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Winchester Cemetery

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"Waas, Alivia Creth" 50a

"Waas, Clarence a." 4c

"Wade, Birdie" 93a

"Wade, Bobby Brown" 15b

"Wade, Bruce" 51b

"Wade, Della Everman" 69b

"Wade, Dudley D." 44a

"Wade, Fred C." 140a

"Wade, James" 16c

"Wade, James S." 47b

"Wade, Kenneith Ray" 31a

"Wade, Lou" 4a

"Wade, Lyna" 106a

"Wade, Mary" 19b

"Wade, Maxine Zornes" 17b

"Wade, Millard" 156a

"Wade, Raymond J." 12a

"Wade, Stanley" 49a

"Wade, Waller H." 119a

"Wafford, Mattie" 42b

"Wagers, Gardner" 59a

"Wagers, James" 81a

"Wagers, Perry" 14c

"Wagner, Albert H." 150a

"Wagner, Clarence" 24a

"Wagner, Ernest Cole" 79a

"Wagner, Ethyl" 5b

"Wagner, Gene S." 113a

"Wagner, Georgia" 95a

"Wagner, Mary" 54b

"Wagner, Mary M." 117a

"Wagner, Osie Gearld" 40b

"Wagner, Viola" 46a

"Wagner, William" 64a

"Wagoner, Mary" 34c

"Walden, Agnes Louise" 19a

"Walden, Billie Eades" 32c

"Walden, Carol Ann" 71a

"Walden, Christine" 8c

"Walden, Clarence" 34b

"Walden, Claude S." 146a

"Walden, Cora" 9b

"Walden, Don" 25c

"Walden, Herbert Cassidy" 35a

"Walden, Idell" 159a

"Walden, Josie" 79a

"Walden, Julia S." 117a

"Walden, Leona" 158a

"Walden, Leroy" 6c

"Walden, Letlia P." 87a

"Walden, M. V. (Buck)" 149a

"Walden, Maggie" 59b

"Walden, Malcom" 11c

"Walden, Margaret" 100a

"Walden, Mila" 34c

"Walden, Sallie H." 20a

"Walden, Shelby" 57b

"Walden, T. M." 42b

"Walden, Talbert M." 7a

"Walden, W. B." 77a

"Walden, W. J." 37b

"Walden, William" 95a

"Walden, William A." 146a

"Walden, William III" 59b

"Walker, Artha W." 21a

"Walker, Carrie Williams" 99a

"Walker, Eliza Goff" 10a

"Walker, J. M." 63b

"Walker, James" 8c

"Walker, Jerry" 60b

"Walker, John David" 112a

"Walker, John N." 3c

"Walker, ronald D. Jr." 4b

"Walker, Russell Clay" 146a

"Walkup, Edna Gaitskill" 4b

"Wall, James D." 51a

"Wallace, Clara" 158a

"Wallace, Frank H." 51b

"Wallace, J. A." 48a

"Wallace, J. F." 35b

"Wallace, Pauline" 24c

"Waller, America" 132a

"Waller, C. B." 15b

"Waller, Elizabeth" 117a

"Waller, Homer Hampton" 58a

"Waller, Homer lee" 152a

"Waller, Joyce K." 15c

"Waller, Marcus" 93a

"Waller, P. K." 38b

"Waller, S. B." 74a

"Waller, Sarah" 62b

"Waller, Thomas A." 149a

"Waller, Tillie Mae" 49b

Walling Cliff 159a

"Walling, Adam" 3c

"Walling, Homer" 17c

"Walling, Mary Susie" 154a

"Walling, Sallie" 38a

"Walls, Frank Kenneth" 18c

"Wallsinger, Ethel Bell" 48a

"Wallsinger, George" 144a

"Wallsinger, Willie" 27a

"Walson, Edward L." 121a

"Walters, Alva" 17b

"Walters, Anna Mae" 23a

"Walters, Barbara K." 36a

"Walters, Blanch Gray" 6b

"Walters, Camille Marion" 52a

"Walters, Cleveland" 8c

"Walters, Edna Witham" 109a

"Walters, Eliza" 92a

"Walters, Elsie T." 153a

"Walters, Etta" 12a

"Walters, Ewart" 153a

"Walters, Gordon B." 30c

"Walters, Green" 57a

"Walters, James" 14c

"Walters, James W." 146a

"Walters, Jerome Gifford" 12a

