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E. E. Barton Papers - Fields

Information from E.E. Barton Collection, Northern Kentucky.



Name: Matthew Fields

When born: Came to Ky from E. shore Md.

Where born: Came to Pend. Co. Ky when old man

Matthew lived in Cov. A while. There are Fields in Scott Co. that are supposed to be our kin. Hayden Ellis stated that Matthew Fields came to Pendleton Co from Scott Co.

Information By: B H Fields 7/4/1936


Ambrose (G.) m. Sallie Ellis

Bryce T. m. Polly Shaw (called ďAunt PopĒ

Bryce lives near where Walter Fields now lives, back of N B Bonar farm, on or near Turkey Branch.


Wm (W.) m. Ann Peters (perhaps Mary Ann)

This family left Pen. In early day but Wm. d, in Pend. Co. on Turkey Branch.


Betsy (Elizabeth) (1815 m. Michael Wellman)

Lived on Lkg. River on Rush farm. Across from Menzie Th___ (unreadable)

Old Ju___ (unreadable) Cummins owned the place later think he bur. ___ (unreadable)

m. William Cruger  (Crugerís 2nd wife sister to Henry S. Marsh

m. Jetson Willett


Ambrose G. Fields testified in 1852, that Michael Wellman was his Uncle by marriage; that Michael was dead and that his widow was still living.


Ben N. Fields says his father told him that Matthew Fields would go to church early and sit on a log until services began and talk with friends. He attended services at the old school house at Ash Run.


Hayden Ellis says that Matthew Fields came to Pend. Co. from Scott Co.; that when he disliked any one he didnít want to be around him, would avoid the presense of such a person.


July 6. E L Hendricks says his house was close to where Daníl Rushís house was.


Wm. Fields had children.

1 Billie, youngest

2 Hanibal (son) was a millwright, worked in Boston M.

3 other children..donít remember their names.


This family (Matthew Fields) lived in Scott Co.

Matthew went from (Scott Co?) to Maysville, there to Cov. Donít know what became of him, but his boy came to Pend. Co.


Elizabeth Fields m. Aug 24, 1815 to Michael Wellman by R Griffing. Oath by John Wellman.


Rachael m. Lewis Mockbee


Sarah (Aunt Sack) m. Wm. Walter Fryer son of Jas. W. Fryer and Margaret Pribble


Perry D. never married. Killed in battle, Confed. Army. Killed Aug. 31, 1864 in Battle of Jonesboro


Jane m. Augustus A. Fryer, son of Jas. W. Fryer


Jetson (named for Jetson Willet who m. one of Matthew Fieldís daughters) m. Jennie (or Jane) dau Wm. Sharon who lived on Gibson Crk) and _____ Pribble.

Jetson had only 1 child; Bertha m. Ed Kidwell.