 1866) js  Frances and her parents migrated from Ireland to Upper Canada in 1818 as part of the Talbot Party. js
    1. John COLBERT, b. 26 Nov 1791, Liverpool, England; m. 3 Mar 1829, Modreeny, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Honora WHELAN (b.c. 1807; d. 28 Apr 1897, Dunn Co., Wisconsin. gc) td
      1.1 William CULBERT td
      1.2 John CULBERT; (b. 3 Jul 1831, Modreeny) td; settled in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area gc
      1.3 William CULBERT; (b. 15 Nov 1847, Modreeny) td
      1.4 James CULBERT; (b. 15 November 1847, Modreeny); m. Mary Ann Kelly KENNEDY; (b. 10 Jan 1848, Prince Edward Island, Canada); settled in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area. gc
      1.5 ? gc
    1. John COLBERT; Jul 1758, resides Boston Wharf, South Boston, Massahusetts, U.S.A. and seeking missing son bp2  He had:
      1.1 Maurice COLBERT; from Youghal townland, Youghal Parish, County Cork, Ireland; 1854, migrated from Boston to Montreal, Canada; 1858, missing bp2
    1. Michael COLBERT; 1868, copper ore worker and Roman Catholic jc
      1.1 Patrick John COLBERT/COLEBERT; (b.c. 1840, Ireland jc); m. 20 March 1867, Mary FITZGERALD, Roman Catholic chapel, Rutland Place, Swansea, Wales; (b.c. 1835, Ireland); 1889, Patrick was a quarryman.  They had:
        1.1.1 John COLBERT; (b. 20 March 1868, 286 Dyvatty Street, Swansea, Wales jc; bap 29 Mar 1868, St. David's Priory, Rutland Place, Swansea, Wales jc; d. 19 Jul 1943, 35 Colbourne Terrace, Swansea, Wales jc; bur. Cwmgelli Cemetery, Treboeth jc); m. (1st) 25 Dec 1889, the Parish Church, St. John Juxta., Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, Lily Emily BEYNON jc; (b. 2 Sep 1866, 5 Pottery Street, Swansea, Wales, d/o Henry BEYNON and Eliza OGBORN jc; bap. 17 Oct 1866, St. Mary's jc; d. 22 Oct 1927, 24 Peters Terrace, Swansea, Wales jc; bur. Cwmgelli Cemetery, Treboeth jc); 1890-1891, John was a copper plate worker. jc  They had:
 Harry COLBERT; (b. 7 Jul 1890, Cwmbwrla, Swansea, Wales jc; d. 19 Jan 1966, Swansea, Wales jc); m. 2 Aug 1920, St. Mark's Waun Wen, Swansea, Lilly Maud BEVAN jc; (b. 1892, Swansea jc; d. 21 Sep 1947, Swansea jc)
 William John COLBERT; (b. 1893, Swansea, Wales jc; d. 23 May 1922, drowning, Tawe Lodge U.D., Swansea jc)
 Christopher James COLBERT; (b. 24 Oct 1895, Swansea, Wales jc; d. 7 Feb 1969, Swansea jc); m. 1938, St. Mathew's, Swansea, Wales, Violet May PARK jc
 Lily Emily COLBERT; (b. 1898, Swansea jc); m. Ivor HARDY jc
 Violet May COLBERT; (b.c. July 1900 jc); m. Alfred George NORRIS jc
        1.1.2 Edward COLBERT; (b. 3 Sep 1870, 27 Emma Street, Swansea, Wales jc; bap. 18 February 1871, St. David's Priory, Rutland Place, Swansea, Wales jc)
        For more information see: Michael COLBERT and Descendants  [Note: This website is old and the contact information is out of date and cannot be changed.  The correct contact for this source is shown under my Notes section, below.]
    Mathias COLBERT, surgeon; m. bef. 5 Feb 1765, at Corke, ? Totten, of Carduggan, Ireland fj
    Stephen COLBERT; (d. 5 Jul 1786, Capel-street, Dublin, Ireland); printer and bookseller bn2
    Susan COLBERT; (b.c. 1835, d/o daughter of Richard COLBERT and Sarah ?); 1853, emigrated from Ireland; 23 Jun 1853, arrived Sydney, Australia, ship Bolton, age 18, kitchenmaid, from Clackjordan(sic - actually Cloughjordan), County Tipperary, Ireland.  She was an assisted migrant, could read but not write, and had no relations in the colony.  On this record her fatrher was listed as deceased.  It was said she was of the Church of England, however later records indicate her to be Roman Catholic. sm
    1.1 Timothy COLBURT; Jul 1845, emigrated from County Cork, Ireland to Ontario, Canada, then to Rochester, New York, U.S.A.; Mar 1852 employed by Western Railroad and residing in Baileytown, Indiana, U.S.A.; 1852, missing bp3
    1.2 Michael COLBURT; May 1852, resides Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky and seeking missing brother bp3
    William COLBERT; m. Margaret ADAIR; 1768, residents of Poughenveal Parish, County Londonderry bn1