"Walters, Joe" 14a

"Walters, Joe." 15b

"Walters, June" 55b

"Walters, Lucille & Marie" 56b

"Walters, Lula" 116a

"Walters, Marie & Lucille" 56b

"Walters, Nelson C." 64b

"Walters, Nelson Chester" 103a

"Walters, Ollie J." 3b

"Walters, Price" 120a

"Walters, Robert H." 92a

"Walters, Ruth" 146a

"Walters, Shelby" 95a

"Walters, W. L. Dr." 97a

"Walters, William" 96a

"Walters, Willie" 32a

"Walters, Winfree" 33b

"Walters, Winston" 37b

Walton John 8c

"Walton, Chester Malcolm" 9b

"Walton, George" 42b

"Walton, Hattie" 8b

"Ward, Paralee White" 19a

"Ware, Benjamin Franklin" 101a

"Ware, Lizzie R." 13b

"Ware, Margaret" 140a

"Warner, Addie" 77a

"Warner, Alice" 45b

"Warner, Annella" 8b

"Warner, Ansil" 47a

"Warner, Bertie" 27c

"Warner, Caly" 19a

"Warner, Clara Richards" 62a

"Warner, Elbert" 109a

"Warner, Etta" 62a

"Warner, Jesse" 99a

"Warner, Mable Parrish" 5c

"Warner, Melvin" 29c

"Warner, Ollie B." 20a

"Warner, Preston James" 69a

"Warner, Verna Osborne" 44a

"Warner, Victor" 69a

"Warner, Viola" 36c

"Warren, Claude" 149a

"Warren, Edith" 97a

"Warren, James A." 4b

"Warren, Jessie" 60b

"Warren, Mable" 39a

"Washburn, John William" 91a

"Washburn, Julia" 40c

"Wasson, Allie Massie" 3c

"Wasson, Freida Ann" 6b

"Wasson, Joe" 46a

"Wasson, John" 100a

"Wasson, Nannie" 60b

"Wasson, Raymond" 18c

"Waterman, Lizzie" 109a

"Watkins, Bettie" 106a

"Watkins, Joe B." 47b

"Watkins, Mary O." 8c

"Watkins, Sue Rupard" 55a

"Watkins, Walter Baker" 99a

"Watson, Davie Catherine Mrs." 70b

"Watson, Earl" 14a

"Watson, Jessie Leah" 108a

"Watson, Margaret" 1b

"Watson, Margaret Day" 14a

"Watson, Mary C. (Tarpy)" 33c

"Watson, Patricia K." 2b

"Watson, Robert D." 83a

"Watson, Valentine T." 124a

"Watson, William" 143a

"Watson, William Jr." 36c

"Watts, Ada Lee" 40b

"Watts, Addie L." 33c

"Watts, Agnes" 33a

"Watts, Albert" 53b

"Watts, Alma Arnold" 50a

"Watts, Anna" 143a

"Watts, Anna S." 40a

"Watts, Ansel D." 22a

"Watts, Asa Milton" 76a

"Watts, Audrey Osborne" 14c

"Watts, Barbara Ann" 74a

"Watts, Bernie R." 22a

"Watts, Bethel Wilson" 115a

"Watts, Carlyle H." 116a

"Watts, Carrie Irvine" 103a

"Watts, Cecil" 2b

"Watts, Cecil J." 156a

"Watts, Cleveland H." 11b

"Watts, David" 49a

"Watts, David H." 23b

"Watts, David H." 75a

"Watts, David W." 11b

"Watts, Dorothy Jean" 6b

"Watts, Edward Rev." 107a

"Watts, Ethelda" 42b

"Watts, Etta" 114a

"Watts, Eva" 123a

"Watts, Harvey H." 141a

"Watts, Hattie Thomas" 83a

"Watts, Houston B." 126a

"Watts, Howard" 61a

"Watts, Ira" 46b

"Watts, J. C." 23b

"Watts, James" 123a

"Watts, James" 30a

"Watts, James W." 33b

"Watts, Jess F." 51b

"Watts, John " 35c

"Watts, John Douglas" 4c

"Watts, John E. Rev." 53b

"Watts, Lena" 37b

"Watts, Linda B." 17b

"Watts, Lloyd" 57b

"Watts, Lola B." 153a

"Watts, Lucille J." 14c

"Watts, Lucy" 21b

"Watts, Luther" 46b

"Watts, Lutie" 108a

"Watts, Maggie" 45b

"Watts, Mary Viola" 100a

"Watts, Mattie L." 2c

