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E. E. Barton Papers - Yelton

Information from E.E. Barton Collection, Northern Kentucky.

FHC - Microfilm rolls #0358482 & 0358483.



John Yelton and Ann his wife married, November 28, 1797.


William Yelton and V. Mary his wife married October 11, 1821.


Phillip Yelton and Harriet his wife married April 1, 1824.


Phillip Yelton married to Hesther Caldwell, December 7, 1825.


Jesse Yelton married to Sally Henricks, October 6, 1825.


Samuel Thomas and Amelia his wife married April 9, 1829.


Samuel Yelton and Elinia his wife married October 8, 1840.


A.B. Cherry and Margaret his wife married June 2, 1829.


Rebecca Ann Cherry, daughter of A.B. Cherry and Margaret his

wife was born April 5, 1830.


Isaac Yelton and Nancy his wife married January 9, 1842.


John Yelton son of Charles Yelton and Milly his wife was born

August 27, 1770.


William Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife was born

March 24, 1799.


Philip Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife was born

November 2, 1800.


Rebecca Yelton daughter of John Yelton and Ann his wife was

born November 11, 1803.


Jesse Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife was born May

11, 1805.


Elizabeth Yelton daughter of John Yelton and Ann his wife was

born January 30, 1806.


Polly Yelton daughter of John Yelton and Ann his wife was

born July 11, 1807.


Amelia Yelton daughter of John Yelton and Ann his wife was

born July 3, 1809.


Margaret Yelton daughter of John Yelton and Ann his wife was

born February 11, 1811.


Perry Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife was born

November 12, 1813.


Pendleton Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife was born

November 2, 1815.


Samuel Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife born May 7,



Isaac Yelton son of John Yelton and Ann his wife was born

February 8, 1821.


Samuel Hudson Yelton son of William Yelton and Mary his wife

was born July 8, 1822.


Mary Ann Yelton daughter of William Yelton and Mary his wife

was born February 17, 1825.


Harriet Yelton daughter of Philip and Hesther Yelton was born

October 26, 1826.


Frances Yelton daughter of Jesse and Sally Yelton was born

November 22, 1829.

Rebecca Jain Yelton daughter of William and Mary Yelton was

born April 21, 1827.


Mary Yelton daughter of Phillip and Hesther Yelton was born

August 3, 1828.


Harriet Yelton wife of Phillip Yelton departed this life May

9th, in the twenty seventh year of her age, 1825.


Elizabeth Yelton daughter of Phillip Yelton and Hesther his

wife was born September 10, 1830.


Nancy Yelton wife of Isaac Yelton departed this life April

22, 1842.


Ann Yelton wife of John Yelton departed this life July 20,



James Yelton the son of James Yelton was born May 17, 1829.


John Lewis Hopkins son of Wesley and Frances Hopkins was born

January 24, 1845.


Minerva Yelton daughter of Samuel and Elinia Yelton was born

April 25, 1845.


Isaac Lambert Hopkins was born April 17, 1847.


Ann Louisa Hopkins daughter of Wesley and Fannie Hopkins was

born March 10, 1849.


Matilda Thomas daughter of Samuel and Amelia Thomas died

August 3, 1849.


William R. Thomas son of Samuel and Amelia Thomas died March

7, 1886.


    Thomas Family:


William R. Thomas born 1830

John J. Thomas born 1832

Philip Z. Thomas born 1834

Samuel H. Thomas born 1836

Basel M. Thomas born 1838

Jessie V. Thomas born 1840

Eliza A. Thomas born 1843

Mary J. Thomas born 1845

Matilda R. Thomas born 1847

Richard M. Thomas born 1850

Francis J. Thomas born 1852


Family of Samuel Thomas and Amelia Yelton all born in

Campbell County, Kentucky, except Richard. He was born in

Union County, Ohio.




                                                       March 2nd

Dear Mrs. Barton:


     Enclosed is the valuable diary which I have typed for our

use, and thank you so much for its use. I am not trying just now

to find names of my grandfather's niece's and nephew's families,

as that can be done anytime out of many marriage records there

remains a few I have not been able to place. Would you know?


    Elizabeth Yelton married Othar Daugherty, August 25, 1833

    Elizabeth Yelton married Isaac Talyor, March 30, 1837

    Cynthia A. Yelton married William Crawford, October 20, 1839

    Robert Yelton married Catherine Castator, March 18, 1823

    James Yelton married Susannah Castator, October 15, 1827


     Are we to suppose that all Yeltons in Pendleton County are

descended from the three, Charles, James and William?  There is

record of Amelia Yelton who married William Buckner of Bracken

County.  I intend to examine the records in Brooksville, to see

if their marriage is recorded there.  There is a Buckner burying

ground at Powersville this county.  William Buckner who was a

son of Captain Philip Buckner married twice.  Once to a Miss

Whitman, 2nd to Miss Taliffere.  This William could have been

the son, as I do not know of another Buckner family.  I cannot

figure how Elizabeth Henson could have had to be the wife of

William, who received the last payment of his pension on

September 30, 1833, with James Yelton as attorney which

signifies that William was recently deceased.  If I understand

it properly.  Henson is a name common in Bracken County, I can't

figure this one out.



Martha L. Miller



Charles Yelton Passes to the Other Side

Was a Man Universally Esteemed by The People


     Charles Yelton was born in Pendleton County, Kentucky,

January 4, 1824; married to Miss Mary Shryock in 1849; and

departed this life at the family home in Newton, Illinois,

Saturday, August 20, 1904, at 5:30 a.m. after a week's

illness, aged 81 years, 7 months and 16 days.

     Mr. and Mrs. Yelton were the parents of thirteen

children, eight of whom survive.

     John R. Yelton and Mrs. George (Jane) Hepner, Point

Pleasant, Mrs. Atlas (Sarah) Phillips, Mrs. Thomas (Alice)

Burk, and Otis Yelton, Newton, Mrs. Anselem (Callie) Armer,

Toledo, and James George W. (Lizzie) Boswell, and H.B.

(Maggie) Downs, Danville.

     In addition there are many other relatives left to

mourn, including grand-children, great grand-children, one

brother, Robert Yelton, and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Gerrard

and Mrs. Millie Wood.

     Mrs. Yelton's death occurred about a year and a half

ago. (1902)

     Deceased was a model citizen, able, spright, religious

and patriotic.  He served in the Mexican and Civil wars, and

in the former is survived by but three comrades in Jasper

County.  In the Rebellion he enlisted twice, and was mustered

out as Captain of Company H, 38th Illinois Regiment, Union


     He joined the Christian church in 1853 at Point Pleasant

and was a consistent, progressive and devoted member until

death.  Much of the time he was actively engaged in the

ministry, and celebrated his 80th and 81st birthdays by

delivering sermons to the Newton congregation.

     Monday afternoon the last sad rites of interment were

observed.  Services were held at the Central Christian

church of this city in charge of Rev. Adrian Bristow and a

choir of singers.  The edifice was filled to the limit of the

building, and at the conclusion of the exercises a long line

of vehicles, with many pedestrians, marched to the Riverside

cemetery, where Jacob E. Reed Post, Grand Army of the

Republic, paid its final tribute of respect to a revered

comrade by burying him with the honors of the order.

     To the bereaved sons and daughters and to all others

related, the Press extends its sympathy.

     Point Pleasant - John R. Yelton, and children, Elsie,

Bert, Grace, Mabel and Lucile; George Hepner and wife; Shelby

Hepner and wife; Jess Hepner.

     Greenup - Mrs. Ura Brooks and son.

     Hazel Dell - Robert Yelton, Grant Yelton and Millie


     Casey - Kate Gerrard, Mary Gerrard and Shel Gerrard.

     Danville - Mrs. G.W. Boswell and son Dale; Dr. H.B.

     Downs and son Ernest; Leonard DeBord and John Phillips.

     Toledo - Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Armer.

     Hidalgo - Mrs. Dora Jones.



                         December 1, 1940


     Nat S. Patton and Mr Tuttle (father of Horatio Tuttle) think

they came to Kentucky from Massachusetts.  They bought up a large

body of land on the waters of Lick Creek.


     Patton's father-in-law was Peter Coyle, and Patton put him on

some of his  land in about Redbrush, where Coyle lived

until he moved to Iowa.  Mr Coyle visited T.J. Yelton just before

he went west, and spent about a half day with T.J. Yelton.


     Patton operated and owned a saw mill on Lick Creek, just

opposite where Nat Brownfield now lives.  Elmon Yelton remembers

seeing the mill operate when Elmon was a small boy.  The mill

operated with a "sash-saw", the saw worked up and down.


     There was a wooden railroad track up Lick Creek on which logs

were hauled to the mill, and cordwood hauled to Butler.  The wood

was hauled on little cars pulled by a horse.


     Ben Robinson lived up on the south fork of Lick Creek,

between the forks and Phil Lafollett's place.  One time there were

several houses along there.  Ben was the father of Kitty, the wife

of Billy Sorrell.  Ben had a son Reuben Robinson, worked at the

saw mill of Patton's, and finally went west.  Joe Patton, son of

N.S. Patton, is in Florida, and is a railroad man.


     Ellen Gosney was a noted tramp around in Pendleton and

Campbell counties; made periodical trips through the county.  Her

maiden name was Caldwell.  Don't know the name of her husband.


     Hetty Caldwell, of Campbell County, never married; lived to

an advance age; was in habit of visiting E.P Williams, and stay a

month at a time.  She was a fortune teller.  She was born and

raised in Campbell County.  She had a brother - Jack Caldwell who

was in the Confederate Army, and was a spy and recuiting officer.

