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Winchester Cemetery

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"Pace, Annie Michols" 86a

"Pace, Billie Miss" 134a

"Pace, Chester" 3c

"Pace, Clayton" 21a

"Pace, Cora B." 135a

"Pace, Cora Parrish" 58a

"Pace, Eliza" 9c

"Pace, Florence Poer" 31a

"Pace, Garland" 66a

"Pace, Garry Lee" 85a

"Pace, Gladys" 68a

"Pace, Hattie" 91a

"Pace, J. W." 1a

"Pace, John D." 5b

"Pace, Johnny Vernon" 64a

"Pace, Laura L." 13b

"Pace, Lela" 46a

"Pace, Leon Allen" 17c

"Pace, Leon P." 11a

"Pace, Leona" 78a

"Pace, Lou" 8a

"Pace, Lula" 9b

"Pace, M. E." 8a

"Pace, Martha Elizabeth" 154a

"Pace, Martha S." 68b

"Pace, Mary Irene" 21c

"Pace, Mary Prater" 23a

"Pace, Mary Vance" 47a

"Pace, Millard" 111a

"Pace, Milton" 125a

"Pace, Murray Edward" 86a

"Pace, Murray Mark" 104a

"Pace, Nancy" 59b

"Pace, Nelson" 5b

"Pace, Nettie Brandenburg" 134a

"Pace, Nora Rye" 129a

"Pace, Ottis" 17a

"Pace, Pattie B." 63a

"Pace, Robert B." 6b

"Pace, Robert B." 74a

"Pace, Robert E." 1a

"Pace, Robert E." 75a

"Pace, Roy" 8c

"Pace, Shirley Lee" 140a

"Pace, Thomas L." 122a

"Pace, Virgil Lee" 105a

"Pace, William " 30b

"Pace, William Emmett" 34c

"Pace, William R." 72a

"Pace, William T." 134a

"Padgett, Helen M." 7b

"Page, Blake H." 8b

"Page, L. M. Mrs." 20b

"Page, S. M." 6a

"Pallo, Leana Bach" 29a

"Palmer, Billy" 88a

"Palmer, Billye Haggard" 11a

"Palmer, Cecil V." 97a

"Palmer, James" 52a

"Palmer, Joe" 81a

"Palmer, Joseph" 100a

"Palmer, Maude" 21a

"Palmer, Ora Clay Haggard" 6b

"Palmeter, Charles W." 20b

"Palmeter, E. J. Mrs." 36b

"Palmeter, F. D." 28b

"Palmeter, Mary Ann" 3a

"Palmeter, Mattie" 37b

"Pankey, Billy" 17b

"Papierski, Margaret" 14c

"Parido, Christine" 72a

"Parido, David" 23c

"Parido, Ernest" 37a

"Parido, Ethel Margaret" 29b

"Parido, Eva Mae" 2b

"Parido, George" 21b

"Parido, Howard" 105a

"Parido, James" 26a

"Parido, James" 9b

"Parido, James W." 69a

"Parido, Jefferson Davis" 67a

"Parido, Martha D." 33c

"Parido, Nancy C." 154a

"Parido, Olivia" 45b

"Parido, William" 18b

"Paris, Jeff D." 64b

"Parker, Allen" 117a

"Parker, Barbara J." 58b

"Parker, Bobbie Lewis" 87a

"Parker, Cecil Mrs." 37b

"Parker, David Richard" 82a

"Parker, Edward" 59b

"Parker, Frances" 44a

"Parker, Ida" 27b

"Parker, John" 138a

"Parker, Lewis Mrs." 16c

"Parker, Mace B. V." 20b

"Parker, P. S." 100a

"Parker, Sadie R." 11a

"Parker, Sally" 92a

"Parker, Sandra V." 113a

"Parker, Sarah Rice" 63b

"Parker, Vernon Lee" 9b

"Parker, Virgil" 8a

"Parker, Walter C." 28a

"Parks, Aspie Bradley" 157a

"Parks, Charolotte Sarbach" 127a

"Parks, George Odie" 94a

"Parks, John Clay" 18a

"Parks, Mina H." 23c

"Parks, Sarah" 155a

"Parks, T. H." 15b

"Parriah, Charlie" 96a

"Parriah, Mattie G." 58b

"Parris, Tom Mrs." 28b

Parrish Rosa B. 140a

"Parrish, Anna Kemp" 18a

