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1855 - 1890

Compiled By: James H. Culbert
Last Revised: 19 Feb 2008

Castle Garden operated as an immigration point from 1 Aug 1855 - 18 Apr 1890.  The Barge Office then became the point of entry until Ellis Island opened in 1892.  The immigration information provided here was obtained from the Castle Garden website at:, where 120 CUTHBERT records were found.

According to David Bromwich of The Battery Conservancy, when completed, the Castle Garden website database will contain twelve million records, including the 8.5 million people who entered through Castle Garden and the 3.5 million who entered the Port of New York either between 1820 and 1855 or between 1890 and 1892.  It is not known why the information for this website indicates it includes records covering 1892-1913, which would be available on the Ellis Island website.

To facilitate visual searches for specific individuals, groups travelling together have been split up and arranged on separate pages by the first letter of their given name.  Where this has been done, all other members of the group have been identified in the Notes column for each individual of the group.  Those identified as Mrs. CUTHBERT, without a given name, have been left with their likely husbands, if also part of the group.  Otherwise, the records are shown below where no given name is provided.

Additional CUTHBERT New York arrival records prior to 1 Aug 1855 can be found here.

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Records have been organized alphabetically by given name.
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Other Records With No Given Names


Given Age (Estimated Birth Year)

Residence, Origin, or Nationality
Arrival Date
Ship Name
Ship Port(s) of Departure
Other Notes
(inc. any destination other than the U.S.A.)

Miss Cuthbert F 30 (1843) England 14 Jul 1873 City of New York Liverpool, England Occupation:  Lady
Mrs. Cuthbert F 34 (1847) England 1 Nov 1881 England Liverpool, England & Queenstown, Ireland Occupation:  Lady
Mrs. Cuthbert F 56 (1826) Scotland 27 Apr 1882 Devonia Glasgow, Scotland Occupation:  unknown
Mrs. Cuthbert F 40 (1844) Scotland 7 May 1884 Devonia Glasgow, Scotland & Moville, Ireland Arrived with David, Margaret, Agnes & Jane Cuthbert
Occupation:  unknown


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