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All these names are connected to my family descended from John Michael CROSSLAND and can be seen on the family tree link at:- RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: CROSSLAND - WORLEDGE & Related Families. I am searching for more information on all branches - please see my contact details below.

The WORLEDGE connection:- Jane Clarke WORLEDGE married John Michael CROSSLAND 1833 at All Souls St Marylebone London UK. They migrated to Australia on the barque "Slains Castle" with 7 surviving children. Go to the story of the "Slains Castle" Voyage to Australia 1850/51

Worledge, 2 generations of Samuel's, staymakers:- in London and Birmingham c1700-1800's. Origins unknown before this - probably London, Warwickshire or Worcestershire.

Whorwood, Phoebe, married Samuel WORLEDGE the elder in St George Hanover square in 1771:- probably born Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Parents Joseph and Mary nee Russon. Earliest known ancestor Richard  born 1660 probably in Worcestershire.

Pool, Sarah, married Samuel WORLEDGE the younger in St Ann's Soho in 1794. She was she born in London to Henry and Mary but where did they come from? Perhaps from around Warwickshire where the name POOL without an "e" is more common?

Russon, Mary, married Joseph Whorwood in Bromsgrove in 1747. Mary's mother was Sarah Russon

The SHAW connection:- Augusta Sophia SHAW married Henry Barker CROSSLAND at Willunga SA in 1865

Shaw, William, from Bexley, Kent, married Augusta WATT c1844 possibly in France as no record in England. They, together with daughter Augusta and son Willoughby arrived in South Australia from Plymouth on 28th. July, 1851 aboard the ship "Omega". William was the ship's Schoolmaster and Augusta, the ship's Matron. William later became the Clerk of the Court at Willunga, SA. William's father was a surgeon in Bexley and later in Charlotte Street , London. Their earliest known ancestor is John Shaw of Midgebrook, Cheshire (near Congleton) in the 1600's.

Latham, Elizabeth, mother of William, from Bexley, Kent, married John SHAW in London in 1772.  Elizabeth's father, William, her uncle Thomas and John Shaw were surgeons in partnership in Bexley.  Her father came from Bradwall, Cheshire (near Sandbach) and their earliest known ancestor is John Latham of Bradwall or Sandbach c1620.

Wyburn/Wybourne & other variations.  Margrett married William Latham in Kent in 1746. The family had been property owners in Kent for many generations. The earliest known ancestor is Allen c1573.

Barrett  Anna married Samuel Wyburn a maltster in Bexley, Kent in 1727. Inherited property jointly with her sister from their brother Nicholas. Earliest known ancestor is their grandfather Nicholas Barrett born c1640 in Kent.

Judd  Elizabeth married Allen Wybourne in Kent in 1699. Earliest known ancestor Robert Judde born c 1550 in Kent.

Leigh  Elizabeth  of Chelsham in Surrey married Richard Judd c 1681. Her father was Edward Leigh, gentleman

Watt, John Willoughby, Lieutenant RN 1818 London. Married Mary LORIOT in St Ann's Soho in 1820. Daughters Augusta  and Emily were born in Caen, Normandy, France although Augusta was baptised 1 year after her birth in London at St Ann's Soho. Emily died aged 15 months.

John was apparently born c 1789 at Portsmouth and joined the 54-gun Royal Navy ship "Calcutta" 20th February, 1804 in Port Jackson (Sydney, NSW) as a Boy 2nd. Class under Captain Daniel Woodriff. On 26th. September, 1805 the "Calcutta" was captured by a French squadron near Scilly and the crew spent the next 8˝ years in a French prison. After his release he spent 5 months on the "Slaney" under Captain George Rose Sartorius, followed by just over 2 years on board the "Superb" commanded by Captain C. Ekins  at the end of which he was promoted to  Lieutenant. After that he went on to half-pay and moved with his wife and her father to Allemagne (now Fleury-sur-Orne) in Normandy, France just south of Caen. 2 daughters were born there and John died there in October 1842. .

Loriot, August(e):- in London c1700 - 1800's, had 3 brothers in London c1802. One of 12 children, he was born in Caen in 1755, and later married Mary EATON. They are known to have had 4 children, August, Charles, Sophia and Mary.  Auguste returned to France c 1820 to live with his daughter, Mary, and died in Allemagne (now Fleury-sur-Orne) in 1831. See my LORIOT web page.

Eaton, Mary:- father probably Benjamin, lived in London c1700 - 1800's. Married August(e) Loriot in St George Hanover Square in 1782. 

Le Bachelé (Bachelet), Le Senecal, Massard, Houssaye, Guerard, Ballet:- :- ancestors of Auguste Loriot. Lived in Caen, Tournebu, St Germain Langot and Orglandes, Normandy. See my LORIOT webpage.

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The McCRACKEN connection:- Augusta CROSSLAND married John McCracken in Adelaide in 1905. They had 2 children, Lucie and Gordon. The McCracken family is now included in the family tree at

McCracken, John (Hugh?) :- arrived in Australia 1860's or 70's from Belfast, Ireland. Earliest known of John is his arrival in South Australia in Jan 1865 as an able-seaman on the barque, Woodbine, which was carrying coal from Newcastle, NSW. He was not among the crew of the Woodbine when she arrived in Sydney from UK in August 1864 so must have signed on in either the Otago, NZ, or in Newcastle. 

(See link to McCracken Family History for more on this family)


The GROSS connection:- Lucie McCRACKEN married Edmund William GROSS in Colton, SA in 1924. They had 4 children of which I am one. The Gross family is now included in the family tree at

Gross, Charles Bassett:- Arrived in South Australia from Cornwall in early 1850's. Our earliest known ancestor is Samuel Gross of Mullion, Cornwall, who was born c 1655. The family may have come from Suffolk and/or Norfolk before that. (Being researched by Bruce Bennett of Melbourne and Harold Gross of Thailand and more information can be found on the Genes Reunited website)

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