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The British Army's 99th Regiment arrived in Halifax, Canada from Gibralter in 1814 after participating in the Duke of Wellington's Peninsular Campaign against Napoleon. Arriving too late in North America to take part in the War of 1812-14, the regiment was assigned to Quebec City. In 1818 the regiment was disbanded and the soldiers were offered land in return for staying in Canada and becoming part of the national militia. About 400 soldiers accepted the offer and on July 28, 1818 sailed up the St.Lawrence River to Montreal where they switched to barges to travel up the Ottawa River arriving in August at Richmond Landing. Their assigned land was in Goulborn Township near Ottawa, site of present day Richmond. The demobilised soldiers were primarily from Ulster, Ireland and were given land ranging from 100 acres for a private (such as Jonas Barry) to 800 acres for a captain. Due to their late arrival in the area the group had to winter in tents while a road was blazed from the landing point on the Ottawa River to the townsite 20 miles inland. The family tried to make a living farming in the area, but the poor soil and miserable conditions (a contemporary account describes it as "the Purgatory of Canada") caused the family to move to Bytown. By 1828 workers from the Goulborn area began moving to Bytown to work on the Rideau Canal. In Bytown the family started a plastering business which was carried on by his sons Robert and Jonas Jr. His daughter Eliza married John Cross a successful carpenter who owned a carriage shop. Jonas died before 1851 and his wife Rebecca died during the 1870's.

Original surveyor of Richmond area drowned in a swamp, 1791

"After the war of 1812 Britain undertook plans for colonization in Canada. Many people from Glasgow were chosen and they sailed about the middle of July 1815. Some of these people settled at Perth. Veterans and others kept arriving and by September 1816 Colonel Francis Cockburn, Assistant Quarter-Master General, recommended that another military depot be established in a new settlement. A site in the south-east corner of Goulbourn Township was chosen and this became Richmond. Richmond was settled by veterans of the 99th Regiment and their families."


c.1789 Ė before 1851

Husband of Rebecca Barry


Eliza Barry (Cross) 1820-1896

Robert Barry c.1827-<1891?

Jonas Barry (Jr) 1817-1894

Born Ireland

Private, Royal Regiment of Sappers and Miners pre-1818 (from Land Petition)

Stationed at Quebec City

Regimental history: (

1804: 99th Regiment of Foot formed

1805: 100th Regiment of Foot (Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment)

-from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ulster

1816: 99th Regiment of Foot (Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment)

1818: disbanded

Took land grant upon leaving British Army

100 acres to privates (200 to sgts, 400 to lts and 800 to capts)

Discharged soldiers (c 400) travel to Montreal July 28, 1818

By bateaux to Ottawa (Bellows/Richmond Landing)

Settled in Richmond Military Settlement, Goulborn Twp August 1818.

RMS consisted of demobilized Ulster Irish soldiers

(Richard Reid The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855, p xxiii)

99th Regiment of Foot & Richmond Military Settlement

Included the former 99th & 100th Regiments

Stationed at Quebec

Served in Wellington's Peninsular Campaign

Transferred to North America in latter part of War of 1812-14

Soldiers offered land in Upper Canada at Richmond Military Settlement

First MS was at Perth

August 1818 Regiment disbanded, settlers leave from Lachine

Families lived in tents for some weeks

Men blazed a road to Richmond

Group moved first to Chapman's Reach, 3 mi. away

100 acres for private, 800 to a captain

Pensions of 6d to 1s a day and army rations for 1 year

By 1820 12 general stores, 4 breweries, 2 distilleries, 1 sawmill, grist mill, carding mill and town hall (still standing)

From: Early Life in Upper Canada, Edwin Gullett, 1933.

Son Jonas born in Ireland c.1816, so arrived in Canada between 1816 and 1818.

Large number of Barrys in "The McCabe List of early Irish in the Ottawa Valley (NLC)

"Private, Royal Sappers & Miners, Goulbourn Concession 10, west half of lot 14, 100 acres, 24 Oct 1821" Land Grant Petitions, Land Book L, 1821-1824 p537, NAC C-104

1820 Census: Jonas Barry , head of household, Goulborn Twsp, Carleton Co,

1821 Census: Feb 17, Jonas Barry, 2 sons 1 daughter, 1 female (wife) 1822 Census: same as 1821, also Edward Barry listed Richmond Military Settlement abolished Dec 24 1822

"Late a private in the Royal Regt of Sappers and Miners . Granted 100 acres, 10th concession of Goulbourn" Land Record Index, Military Land Warrant RG01-c3-vol123-p051, OPArchives Feb 4, 1824

