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Border Crossing from México to the US
Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz - 24feb1941 - Laredo, Tx
US Department of Labor Manifest Form (front):
Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz, 32 yr single male; Mexican musician has been in US before from 10-15-1931 to 2-24-1941, and can read and write. Traveling alone from Monterrey, NL, México (aunt Victoria Ortiz) to Laredo, Texas (mother Isabel Ortiz de Cuesta, 1020 San Jorge). Height: 5'10''. Resuming residence.

Manifest Form (back):
"Presents A/R #104002 issued Laredo, Texas Sept 23, 1940 showing expires 3-23-1941 and ver 10-15-31." Lorenzo Cuesta Ortiz