"Watts, mayo C." 14c

"Watts, Minerva Cook" 50a

"Watts, Minnie C." 15a

"Watts, Nannie J." 76a

"Watts, Ode" 58b

"Watts, Oscar V." 117a

"Watts, Phineas" 13b

"Watts, Price" 11c

"Watts, R. A." 42b

"Watts, Raymond" 153a

"Watts, Rebecca" 27b

"Watts, Robert" 45b

"Watts, Rosa F." 103a

"Watts, Ruth" 18a

"Watts, Ruth A." 13b

"Watts, Sallie A." 50b

"Watts, Sarah F." 49b

"Watts, Sarah Katherine" 89a

"Watts, Stanley" 76a

"Watts, Susan E." 27b

"Watts, T. W. Rev." 31b

"Watts, Virginia" 13c

"Watts, Virginia" 52b

"Watts, Wallace Garland" 115a

"Watts, Walter P." 23c

"Watts, Walter S." 77a

"Watts, Warren" 50a

"Watts, Wiley" 27b

"Watts, William" 21b

"Watts, William Virgil" 51a

"Watts, Willis" 61a

"Watts, Wilmot H." 15a

"Watts, Zetta Mae" 66a

"Watts, Zula" 59a

"Wave, Waire" 14c

"Weathers, Blanche" 35a

"Weathers, Malcom]" 60b

"Weathers, Sallie Rash" 79a

"Weaver, Helen C." 25b

"Webb, Ben" 151a

"Webb, Carleton" 62b

"Webb, Dallas" 129a

"Webb, Eliza Wilcox" 46a

"Webb, Grace Hawkins" 24c

"Webb, Ida" 34a

"Webb, J. D." 130a

"Webb, Jack" 23b

"Webb, Jane Beverly" 10c

"Webb, Jefferson Dr." 77a

"Webb, Lana Wright" 148a

"Webb, Maggie B." 1a

"Webb, Marion C. (Tom)" 40a

"Webb, Maude" 59a

"Webb, Minnie Ann D." 97a

"Webb, Nancy Jane" 120a

"Webb, Particia Ann" 85a

"Webb, Phillip" 46b

"Webb, Robin Lee" 35c

"Webb, virgil" 16a

"Webb, W. C." 82a

"Webb, Walter Jr." 109a

Webb. Beverly T. 100a

"Webber, Kathryn" 48b

"Webber, Marcia" 15b

"Webber, Phillip" 47b

"Weber, Edward" 112a

"Weber, Marjorie J." 59a

"Webster, Amanda" 21b

"Webster, Bertha" 55a

"Webster, Bessie B." 119a

"Webster, Carl" 55a

"Webster, Edward" 87a

"Webster, Franklin D." 133a

"Webster, H. L." 6a

"Webster, Iva" 138a

"Webster, J. D." 34b

"Webster, J. S. Mrs." 152a

"Webster, John Walter" 66b

"Webster, Lucille Stewart" 69a

"Webster, Lucy" 8a

"Webster, Martha S." 150a

"Webster, Mattie " 60b

"Webster, Robert" 8a

"Webster, William" 64b

"Webster, William B." 160a

"Webster, Winfield" 115a

"Wedding, Elizabeth" 58a

"Weedan, Mittan Anderson" 73a

"Weiford, Maude Whitt" 63b

"Weigant, Frances Steele" 49a

"Weigant, John R." 32c

"Weiss, Margaret" 36a

"Welch, Ava Bean" 78a

"Welch, Clarence" 93a

"Welch, Clifton C." 148a

"Welch, Floyd" 120a

"Welch, Henry Abner" 4a

"Welch, Iva" 37b

"Welch, James" 109a

"Welch, Julia Lynn" 112a

"Welch, Lizzie Mae" 32c

"Welch, Lucinda W." 125a

"Welch, Millard D." 127a

"Welch, Ora E." 20a

"Weldon, Carlen H." 158a

"Weldon, Clara" 11a

"Weldon, Earle" 62a

"Weldon, Ira N." 24a

"Weldon, Lizzie" 18b

"Weldon, Lucille" 119a

"Weldon, Nelson Bush" 138a

"Weldon, W. E." 106a

"Weldon, William V." 34c

"Weldy, Cora " 16b

"Welld, Charlie" 128a

"Wells, amanda Elizabeth" 70b

"Wells, Averitt Albert" 126a

"Wells, Edgar" 29a

"Wells, Edith Sue" 13c

"Wells, George Leonard" 53a

"Wells, George W." 31a

"Wells, George W." 71a

"Wells, Grover B." 17b

"Wells, Helen Campbell" 155a

"Wells, James P." 158a