When at home one time, the Federals got after him real close, and

he got into bed between the ticks, and his two sisters went to bed

in the same bed.  The Federal searched the house, and even wanted

the two sisters to get out of the bed and let them search it; but

the sisters protested so indignantly that they did not make them

get up.  After the Federal soldiers left, Jack took his pistol and

tried to head them off on the road, and wanted to kill them,

believing he could do so single handed if he got the drop on them.






June 10, 1940


     On the Job Kidwell farm is a family grave yard, in

which are buried his father Thomas Kidwell; his father-in-law

Joe Thomas, and his brother-in-law - no, William Thomas,

buried at Butler.

     Thomas Kidwell, Joe Thomas and William Thomas, all died

at the home of Job Kidwell.

     John B. Kidwell - brother of Job.

     John B. Kidwell had two children:

1)  Mollie, married Len, son of J.J. Yelton.

2)  Al, died age 23 or 24; buried at Pope Williams grave


     In Butler there were three old maids; by the name of


1)  Tilda, married Tone Taylor.  Tilda kept store in Butler.

2)  Jane, married John Boner, who clerked in Shaw's store;

    his (2nd) wife.

3)  Caroline, never married ?

4)  Ed (brother) clerked in Tilda's store.  Ed never married,

    buried in Pope Williams grave yard at Butler.

     Elmon Yelton remembers Nancy, the widow of two husbands;

(1st) was William C. Yelton (father of Daniel W. Yelton); and

(2nd) husband was William Griffing.

     When Nancy lived at Butler in Elmon Yelton's

recollection, she was living with her son Lum Yelton, who

clerked in Shaw's store.

     Pewee Taylor was a small man; his wife was a large

woman, and she also had a nickname "Yellowhammer".  Pewee and

wife used to visit Thomas J. Yelton and family - parents of

Elmon Yelton.

     "Trippy Day" Taylor, was a brother of "Pewee" Taylor;

and a brother of Dudley Taylor, of Butler.  All three were

small men.

     Dudley Taylor had a stepson John Harvey; and a step

daughter Sally Harvey; married Bob Plunkett, and they lived

on the ridge back of the Enoch Huff place.  Dudley Taylor

went west with his step children John and Sally.

     Job Kidwell also has two sons buried in his family grave

yard on his farm.

     There is a family grave yard near Greenwood, at the top

of the grassy Creek Hill near the Sam Brownfield place, but

is on what was Long Tom Sorrell's farm.  Long Tom Sorrell

buried, there.

     Daniel Brown Yelton, brother of Thomas J. Yelton, has

two children buried at Portland Cemetery.



                July 30, 1939 (from E.E. Barton files)


     Elmon P. Williams had a brother (perhaps Richard) who

went west and joined the Mormons - went to Missouri?  This

brother, had two children:

1) Vashti married Alexander Yelton

2)  Sally married and lived in Iowa

   Alexander Yelton's children:

1)  Jasper married......Caldwell

2)  Dick married Belle Crawford

3)  Mary (Tina) married Bill Wakefield, broom maker of Grant


4)  Len married......(daughter) of Robert H. Yelton

5)  Ed married (1st)......(daughter) of B.M. Mullins

       married (2nd)......Fortner or Faulkner

     William C.  Yelton had a son Jesse Yelton; think he

lived about Gardnersville, and some of his children live in

Grant County.  This Jesse was brother of Daniel W.  Yelton.

     There was another Jesse Yelton who lived at Grants Lick.

     Daniel W.  Yelton's children (in part):

1)  William, was killed by a threshing machine in Kenton


2)  Daniel Boone, was born at Staffordsburg, Kenton County.

    Same locality as about White's Tower.

3)  Thomas Jefferson, was born in Illinois, and went to

    school in Kenton County about Staffordsburg, until about

    15 years old.

     Frank Bird married Lizzie, daughter of E.P.  Williams.

Bird raised in Kenton County.  Eda, daughter of Pope Williams

married Arthur Bird.

     Frank Bird had a daughter Ora, married Charles

Ballinger, of Kenton County.  PO Independence, RFD.

     Vashti Williams was a niece of E.P.  Williams.  Vashti

married Alexander Yelton.  Alexander was not a brother of

Daniel W.  Yelton.




                August 27, 1939


     Otis (Ode) Crout is a son of William Crout, who lived at

Butler, and was a conductor on L&N R.R., mostly the Butler

accommodation.  William Crout's father came from the city,

and settled between Butler and Demossville, near the R.R.  He

purchased the farm of Frederick Peel.  William Crout had a

brother who was a locomotive engineer on R.R.

     Frederick Peel sold his farm in Pendleton County and

returned to the city.  He had a brother in Cincinnati, who

was a large contractor.  Frederick Peel's children:

1)  Carrie               5)  Frank

2)  Tillie               6)  ......(son)

3)  Emma                 7)  ......(daughter)

4)  Frederick Jr.






                July 28, 1940


     John Edward, lived across river from Butler.  Think he came

here from the mountains.  Think he or wife was kin to the


     James Edward's children:

1)  James Jr. married Sarah, daughter of Alfred Elliott; lives on

    home place.

2)  Bill, not married, works in Covington.

3)  Mary ? married Jake Skinner.  It was said she and Jake were


     Peter Coil, lived on Red Brush Ridge, on a farm bought by his

son-in-law, Nat S. Patton.  Peter left here when Elmon Yelton was

about 6 year old, and think he went to Iowa.  Some of Peter's

children were:

1)  ......(daughter) married Nat. S. Patton.

2)  ......(daughter) married......Turnpaw.  This Mr Turnpaw's

    father lived on the Sam Randall place.

3)  Nick ?

4&5)  Think there were two more boys.

Peter Coil's girls were fine looking women.

     Dan W. Yelton's mother was a Taylor.  She married (1st),

William C. Yelton.  She married (2nd), Mr Griffing.  Elmon Yelton

remembers her, when she lived in Bulter, with her son Lum Yelton.

(She was - Nancy Taylor).  Nancy Taylor, had sisters (in part):

1)  Duranda married Woodford Beckett.

2)  Sally married Enoch Williams.

    Enoch Williams and wife Sally, has a son:

John Taylor Williams, who married Harriet Taylor, daughter of

Ferdinand Taylor.  It was said that John T. Williams and wife

Harriet, were cousins.  Elmon Yelton says he has heard his father

and mother speak of John T. and his wife Harriet, being cousins.

     Elmon Yelton draws the conclusion that Sally (wife of Enoch

Williams) was a sister of Ferdinand Taylor, father of Harriet,

wife of John T. Williams.  If so, then Sally (Taylor) Williams,

would have been a daughter of the old Robert Yelton - which does

not correspond with other history of the Taylor's.

     When Elmon P. Yelton went to Missouri about 1883, there was a

Mr Taylor who lived there.  The man Elmon worked for Alexander

Green, said his farm had been owned by the Mr Taylor, who was the

father of Minnie & Edith Taylor; he knew the two girls - Mr Green

did.  This Mr (Frank or J.F.) Taylor married a daughter of Hugh

Bradford.  Minnie and Edith came back to Butler, and were raised

by their grandfather, Hugh Bradford, in Butler.

     When Elmon went to Missouri, was in Saline County, and Hugh

Bradford also owned a farm there.  J.F. or Frank Taylor did not

return to Kentucky.

(Note:  This J.F. or Frank Taylor, was a son of Elijah Taylor).

     Pope Williams had three daughters:

1)  Eda married John Armstrong, of Kenton County, and lived out

    from Visalia, about Goose Island Church.  They had children,

    a part of whom were:

     (a)  Mark, lived on Independence Pile; a farmer.

     (b)  Hiram, a farmer.

     (c)  Sarah, never married.  And there were other children.

2)  Jennie, married William Taylor.  Some of their children were:

     (a)  William Taylor Jr., went to Michigan.

     (b)  ......(daughter) married ......Newkirk, and they have a

     son, Hiram Newkirk, of Peach Grove.

3)  Rinda, married Arthur ? Bird.  They had children:

     (a)  Tom Bird

     (b)  Jim Bird

     Thomas J. Yelton would send his cattle to market at

     Cincinnati by driving them down the Independence Pike.  His

     sons Edmund and Elmon P. Yelton would take the cattle (with

     the aid of about one helper).  Then would go as far as Mark

     Armstrong's farm and there stop for the night, and take the

     cattle to the stock yards next day.  When they got to the

     edge of Covington, they would telephone to the stock yard,

     and they would sent help to pilot the cattle through the

     city.  T.J. Yelton would come to the market, leaving home on

     the train, on the morning of the second day.

     John Bell, lived on Lick Creek; he worked at the mill in

     Butler, and his wife kept the toll gate.  Mr Bell's wife was

     from over on Grassy Creek.  Their children:

1)  Laura, married and had a very pretty daughter, named Laura Jr.

2)  Seymore, said to have joined the Army.

3)  "Sanky", probably Marion.

4)  Bob

     Singing Billie Jones, had a brother.  Lee Jones, lived out on

headwaters of Willow Creek, near Campbell County

.    Henry Irvin (or Irving); his wife was Margy.  They lived on

"Hogback" a while, then down on Lick Creek, in a house next to the

creek, joining the Sam Randall place and the Will L. Bonar place.

They had 3 or 4 girls, and 3 boys. One boy was called, "Duge"


     Old Daniel Lewis lived in Butler.  He was the oldest man

Elmon Yelton knew, when Elmon started to school.  He was the

father of, George Lewis.

