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Interesting Tidbits About the Yelton Clan and Connecting Families

Charles Hinson (b.1746)

            Was the father of Isabel Hinson (b.1746) and owned slaves. Bought 190 acres for 48 lbs. of tobacco - Gov’t Revenue Roll.  

Phereby Constant

            Married John Yelton (b.1771). Her parents came from Northern Germany with their belongings including a pig which grew into a hog during storms at sea. Their delayed arrival forced them to live in a brush arbor the first winter.

Phillip H. Yelton (b.1800)

            1850 Census - Land $3000. Phillip was a farmer.

Daniel W. Yelton (b.1810)

            1870 Census - Land value $600. Personal goods $400.

Benjamin Yelton (b.1811)

            1850 Census - Falmouth land value $600.

            1870 Census - Farmer - Land value $2000. Personal goods $850.

John James Yelton (b.1813)

            1850 Census - Land value $1000.

            1870 Census - Ferryman. Land value $1500. Personal goods $400.

Perry Yelton (b.1813)

            Was a Grocer and Postmaster in Montgomery Co., Indiana, at Mt. Pleasant. (State Road 234 between Jamestown and Ladoga), across the road from the Yelton Cemetery.

James Glaze (b.1814)

            Was the Grand-father of Julia Ann Marcum (b.1885) who married Paul Yelton (b.1880).

            James Glaze had 18 children by his first wife Mary. She died the same day her last child was born. He had 4 more children by his second wife for a total of 22.

Robert Taylor Yelton (b.1815)

            1850 Census - No land. Personal goods $300.

            1870 Census - Ferryman.

Richard William Yelton (b.1815)

            1870 Census - Farmer. Personal goods $650. Land value $3630.

Samuel Harrell (b.1815)

            1860 Census: Farmer, Value of Real Estate $566.00, Value of Personal Property $215.00.

Alexander Yelton (b.1816)

            1870 Census - Working Farm. Personal goods $300.

James Gerrard Yelton (b.1818)

            1850 Census - Farmer. Land worth $800.

            1870 Census - Farmer. Land worth $4000. Personal goods $1575.

Margaret (Marjorie) Kirby (b.1820)

            Was the wife of Charles C. Yelton (b.1826). Margaret died from falling off of a horse, and the horse rolled over her. She was a large woman.

Elijah Yelton (b.1820)

            1850 Census - Farmer. Land value $150.

            1870 Census - Farmer. Land value $3000. Personal goods $700.

Augustus E. Yelton (b.1821)

            1879 Census - Working Farm. Personal goods $200.

Charles A. Yelton (b.1821)

            Charles was farmer in Crooked Creek Township, Jasper County, Illinois.

            1870 - Jasper Co., census lists his Real Estate at $2500 and Personal Property at $1380. 

Hattie (Harriett) C. Felch

            Was the wife of Augustine Yelton (b.1822). Died in New Jersey - a horse fell on her..  

Mary Ann Yelton (b.1824)

            Was married to John Henry Gosney (b.1818). She had 12 children - six of whom died in infancy.

Charles C. Yelton (b.1826)

            1870 Census - Farmer/Teacher   Land was worth $1200. Personal effects worth $500.

Robert Yelton, Jr. (b.1827)

            Farmed in Jasper Co., Illinois from 1851-1864 before moving to Cumberland Co., Illinois.

Jesse Hamilton Dugan Yelton (b.1828)

            Besides fighting in the Civil War - Jesse was a mail carrier between Falmouth and Pardnersville, Ky. 1870 Census - No land. Personal Goods $1500.

William Mortimer Yelton (b.1829)

            1870 Census - Farmer. Land value $650.

            Fought in the Civil War on the Union side.

John Jackson Yelton (b.1832)

            Was known as Long John. He was tall and Red-headed.

Francis Edem Marcum (b1836)

            Francis was the father of Julia Ann Marcum and was a doctor and sold patented medicine that he and an Indian man made from herbs and some ingredients from another country. He was an ordained preacher in the united Brethren in Christ Church.