"Wells, James P." 89a

"Wells, Juanita" 16a

"Wells, Juanita B." 16b

"Wells, Lyla" 139a

"Wells, Mae" 17c

"Wells, Mary Iva Ragland" 121a

"Wells, Matt" 25b

"Wells, Mattie" 16b

"Wells, Mattie Lou Pace" 51a

"Wells, Pearl Smith" 159a

"Wells, Peggy Diane" 137a

"Wells, Perry" 29a

"Wells, Pete D." 2a

"Wells, Pete D." 57a

"Wells, Pete Edward" 120a

"Wells, Prewitt A." 158a

"Wells, Ralph L." 158a

"Wells, Samuel J." 21b

"Wells, Solomon" 108a

"Wells, Tammy Renee" 4b

"Wells, Warner" 38b

"Wells, William " 101a

"Wells, William Curtis" 50b

"Wells, Willis" 3a

WELLS, Willis 1905 - June 1989

"Wells, Zova" 22c

"West, A. F." 44b

"West, Cortney" 16a

"West, Emma J." 11c

"West, Lula" 63b

"West, Narmie" 1a

"West, robert" 158a

"West, Timothy John" 14c

"West, Zora Mae" 14a

"Westerfer, Martin Mrs." 4a

"Whalen, Clyde" 54a

"Whalen, Dorothy" 114a

"Wharton, Betty" 56b

"Wheeler, Ann P." 7c

"Wheeler, Carolyn Rice" 7a

"Wheeler, Clyde B. Sr." 10b

"Wheeler, George" 156a

"Wheeler, J. W. Mrs." 80a

"Wheeler, John M." 78a

"Wheeler, Leon W." 14a

"Wheeler, Martha Pauline S." 3a

"Wheeler, Ruby" 13a

"Whetstone, Sadie" 69b

"Whisman, Alma" 15a

"Whisman, Alma Jean" 34a

"Whisman, Brett Anthony" 34a

"Whisman, Clayton" 83a

"Whisman, Clint C." 34a

"Whisman, Cordia M." 27c

"Whisman, Nannie" 65b

"Whisman, Sally" 48a

"Whisman, William" 34c

"Whisman, Woodrow" 38c

"Whitaker, (Baby Boy)" 4b

"Whitaker, Alta" 57a

"Whitaker, Betty Lou" 118a

"Whitaker, Bonnie" 20a

"Whitaker, Elbert C." 5b

"Whitaker, Ernest Ray" 72a

"Whitaker, Eva r." 154a

"Whitaker, Henry" 2a

"Whitaker, Howard" 6c

"Whitaker, Irvin" 30a

"Whitaker, James K." 24a

"Whitaker, Michael" 153a

"Whitaker, Obeatrice" 14c

"Whitaker, Roger Keith" 18c

"Whitaker, Willie" 39a

"Whitcomb, Ida" 27b

"Whitcomb, W. A." 2a

"White, Abner" 24b

"White, Alice" 35a

"White, Alice Kelly" 10c

"White, Allen" 46b

"White, Ambia W." 10b

"White, Arch M." 36b

"White, Arthur" 23b

"White, Ashby" 65b

"White, Barbara P." 59a

"White, Beatrice" 17b

"White, Beverly P." 33c

"White, Carrie Lee" 11b

"White, Casby" 29c

"White, Cassie M." 35b

"White, Cordia Clem" 5c

"White, Craig James" 25c

"White, Cyrus Alonzo Sr." 82a

"White, David" 28c

"White, Deborah Sue" 121a

"White, Donna" 31c

"White, Donna Ray" 96a

"White, Douglas D." 6b

"White, Edith Devary" 36a

"White, Emma Salter" 155a

"White, Eugene" 57b

"White, Eugene O." 28a

"White, Fannie" 27a

"White, Fred" 148a

"White, Henry Garrett" 108a

"White, Holly" 22b

"White, James Alford" 146a

"White, James r." 24c

"White, James W." 19c

 White, Joe, 16 Jul 1900 - 15 Feb 1971

"White, John D." 156a

"White, John D." 34a

"White, John D. Jr." 3b

"White, John G." 12b

"White, Judith" 35b

"White, Lagena Banks" 1b

"White, Margaret Buckner" 87a

"White, Mary" 50a

"White, Mary" 87a

"White, Minnie" 109a

"White, Nandy" 23c

"White, Nattie" 9c

"White, Pauline Bartlett" 122a

"White, Ruth Marcum" 3b

"White, Sallie Marcum" 5b