     William C. Yelton owned the old Salt Well, on Licking River,

just above Butler.  His son Daniel, helped to dig the well.  Dan

was the grandfather of Elmon P. Yelton.  They made salt there.

The well is not quite in the river, but on sort of an island, and

near the lower end of the Matt Thomasson farm.

     Lafe Bird, clerked in L.H. Armstrong's store in Butler.  His

mother was Mary Bird; don't know his father's name.  Lafe Bird, I

think, married a school teacher.  Lafe's mother, lived in Butler,

a widow.  This family came from Kenton County near Independence.

Some of her children were:

1)  Lafe, clerked in Armstrong's store.

2)  Annie, married and went to Kansas.

3)  Isham (or Isom)

4)  Arthur

This Mrs Mary Bird lived in Butler, where John Gosney lived at

time he died.

     There was another Arthur Bird, a younger man that Elmon's

great uncle, who married a Williams; and not Arthur, son of Mary,

the widow.

     There was another widow Bird, who lived in Butler, she was -

Mrs Sophronia Bird, came from Campbell County, and she was a

Yelton.  Her children were (a part at least):

1)  Jennie, married ......Crain.

2)  Nora

3)  Sally

4)  Leo, and think the youngest was

5)  William ?

     Horatio Tuttle, married Eliza Barton, and had two children:

1)  Bert and,

2)  Frank

Think that Bert finally went back to where his father came from.

Horatio, went to the mountains, and married (2nd) a Lovelace.

     Nimrod Yelton, was a son of John J. Yelton.  Nimrod married

Mattie, daughter of William L. Barton Jr.  Mattie married (1st) Mr

......Bloom.  Nimrod probably had been married before.

     Elijah Yelton married Luthania Barton.  Their children: 1)

Rodney, went to the mountains.

2)  Tone, went to Vincennes, Indiana.

3)  Jennie married ......Calvert.

4)  Belle, married ......McClure.

5)  William, married in Indiana; was a locomotive engineer,

    probably located at Vincennes, Indiana.  His widow returned

    and lived at Butler a few years, and she had a sister with her


6)  Thomas S. married ......Tarvin.

7)  Lum, married Emma Hagemeyer.

8)  James, was a Railway Clerk, and R F D carrier.

9)  Florence, married John McBride.

     Julius V. Thomasson married (1st) ......Wright, and has


1)  Matthew

2)  Lou, married Jim Webster.

3)  Alice, married Rufus K. Shoemaker.

Julius V. married (2nd) Polly Yelton, and had children by her:

4)  James, married two times.

5)  Nannie married George Shelly.

6)  Sue, married ......Shelly, brother of George.

Julius V. Thomasson's (2nd) wife was Mary (Polly) daughter of

William C. Yelton.





Robert Yelton son of William Yelton Sr., Revolutionary soldier.


Robert Yelton                      Catherine Castator

born:   abt 1785                   born: 1798 (52 census 1850)

died:      -1834 Shelby Co., IN    died:      -1873 IL

married:  18-Mar-1823, Pendleton Co., Kentucky

                            Parents of

*Charles Yelton

born:  4-Jan-1824, KY

died: 20-Aug-1904

      Jasper Co., IL


Mary M. Yelton

born:  12-May-1826, KY

died:   2-May-1921

       Hazel Dell, IL

(Mrs Elias Gerrard)


Robert Yelton

born:       -1827, KY

died:  1-Jul-1907

      Hazel Dell, IL


Amelia Yelton

born:       -1834, IN

died:  27-Dec-1909

       Casey, IL

(Mrs Wood/Ward)


*Charles Yelton married Mary Ann Shryock  9-Mar-1849, Shelby Co., IL

               Parents of (not in birth order)

John, James, Jane Hepner, Sarah Phillips, Callies Armer, Alice Burke,

Lizzie Debord-Boswell, Charles Otis, *Maggie Downs.


*Dr. Maggie Yelton (1867-1952) married Dr. Henry B. Downs (1859-1940)

25-Dec-1888, Jasper Co., IL.  Both died in Danville, IL.

               Parents of

*Ernest B.

born:  6-Apr-1890

died:    Jul-1943

Erminie D.

born:    Aug-1891

died:    Feb-1987

*Charles McCabe

born:    Mar-1901

died:    Jun-1945

William Albert

born:    Sep-1904

died:    Nov-1983

Lois E.

born:    Jun-1907

died:    Dec-1930


*Ernest children:

  Stephen:  1931-1982

lived in Tucson, AZ

  Catherine Valentine:  1915-

lives in Columbus, OH

  Margaret Eagen:  1918-1992


  Frances Marquiro:  1919-

lives in Grand Island, NY

  Mary Alice Pettit:  1924-

lives in Lodi, CA

  Henry Boone:   1927-

lives in Sacramento, CA

  Wilma Jean Lodge:   1930-

lives in Tucson, AZ


*Charles children:

  Nancy Chandler:   1930-

lives in Atlanta, GA


Information submitted 1994 by:

daughter of Catherine Valentine

   Evelyn Bower




     Recently discovered information points to the above

Robert Yelton as being the son of the Revolutionary War

soldier - William Yelton Senior.  On page 225 in the Order

book 1830-1836 in the Pendleton County Courthouse one will

find the list of William Yelton Senior's children and other

heirs as so; "James Yelton, Robert Yelton, Benjamin Yelton,

John Yelton, Nancy Yelton (who married Jonathan Cash), and

William Yelton deceased who left infant heirs: Alexander,

William, John, and Cynthia Yelton, and Elizabeth Yelton (who

married Clifton Love) - she is deceased and left an infant

daughter Amarilla Love, who are all the children and

grandchildren of William Yelton Senior."

     Robert and Catherine were married in Pendleton County,

Kentucky in March, 1823.  Catherine was given permission by

her mother, Susannah, her father being deceased, on the oath

of Benjamin Yelton.  (All this is on record in the Pendleton

County Courthouse).

     Robert and family moved to Shelby County, Indiana about

1828-1829.  Both sons Charles and Robert Junior list

birthplace as Kentucky on future census, they were born in

1824 and 1827 respectively.  Robert Yelton is listed as one

of the original landowners in a Shelby County tract book page

49.  Also Benjamin and Nancy Yelton are listed as early

landowners in Shelby County in the first three books of deed

records in that county.

     The Shelby County court records show an estate

settlement for Robert, in August 1836 listing Catherine as

the widow.  Earlier records show John Hendricks was appointed

administrator for Robert, deceased October 8, 1834.

     In 1850 (according to the census), Catherine is living

with son, Robert and his wife Janetta in Shelby County,

Indiana.  Charles is listed also in the same county, the head

of a household with his wife Mary Ann and baby, John - 6

months old.

     Charles and Mary Ann moved to Jasper County, Illinois by

1860 and remained there for the rest of their lives.  Charles

will become a Captain in the Civil War and the Mexican War.

He will be a Chaplain in the Army and a farmer and Minister

in private life.  Charles dies in 1904, see attached sheet.

     The attached information shows the family line thru

Charles and his daughter Dr. Maggie Yelton Downs.  In the

future I hope to be able to give the descendants of Charles's

brother Robert and his two sisters, Mary and Millie (Amelia)

and those of Dr. Maggie's eight siblings.


     This information submitted, December 1987

     by Evelyn M. Bower




                       Butler, KY

                       October 7, 1943


     There were 5 families of Moore's in Pendleton County:

1)  The Moore's of about Caddo (North Carolina).

2)  Moses Moore of Butler; came from Campbell County, KY.

3)  Tom Moore, Deputy Sheriff, Pendleton County.

4)  John Moore, of Demossville (father of Mrs Gaines

Daugherty and Viola Moore).

     (Could this be the Moore's related to F.F. Wallace?)

     Matthew Wright, of Menzies Bottoms, was the grandfather

of R.H.  Yelton.  Matthew Wright came from Pennsylvania, and

stopped at Maysville until he married, then moved to

Pendleton County.  He died at Lexington, Missouri.

     During the Civil War, the soldiers went to his farm and

threw our lot of corn and then turned their horses to it.

The soldier's put him under arrest, and ordered him to get on

a horse with one of the soldiers, to go to Demossville.  Mr

Wright was crippled in one hip and could not (or did not ride

horse back).  Mr Wright refused to ride and they pretended to

Court Martial him, they lined him up against a locust tree

and a circle of soldiers faced him with guns.  The officer

ordered the men to "aim" but did not give the order to fire.

After a little, Mr Wright asked: why didn't you shoot, you


     Mr Wright was not a tall man but heavy built, and a

powerful man.  Old Cap Bonar was a big man but said he would

just as leave be in a vice as for Mr Wright to get a grip

hold on him.

     William Yelton, of about Grants Lick (son of old Jesse

Yelton) was a fighter.  He went to Kansas City, and was a

detective on the police force.  He married in Kentucky.

     Alexander Yelton - don't remember names of his brothers

or sisters.  There was a "John Gouge" Yelton and his brother

"James Gouge" Yelton.  The children of one of them (in part)


1)  Matt Yelton

2)  Jesse Yelton

3)  Pete Yelton.  All three of them were "fiddlers".

     Mr ......Gosney was manager of a distillery; his mother

was a Yelton.

     Sally Taylor married Enoch Williams. She was probably an

aunt of Fanny Taylor.

     Jesse Yelton was a mail carrier, Falmouth to

Gardnersville.  He married Clark.

     Belle Barton married Hathaway.  She taught school in


     Lizzie Yelton went to school to her (Lizzie married

Charles F. Bonar).

     Belle Shoemaker went to school to her.  (She, daughter

of Heber Shoemaker).