bn1 Belfast News-Letter and General Advertiser, Belfast, Ireland, 23 Aug 1768, p. 1.  The newspaper advertisement follows:
"WHEREAS Margaret ADAIR, otherwise COLBERT, Wife to William COLBERT, in the Parish of Poughenveal, and County of Londonderry, hath lately eloped from Husband, without any proper Reason:  This is therefore to give Notice, that any Person that will give the said Margaret ADAIR, otherwise COLBERT, any Credit on my Accounts, I will not pay it.  Gristeel[?], 18th August, 1768.  For William COLBERT, John ALLISON."

bn2 Belfast News-Letter, Belfast, Ireland, Friday, 7 Jul to Tuesday, 11 Jul 1786, p. 2, col. 4.  The death notice follows:
"In Capel-street, Wednesday morning, deservedly lamented - Mr. Stephen COLBERT, printer and bookseller."  [Note: It is not known under what heading location this notice appears, but it is presumed to be Dublin, Ireland.]

bn3 Belfast News-Letter, Belfast, Ireland, 14 Jan 1800, p. 3.  The publication notice follows:
"Just Published in DUBLIN by H. COLBERT, 136 Capel-st. and sold in BELFAST, by H. WARRIN, Book-seller, at his Circulating Library in High-street. - (Embellished with 25 Portraits) - Price 5s. 5d."
"The Genuine and Correct Edition of the PUBLIC CHARACTERS of 1799, 1800 - consisting of authentic and distinguished BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS of the mostdistinguished LIVING PERSONAGES, natives of Great Britain and Ireland; and being the second volume of the work which has already been honoured with universal approbation."

bn4 Belfast News-Letter, Belfast, Ireland, 10 Jun 1800, p. 3.  The publication notice follows:
"EDUCATION This Day was Published, Price 3s. 9-1/2d. neatly bound, Dedicated to the Right Hon. Lady CAROLINE PONSONBY, with a frontspiece, from a design by the COUNTESS OF BESSBOROUGH, MINOR MORALS, Interpreted with sketches of Natural History, Historical Anecdotes, and Original Stories, By CHARLOTTE SMITH"
"This work presents useful information to the young mind, directs its attentionto the works of nature, and exhibits lessons of wisdom and virtue, all amid a variety of seenery(sic) and circumstances, with interspersed narratives, which altogether are likely to engage the reader, and to fix more deeply the instruction which is conveyed.  MONTHLY REVIEW"
"Printed for H. COLBERT, 136 Capel Street, Dublin. Sold by HUGH WARRIN, Bookseller, Belfast"

bn5 Belfast News-Letter, Belfast, Ireland, 10 Jun 1800, p. 3.  The publication notice follows:
"This Day was Published, Price 1s. 7-1/2d. PRACTICAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GAME OF CASSINO."
"This little performance will be found highly useful to such persons as are desirous of attaining an accurate knowledge of this Fashionable Game."
"Printed for H. COLBERT, 136 Capel street, Dublin, and sold by H. WARRIN, Book-seller, 16 High-street, Belfast"