"White, Stanley" 76a

"White, Thomas Calloway Jr." 57a

"White, Thomas Calloway Sr." 129a

"White, Thomas Olive" 56a

"White, Walker H." 37a

"White, William" 41a

"White, William Holt" 95a

"White, William Letcher" 39a

"White, Winston W." 60a

"White, Zetta" 105a

"Whitefield, Mabelle Hodgkin" 56a

"Whitehead, Henry Charles" 71a

"Whitehead, Louise" 9c

"Whitehead, Myra Bush" 148a

"Whitestone, Kathleen" 37b

"Whitney, Jean W." 24c

"Whitsitt, Kate" 5b

"Whitt, Addison" 95a

"Whitt, Addison T." 11c

"Whitt, Alice B." 10b

"Whitt, Lucy Davis" 115a

"Whitt, W. C." 5a

"Whitt, Wallace" 11b

"Whittington, Alford P." 16b

"Whittington, John P." 67a

"Whittington, Nannie" 76a

"Whittington, Ola" 16b

"Wieatt, Paula Lisle" 143a

"Wiggins, A." 122a

"Wiggins, Catherine Robb" 66a

"Wiggins, Don" 103a

"Wiggins, William C." 9c

"Wiggins, William R." 40a

"Wilch, David" 45b

"Wilcox, (Infant Girl)" 148a

"Wilcox, Ann Bond" 50a

"Wilcox, Billy Preston" 64b

"Wilcox, Ed" 64b

"Wilcox, Goebel" 19a

"Wilcox, J. B. Mrs." 43b

"Wilcox, James David" 74a

"Wilcox, John" 103a

"Wilcox, John W." 13b

"Wilcox, Josephine P." 8b

"Wilcox, Lemon" 13c

"Wilcox, Mary Catherine Watts" 14c

"Wilcox, Pauline" 42b

"Wilcox, Sue" 44a

"Wilder, D. B." 33a

"Wilder, Eastin" 41b

"Wilder, Evalina J." 116a

"Wilder, Fannie" 30a

"Wilder, Irene" 52b

"Wiley, A. N. Dr." 70b

"Wiley, Calvin" 59b

"Wiley, Francis" 46b

"Wiley, Moline" 45b

"Wilkes, Jennie D." 13b

"Willa, Arnold" 154a

"Willdughby, William Henry" 39a

Williams Florence 78a

"Williams, Alpha Ray" 36a

"Williams, Belle" 83a

"Williams, Bessie R." 8b

"Williams, Bessie Ruth" 74a

"Williams, Carl" 27b

"Williams, Carrie Mae" 86a

"Williams, Charles Jr." 43b

"Williams, Charles L." 117a

"Williams, Charles W." 7b

"Williams, Clifton D." 32c

"Williams, Clyde" 57b

"Williams, Dale G." 39a

"Williams, Della" 52b

"Williams, Diana P." 159a

"Williams, Dillard" 131a

"Williams, E. H." 60b

"Williams, Edna" 126a

"Williams, Elizabeth" 44a

"Williams, Fannie" 45b

"Williams, Fredrick Sr." 20c

"Williams, George B." 25b

"Williams, George Mrs." 30b

"Williams, Heloise Mrs." 6a

"Williams, Henry C." 65b

"Williams, Howard Payne" 26a

"Williams, Imogene" 57a

"Williams, Isaac" 131a

"Williams, Iva" 49b

"Williams, Jeffie Brown" 34a

"Williams, Jesse Stevens" 88a

"Williams, Joe F." 21a

"Williams, John L." 114a

"Williams, John thomas" 148a

"Williams, Julia F." 132a

"Williams, Lela Mae" 38b

"Williams, Lelia" 6b

"Williams, Lucille" 66a

"Williams, Lucy" 6a

"Williams, Lula C." 153a

"Williams, Mary" 59a

"Williams, Mary E." 6a

"Williams, Nancy Carolyn" 119a

"Williams, Nancy S. Jordan" 26a

"Williams, Nickell W." 24c

"Williams, Patrick M." 66a

"Williams, Patrick R." 160a

"Williams, Phyllis J." 39b

"Williams, Sheridan" 13a

"Williams, Thomas" 150a

"Williams, W. T." 7a

"Williams, Wesley" 104a

"Williams, Zetta" 6c

"Williamson, Goldie" 66a

"Willing, Anna Pharis" 14b

"Willis, Callie" 119a