     Heber Shoemaker had a store down by the river; but after

the Rail Road was built, he moved the store up by the Rail

Road.  Some of Heber's children were:

     George Shoemaker and Jake Shoemaker.  They were

engineers on the Rail Road.

     Belle Shoemaker was another of this children.

     Landers Shoemaker was a son; he died or got killed.

     The Butler Baptist Church was founded by Matthew Wright,

Enoch Huff and Hugh Bradford.  Matthew Wright ran off from

home in Pennsylvania when he was 13 years old.



     Following notes taken from an old family Bible, in the

possession of Mrs. L.M. Beerbower, of Liberty Center,

Indiana.  The Bible was sent by express in July, 1939 to E.E.

Barton, Falmouth, Kentucky and the following notes are taken

from the Bible itself.

     On a loose leaf enclosed in the Bible is the following

memorandum:  "This Bible was bought in 1803 by Grandfather

Yelton".  "There was 13 of them in family."

                John T. Buckner


     The front page is missing.  At the end of the Old

Testament and preceding the Apocrypha is the following

imprint:  "Joseph Charless, Printer, Philadelphia."  New

Testament title page, has the following imprint:

Philadelphia:  "Printed for Matthew Carey, No. 118, Market

Street  October 27, 1802."


     The title page of the concordance, has the following

imprint:  "By John Brown, late Minister of the Gospel at

Haddington, in Scotland."  "Thomas S. Manning, Printer."


     The Bible is a large one, leather bound, with a buckskin

cover over the leather binding.  The outer covering was

probably tanned on the farm and is held in place by the edges

being folded in and held with thread - the older thread seems

to be linen.  Some resewing was done with black thread.  The

volume is 11 1/4 inches by 9 1/2 inches and 3 3/4 inches



     In the front of the Bible, ahead of the text of Genesis,

is a list of subscribers.  Part of the list is missing, but

several hundred names appear in the printed list.


     This book was purchased Anne Domini, June 15th, 1803 by

Charles Yelton   Cost  2..13.4  (2 pounds 13.4 pence).








Charles Yelton Sr. born November 1, 1746

Amelia Ellis born September 30, 1750


     Charles Yelton Sr. and wife Amelia Ellis parents of:

John Yelton born August 5, 1770

James Yelton born January 15, 1773

Fanny Yelton born May 11, 1775

William C. Yelton born September 27, 1777

Margaret (Peggy) Yelton born November 27, 1779

Charles Yelton Jr. born March 29, 1782

Isabella Yelton born July 23, 1784

Samuel Yelton born November 12, 1786

Jesse Yelton born October 12, 1789

Amelia Yelton born March 2, 1791

Nancy Yelton born March 18, 1793

Daniel Yelton born February 28, 1795


     Sarah Applebee and Benjamin Gosney parents of:

Coleman Gosney born December 15, 1789

John Gosney born July 2, 1794

Amelia Gosney born May 16, 1792


     Charles Yelton Jr. and wife Amelia Gosney parents of:

Benjamin Yelton born September 18, 1811

Coleman Yelton born June 28, 1813

Richard Yelton born April 6, 1815

Sarah Yelton born November 12, 1816

James Garrett Yelton born May 11, 1818

Simeon Yelton born February 18, 1820

America Yelton born November 13, 1821

Hayden Yelton born September 17, 1823

Mason Yelton born July 5, 1825

George Washington Yelton born April 22, 1828

Amelia Margaret Yelton born April 17, 1831

Elizabeth Yelton born September 12, 1833

Charles Marion Yelton born March 7, 1836

Charity Agnes Yelton born May 20, 1838


     Isabella Yelton and John Gosney parents of:

     John Gosney born July 2, 1794

Charles Gosney born May 16, 1817

America Gosney born July 29, 1819

Benjamin Coleman Gosney born August 15, 1821


     Richard Yelton and Susan Dunaway parents of:

Amelia Margaret born August   , 183?


     Sarah Yelton and Dudley Dunaway parents of:

Polly Dunaway born January 19, 1835


     Charles Marion Yelton and Rachel Sofia parents of:

Lilly Bell Yelton born July 25, 186?

Milly Lizabeth Yelton born December 12, 186?


Elizabeth Ann Yelton born July 25, 1855









(Charles Yelton Sr. born November 1, 1746)

Amelia Ellis born September 30, 1750


     Charles Yelton Sr. and wife Amelia Ellis parents of:

(John Yelton born August 5, 1770)

(James Yelton born January 15, 1773)

(Fanny Yelton born May 11, 1775)

(William) C.( Yelton born September 27, 1777)

Margaret (Peggy Yelton born November 27, 1779)

(Charles Yelton Jr. born March 29, 1782)

(Isabella Yelton born July 23, 1784)

(Samuel Yelton born November 12, 1786)

(Jesse Yelton born October 12, 1789)

(Amelia Yelton born March 2, 1791)

(Nancy Yelton born March 18, 1793)

(Daniel Yelton born February 28, 1795)


     Sarah Applebee and Benjamin Gosney parents of:

(Coleman Gosney born December 15, 1789)

(John Gosney born July 2, 1794)

(Amelia Gosney born May 16, 1792)


     Charles Yelton Jr. and wife Amelia Gosney parents of:

(Benjamin Yelton born September 18, 1811)

(Coleman Yelton born June 28, 1813)

(Richard Yelton born April 6, 1815)

(Sarah Yelton born November 12, 1816)

(James Garrett Yelton born May 11, 1818)

(Simeon Yelton born February 18, 1820)

(America Yelton born November 13, 1821)

(Hayden Yelton born September 17, 1823)

(Mason Yelton born July) 5(?, 1825)

George(? Washington Yelton born April 22, 1828)

(Amelia Margaret Yelton born April 17, 1831)

(Elizabeth Yelton born September 12, 1833)

(Charles Marion Yelton born March 7, 1836)

(Charity Agnes Yelton born May 20, 1838)


     Isabella Yelton and John Gosney parents of:

     John Gosney born July 2, 1794

(Charles Gosney born May 16, 1817)

(America Gosney born July 29, 1819)

(Benjamin Coleman Gosney born August 15, 1821)


     Richard Yelton and Susan Dunaway parents of:

(Amelia Margaret born August   , 183?)


     Sarah Yelton and Dudley Dunaway parents of:

(Polly Dunaway born January 19, 1835)


     Charles Marion Yelton and Rachel Sofia parents of:

(Lilly Bell Yelton born July 25, 186?) 1862

(Milly Lizabeth Yelton born December 12, 186?)


(Elizabeth Ann Yelton born July 25, 1855)








  Charles Yelton Sr. died July 2, 1817

    Amelia Ellis died February 23, 1830

place: Paris, Bourbon County, KY

John Yelton died February 2, 1852

  Ann Lambert died July 20, 1844 (born about 1774)

place: Campbell County, KY

James Yelton died infancy


Fanny Yelton Taylor died August 11, 1821

  Robert Taylor died


William C. Yelton died August 22, 1840

  Nancy Taylor died November 5, 1876 (born January 9, 1790)

place: Pendleton County, KY

Margaret (Peggy) Yelton died

  Henry Hall died


Charles Yelton Jr. died October 7, 1843

  Amelia Gosney died November 10, 1865 (born May 16, 1792)

place: Pendleton County, KY

Isabella Yelton died July 6, 1869

  John Gosney died                     (born July 2, 1794)


Samuel Yelton died August 15, 1828

  Polly Taylor died


Jesse Yelton died July 20, 1871

  Lucy Kendall died            1866 (born 1797)

place: Cruise Creek Church Cemetery, Kenton, KY

Amelia Yelton died

  Samuel Hall died


Nancy Yelton died

  William Brown died

place: Indiana

Daniel Yelton died       1863

  Winey (Winnie) Honey died



  Sarah Yelton Gosney died

    Benjamin Gosney died


Coleman Gosney died May 5, 1813


John Gosney died



  Charles Yelton Jr. died October 7, 1843

    Amelia Gosney died November 10, 1865 (born May 16, 1792)


Benjamin Yelton died June 27, 1889

  Sarah (Sallie) Fryer died February 5, 1903 (born June 8,



Coleman G. Yelton died

  Amelia Dunaway died


Richard Yelton died

  Susan Dunaway died December 18, 1877 (born 1813)


Sarah Yelton died

  Dudley Dunaway died


James Garrett Yelton died September 21, 1908

  Ellen Fryer died March 17, 1855 (born January 2, 1821)

place: Mt. Auburn, KY

Simeon Yelton died

       Gosney died


America Yelton died

  Robert Hampton Gosney died


Hayden Yelton died

  Nancy Hopkins died

place: Indiana?

Mason Yelton died

  Mary        died

place: Covington, KY?