Large movement from Richmond/Goulborn in 1826 when Rideau Canal is started

Richmond, 1827: "30 to 40 log houses, a small tavern with no roof. It is surrounded by swamps...strongly recommended as the paradise of Canada [it is the] Purgatory" (Reid)

Listed as member of "First Carlton Regiment", Dec 24 1828, age 39

(NAC RG9 1B2 Vol29 Nepean Township, Upper Can. Militia, 1817-1844 #340 p26))

No listing in 1851 Census (sons and wife listed)

The land on 10th Concession road was seized by the county sherriff in 1872 for re-sale. (Carleton County land records)


c.1788 - 1881

Wife of Jonas Barry

Suspect her maiden name was "Parker"

1851 Census, living with daughter Eliza, son-in-law John Cross, age 62

1851 Census also listed with son Robert (age 26), age 62(1851 Census: NAC C-11770 p.286)

-Census tract is in Aylmer Quebec, not Ottawa

Signed 1851 Census with an "X", notation from witness: "her mark"

1861 Not listed in census on Lebreton Flats

1868 widow Jonas, lives in a house on Rideau (prob. son Robert)near Gloucester (S1868)

1871 Census, living with son Robert Barry (widower) on Rideau St

1875: Mrs. Barry(widow) 59 Lloyd, (OD 1875)

1877: Mrs. Barry 367 Cumberland (OD 1877)

1878: Mrs. Barry 367 Cumberland (OD 1878)

1881: Feb 2, Chaudiere, Mrs. JONES BARRY, 92, mother-in-law of John CROSS of Duke St

-Ottawa Free Press, 1881


May 31, 1820 - Feb. 15, 1896

Daughter of Jonas and Rebecca Barry

Named Jane Eliza Cross in J Cross will(1889)

Elizabeth Cross (Caroline E. Cross baptism)

Born in Upper Canada / Canada West

Mother Rebecca Barry (age 62, lives with John & Eliza, 1851 census)

Mother & father Irish (1891 Census), Origin "Irish" (1871 Census)

Unable to read or write (1861 Census)

Can read and write (1891 Census)

Dressmaker (1851 Census)

Lived in house on Idol Lane (i.e. behind 45 Duke), OD1891/92,1893/94

Died at residence of son-in-law Chas. Broadhead in Eddyville, PQ (Caroline E. Cross)

Children: Jane or Jennie 1843 - 1925

Jonas Barry 1851-1932

John Wesley 1849 - 1911

Caroline 1854 - 1938

James Theophilius 1856/1858 - ????

Victoria 1859/60 - ????

Charlotte 1862 - 1950

William 1870 - >1925

See John Cross in Cross.doc for descendent details



Son of Jonas and Rebecca Barry


Born Ontario, Methodist (1851 Census)

Married Jane A. ????-c.1864-1871, later than 1851, before 1871

Lived in Aylmer QC (1851 Census: NAC C-11770 p.286)

1857: Plasterer Rideau St (Prov of Ont dir, 1857)

1864: Plasterer, h Rideau cor Gloucester (Mitchell 1864)

1868: Lived Rideau St with mother (see Rebecca Barry)

1868: Charlotte Wood, wife of Robert Barry, died April 11, 1868 (Bellís Corners cemetery inscription)

1871: Lived Rideau St with mother

1870: Plasterer, Rideau nr Gloucester (Hunter 1870/71)

1871: Plasterer, 1871 (Lovellís Canadian Dir 1871, p582)

1871 Census, (c-10014 St George ward 077-c-2-p8), widower

Robert, age 44, born Ontario, Wesleyan Methodist, plasterer

Owned land and dwelling, no vehicles

Elizabeth, 12

Edmond, 11

Albert, 8

Walter, 7

Rebecca, 80 born Ireland, Wesleyan Methodist (mother)

Emilie Burns, 24, born Ontario, Plymouth Bretheren, Irish origin,servant

1875: Plasterer, 381 Rideau (OD 1875)

1881:Plasterer, 381 Rideau (OD 1881)

1881:Plasterer, 381 Rideau (OD 1881)

Children: (With Jane A. ????)

Eliza Jane Dec 4 1853 - ????

Baptized July 26, 1854

Jane Sophia Aug 29 1855 - ????

Baptized April 16, 1856

Children: (With Charlotte Wood, 1836- April 11, 1868)

Caroline Elizabeth Dec 14 1858-????

Baptized Aug 9 1859 (mother listed as Charlotte)

Known as Elizabeth

In 1871 Census with Robert

Edmond c. 1860-????

***No baptism record

Albert c.1863 -????