"Willis, R. C. Dr." 84a

"Willis, Virginia" 148a

"Willis, Ward T." 90a

"Willoughby, (Baby Girl)" 112a

"Willoughby, (Infant of Walter)" 56b

"Willoughby, Ada Marie" 142a

"Willoughby, albert" 114a

"Willoughby, Alleene" 11a

"Willoughby, Allen" 89a

"Willoughby, Annette M." 58a

"Willoughby, Calvin" 76a

"Willoughby, Chester" 62b

"Willoughby, Clark" 118a

"Willoughby, Dave" 95a

"Willoughby, Deuyssey" 160a

"Willoughby, Edward" 46a

"Willoughby, Eliza" 36c

"Willoughby, Emma Lee" 64a

"Willoughby, Floyd T." 144a

"Willoughby, Harold" 17b

"Willoughby, Henry" 98a

"Willoughby, Henry Mrs." 17a

"Willoughby, John" 33a

"Willoughby, Kenneth" 18c

"Willoughby, Linville" 12a

"Willoughby, Mabel" 47a

"Willoughby, Maice" 67b

"Willoughby, Martha Ann" 72a

"Willoughby, Martha Nicely" 68b

"Willoughby, Maudie Ann" 119a

"Willoughby, Ruth F." 51b

"Willoughby, Ruth Marie" 16b

"Willoughby, Sallie" 48a

"Willoughby, Sarah B." 47a

"Willoughby, Stanley" 35a

"Willoughby, Thomas Allen" 139a

"Willoughby, Walter" 88a

"Willoughby, William" 137a

"Willoughby, William F." 39c

"Willoughby, Zeta Mae" 28c

"Wills, (Stillborn of Orval Wills)" 7a

"Wills, Amanda" 19b

"Wills, Anna" 55b

"Wills, Annie B." 50b

"Wills, Ben F." 28b

"Wills, Betty Combs" 143a

"Wills, C. D." 30b

"Wills, Charles E." 18c

"Wills, Clay E." 15c

"Wills, Clayton" 11c

"Wills, Curtis" 40c

"Wills, Dora" 15c

"Wills, Earl Eugene" 11a

"Wills, Edward" 114a

"Wills, Ella B." 57b

"Wills, Ethel Lynn" 94a

"Wills, Eva J." 35c

"Wills, George" 62a

"Wills, George Lewis" 21b

"Wills, Gilbert" 27a

"Wills, Gladys" 16c

"Wills, Grace" 106a

"Wills, Hobart A." 33b

"Wills, Howard T." 70a

"Wills, Ira P." 101a

"Wills, Jack" 32b

"Wills, James M." 25b

"Wills, James Robert" 94a

"Wills, James W." 48b

"Wills, Joe A." 4a

"Wills, Kathleen" 10a

"Wills, Kirby" 43b

"Wills, Leon Thomas" 75a

"Wills, Lillie M." 151a

"Wills, Llewellyn Edgington" 5c

"Wills, Lucy" 19b

"Wills, Lydia" 53b

"Wills, Mary A." 27b

"Wills, Mary E." 42b

"Wills, Mary F." 54b

"Wills, Mike" 16c

"Wills, Minervia" 16c

"Wills, Myrtle R." 123a

"Wills, Nancy D." 25c

"Wills, Nancy Louise" 66b

"Wills, Nannie Martin" 52a

"Wills, Oliver" 52b

"Wills, Raymond" 66a

"Wills, Raymond Lee" 83a

"Wills, Sam" 15a

"Wills, T. I. Mrs." 19b

"Wills, Thomas H." 108a

"Wills, Thornton I." 19b

"Wills, Tillman I." 15b

"Wills, Victoria H." 115a

"Wills, W. B." 24b

"Wills, William Ray" 23b

"Wilsom, Phillip" 143a

"Wilson, Ann Louise" 62b

"Wilson, Bessie C." 31c

"Wilson, Cora Nelson" 111a

"Wilson, Della" 128a

"Wilson, Edna" 30a

"Wilson, Ella" 15b

"Wilson, Eugene" 116a

"Wilson, Floree" 51a

"Wilson, Florence" 58b

"Wilson, Gordon" 56b

"Wilson, Gus" 126a

"Wilson, herry Lynn" 152a

"Wilson, Howard" 55b

"Wilson, J. C." 128a

"Wilson, J. H." 20b

"Wilson, J. L." 56b

"Wilson, J. R." 13b

"Wilson, J. R. Mrs." 90a

"Wilson, Jake" 13a

"Wilson, James Ogden" 52b

"Wilson, Jess" 46b

"Wilson, John Carlisle" 1b