"Parrish, Annetta Ray" 113a

"Parrish, C. W." 53b

"Parrish, Clay" 132a

"Parrish, Ella" 51b

"Parrish, Emma Piersall" 66b

"Parrish, Everett Allen" 149a

"Parrish, Floyd" 3a

"Parrish, Frankie Taylor" 130a

"Parrish, Fred Allen" 91a

"Parrish, Gene H." 24a

"Parrish, Harry A." 37c

"Parrish, Hazel" 44a

"Parrish, Ida M." 98a

"Parrish, J. R." 35b

"Parrish, Jerry Lou" 19b

"Parrish, Jolly" 107a

"Parrish, Julia C." 23a

"Parrish, Kate Fox" 101a

"Parrish, Lawinia H." 64b

"Parrish, Leland" 30c

"Parrish, Leonard M." 16b

"Parrish, Leslie Clay" 27a

"Parrish, Louise P." 39c

"Parrish, Maggie" 56b

"Parrish, Martha F." 100a

"Parrish, Mary" 2c

"Parrish, Nancy" 29b

"Parrish, Nannie H." 74a

"Parrish, R. H. Mrs." 24b

"Parrish, Raymond" 50a

"Parrish, Sarah Frances" 117a

"Parrish, Victor Jerome" 125a

"Parrish, W. M." 60b

"Parson, David" 154a

"Parsons, Virginia" 49a

"Partair, Trudy Kathryn" 82a

"Partick, Leonard" 55a

"Partin, Caleb L." 153a

"Pasley, Alvin Sr." 5b

"Pasley, April Dawn" 41a

"Pasley, Gregory Allen" 42a

"Pasley, Howard Sr.," 35a

"Pasley, Joe William" 63a

"Pasley, Joseph Clifton" 131a

"Pasley, Leona J." 38a

"Pasley, Marcus" 92a

"Pasley, Martha F." 70a

"Pasley, Mary Ann" 41a

"Pasley, Omedia Jewell" 11a

"Pasley, Rita Gay" 119a

"Pasley, Roger" 151a

"Patrick, Alfred" 31a

"Patrick, Charles Otis" 47a

"Patrick, Florence Howard" 45a

"Patrick, Henry" 36a

"Patrick, Katherine" 29a

"Patrick, Leoda" 45b

"Patrick, Marvin" 68a

"Patrick, Ollie M" 11b

"Patrick, Rhoda" 30a

"Patten, Elizabeth" 32c

"Patterson, Berrie" 4a

"Patterson, Edna B." 7c

"Patterson, Edwin Fox" 6c

"Patterson, Katherine C." 62b

"Patterson, Matthew A." 23c

"Patterson, Noble" 58a

"Patterson, Nora Fox." 15a

"Patterson, Robert H." 10c

"Patton, Cecil" 45a

"Patton, Denise A." 65a

"Patton, Floyd Sr." 53a

"Patton, Gary Ray" 23c

"Patton, Geneva Bush" 4c

"Patton, Herbert T." 52a

"Patton, John W." 38b

"Patton, Martha K." 119a

"Patton, Mary E." 12b

"Patton, Nellie" 13a

"Patton, Oliver" 20b

"Patton, Velma Herrick" 3a

"Patton, W. S." 31b

"Patton, W. S. Mrs." 81a

"Patton, William " 136a

"Payne, Alton" 31c

"Payne, Clarence" 31c

"Payne, Clarence" 37b

"Payne, Odell Farris" 40a

"Payne, Wm. Robert" 12b

"Paynter, Clarence P. Sr." 135a

"Paynter, Doris Bailey" 122a

"Paynter, Elizabeth F." 9b

"Paynter, Emily Sue" 56a

"Paynter, Minerva" 9a

"Paynter, Susan" 35b

"Paynter, Virgil Logan" 23a

"Paynter, William Clyde" 56a

"Peak, David F." 48b

"Peck, Homer Strode" 99a

"Peck, Nelson Ruth" 62a

"Pedicord, Sue Miss." 13b

"Peeples, Mary" 139a

"Peeples, Pauline" 100a

"Pegg, Edna S." 100a

"Peggs, Charlie" 53b

"Pelfrey, Cathy Lynn" 154a

"Pelfrey, Charence" 38c

"Pelfrey, Dan" 57a

"Pelfrey, Fairy M." 69a

"Pelfrey, Gracie Jones" 13a

"Pelfrey, Issac" 107a

"Pelfrey, Jason Todd" 59a

"Pelfrey, Joseph M." 13a

"Pelfrey, Julian" 37a

"Pelfrey, Julian Clay" 77a