***No baptism record

1889: Plumber, h 200 Botelier (OD 1889)

1889: Plumber, h 196 Botelier (OD 1889)

1895: Barry & Co. plumbers, 47 OíConnor (OD 1895/96)

1903: Plumber h 80 Bolton (OD 1903)

Walter Newton April 16, 1864 - ????

Baptized Jan 12, 1865

1885: Carpenter, bds 48 Theodore (OD 1885)

1886: Carpenter, bds 390 King (OD 1886)

1887-1888:Upholsterer, Harris & Campbell, 388 King (OD 1887, 1888)

1889-1890: Foreman, Harris & Campbell (OD1889,1890) listed as Walter N.

1895: Foreman, Harris & Campbell (OD 1895/96)

Buried Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa

Alfred(?) may not be a son

***No baptism record

Plumber, 381 Rideau (OD1883, 1884)

Plumber, 200 Botelier (OD1885,1886,1887)

Plumber, Butterworth & Co. 200 Botelier (OD1888,1889)

William(?) may not be a son

***No baptism record

Upholsterer, bds 381 Rideau (OD 1883)




Son of Jonas and Rebecca Barry

Born in Ireland

Married Jane Barry (also born Ireland, census 1851, age 29)c.1822->1871

1851: Plasterer in 1851 Census (1851 Census: NAC C-11770 p.39),

Jonas, 36

Jane 29

Rebecca, 8

Eliza Jane, 6

Amanda, 4

Jonas Park., 2

Rebecca, 62 C-11770, p286

1851: Plasterer & stucco worker, Besserer St., Lower Town (Canada Directory, 1851)

1857: Plasterer, Rideau St. (Dir of the Prov of Ontario, 1857)

1864: Plasterer, h Parry betw Nelson & King (Mitchell 1864)

1870: Platerer, Gloucester nr Rideau (Hunter 1870/71)

1871 Census, lived on Parry bet King and Nelson(NAC C10014, By Ward 399/429,077-0-2- 101)

Jonas, born Ireland, age 55, Wesleyan Methodist, Plasterer

Owned 2 vehicles, did not own land or dwelling

Jane, born Ireland, age 49

Jonas P. born Ontario, age 21, plasterer

Thomas J., age 19, plasterer

Robert, age 15, apprentice

Arthur, age 13, student

Rebecca, age 24, profession unreadable

Eliza, age 23, dressmaker

1875: Possible brother/cousinNat (from Wm Lett poem), Jonas and Nat as plasterers in poem

1875: Moved to Janeville

1884: Janeville, plasterer, Russell (Road) w s (west side)

Buried Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa

Wife: Jane Burns (from George Plet) 1822-1908


Rebecca 1847-1909

No baptism record

1851: Listed in census

1864: Miss R., dressmaker, bds Clarence (Mitchell 1864) 1871: Listed in census

1882: George Andrews, printer, Janeville, Russell (OD 1882)

1895: George Andrews, clerk, h e s Russell (house east side Russell Road) (OD1895/96) Eliza Jane July 7, 1846 - June 17, 1884

1846: Baptized Dec 25, 1846, Ottawa

1851:Listed in census

1864: Miss Eliza, cloakmaker, Cunningham & Lindsay (Mitchell 1864)

1871: Listed in census

1871: Married John Brodie June 29, 1871. Jane E. Cross was witness along with William Monroe

4 children: William Jonas Brodie b.May 13, 1875 ,Annie Helen Brodie John Arthur Brodie , Ellen Jane Brodie (info from Chris Burk, 2000/04/11). See BK files for more details. Ancestor of Chris Burk and Judy Liddell

Armanella (Amanda?) 1848-1892

***No baptism record

1851: Listed in 1851 census

Jonas Parker Oct 10, 1850 - ????

Baptized May 1, 1851, Ottawa

1851: Listed in census 1871: plasterer (Lovellís Canada Dir 1871, p582)

1878: Bricklayer, 38 William (OD 1878)

1884: Labourer, Janeville, Russell e s (OD 1884)

Thomas John Oct 2, 1852 - 1900

Baptized April 21, 1853

1871: plasterer, 1871 Census

1871: plasterer, Ottawa (Lovellís Can. Dir, 1871)

1890: Plasterer, Wm Smith, h. Janesville (OD 1890)

1895: Janeville, h e s Russell rd (Barry Bros.) (OD 1895/96) Buried Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa

Robert Frederick Feb 22, 1855-Aug 9, 1913

1857: Baptized March 30, 1857

1871: apprentice, 1871 Census 1887: Plasterer, 214 Murray (OD 1887)

1888-1891: Plasterer, h 89 Chapel (OD 1888, 1889, 1890,1891)

1893-1903: Plasterer, 74 1/2 Chapel (OD 1893/94,1895/96,1903)

1913: Obit OMJ Aug 11 1913 p11

Buried at Beechwood Cemetery

possible son:

Percival Barry, driver, 74 1/2 Chapel(OD1903)

Buried Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Percival John Barry

Arthur William Dec 3, 1858-1906

1859: Baptized Aug 9, 1859, Ottawa

Clerk, JJ Baskerville, bds 291 Sparks (OD 1889)

Clerk, JJ Baskerville, lv 236 Stewart (OD 1890) listed as Arthur A.

