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Old Phillips Cemetery

Osage Township, Laclede County



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Old Phillips Cemetery, near Drynob, Missouri

Located in the Osage Township near Drynob on Ted Bowman farm which is the old Robert Faires farm and then later the old George R. James farm.  The cemetery is located in Township 34N, Range 14 W, section 20.  From Lebanon, take East 32 highway to Evergreen Road (this is a fork in the road, stay left).  Its an old gravel/dirt road that you take until you see an old mailbox and a long dirt hilly road going up.  Follow that up the hill (you might go slow its bumpy and old) and then you will come to 2 houses up on top.  The cemetery is down the road passed the house and the barns.  Take the road that is gated up to the left.  The cemetery is located under a tree with a fence around it.

This is a very small cemetery with only 26 marked graves and several unmarked graves.  It is very overgrown with thorn bushes, therefore, it was too hard to find all the tomb stones we were searching for.  Do not forget to put bug spray on your legs and ankles before going here.

The Laclede County Historical Society has published a book that reflects names of all the grave sites in this cemetery. 

Below are are photos I took of the cemetery in August 2001.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Cemetery Location Views

The cemetery is under the tree pictured below and has a fence around it.


George Riley & Susan (Honssinger) James


Thomas Honssinger


 I was not able to find these cemetery marks:


Faires, Joseph M 1825-1846


Faires, Robert 1798-1855


James, Thomas Isom 1877-1877


James, Charles Walter

On 3 Sep 2010, my cousins Linda Denton and Laurie Hernandez and my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie went to view this cemetery.  I had brought clippers knowing they may be needed, however, we found that clippers were not enough to get this cemetery in order.  It has many new trees coming up and the yuccas are taking over.  We did use the clippers to get through here and find some of the markers.  I really want to plan a day to go out there and take care of this, however, time is really tight right now.  Here are pictures I took:


This is a picture of a barn you will see before you get to the cemetery:

I took pictures of these markers:

Loyd Dean Wrinkle

d. 1935


Chas Dean Wrinkle

d. 1935




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