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Surnames:  Crow, Crowe, Crowell and any variation

Without a documented paper trail to follow and public records being sparse, possibly your only hope of finding your ancestor is with today’s cutting-edge technology made available to us through Family Tree DNA. This male Y-Chromosome testing, from 12 and 25 marker test matching, could connect our living Crow/Crowe relatives to branches of the family that we suspect are related or to branches of the family that we didn't suspect. These relatives may have a lot--or very little--documentation on their Crow/Crowe ancestors as well, but at least we’ll know we are related to them and possibly from where our Crow/Crowe ancestors may have come from. That’s probably information you won’t find in an old courthouse, in record books, or hours of searching films, if they even exist. This project is not a substitute for documents that do exist, but is meant as a supplement to existing documentation.

Family Tree DNA will maintain the Crow DNA database. They will put those of us who have signed the necessary release forms in touch with one another that have matches.  We will display the results in chart form on this website after receiving your permission to do so.  FTDNA also offers conversion kits to those of you who have tested with other companies.

How do you participate?

1. Order a test kit from Family Tree DNA.  Click on the JOIN button to the left and you'll be taken to the signup page at FTDNA.  It just takes a minute to fill out the form.  Most participants choose the $99 12-marker test. 
2. Perform the test in the comfort of your own home then return it to FTDNA. 

FTDNA will contact you with the results of your test in about four weeks.  Go to the Crow(e) DNA Results Chart to see how your test compares with others of the Crow/Crowe lines. 

Please note that currently we are only doing the Y-chromosone test for any male of the Crow/Crowe surname.  The Y-chromosone is passed from father to son thus determining the line of descent.  Most participants choose the 12-marker test at first.  As we get deeper into the testing, chances are you may want to try the 25-marker test (for an upgrade fee with FTDNA) as this test enhances your chances of making a match with another participant (see the chart on the Results page).

Family Lines Represented

Abner Crow, NC/AL
Rev. Abraham Crow, VA/GA
Arthur B. Crow, GA/TX
Benjamin Crow, MD/KY/MO
Benjamin Crow, KY/MO
Charles Crow Jr. & Sr., SC
Coleman W. Crow, SC/GA/AL
George Crow(e), VA, Monroe Co. KY
George Philip Crow, Germany/WV
Isaac Crow, GA
Isaac Crow, Spartanburg, SC
James Walter Crow, VA
James Crow (Jane), Washington Co., VA
James Crow, Crow Valley, Whitfield SC/GA
James Ellis Crow, SC & Forsyth Co., GA
Jesse/Jessee Crow of SC and Bartow Co., GA
John Crow, Maryland
John Crow (Nancy Varner), Spartanburg, SC
John A. Crow, OH/IL
John Alexander Crow, SC/GA/TX
Johnathan Crow, Dekalb Co., AL
Johnathan Wilson Crow, GA
Levi S. Crow, SC/KY/TN
Norman Morrison Crow, GA/AL
Randolph C. Crow, SC/Franklin Co., GA
Robert Campbell Crow, VA/KY
Samuel B. Crow, GA/AL
Stephen Crow (Margaret Stroud), NC/GA
Thomas Crow (Susanna Britton), Pickaway Co., OH
Walter Crow, MD/VA/KY
William Crow, McMinn Co., TN
William L. Crow, VA/TN/IL
William Thompson Crow, SC/GA
William W. Crow, VA/KY
William Crow, Botetourt Co., VA
William "Billie" Crow (Nancie Waddle), Spartanburg, SC

Family lines that we'd like to
see participate in the project:

Casey Crow,  GA 
Carlisle B. Crow (Nancy Whitworth), SC/GA 
Jacob Crow Sr., Hall/Jackson Cos., GA
James Crow (Elinor), Augusta Co., VA (via Ireland)
James M. Crow (Sally Wheeler), GA 
James Crow (Jane), Washington Co., VA
John Crow, Forsyth Co., GA 
John Clark Crow (Laura Harbin), GA 
John Crow, Barnstable Co., MA
John Crow (Elizabeth Goodwin), CT
John Crow (Elizabeth Jackson), Danville KY
John Crow (Mary), Berkeley Co., WV
John & William Crow, Essex Co., VA
John, Jacob & William Crow, PA
Joshua Crowe, Ohio Co., KY
Norman M. Crow (Polly Hansard), GA/AL
William Crow (Hannah Winslow), Plymouth, MA
William Crow (Mary), Kent Co., MD

These are just a few of the Crow(e) lines that we've identified; we encourage all Crow(e) families to participate.  Even if your line is represented already you may certainly join the project.