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From the private collection of Ben Hitch for the E. E. Barton Collection. Contributed by Greg Fields.

Lt. Perry D. Fields wrote this letter to his family, Jan. 1, 1864. Eight months later, he lost his life during the Battle of Jonesboro. He was the son of Ambrose Griffith Fields and Sarah Ellis Fields.

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Co. A 5th Ky Reg Dalton, (Georgia?)
Jan. the 1st 1864

Dear Father
   Finding my self unimployed this bea(utiful?) newyears day I thought I would rite to you again for the 10(th?)(   )without reding the Scrach of a pen From home this (l)eaves me & the rest of the boys all well & I hope if you get (     )will Find you all right & well I have rather  around about way of Sending Letters (    )with standing  I intend to right every week intill I g(et) an answer   the main object with us is stamps i wish (     ) send me about three I am sending you some of our (    ) Father if Elick Roberts presents an account to you again just tell him that I an a bad unprofitable boy (      ) dont pay none of my contracts i just allowed (   )would come to you & say that he found me in a bad condition & that he could not keep From assisting m( ) which is not so we plenty to pay my own Debts tell all the Folks that I would like to hear from them (   ) Milt to rite to me & rite all about Christmas  Well I (    ) quit my space is Limited (  ) you Dont know how to Direct refur to Squire Lightfoot

I Subscribe myself
Your affectionate Son
Perry D. Fields
love to all & Nutes & Harrisons Families also

(The copy of this letter is so worn in places that it can not be read nor could I detect any punctuation, so it is written exactly as I saw it!)