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The 6th Annual "Huckell Reunion" 

July 2nd & 3rd 2005

at the cottage of Marvel Westwood
in Lake Clitherall, Minnesota

    2005 Reunion Photo Album

Dear Relatives and Friends-

I thought I would write a Reunion Review of some of the memories of our meeting July 2nd and 3rd at beautiful Clitherall Lake. We counted 92 attending as far as I could figure out. As I had hoped for, the weather was perfect. Special Thanks to Cousin Kay (Kathleen Stabnow Jacobson) Simonitch who was in charge of the Registration. Her son, Rodney Jacobson was a big help and also furnished the name tags.

Early arrivals, Wes Cross, from Montreal, Canada, Duane & Pat Huckell from Mukiltio WA and Dave & Wanda Kellogg from Omaha, NE helped hang Wes's new Huckell Chart on the wall at Jeff & Gay Stabnow's lower level in their new home. Their home is located just back of the fireplace by Clitherall Lake. The old home still stands, but will probably have to be taken down because of lake regulations. Many of us remember gatherings there with Julius & Mabell in years past with our kids water skiing, swimming and eating at the fireplace.

Other arrivals met at the Westwood Cottage and reviewed family histories brought by Duane & Pat Huckell. Pat had a wonderful genealogy of Mary Agnes Saunders Huckell's Indian heritage. She was the wife of Albert Huckell. Marvel brought her new "Stabnow History & Genealogy". In the late afternoon we all assembled at the Senior Center in Battle Lake. Thanks to Pat & Duane Huckell who led us in getting re-acquainted with each other by pasting a new identity on our backs; then by asking yes or no questions, figure out who we are. We really had a mixed crowd including Joseph Stalin to Rosie the Riverter!

A catered meal was brought in from "The Shoreline". The food was then blessed by Dave Stabnow, Ron & Ginny's son, who with his wife Bonnie now live in Nashville, Tennessee. Many delicious bars and cookies were furnished by several of the cousins and were really appreciated. Our program started with Dave Stabnow playing one of his harmonicas. He stated that Granny Mabell had started him playing the harmonica. He played a Spiritual Medley including "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen", "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and "Precious Lord Take my Hand".

Wes Cross gave and update on the Huckell History. Credits also go to Pat & Duane Huckell and Dave & Wanda Kellogg for keeping up the Huckell research. Wes has created a Web Page on the Computer, so we can "keep up" as well. Duane Huckell has written an article about his gr-grandfather, William Huckell. Duane also included excerpts from the article published in an Otttawa, Canada newspaper, relating to his gr-great grandfather's experiences in the Chicago Fire. This was published by the Chicago Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 1160, Chicago, Illinois 60690-1160, Vol. 37 No. 2 Winter 2004-2005. Congratulations! Duane.

Last year at Al & Geri Huckell's Huckell Reunion at Devils Lake, while sitting around the campfire in the evening, I heard this fellow telling great stories that went on and on. Someone told me he was Ron Strom and he was married to Wendy Huckell, and then I found out she was Duane's sister. This year when I was trying to think up some way to "liven up" our Reunion program, I thought of him. Many thanks Ron.

The "Huckell All Girl Singers", Kay Simonitch MN, Iris Meyer ND, Dollie McCarlson SD and Jacque White MO, have written a new Huckell song to the tune of "Crystal Chandelier". With the help of Ed White from Cass Point, Missouri playing his guitar, the song was a great success. The audience also helped with the Chorus. Ed also played his banjo. How about a repeat for the next Reunion?

Several brought articles for a drawing. Nellie Huckell Herman (who is now 93 years old) made a Cathedral Pillow from material brought from England that she received from her Mother, Maggie Huckell. the lucky person who won the pillow was Jessie Hemmah, Ron's wife. Margie Huckell Nichols (84 years old) contributed 2 of her paintings. The flower painting went to Colleen Sundquist. The snow scene went to Quintin Hemmah. Jay & Dale Westwood contributed the brass hanger plaques and the coins. Kay (Kathleen) Jacobson Simonitch chose the farm scene and Saylee, Becky Hemmah Fritz's granddaughter chose the horse being shod. I couldn't keep track of the coins. Aluminum medallions imprinted with the places and dates of the last 3 Huckell Reunions were also available.

We met at Ron & Ginny Stabnow's in Battle Lake for Sunday morning breakfast and had great visits as well as looking at Ron's collection of many unrecognizable tools. Ginny's specialty is African Violets as well as many other beautiful flowers and plants. They also have a great collection of pottery and other interesting antiques. Several visited the Flea Market in Battle Lake.

Then on to Jeff & Gay Stabnow's for the noon meal of Carolina Pulled Pork, beef, homemade buns, beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, corn relish, beet pickles and many more bars and cookies. Bret Westwood offered the blessing on the food. A pleasant afternoon was spent eating, visiting, and picture taking. Wes had a copy of his Grandmother, Lucy Huckell Cross's Family Bible, which he was able to bring since he drove his car from Montreal, Canada. The kids had fun in the lake and I think the Wave Runner got a work out. Becky (Hemmah) Fritz and her family put up 2 tents by the lake. I found out some fish were caught off the bank and a little rain did fall during the night.

Dollie McCarlson's car wouldn't start, a tow truck was called and her car was hauled away. The alternator and battery had gone out. Our paths in life have led us to so many different places and vocations. When I think of how diverse we all are and then,--when we gather at some distant point to renew our friendships and review our heritage of the trials, hardships, adventures and happy times of the past, then the bonds of family strengthens and it becomes more evident how connected we all are. It is with thanksgiving, wonder and a joy I feel in my being for the privilege of being a part of such a wonderful family. We are truly blessed. Thank you all for coming and for being a part of this Huckell Reunion.

-Marvel Stabnow Westwood