George Washington Yelton died

  Johanna Lewis died


Amelia Margaret Yelton died December 22, 1916

  William Nicholas Buckner died October 29, 1901 (born

September 16, 1825)


Elizabeth Yelton died May 13, 1919

  Fredrick Klete Tarvin died January 10, 1908 (born April 20,


place: Thorp Cemetery, Vernon, IL, Marion County

Charles Marion Yelton died November 24, 1894

  Rachel Sofia died

place: Peach Grove Cemetery, Pendleton County, KY

Charity Agnes Yelton died October 27, 1843



  Isabella Yelton Gosney died

    John Gosney died


Charles Gosney died



Charles Yelton Sr. his moth....(math...) died ? February 13,

1781 (hard to read)








     Charles Yelton Sr. married Amelia Ellis on March 5, 1769

     place: Stafford County, VA


John Yelton married Ann Lambert on November 28, 1797


James Yelton married


Fanny Yelton married Robert Taylor on February 16, 1809

place: Pendleton County, KY

William C. Yelton married Nancy Taylor on January 11, 1810

place: Campbell County, KY

Margaret (Peggy) Yelton married Henry Hall on November 9,


place: Bourbon County, KY

Charles Yelton Jr. married Amelia Gosney on December 20, 1810

place: Campbell County, KY

Isabella Yelton married John Gosney on December 14, 1815

place: Bourbon County, KY

Samuel Yelton married Polly Taylor on December 25, 1823

place: Pendleton County, KY

Jesse Yelton married Lucy Kendall on April 23, 1819

place: Paris, Bourbon County, KY

Amelia Yelton married Samuel Hall on March 30, 1820

place: Bourbon County, KY

Nancy Yelton married William Brown on October 17, 1832

place: Bourbon County, KY

Daniel Yelton married Winey (Winnie) Honey on January 1, 1821

place: Paris, Bourbon County, KY


     Sarah Applebee and Benjamin Gosney married on


Coleman Gosney married


John Gosney married Isabella Yelton on December 14, 1815



     Charles Yelton Jr. married Amelia Gosney on December 20,



Benjamin Yelton married Sarah (Sallie) Fryer on November 15,


place: Pendleton County, KY

Coleman G. Yelton married Amelia Dunaway on July 10, 1833

place: Campbell County, KY

Richard Yelton married Susan Dunaway on May 25, 1835


Sarah Yelton married Dudley Dunaway on March 21, 1833

place: Pendleton County, KY

James Garrett Yelton married Ellen Fryer on February 7, 1839

place: Pendleton County, KY

Simeon Yelton married      Gosney on


America Yelton married Robert Hampton Gosney on January 10,


place: Pendleton County, KY

Hayden Yelton married Nancy Hopkins on April 24, 1850


Mason Yelton married Mary        on        21-27, 1834


George Washington Yelton married Johanna Lewis on January 8,


place: Pendleton County, KY

Amelia Margaret Yelton married William N. Buckner on January

16, 1851

place: Pendleton County, KY

Elizabeth Yelton married Frederick Klete Tarvin on March 22,


place: Pendleton County, KY

Charles Marion Yelton married Rachel Sofia on December 2,



Charity Agnes Yelton (not married)


     Isabella Yelton married John Gosney on December 14, 1815

Charles Gosney married


America Gosney married


Benjamin Gosney married









   (Charles Yelton Sr. married Amelia Ellis on March 5, 1769)

    place: Stafford County, VA


(John Yelton married Ann) Lambert on November 28, 1797(date

not entered)

place: Harrison County

James Yelton married


(Fanny Yelton married Robert Taylor on February 16, 1809)

place: Pendleton County, KY

(William) C.( Yelton married Nancy) Taylor( on January 11,


place: Campbell County, KY

Margaret (Peggy) Yelton married Henry Hall on November 9,


place: Bourbon County, KY

Charles Yelton Jr. married Amelia Gosney on December 20, 1810

place: Campbell County, KY

(Isabella Yelton married John Gosney on December 14, 1815)

place: Bourbon County, KY

Samuel Yelton married Polly Taylor on December 25, 1823

place: Pendleton County, KY

Jesse Yelton married Lucy Kendall on April 23, 1819

place: Paris, Bourbon County, KY

Amelia Yelton married Samuel Hall on March 30, 1820

place: Bourbon County, KY

Nancy Yelton married William Brown on October 17, 1832

place: Bourbon County, KY

Daniel Yelton married Winey (Winnie) Honey on January 1, 1821

place: Paris, Bourbon County, KY


     Sarah Applebee and Benjamin Gosney married on


Coleman Gosney married


John Gosney married Isabella Yelton on December 14, 1815



    (Charles Yelton Jr. married Amelia) Gosney (on December

20, 1810)


(Benjamin Yelton married Sarah) Sallie Fryer (on November 15,


place: Pendleton County, KY

(Coleman G. Yelton married Amelia) Dunaway (on July 10, 1833)

place: Campbell County, KY

(Richard Yelton married Susan) Dunaway (on May 28, 1835)


(Sarah Yelton married Dudley Dunaway on March 21, 1833)

place: Pendleton County, KY

(James Garrett Yelton married Ellen) Fryer (on February) 7,


place: Pendleton County, KY

Simeon Yelton married      Gosney on


(America Yelton married Robert Hampton Gosney on January 10,


place: Pendleton County, KY

(Hayden Yelton married Nancy Hopkins on April 24, 1850)


(Mason Yelton married Mary        on        21-27, 1834)


George Washington Yelton married Johanna Lewis on January 8,


place: Pendleton County, KY

Amelia Margaret Yelton married William N. Buckner on January

16, 1851

place: Pendleton County, KY

Elizabeth Yelton married Frederick Klete Tarvin on March 22,


place: Pendleton County, KY

(Charles Marion Yelton married Rachel Sofia on December 2,



Charity Agnes Yelton (not married)


     Isabella Yelton married John Gosney on December 14, 1815

Charles Gosney married


America Gosney married


Benjamin Gosney married









Augustus E.  42, Pendleton Co., farmer, married February 9, 1865

to Harriet C. FELCH, 18, Pendleton Co.  He born in Pendleton Co.

She born in N.Y. & her father & mother.  Marriage to be at A.

FELCH's, by H. THOMPSON.  File: 15, Doc.-83, Vol.- 2, Pg.- 251.


A.W.  22, Pendleton Co. to be married June 6, 1872 to Malvina

SHOTWELL, 20, of Pendleton Co.  She born in Bracken Co.  Her

father born in Ohio.  Her mother born in Bracken Co.  To be

married at Lewis SHOTWELL's.  File: 21, Doc.-59, Vol.-11, Pg.-37.


Anthony W.  27, Pendleton Co. married May 22, 1877 to Artimissa Y.

STEPHENS, 20, of Pendleton Co.  To be married at Nathaniel

STEPHENS.  Her mother was Susan STEPHENS, married by H.P.

THOMPSON. File: 24, Doc.-171, Vol.-16, Pg.-78.


Albert E.  22, Latonia, married Eunice CREAMER, 19, Latonia.  She

born in Ohio.  License April 30, 1914.  Married April 30, 1914.

File: 52, Doc.-40, Vol.-27, Pg.-396.


Alexander  married June 21, 1849 to Vashti WILLIAMS, by Rev.

George FISHER.  William TAYLOR, Guardian for Vashti.  File: 9,

Doc.-84, Vol.-1, Pg.-429.


Ballard J.  25, Butler, son of A.E. YELTON & Anna G.  Married

October 17, 1920 to Eupha G. PRIBBLE, 20, daughter of George

PRIBBLE & Nellie May.  File: 58, Doc.-15, Vol.-32, Pg.-15.


Benjamin  married March 15, 1821 to Nancy LAFFERTY, by Rev.  John

TAYLOR.  Oath: Elizabeth ELLIS.  File: 4, Doc.-7, Vol.-1, Pg.-111.


Benjamin  married November 15, 1838 to Sarah FRYER by G.W.

SIMCOE.  Oath: Richard FRYER.  File: 7, Doc.-93, Vol.-1, Pg.-272.


Benjamin  27, Pendleton Co. married Sarah CALDWELL (her 2nd m).

She born in Ohio.  Bond September 5, 1864, by W.H.  MORELAND.

Married September 6th by William D. HOUSTON.  File: 15, Doc.-37,

Vol.-2, Pg.-246.


Charles T.  21, Pendleton Co. to Missouri F. SMITH, 23, Pendleton

Co.  License November 3, 1874.  Married November 5, 1874.  File:

23, Doc.-94, Vol.-11, Pg.-587.


Carl Hubert  25, Falmouth, 3rd son of George E. YELTON & Neva May,

deceased.  Married May 4, 1935 to Gladys Marie CLEMONS, 21,

Falmouth, daughter of William CLEMONS & Anna, by J.H.  SHARP.

Witness: James Blades YELTON & Nancy Carolyn DUNN.  File: 75,

Doc.-53, Vol.-49, Pg.-24.


Charles  married November 19, 1846 to Margaret KERBY, by William

TUCKER.  Oath: Hayden YELTON & Lloyd KERBY.  File: 8, Doc.-235,

Vol.-1, Pg.-395.


Charles  24, Pendleton Co. to Eliza A. KING, 21, Pendleton

Co.  License November 19, 1904.   Married November 20,1904.  File:

47, Doc.-107, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Charles Elbert  21, Falmouth, 5th son of G.E. YELTON & Neva.

Married September 24, 1927 to Florence Ruth ABERCROMBIE 17,

Falmouth, 3rd daughter of J.E. ABERCROMBIE & Mary.  File: 64,

Doc.-121, Vol.-38, Pg.-69.


Charles G.  married September 21, 1858 to Rosa J. STEPHENS, by

George FISHER.  Oath: Charles G. YELTON & J.S. TAYLOR.  File: 12,

Doc.-197, Vol.-2 Pg.-125.


Daniel B.  27, Pendleton Co. married March 15, 1877 to Anna Bell

GRANT, 25, Pendleton Co. by Thomas STEPHENS.  Witness: W.S. RACE &

F.P. MANN.  File: 24, Doc.-148, Vol.-16, Pg.-56.


Daniel  married December 7, 1831 to Sarah HARRIS by Rev.  George

FISHER.  Oath: Henry KING.  File: 5, Doc.-188, Vol.-1, Pg.-188.


