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Jonas Barry's Goulbourn Township Land Grant

Jonas Barry arrived in Goulborn Township in August 1818. He was part of the Richmond Military Settlement (RMS) as a demobilized soldier in the 100th Regiment of the British Army. On Oct 24, 1821 he was given a land grant by the government of 100 acres on Concession 10. He was given the west half of lot 14 consisting of 100 acres. The lot is immediately west of Stittsville, and was later edged by the Central Railway line (now owned by Canadian Pacific Railway) which was built in the 1870s. The river running north of Stittsville and the railway line is the west fork of the Carp River. Stittsville was founded well after Jonas Barry received the land. The original Stittsville was destroyed by fire in 1870 (along with almost everything else in the county) and was rebuilt in the location shown on this map. Lot 14, shown here to be owned by "Jno. Black" has been reduced to 97 3/4 acres due to the railway right of way. The town of Richmond approximately two miles to the south east from Lot 14. The county museum is located where the "Rathwell's Corners" is located.

This county map from 1879 shows the location of this original Barry lot, indicated with a blue star. It is not known when the Barry family sold the lot, although since Jonas is listed as being a member of the militia in neighbouring Nepean Township in 1828 they may have sold the land and moved by that date. By 1851 all of the Barry family were found in Bytown, modern day Ottawa, located about 20 miles to the east. You can locate Richmond, Stsittsville and Ottawa on this 1885 map of Carleton County.