"Wilson, John Martin" 5b

"Wilson, Lambert" 40b

"Wilson, Leverda C." 13c

"Wilson, Linda C." 10b

"Wilson, Maggie" 6a

"Wilson, Margaret" 112a

"Wilson, Martha" 148a

"Wilson, Marvin R." 135a

"Wilson, Mary" 80a

"Wilson, Mary Elizabeth" 101a

"Wilson, Minerva Ann Bush" 134a

"Wilson, Minnie" 50a

"Wilson, Minnie Berryman" 12c

"Wilson, Montgomery" 31b

"Wilson, Owen Lewis" 149a

"Wilson, Pearl" 16b

"Wilson, Polly" 25b

"Wilson, R. L." 101a

"Wilson, Ralph Gilbert" 54a

"Wilson, Robert L." 12a

"Wilson, Ruby f." 33b

"Wilson, Scottie Lee" 61a

"Wilson, Sisoe Lou" 6a

"Wilson, Sudie" 34c

"Wilson, Susan C." 34c

"Wilson, Thomas" 31b

"Wilson, Thomas" 7a

"Wilson, W. H." 5a

"Wilson, Walter" 36a

"Wilson, Walter Mrs." 48a

"Wilson, William" 30b

"Wilson, William A." 13a

"Winans, John" 46b

"Winans, John B." 112a

"Winans, Julia" 24b

"Winans, Margaret" 106a

"Winans, william H." 13b

"Winburn, Alva" 157a

"Winburn, Cecil" 146a

"Winburn, Dolly Mae" 98a

"Winburn, Donald Joe" 19c

"Winburn, Edgar" 48b

"Winburn, Glenn Allen" 75a

"Winburn, Greg Infant" 52a

"Winburn, Hazel" 31c

"Winburn, Henry" 55b

"Winburn, james" 15c

"Winburn, James Albert" 68b

"Winburn, James H." 34a

"Winburn, Joe" 42a

"Winburn, Joe" 67b

"Winburn, Katherine Mastin" 45a

"Winburn, Keith" 107a

"Winburn, Leon" 62a

"Winburn, Lyla Burton" 68b

"Winburn, Michael Dale" 113a

"Winburn, Nora" 56b

"Winburn, Otis" 20c

"Winburn, Ray" 33c

"Winburn, Walker" 59b

"Winburn, Walter J." 61a

"Winn, Alicia" 80a

"Winn, Harry S. Mrs." 19b

"Winn, James French" 89a

"Winn, James Simpson" 89a

"Winn, John Nicholas" 88a

"Winn, Martha A." 20c

"Winn, Mary" 19b

"Winn, Phillip" 28b

"Winn, Phillip" 41b

"Winn, Rachel" 43b

"Winniger, Thomas" 25c

"Wise, Aline" 34b

"Wise, Ella" 139a

"Wise, Etta Rachelle" 137a

"Wise, Florence" 13a

"Wise, Floyd" 62b

"Wise, Frances" 44b

"Wise, Hilda" 40c

"Wise, Lawrence" 119a

"Wise, Mable" 108a

"Wise, Rosella Lawson" 64a

"Wise, W. P." 33b

"Wiseman, Eadie Finney" 10b

"Wiseman, Edna" 29a

"Wiseman, Elery" 15a

"Wiseman, Henry B." 109a

"Wiseman, Henry W." 41a

"Wiseman, James B." 30a

"Wiseman, John David" 83a

"Wiseman, Laura B." 60a

"Wiseman, Marcus" 49a

"Wiseman, Nora Todd" 105a

"Wiseman, Pauline Marstella" 13c

"Wiseman, Ray " 51a

"Wiseman, W W." 53a

"Wiseman, Walker N." 152a

"Wiseman, William Mrs." 6a

"Witeman, Evelyn Batson" 52a

"Witham, Lee" 136a

"Withers, Harold Ishmael" 13b

"Withers, Mildred" 5a

"Withers, Tammy Joe" 137a

"Witherspoon, Pattie" 30b

"Withington, Diana Ruth" 111a

"Withington, Everett" 115a

"Withington, Robert" 120a

"Witt, (Infant of Hugh Witt)" 7a

"Witt, Ada Belk" 81a

"Witt, Alabama J." 105a

"Witt, Albert Lee" 24a

"Witt, Bessie" 109a

"Witt, Chester" 27b

"Witt, Ed" 130a

"Witt, Edna C." 107a

"Witt, Elizabeth" 29c

"Witt, Eva D." 40a

"Witt, Gladys Todd" 55a

"Witt, Grant" 10c

"Witt, Grover Ellis" 9c

"Witt, Harry" 36a

"Witt, Harry" 51a

"Witt, Henry G." 40a

