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Compiled By: James H. Culbert
Last Updated: 4 Oct 2007

Surname Origins

This is a rare surname closely related to CULBAIRD, and the much more common COLBERT and CULBERT.  Although this name is said to be Scottish from the county of Fife, research suggests that it is actually English in origin, derived from the pre-7th century Olde English personal name "Ceol-beort" meaning "cold-bright."  The confusion seems to have arisen because "Ceolbeort" was a name probably used in the former "English" kingdom of Strathclyde in Scotland, some fifteen hundred or more years ago.  For reasons not known, Olde English was spoken in Strathclyde, and not Gaelic. nor

Early examples of the surname include those of William Culbaird of Kowford in Brechin, Scotland, in 1578, and William Culbard at St. Sepulchre church in the city of London, on 22 May 1825. nor

Surname Resources

Because this surname is relatively rare, I have included CULBARD records and close spelling variants under the surname CULBERT.  To find these specific records, use the PicoSearch facility on the index page.


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