1895: Janeville, h e s Russell rd (Barry Bros.) (OD 1895/96)

Buried at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa Robert 1861-1921

George Plet email, April 2002

Other Barry Listings

Other Barrys in Beechwood Cemetery Ottawa

Ethal Charlotte Frances Basil Jonas(1873-1900) Percival John Theodore

Harriet Jane Jean Anderson John Francis Lucinda Robert Albert

Thomas(1873-1900) Walter Newton

John Barry Listed in 1851 census, p. 170 (NAC C-11770) (not seen)

Wm C. Carpenter h. Clarence bet Cumberland & Dalhousie (Mitchell 1864)

James, coachman bds 223 Wellington (OD1881)

Daly St. Barrys

Jas., Custom dept, 252 Daly ((OD1881,1882,1883,1884)

James, chief clerk Customs Dept h 252 Daly (OD 1885,1886,1887,1888,)

Jas. Chief clerk, statistics Branch Customs Dept h 288 Daly (OD 1889,1890)

Wm. H., barrister, 252 Daly (OD 1883,1884,1885,1886,1887,1888,1889)

Miss L.E.F. bds 252 Daly (OD1888)

Miss K.T.M. bds 252 Daly (OD1888)

Miss M.W. bds 252 Daly (OD1888)

Rideau St. Barrys

J.J. clerk, bds 252 Rideau(OD1881)

Jos., clerk, 252 Rideau (OD1884)

Jos. J. Clerk, 252 Rideau ((OD1885,1886,1887)

Jos. J. Salesman, Palmer House, 252 Rideau(OD1888,1889,1890)

Mrs. John 252 Rideau (OD1881)

Mrs. B. widow, 252 Rideau (OD 1883,1884,1885,1886,1887)

Bridget, widow John h 252 Rideau (OD1888,1889,1890)

Edward, clerk, bds 252 Rideau(OD 1887)

Miss M.H. clerk Geological Survey bds 252 Rideau(OD 1888)

Miss May clerk Geological Survey bds 252 Rideau(OD 1889)

Miss Mary H. clerk Geological Survey bds 252 Rideau(OD 1890)

Any Street Barrys

Miss tailoress bds 120 Queen (OD1881)

Mrs. Widow 432 Nepean (OD1882)

H. Clerk 287 Clarence (OD1883)

H. Labourer, 261 Clarence (OD1887)

Mrs. H. widow boardinghouse 269 Maria(OD1884)

Rev. L.E. asst rector St. Ann's Prespetery 17 Angeles Sq (OD1886,1887)

Miss M. boardinghouse 108 Slater ((OD1887,1888)

Richard labourer 280 Bay (OD1887)

Flamming widow Fleury h 235 Gloucester (OD18880

Alphonse, moccasin maker S&H Borbridge res 35 Rose (OD1889,1890)

Ellen domestic 64 Slater (OD1889)

Miss Ellen 192 Queen (OD1889)

Robert boatman h 39 Eccles (OD1889)

Henry moccasin maker, S&H Borbridge lv 179 Church

Miss Mary h 69 Metcalfe

Pierre shoemaker h 297 St. Andrew

Mrs. M.A. widow 432 Nepean (OD1884)

Mrs. M.A. widow 232 Bay (OD1885)

Mrs. M.A. widow 326 Gloucester (OD1886)

Robert, labourer 432 Nepean (OD1884)

Robert, culler, 232 Bay(OD1885)

Robert, Culler, 326 Gloucester(OD1886)



Margaret 01/02/1882 003956 (Nepean)

Matilda 10/01/1883 004735 (Nepean)

Eugene 06/12/1885 207007(1886)

Eugene 08/11/1885 205959(1886)

Ida Gertrude 01/04/1885 005134

Nicholas J. 03/27/1885 004562

Nicholas J. 03/29/1885 006272

Emily Louise 03/15/1887 006060

Louise 10/18/1887 005857

Sadie Leone 10/26/1888 901084