Daniel W.  married Eliza Ann AULICK.  License October 30, 1854.

Oath: Charles A. AULICK.  Married November 2, 1854 by A.W.

MULLINS.  File: 11, Doc.-118, Vol.-2, Pg.-94.


Elbert B.  27, Pendleton Co. to Nora CAMPBELL, 27, Pendleton Co.

License March 11, 1896.  Married March 11, 1896.  File: 41, Doc.-

133, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Edward M.  22, Pendleton Co., carpenter, married Flora U.  MULLINS

19, Pendleton Co.  License November 11, 1890.  Married November

12, 1890.  File: 36, Doc.-90, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Edward M.  27, Pendleton Co. (2nd m.) carpenter, married Nola

FAULKNER, 26, Pendleton Co.  License June 13, 1899.  Married June

14, 1899.  File: 44, Doc.-69, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


E.P.  married Mary Jane KIRBY, by J.P. BARBEE. (no date)  MB 2-

393.  "I believe E.P. maybe O.P."


Edgar Otto  22, Falmouth, son of Arthur YELTON & Ellen.  Married

November 12, 1933 to Mabel Maxine JOHNSON, 21, Buford, Ohio,

daughter of Richard JOHNSON & Pearl, deceased.  File: 73, Doc.-

152, Vol.-47, Pg.-1.


Elijah  married March 6, 1845 to Luthania BARTON, by George FISHER

E.C.C.  File: 8, Doc.-152, Vol.-1, Pg.-364.


Elmon  35, Pendleton Co. married Nora BARTON, 23, Pendleton Co.

License April 30, 1902.  Married April 30, 1902.  File: 46, Doc.-

49, Vol.-27. Pg.-394.


Enoch W.  20, Pendleton Co., farmer, married to be, March 6, 1862,

to Amelia SMITH, 18, Pendleton Co. Married at Harvey SMITH's by

Thomas Morris, Baptist Minister.  Bond: Isaac DUNN.  Oath: by

Isaac J. SMITH.  File: 14, Doc.-114, Vol.-2, Pg.-210.


Frank B.  29, Pendleton Co., carpenter, married Kenna A.  PRIBBLE,

25, Pendleton Co.  License February 17, 1912.  Married February

18, 1912.  File: 51, Doc.-12, Vol.-27, Pg.-396.


George C.  22, Pendleton Co., miller, married Elizabeth R.

HUDDLESTON, 23, Pendleton Co.  License June 13, 1901.  Married

July 14, 1901.  File: 45, Doc.-190, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


George E.  23, Pendleton Co., farmer married Neva LOOMIS, 25,

Pendleton Co.  License August 23, 1904.  Married August 25, 1904.

File: 47, Doc.-69, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


George W.  married Joanna LEWIS.  License January 7, 1852.  Bond:

Daniel LEWIS.  Married January 8, 1852 by A. ANDERSON.  File: 10,

Doc.-129, Vol.-2, Pg.-42.


Grant  56, Butler, (2nd m.) son of Mitchell YELTON, deceased &

Sarah, deceased. Married March 2, 1936 to Ida B. HUFF, 51, Butler,

(2nd m.) daughter of Sanford YELTON, deceased & Bettie.  File: 76,

Doc.-24, Vol.-50, Pg.-43.


Henry M.  42, Pendleton Co. (2nd m.) to Kate DEMOSS, 25, Pendleton

Co.  License September 4, 1888.  Married September 4, 1888.  File:

34, Doc.-55, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Hayden  married October 20, 1870 to Margaret BRADFORD, by J.R.

BARBEE at Thomas K. BRADFORD's.  File: 19, Doc.-84, Vol.-2, Pg.-



Horace J.  19, Falmouth, 1st son of C.M. YELTON & Florence.

Married March 20, 1918 to Gertrude F. BIDDLE, 17, Falmouth,

daughter of Thomas BIDDLE & Lizzie.  File: 56, Doc.-192, Vol.-29,



Isaac  46, Campbell Co., constable, (2nd m.) to M.E. CUMMINS, 23,

Pendleton Co.  Her 1st marriage, to be married October 19, 1869.

Bond: William H.W. LUKE.  File: 18, Doc.-96, Vol.-2, Pg.-415.


James K.  22, Pendleton Co. married April 4, 1878 to Margaret C.

LA FOLLETTE, 23, Pendleton Co.  She born in Kentucky.  Married by

Thomas STEPHENS at R. YELTON's.  Witness: R.H.  YELTON & T.J.

LUMMIN.  File: 25, Doc.-42, Vol.-16, Pg.-188.


James  married Susannah CASTATOR, by Richard TARVIN.  License

October 15, 1827.  File: 5, Doc.-60, Vol.-1, Pg.-158.


James E.  27, Pendleton Co. married October 25, 1877 to Sarah A.

BARNARD, 25, Pendleton Co. by J.M. JOLLY.  To be at 2nd 12 mile

church.  She born in Kentucky.  Her father born in England, her

mother in Kentucky.  File: 24, Doc.-220, Vol.-16, Pg.-121.


James F.  20, Pendleton Co. born in Pendleton Co.  Marriage to be,

August 20, 1868 to Viann COLE, 19, Pendleton Co.  Born at Morgan,

Kentucky.  Her father born in Virginia & mother in Kentucky.

Marriage to be at W.H. COLE's.  Bond: Charles YELTON.  File: 17,

Doc.-45, Vol.-2, Pg.-355.


James G.  married February 7, 1839 to Ellen FRYER by Rev.  George

FISHER.  Oath: John J. YELTON.  File: 7, Doc.-103, Vol.-1, Pg.-



James G.  43, Pendleton Co. (2nd m.) to be married January 9, 1862

to Allis NORRIS, 35, (her 1st m.) of Pendleton Co.  Born in

Pendleton Co.  Marriage to be at John R. NORRIS' by B.H.  HOFFMAN.

File: 14, Doc.-104, Vol.-2, Pg.-207.


James G.  75, Pendleton Co. (3rd m.) to Lizzie FRYER, 59,

Pendleton Co. (her 2nd m.).  She born in Kentucky.  License

February 21, 1894.  Married February 22, 1894.  File: 40, Doc.-18,

Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


James M.  26, Campbell Co., born in Campbell Co.  Father born in

North Carolina.  To be married May 20, 1869 to Georgetta RECORDS,

22, Pendleton Co.  She born in Pendleton Co. & both parents.

Marriage to be at Luther RECORDS'.  File: 18, Doc.-51, Vol.-2,



James Robert  19, Falmouth, son of J.K. YELTON & Margaret.

Married February 7, 1917 to Rosa HESS, 24, Falmouth (2nd m.),

daughter of John HESS & Hannah.  File: 55, Doc.-61, Vol.-29, Pg.-




James W.  20, Pendleton Co. married Louisa NORTON, 14, Pendleton

Co.  License July 1, 1892.  Married July 3, 1892.  File: 38, Doc.-

72, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Jefferson D.  30, Pendleton Co. married Edith TAYLOR, 29,

Pendleton Co.  License June 23, 1899.  Married June 25, 1899.

File: 44, Doc.-75, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Jesse  married October 6, 1825 to Sally HENDRICKS by Rev.  John

TAYLOR.  Oath: by Peter K. HENDRICKS.  File: 4, Doc.-142, Vol.-1,



John C.  23, Pendleton Co. married Martha E. HOWE, 18, Pendleton

Co.  License November 27, 1912.  Married November 28, 1912.  File:

51, Doc.-115, Vol.-27, Pg.-396.


Joseph Wright  25, Butler, son of Ed F. YELTON & Ollie.  Married

March 13, 1925 to Mildred Elizabeth CORBIN, 25, Butler, daughter

of C.C. CORBIN.  File: 62, Doc.-77, Vol.-35, Pg.-77.


Julius T.  29, Pendleton Co., born in Pendleton Co.  Married

November 27, 1879 to Annie ERNEST, 28, Campbell Co.  She born in

Campbell Co.  Her parents born in Germany.  Married by Thomas

STEPHENS at her father's.  Witness: Henry BENTLE & William

WEAGANT.  File: 25, Doc.-245, Vol.-14, Pg.-177.


Leonard C.  32, Pendleton Co., barber, married Lillie B.  YELTON,

19, Pendleton Co.  License December 12, 1894.  (MB 1-B 394).

Married December 12, 1894.  File: 40, Doc.-111, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Lewis N.  29, Pendleton Co. married Annie FRYER, 32, Pendleton Co.

License March 31, 1904.  Married March 31, 1904.  File: 47, Doc.-

34, Vol.-27 Pg.-394.


Maurice M.  23, Pendleton Co. married Neva DUNAWAY, 25, Pendleton

Co.  License June 2, 1898.  Married June 2, 1898.  File: 43, Doc.-

59, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


(Dr) Mitchell  22, Pendleton Co., born in Pendleton Co.  Married

April 10, 1879 to Sarah FORNASH, 17, Pendleton Co.  She born in

Pendleton Co.  Her father born in Grant Co. & her mother.  Married

by H. FRAKES.  Bond: John FORNASH.  File: 25, Doc.-179, Vol.-14,



Oliver Perry  26, Pendleton Co., born in Pendleton Co.  Marriage

to be February 27, 1868 to Mary Jane KIRBY, 18, Pendleton Co.  Her

father born in Pendleton Co. & her mother in Kenton.  File: 17,

Doc.-19, Vol.-2, Pg.-347.