"Witt, Hugh" 47b

"Witt, J. B." 20b

"Witt, James" 14a

"Witt, James Corbin" 26a

"Witt, Janie" 9a

"Witt, Joe Leslie" 24a

"Witt, June T." 39a

"Witt, Lottie" 42b

"Witt, Lourlla M." 8b

"Witt, Malinda" 111a

"Witt, Marie Tapp" 58a

"Witt, Mary B." 35a

"Witt, Mitchell" 5c

"Witt, Mollie Fox" 128a

"Witt, Mollie Sue" 105a

"Witt, Ossie W. Mrs." 129a

"Witt, Pleas" 36b

"Witt, Ray" 67a

"Witt, Rosa" 9c

"Witt, Ruby Elizabeth C." 3c

"Witt, Ruth " 22a

"Witt, Shannon" 37c

"Witt, Stephen S." 66b

"Witt, Susan J." 90a

"Witt, T. E. Mrs." 18b

"Wolfe, Juanita" 12a

"Wolverton, Mertie" 95a

"Womack, Annibel" 7b

"Womack, James W." 156a

"Woocott, Frank Kerr" 107a

"Wood, Earl Tee Johnson" 36c

"Wood, Wallace" 93a

"Woodford, Alice" 32b

"Woodford, B. C." 12b

"Woodford, Balhurst" 35a

"Woodford, Henry M." 13b

"Woodford, Kelly B." 12b

"Woodford, L. C." 5b

"Woodford, Leila" 40c

"Woodford, Lois Beverly" 8b

"Woodford, Margaret" 121a

"Woodford, Sallie" 139a

"Woodford, Susan Marie" 57b

"Woodford, Verlon" 112a

"Woodford, Zipporah Lisle" 156a

"Woods, Albert" 124a

"Woods, Ausy Washburn" 9a

"Woods, Cecil" 18b

"Woods, Charles d." 40a

"Woods, D. N." 157a

"Woods, Dora B." 66b

"Woods, Ella" 23b

"Woods, Johannah B." 128a

"Woods, Lucy M." 24b

"Woods, Lucy T." 156a

"Woods, Lula faye" 20b

"Woods, Maggie" 30b

"Woods, Mary B." 40a

"Woods, Minnie A." 23b

"Woods, Nannie Frances" 66b

"Woods, thomas" 46b

"Woods, William B." 5c

"Woods, William T." 64b

"Woodward, Annie May" 126a

"Woodward, Robert" 38b

"Woody, (Infant son Carl Woody" 15b

"Wookcot, Ollie Mae" 67a

"Woolcot, William Robert" 4c

"Woolcott, Mary H." 82a

"Woolcott, William" 38b

"Woolwine, Bertha" 97a

"Woolwine, Freddie Clay" 89a

"Woolwine, James" 16a

"Woolwine, James Franklin" 82a

"Woolwine, Peggy" 84a

"Woolwine, Robert" 41b

"Woolwine, Scobee" 52a

"Woosley, David M." 156a

"Woosley, Floyd" 31a

"Woosley, John" 134a

"Woosley, John" 16b

"Woosley, Joseph" 39a

"Woosley, Leonard" 20c

"Woosley, Leonard III" 18a

"Woosley, Lillie" 48b

"Woosley, Mary" 63a

"Woosley, Molly" 91a

"Woosley, Nannie Lou" 106a

"Woosley, Nannie Potter" 127a

"Woosley, Reatha" 17c

"Woosley, Rodney" 12c

"Woosley, Sallie B." 27c

"Woosley, Steven Lee" 136a

"Woosley, Thomas" 107a

"Wooten, E. B. Rev." 91a

"Wooten, Martha" 30c

"Worrell, Vivian" 39c

"Wrenn, Rosa" 6c

"Wrenn, Ruth L." 37a

"Wrenn, William H." 25a

"Wrenn, William H." 43a

"Wright, (Baby Girl)" 8c

"Wright, Anna Bell" 84a

"Wright, Bayran" 4b

"Wright, Bertie" 14a

"Wright, Betty L." 28b

"Wright, Carrie Stephen" 135a

"Wright, Chester Benton" 8b

"Wright, Cliff" 102a

"Wright, Eliza Hopper" 71a

"Wright, Elizabeth" 28b

"Wright, Florence" 12a

"Wright, Gladys" 64a

"Wright, Laura" 90a

"Wright, Mary" 39c

"Wright, Mary K." 36b

"Wright, Otis" 35c

"Wright, william H." 42a

"Wright, Willie" 106a

"Wright, Wilmore" 156a

"Wyatt, J. A." 9c

"Wyatt, Mida" 23a

"Wynn, John Allen" 142a

"Wynn, Lora Littrell" 122a