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John Huckell buildings

Three buildings which are connected to John Huckell and his wife Harriet Benedict can still be seen in Ottawa. Their first major enterprise, the Brunswick Hotel, was demolished in February 1910, and the only image we have is that taken from an envelope from the hotel. John was proprietor of the Brunswick from 1889 to 1904, but was not the owner of the building itself

The photo below is of their residence at 379 Cooper Street. They bought this large house after John retired from the Brunswick. We visited the house in 2000 and were told that it was being used as a recovery center. In the rear we could still see the stables where he kept his set of matched black horses for his carriage, as well as the "long black car" that his niece Muriel Bradley described to us.

John and Harriet did well while running the Brunswick Hotel and invested their money in real estate. One such property, was the Huckell Building, on Bank Street. Originally John's father owned a white cottage on this land. It is still in use today  as a retail building.

 Further south on Bank St. was  Huckell Hall, and which featured commercial space on the ground floor, and a meeting hall on the upper level. It was built in 1903 and the hall hosted Masonic and Temperence Union meetings. In 1937 the building was converted to become the Cozy Home Apartments.