Oscar L.  26?, Pendleton Co. married Laura Edith GREEN, 21,

Pendleton Co.  License December 22, 1908.  Married December 24,

1908.  File: 49, Doc.-100, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Robert H.  25, Pendleton Co., married George Ann ANDERSON, 19,

Pendleton Co.  License November 16, 1874.  Married November 19,

1874.  File: 23, Doc.-103, Vol.-11, Pg.-599.


Ralph R.  39, Covington, (divorced). Son of E.J. YELTON & Minerva,

married August 3, 1935 to Geraldine Marie BODEY, 29, of Norwood

Ohio, daughter of Edward J. BODEY & Pearl.  File: 75, Doc.-88,

Vol.-49, Pg.-59.

Richard  married Susan DUNAWAY.  License May 25, 1835.  Oath: John

J. YELTON.  File: 6, Doc.-125, Vol.-1, Pg.-229.


Richard W.  34, Pendleton Co., farmer, married Belle CRAWFORD, 34,

Pendleton Co.  License May 4, 1896.  Married May 5, 1896.  File:

41, Doc.-147, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


Robert  married March 18, 1823 to Catherine CASTATOR, by Rev.

John TAYLOR.  Oath: Benjamin YELTON.  File: 4, Doc.-60, Vol.-1,



Robert  married Nancy DEAN.  License February 18, 1837.  Oath:

John YELTON.  File: 7, Doc.-6, Vol.-1, Pg.-248.


Robert T.  married Lydia WRIGHT, daughter of Matthew WRIGHT.

(Robert Taylor YELTON).  License April 11, 1836.  (MB 1-239).

 File: 6, Doc.-156, Vol.-1, Pg.-239.


Silas A.  married Nannie J. MC CULLOUGH married October 24, 1871

by William KIRKWOOD.  Married at Elizabeth MC CULLOUGH's.  file:

20, Doc.-97, Vol.-3, Pg.-370.


Samuel  married December 25, 1823 to Polly TAYLOR by Rev.  John

TAYLOR.  Oath: Horation WILLETT.  File: 4, Doc.-80, Vol.-1, Pg.-



Samuel  married October 8, 1840 to Lenecy BELEW by Rev.  George

FISHER.  File: 7, Doc.-180, Vol.-1, Pg.-299.


Thomas J.  married Mary Jane WILLIAMS. License November 24, 1856.

Bond: Elmon WILLIAMS.  Married Novmeber 25, 1856.  File:_, Doc.-_,

Vol.-10, Pg.-259.


Varden C.  28, Cincinnati, married Emma HAGEMEYER, 20, Pendleton

      Co.  She born in Ohio.  Her father & mother born Germany.

      License May 30, 1893.  Married June 1, 1893.  File: 39,

      Doc.-67, Vol.-27, Pg.-394.


William M.  married Catherine MILLS. Married September 19, 1871.

File:_, Doc.-_, Vol.-3, Pg.-334.


Willard  26, Butler, son of R.W. YELTON & Belle. Married May 17,

1925 to Irene VASTINE, 19, Butler, daughter of S.A.  VASTINE &

Dora.  File: 62, Doc.-93, Vol.-35, Pg.-93.


William  21, Falmouth, son of Arthur H. YELTON & Ellen.  Married

May 9, 1931 to Gertrude GILLESPIE, daughter of Chris GILLESPIE &

Clara.  File: 69, Doc.-58, Vol.-43, Pg.-28.


William  married October 11, 1821 to Mary LOCKWOOD, by Rev.

Alexander MONROE.  File: 4, Doc.-24, Vol.-1, Pg.115.


William Henry  26, Pendleton Co.  Marriage to be January 29, 1866

to Nancy WILLIAMS, 17, Pendleton Co.  To be at E.P.  WILLIAMS'.

File: 16, Doc.-4, Vol.-2, Pg.-287.


William M.  married Catherine NEWKIRK.  License November 24, 1856.

Bond: L.J. NEWKIRK.  (This was likely William Mortimer YELTON; and

she the daughter of Lorenzo J. NEWKIRK?)  File: 12, Doc.-65B,

Vol.-10, Pg.-251.  "Doc.-65B, is not a type o."


William N.  34, Campbell Co., born in Pendleton Co.  Marriage to

be February 11, 1864 to Mahala C. LEEDS, 24, Pendleton Co.  (2nd

m. for both).  She born in Pendleton Co.  Bond: G.S.  RARDIN.

Marriage to be at Patsey NEWKIRK's by Jesse BEAGLE.  File: 15,

Doc.-5, Vol.-2, Pg.-238.





      Died, of pulmonary disease, December 18, 1877.  Mrs Susan

Yelton, aged sixty four years and some months.

      By her exemplary life she had won the esteem of an extensive

circle of friends. 

     On the 16th a funeral discourse was preached at the old

Yelton homestead, where she died, by Elder William Kirkpatrick.

As we sat there within the time-honored walls of the old

homestead, surrounded by the solemn paraphanalia of death, the

scenes of other days, as weird phantoms, came trooping through the

halls of memory in varied throngs, and spell-bound back through

the vista of departed years we gazed upon them in sweet and

melancholy sadness. That joyous music which floats on the sound

from pattering feet of happy childhood still lent its lingering

echo; that cheering ring upon the voice of manhood's happy heart,

bounding high with hope as it mingled with the soft low tones of

young love's hallowed dream, rested its soothing charm on pensive

gentleness upon memory's pensive ear.  But hark!  What is it?  A

wail of anguish in startling accents breaks the spell.  Death has

dealt his relentless blow, and awe stricken we stand in his stern

presence, one of a weeping band of sorrowing mourners, none

knowing who will be chosen a victim for a similar scene.


     A historic reminiscence of the old place will be interesting

to many of the relatives.  About the beginning of the present

century, its present site was selected in the midst of an unbroken

forest by Charles Yelton, Senior, who came to this place with a

family of seven sons and five daughters.  Returning to Bourbon

County some years after, his son Charles Yelton became its

possessor, and December 20, 1810 brought to his home a young wife,

Amelia Gosney.  With their combined energy and industry they

established a neat and commodious homestead for the large family

they were rearing.

      Until October 1843, death had never crossed the threshold of

this happy home.  On the seventh of that month Charles Yelton

Junior, bowed to the solemn mandate and then, as if the satisfy

death's cruel appetite, twenty days later his icy fingers clutched

the youngest member of the family, a little girl of some seven

summers, and bore her away to the gloomy mansions of the dead.

Charles Yelton's widow was left with nine sons and four remaining

daughters and lived to see them all have families of their own.

Each one of the thirteen had their wedding and reception festival

at their childhood's home.  Each one became a member of the church

within their mother's lifetime, and twenty-two years after the

death of her husband, at the age of seventy-three, she too was

gathered home.


     After her death, her son Richard Yelton possessed the old

home.  February 27th, 1866 with a family of six children, he took

up his abode within its walls; since that time his family has

suffered a decline without parallel in the records of the Yelton



     October 19, 1868, a son died with fever; December the 5th of

the same year another son died of consumption.  The following

spring the head of the family, Richard Yelton, was stricken down

with disease, lingering an invalid for more than three years.

During the time, July 1872, the eldest daughter died of

consumption, the father following in October of the same year.

Not yet satisfied with his oft repeated demands, in September

1876, the last remaining daughter died in infancy and now side by

side in the old family grave-yard rests the remains of father and

mother and five of their children.  There are four children living

of the family of nine.


     We must all pass through the sad ordeal and rest in the cold,

damp, gloomy grave.  But there will be a scene in the last grand

drama, when the uplifted curtain of time reveals a triumphant

Conqueror leading up to the "Pearly Gates", a grand and mighty

host with its rolling wave of song, that send back its bounding

echo to eternity's center, while its ceaseless refrain flows on,

and on and on forever.  "O death, where is thy sting?  O grave,

where is thy victory".


NOTE:  The foregoing was copied from an old and yellow printed

copy which was loaned August 6, 1949 by Mrs Howard B.  Gosney.

      After making a copy, the printed article was returned to her.

She did not know the name of the paper in which it was printed, or

the date, or name of the person who wrote the article.  In her

letter accompanying the article Mrs Gosney stated: "Am sending a

clipping of my grandfather's death".


NOTE:  Charles G. Yelton Sr. b. Nov. 01, 1746 d. Jul. 02, 1817 m.

Mildred Amelia Ellis b. Sep. 30, 1750 d. Feb. 22, 1830 m. May 03,


       Charles G. Yelton Jr. b. Mar. 29, 1782 d. Oct. 07, 1843 m.

Amelia Gosney b. May 16, 1792 d. Nov. 10, 1865 m. Dec. 20, 1810.

       Richard William Yelton b. Apr. 06, 1815 d. Oct. 1872 m.

Susan Dunaway b. 1810 d. Dec. 18, 1877 m. May 25, 1835.




Veterans Administration


April 15, 1938

In reply refer to:


James Yelton-S.30810   William Yelton-S.35753


Mrs. O.K. Rumbel,

Mission, Texas


Dear Madam:

     Reference is made to your letter in which you request the

Revolutionary War records of James Yelton and William Yelton,

soldiers of the Revolutionary War from Virginia, who received

pension while residing in the state of Kentucky.


     The records of those soldiers are furnished you herein.


     James Yelton S.30810.  The data which follows were obtained

from the papers on file in pension claim S.30810, based upon the

military service in the Revolutionary War of James Yelton.


    James Yelton was born early in the year 1748, in Stafford

County, Virginia.  The names of his parents are not shown.