bp The "Missing Friends" column ran in The Boston Pilot, the Roman Catholic newspaper in the city, from 1831 to 1921.  Irish immigrants used the ads to locate loved ones after they became separated in their journeys to America.  Some were looking for a spouse who skipped town, while others sought to unite families.  All of the 31,000 ads shed light on the immigrant experience.  Boston College is posting an online database of the ads that anyone can search.  According to BC's announcement, the database is an electronic version of BC professor Ruth-Ann M. Harris' eight-volume set called "The Search for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot."  Harris researched and edited the set for the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  The first ad appeared in October 1831.  Most of the ads stopped after 1915, when the Archdiocese of Boston bought the Pilot.  Also, by then, postal service had greatly improved, allowing better communication among families and friends.  See Information Wanted Web Site

bp1 Boston Pilot, 4 Oct 1856; At: Information Wanted Web Site bp Search on surname Culbert, 24 Mar 2005, 41 similar sounding results, but no Culbert - 1 of 3 Colbert results:
Name: Daniel COLBERT
Gender: Male
Home County: Cork
1st location: Wisconsin, Racine, 1852
Departure date: May 1850
Port of Departure: Cork
Name: Edward COLBERT
Relation to missing: Brother
Gender: Male
Residence: Wisconsin, Racine
Date of advertisement: 4 Oct 1856

bp2 Boston Pilot, 31 Jul 1858; At: Information Wanted Web Site bp Search on surname Culbert, 24 Mar 2005, 41 similar sounding results, but no Culbert - 2 of 3 Colbert results:
Name: Maurice COLBERT
Gender: Male
Other: Left Boston 1854 For Montreal
Home County: Cork
Parish: Youghal
Townland: Youghal
Barony: Imokilly
Poor-Law: Youghal
1st location: Quebec, Montreal/Southern States
Name: John COLBERT
Relation to missing: Father
Gender: Male
Residence: Boston Wharf, South Boston, Massachusetts
Date of advertisement: 07-31-1858

bp3 Boston Pilot, 31 Jul 1858; At: Information Wanted Web Site bp Search on surname Culbert, 24 Mar 2005, 41 similar sounding results, but no Culbert - 3 of 3 Colbert results:
Name: Timothy COLBURT
Gender: Male
Home County: Cork
US occupation: Railroad
Company name: Western railroad
Work location: Indiana, Baileytown, Mar 1852
1st location: Ontario
2nd location: New York, Rochester
3rd location: Indiana, Baileytown
Departure date: Jul 1845
Intended destination: Indiana, Baileytown
Name: Michael COLBURT
Relation to missing: Brother
Gender: Male
Residence: Kentucky, Cynthiana, Harrison Co.
Date of advertisement: 05-22-1852

fj Freeman's Journal, Dublin, Ireland, 5 Feb 1765, p. 175?, col. 1.  The notice follows:
"MARRIED...At Corke, Mr. Mathias COLBERT, surgeon, to Miss TOTTEN, of Carduggan."

gc Gary Culbert (descendant of James CULBERT)  Last Contact: August 1999.

iiw W.P.W. Phillimore and Gertrude Thrift, Eds., 1970, "Indexes to Irish Wills," Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Five Volumes in One, Volume V, Derry Wills, 1612-1858, p. 24.

jc Jen Colbert-Davies, of Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales  [Email: jlcd at]  Last Contact: Aug 2006.  Click here for her Colbert Webpage...Among Others! at FamilyTreeMaker Online  Jen is also the manager of the COLBERT One Name Study, which can be found Click Here

js Jim Spencer, whose GGgrandmother was Frances Colbert  [Email: jim.spencer at]  Last Contact: Aug 2006.  An image of a photo of Frances Colbert, provided by Eleanor Campbell, a GGgranddaughter, is available at the Rivington - Remington Family website.  This website is by invitation only, however the image may be accessed by contacting the website owner, Hilary Machan  [Email: shmachan at]  Last Contact: August 2006.

td Tim Dowling  [Email: tdowling_53223 at]  Last Contact: December 2000.

sm Sylvia C.M. Murphy  [Email: sylcec at]  Last Contact: August 2002.


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