Charles Gosney Yelton (b.1836)

            1870 Census - Farmer. Land value $1230. Personal goods $350. Charles was born 1/2 mile from from his father’s log cabin where he died. Charles was an Excellent reader and   speller with good voice             enunciation. He would read a lot to his family, stories, papers, etc., at night. Stories of adventure about Daniel Boone, Abe Lincoln, etc. Source: Ira Elwood Yelton / Barton Collection.

Charles Marion Yelton (b.1836)

            1870 Census - Farmer. Land value $1300. Personal goods $800.

Benjamin E. (Little Ben) Yelton (b.1837)

            1870 Census - Dry Goods Merchant. Land value $2000. Personal goods $18,000.

Rosa J. Stephens (b.1838)

            Wife of Charles Gosney Yelton (b.1836). Rosa’s father died of Cholera when she was 26.

William Henry Yelton (b.1840)

            1870 Census - Farmer. Land value $2000. Personal goods $600.

James W. Yelton (b.1841)

             James W. (son of Perry) m. Mary Alexander daughter of Rob’t and Anner Swain Annapolis Ind. Mary died about 1884. Of their 6 children, 5 were taken west by their father, or by their maternal aunt, Evalina Alexander and Subel Lamb. Evalina and Subel moved from Parke Co. Ind. to            Emporia Kans. by covered wagon about 1884. In 1889, after the births of their first three children, they moved to the Indian Territory of Okla. James married or by family tradition, lived with a Cherokee woman in Coffeyville Kans. She bore him two sons, William and Shubel. James and Wm. died when the home burned. Again traditionally, the fire was set by the Indian woman. Latham, Robert, Chas, Effie, and Ed. lived with Evalina and Subel Lamb although Effie and Charles returned to Ind. at a later date. Latham died of hydrophobia while nursin sick dog.

Oliver Perry Yelton (b.1841)

            1870 Census - Working Sawmill. Personal goods $300.

William Patterson Yelton (b.1841)

            1870 Census - Land value $1020.

Benjamin M. Mullin (b.1847)

            Ben had a farm of 120 acres in Pendleton, Ky, and a tobacco warehouse at Mossvilee, Ky. He was a Magistrate for four years and a deputy sheriff for four years. He was a Democrat and a member of the Christian Church. He was married to Moriah Louise Yelton (b.1852).

Robert Hampton Yelton (b.1849)

            Robert was a Farmer, a Teamster and a Miller.

Jasper Joseph Gosney (b.1850)

            Left home and then disappeared.

Missouri (Frances) Smith (b.1851)

            Was married to Charles Thomas Yelton (b.1854). When she died Charles’ grave could not be found so she was buried in Wellsville Cemetery, Missouri.


Shubel Lamb and Evalena Alexander (b.1856)

            Raised Latham, Robert Perry (b.1866) and Effie Yelton (b.1877), the children of James Yelton (b.1841) and Mary Alexander (b.1846) See James W. Yelton (b.1841), and Book Section.

Sarah Alice Yelton (b.1862)

            Sarah Alice died when her son, Robert, was an infant. He was raised by her sister Nancy and her brother and sister-in-law James Burton and Deliah Yelton.

Edward F. Yelton (b.1865)

             Edward F. Yelton was a man of character; a Mason, teacher and Postmaster at Butler from April 4, 1914 until 1923. He was born April 18, 1865 in Owen Co., Ky., and died January 27, 1949 and is buried at Grant’s Lick Cemetery, Campbell Co., Ky. 

Charles Wimberley Goree (b.1867)

            C.W. was a school teacher in Novarro County, Texas until 1901. He taught school for several years and was the county clerk of Okmulgee for four years. At the time of his death he was working for News Dispatch doing on-the-road sales work. He was on his way back to his family in Shawnee when he died of   a heart attack in Wewoka, Ok.

