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A Success Story 

by Helen Bassett

Long before I became interested in genealogy all our Crow family treasures were lost to a fire.  After retirement, I began to wonder who were these Crows who had gotten me to where I am today.  I knew the names of my great-grandfather and his father, but nothing else.  So armed with these names and the family memories of my great uncle I began my quest. 

Spending many hours in front of the computer.  Spending many days in libraries and dusty courthouses.  Spending many vacations visiting cemeteries and archives.  Receiving a thrill when a death certificate arrived in the mail. I began finding “lost” relatives, making contact with other fellow researchers, receiving leads.  Slowly piecing the family together back to William W. Crow b. 1784 Virginia, before finally hitting the “brick wall.”

Several theories had developed.  One such theory:  Some of the “lost” relatives believed we were descendents of John Crow, founder of Danville, Kentucky.  Another such theory:  One of the family stories my great uncle always repeated —“We are cousins to Campbell Crow.  He was in the will of Mary Todd, somewhere in Tennessee.”  All of my uncle’s memories about family had proven correct thus far, why not this one.  So off on the hunt I go.

Finally locating the will of Mary Todd in Tennessee and locating a descendent of the Campbell Crow line.  

Then along comes the Crow(e) DNA Project.  What a great tool for genealogy and what great timing for me.  A representative of our line takes the test.  A descendent of the Campbell Crow line agrees to participate.  And what do you know... we're an exact match!

Proving the theory we are related to the line of Campbell Crow.  Disproving the theory we are related to the line of John Crow, founder of Danville, Kentucky (unless later documentation shows John to be linked).  This match has now narrowed down the area of research, and has connected me with others researching the same line.  Working together we will fit the pieces into the puzzle.