    While residing in said Stafford County, James Yelton enlisted

in 1775, as a minuteman and from that time until in 1781 or early

in 1782 he served at various times on short tours, being always in

readiness to be called at a moment's notice, at least two years in

all, as a private under Captains John James and James Primm and

Colonel William Phillips in the Virginia troops.  The principal

service rendered by him was in guarding the shores of the Potomac



    In 1785, James Yelton moved from Stafford County, Virginia, to

Amherst County, that state, where he lived until the fall of 1803,

then moved to Iredell County, North Carolina, and lived until the

spring of 1819, when he moved to Kentucky.


    James Yelton was allowed pension on his application executed

August 15, 1833, while residing about fifteen miles from Falmouth,

Pendleton County, Kentucky.


    There is no reference to wife or children.


    The names of two brothers of the soldier are given, Charles

Yelton an older brother and William, a younger brother.  The

latter made affidavit in 1833, in Pendleton County, Kentucky, in

support of his brother James Yelton's claim for pension.  The ages

of the brothers are not given.  In 1833, Elizabeth Henson lived in

Pendleton County, Kentucky, and made affidavit that she was the

sister-in-law of James Yelton and lived in his home during the

Revolutionary War.  She did not give her age.


    In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, the

name and address of person paid and possibly the date of death of

the Revolutionary War pensioner, James Yelton (S.30810), you

should address The Comptroller General, General Accounting Office,

Records Division, this city, and cite the following data:


    James Yelton, Certificate No. 19337, issued August 26, 1833,

rate $80.00 per annum, commenced March 4, 1831, Act of June 7,

1832, Kentucky Agency.


William Yelton  S.35753


    The data which follow were obtained from the papers on file in

Revolutionary War pension claim, S.35753, based upon the military

service in that war of William Yelton.


    The date and place of birth and names of the parents of

William Yelton are not shown.


    William Yelton enlisted in the state of Virginia, sometime in

1781, served as a private in Captain Kirkpatrick's Company,

Colonel Darke's 4th Virginia Regiments, was at the siege of

Yorktown and was discharged in 1783.


    William Yelton was allowed pension on his application executed

July 21, 1820, at which time he was aged 63 years and resided in

Pendleton County, Kentucky.


    In above year, soldier stated that his family then residing

with him consisted of his wife and a daughter, the latter aged 27

years.  He gave no names and there are no further data in regard

to his wife and no names of any other children.


    In 1822, one James Yelton was aged 66 years and made affidavit

in Pendleton County, Kentucky, in support of William Yelton's

claim for pension: no relationship to said William was given.


    In order to obtain the date of last payment of pension, the

names and address of person paid and possibly the date of death of

the Revolutionary War pensioner, William Yelton (S.35753), you

should address The Comptroller General, General Accounting

Office, Records Division, this city, and cite the following data:


    William Yelton, Certificate No. 18540, issued April 6, 1822,

rate $8.00 per month;, commenced July 21, 1820, Act of March 18,

1818, Kentucky Agency.




Yelton History, written by Miss Wagoner of Franklin, IN.


     Millie Buckner, sister of James and Ben Yelton of Pleasant

Hill & great aunt of Ira Yelton had a copy of the book at Liberty

Center.  Child, Benjamin F. Buckner, Liberty Center, IN, for book.


     L.M. Beerbower, Liberty Center, IN.  The Yelton family in

U.S.  originated from 4 brothers of that name, who came here from

Wales, in early settlement of U.S.  Thinks they landed on Virginia

coast and later drifted westward.  All 4 drifted westward, or

their children.  Charles G. Yelton and Benjamin E. Yelton (father

of Harry Yelton) were brothers, Silas A., Richard Jr. also

brothers of Charles G. Yelton.


     Old family burying ground, go out a ridge to left of the

concrete road, turning off opposite Denver Hornbeck's house.


     Millie (Yelton) Buckner had list of Yelton family, written by

her niece, Miss Wagoner of Franklin, IN.  Millie was an aunt of

Charles G.  Yelton and Millie was sister to Richard Yelton who

married ?  Dunaway.  Mrs. L.M. Beerbower, Liberty Center, IN

daughter of Millie (Yelton) Buckner married William Buckner.

Millie and William lived at Grants Lick and went to Indiana.


     Millie's daughter, Mrs L.M. Beerbower has old family Bible of



     William N. Buckner married, January 16, 1851 to Amelia M.

Yelton.  Married by A. Anderson.


     Amelia M. daughter of Charles Yelton.

Information - March 30, 1939 by Ira Yelton (son of Charles G.

Yelton).  Ira E. Yelton, born December 27, 1878, Butler, KY.




January 23, 1958


Dear Mrs Barton:

     In 1949 my sister, Mrs Dexter Meyer Senior had some

correspondence with your husband concerning Yelton genealogy,

I have a letter from him in which he offered his records for

her use.  I think she sent him a copy of our immediate

family, but did not continue the correspondence because about

this time Dr. Dexter Meyer left Falmouth for post graduate

work in St. Louis, after receiving his degree he was recalled

by the Navy, and moved to California.  After his service was

completed he returned to St. Louis to practice.  During these

years my sister spent so much time in St. Louis, made a

journey to California.  I think this is the reason she

dropped the correspondence.  Now I am working with Mrs M.C.

Northcutt whose husband was a great great grandson of Jesse

Yelton, son of Charles Yelton.  She has kindly furnished me

with census records and marriage records, which she compiled

after much research.  I have been able to help her some.  Now

we have the record all but that of Charles and Mildred or

(Milly) Yelton's oldest son John.  We wonder if John Yelton

of Campbell County who died in 1852 - age 82 years, his birth

date occurs one year after the marriage of Charles and Milly


     The family history written by John J. Yelton in 1879

gives the names of the children of Charles and Milly Yelton

as we have them except for the addition of Isaac, Rebecca,

Molly and Peggy and Margaret.  I am inclined to believe these

last four do not belong here, as they already had eleven!

However I do have the marriage of Rebecca Yelton to Charles

Williams, February 14, 1828 - (I have just discovered that

Philip, Jesse, Rebecca, Polly and Margaret who married Aaron

Cherry were the children of John Yelton I have mentioned

before.  Uncle John was mistaken there.)

     Can you tell me if Charles Yelton Junior who married

Elise Haley in Bourbon County could have later married Milly

Gosney and reared a family at Flour Creek?

     Also do you have a record of Historical Register

Virginians in Revolution Pensioners:  Yelton, James and

William and Revolutionary soldiers in Kentucky (Quisenberry)

Yelton, James private Pendleton County Virginia militia

August 26, 1833 #80 age 86.  This from Mrs Hollie McClure.

Uncle John's history states that these brothers came from

Wales to Loudoun County, Virginia in Colonial times and

remained until after the war, during which time James and

William were soldiers in the field and Charles worked as a

gun maker.  After the war James and William emigrated to

North Carolina (I have records of Yeltons born in North

Carolina, later moving to Pendleton County, Kentucky.

Charles Yelton is listed on the Fayette County tax list in

the year 1790.  He later moved to Bourbon County.  There was

a fire at the court house some years ago in which part of the

record was destroyed.  Could it be that his family was as

large as Uncle John believed?  I have a picture of Nancy

Taylor, wife of William C. Yelton, who was my mother's

grandmother, and the names and birth dates of their eight

sons and two daughters.

     Was Isabelle Yelton who married John Thomas their

daughter? and did not Maria Louisa (called Sis,) marry Aaron

Griffin and live at Gardnersville?

     Polly married Julius Thomasson I know.  Robert T.

married Anna Anderson?  John James married Mary Jane Wheeler.

William A. (my grandfather) married Maria Louisa Pepper.

Elijah married Luthania Barton.  Whom did Augustine Easton


     There is a John Yelton and Judith M. Yelton buried in

the family burying ground, do you have record of them?  I

know that Samuel and his wife Mary were parents of Matilda

who married Anthony Taylor and that Caroline at age 22 was

listed with the family of Elijah and Luthania Yelton in the

census of 1850.  I know I can obtain marriage records of

these I have mentioned by looking them up at the Pendleton

County court house, but I have no way of getting there, since

Dr. Meyer is no longer in Falmouth, his parents seldom go.

Any information you may send me will be gratefully received.



Martha L. Miller

     later - I have just found that John M. Yelton, born

North Carolina, 1808 and his wife Judith, born North Carolina

was the son of James, as was Alexander born, 1812 North

Carolina married Vashti Williams born, 1815.  The will of

James Yelton and wife Elizabeth name sons John and Alexander,

will dated August 16, 1838.  The will of William C. Yelton

and wife Nancy, sons Daniel and John I. Yelton, we know that

this was John J.

     Information from various sources states that three

brothers, left Virginia after the war and that they had one

sister.  I know that Rhodum Ellis who came to Kentucky with

Charles married Amelia Yelton, as he was a brother-in-law of

Charles.  Do you have proof that John, Charles and William

Yelton were brothers?  They are on tax list of 1811 we know

that Charles Yelton in 1799 owned 200 acres on Licking River.

Was this the Charles Yelton of Bourbon, father of Charles,

William C. and John? or were they brothers and sons of


     We have record of a John Yelton who died in Campbell

County in 1852 age 82, it also later states in census report

John M. (will) married Ann Lambert in Harrison County.  There

is a will of C.M. Yelton (will) wife Anna to certain heirs.

Could it be that this was John William, John being a son of

Charles and Mildred Yelton? as it checks with his marriage to

Anna Lambert.  Unless Mrs Northcutt made a typographical

error, as in the instance of the name of Uncle John being

listed as John I.  Last summer our county clerk made a

mistake in the matter of a record for me.  Forgive me my

lengthy letter.  I never know when to stop, and if it is not

convenient for you to reply, I shall understand.