Samuel Yelton (b.1868)

            The July, 1992 issues of the newsletter of the Toe Valley Genealogical Society contained a portion of an article from the July 1, 1909 issue of the “McDowell Democrat” which stated: “Samuel Yelton, an old resident of this county, and who keeps a store and resides about two miles north of Bakersville, was arrested and lodged in jail last Tuesday evening....on the charge of murder. It appears that on the 12th of May last the prisoner’s wife (Polly McKinney Yelton) died right suddenly in convulsions under suspicious circumstances. There was considerable talk and insinuations of poison indulged in at the time, but no arrest was made until Tuesday.” Apparently nothing much came of this, as Samuel Yelton, married Sallie Cook on Feb 9, 1910.

William Ellsworth Yelton (b.1870)

            William never left Indiana, but was reared by his paternal aunt, Malinda (Mammy) Beck (10-233). He   was in the grocery and poultry business in Lebenon, Indiana all his life.

Mary Matilda (Malinda) Yelton (b.1872)

            Mary along with her sister Caroline was a Merchant. And from March 31, 1873 until 1878 was the Postmaster of Butler, Ky. Matlida Street in Butler was named for Matlida Yelton Taylor.

Charles Yelton (b. 1873)

            A Farmer in the Lodoga, Indiana area all his life, he went out to Oklahoma on his mother’s death but returned at about age 11 and was reared by Lucinda and John Baker of New Ross, Indiana (near Mt. Pleasant).

Effie Yelton (b.1877)

            Recalls the Dalton gang riding thought the back yard of the Lamb family while she was hanging laundry. They were living in Oklahoma (Indian Territory). Her husband Walter Hutchinson was a retired Farmer.

Richard Walter Yelton (b.1877)

            Richard and his wife Vergie Pearl Christman (b.1880) had twelve children. Four were still living in 1994.

Charlie Goree

            Was reported to have been hung in 1880 near the Texas/Mexico border as a horse thief.

William Elijah Yelton (b.1888)

            Veteran of WW1. Served in the 854th Aero Sqd. Was a welder at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Hanford, Washington, Atomic Plants.

Rollie Raymond Yelton (b.1889)

            Rollie, his son Clifford (b.1914), and his two daughters Esther (b.1918) and Evelyn (b.1921) all drowned in the Licking River. Evelyn saw a mussel shell and fell into the forty foot deep river. Her father, brother          and sister tried to save her but were lost as well.  

Shubel Yelton (b.1892)

            Son of James W. Yelton (b.1841). Shubel broke his neck while trying to jump his horse across

            a ravine while running from some irate citizens who questioned his ownership of said horse.

Claude Yelton (b.1899)

            Claude was the inventor of the slot machine

Donald Perry Yelton (b.1901)

            He lived all his life in Lebanon, Indiana, retiring after many years of postal service.

Hubert Barton Yelton (b.1906)

            Hubert was born in Yelton, OK., which at the time was in Indian Territory. Yelton is now just a field that is owned by a farmer and is regularly plowed. There is a marker in the field

            that is all that is left of Yelton. Yelton lies between Enid and Cherokee, OK.

Herman Yelton (b.1918)

            Was a brilliant student, but was the victim of mental illness from measles at age 16 and is in Broughton Hospital.

Ruford Arvean Yelton (b.1919)

            Ruford remembers his grand-father (Robert Perry Yelton (b.1896) talking about coming from Indiana to Oklahoma in a covered wagon when Oklahoma was still Indian Territory.

Terri Lynn Yelton

            Terri Married Brian Kemp onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca, in the Rotoy Wedding Suite

Charles Barton

            Charles was with Standard Oil for thirty-five years.

Charles Gosney

            Was killed by a horse when young.

Elsie (Marcum) Grimsley

            Had two sons who were raised in orphanages and met in California as adults.

Rhoda Earl Nurse

            Ten times removed from Rebecca Nurse of the Salem Witch Trials.

Horace Jennings Yelton       

            Horace was named after H.J. Poore, a friend and political associate of father, Carey Menzie Yelton (b.1859).

Latham Yelton

            Died from hydrophia which he contracted from a sick dog he was doctoring.

Ray Yelton

            Died at age 6 or 7 of Croup.

William Alexander Yelton

            Died at about 22. years old. A falling limb fell on him while he was hunting squirrels.


Belle Yelton

            Died when newly married when she was about 25-30.