"Pelfrey, Lou Ellen" 115a

"Pelfrey, Mary Johnson" 146a

"Pelfrey, Polly" 40b

"Pelfrey, Sarah" 8a

"Pelfrey, Virgil" 8c

"Pelfrey, William" 81a

"Pelts, Joseph K." 39b

"Pember, Berdedine" 58a

"Pember, Charles B." 65a

"Pemberton, Laura" 114a

"Pemberton, Sam" 39b

"Pemegtine, Nancy" 28b

"Pence, Cecil" 62a

"Pence, Ester" 11b

"Pence, Gertrude Allen" 99a

"Pence, Mary V." 152a

"Pence, Molly" 91a

"Pence, Nevarine" 13c

"Pence, William" 56b

"Pence, William Henry" 34a

"Pendleton, Annie" 48b

"Pendleton, Arch" 159a

"Pendleton, Beachie" 35b

"Pendleton, C. D." 32b

"Pendleton, C. T." 17a

"Pendleton, Carrie" 61a

"Pendleton, Charles L." 32b

"Pendleton, Dwight L." 98a

"Pendleton, Dwight L. Jr." 31a

"Pendleton, Edward L." 90a

"Pendleton, Frank Judge" 66b

"Pendleton, Kate" 54a

"Pendleton, Phillip" 49b

"Pendleton, Rice Jr." 158a

"Pendleton, Sarah" 50b

"Pendleton, Stanley Dudley" 37a

"Pendleton, Thacker" 37b

"Pendleton, Vivian Herndon" 75a

"Pendleton, William" 153a

"Pendleton, William K." 124a

"Penick, Albert K." 157a

"Penick, Alice Pauline" 54a

"Penn, Ruth b." 3a

"Pennington, Dora" 39a

"Pennington, James F. Dr." 2b

"Pennington, John Jr." 42b

"Pennington, John Stephen" 16b

"Pennington, Kate" 130a

"Pennington, Oscar" 6b

"Pennington, Robert J." 142a

"Pennington, Telitha" 10a

"Pennington, Virgil G." 37a

"Perdue, Jesse" 12c

"Pergram, George E." 38c

"Pergram, Grover cleveland" 129a

"Pergram, Kenneth earl" 34c

"Pergram, Richard Scott" 143a

"Perkins, (Infant of Lee Perkins)" 48b

"Perkins, Boyd" 21a

"Perkins, Clifton R." 65a

"Perkins, Elizabeth" 70b

"Perkins, Fannie Brown" 43a

"Perkins, Homer" 22c

"Perkins, J. C." 138a

"Perkins, James" 31c

"Perkins, Lee" 55b

"Perkins, Lottie" 91a

"Perkins, Madeline Cornett" 46a

"Perkins, Marie J." 160a

"Perkins, Marshall" 57b

"Perkins, Mattie" 18c

"Perkins, Pauline" 32b

"Perkins, Virgil" 37c

"Perkins, William" 48b

"Perkins, William Eugene" 31b

"Perkins, William Geobel" 54b

"Permentor, Bessie" 31c

"Perri, Elfrieda Richi" 11a

"Perry, Bernice" 7b

"Perry, Betty Ann" 75a

"Perry, Beulah L." 25c

"Perry, Cecil" 12b

"Perry, Clarence" 38a

"Perry, Dorothy" 130a

"Perry, Edythe Yvonne" 73a

"Perry, John" 94a

"Perry, Lula" 30b

"Perry, Mary Ellen" 136a

"Perry, Mildred" 59b

"Perry, Millard F." 6b

"Perry, Mose D." 114a

"Perry, Nannie D." 147a

"Perry, O. R." 11b

"Perry, Penny Jane" 64b

"Perry, R. R." 31b

"Perry, Robert Hunt" 74a

"Perry, Viola" 84a

"Perry, William" 44b

"Perry, Willliam Robert Jr." 154a

"Perryman, Beulah" 102a

"Perryman, Sallie W." 57b

"Perwitt, Ivira J." 30c

"Peters, Allie" 43a

"Peters, Arthur Jr." 76a

"Peters, J. Hunter" 10b

"Peters, Katherine" 15a

"Peters, Kathryn" 9b

"Peters, Mary George" 160a

"Peters, Sandra Jane" 73a

"Peters, William A." 152a

"Petry, Bertha R." 68a

"Petry, Joe C." 143a

"Petry, Louis E." 129a

"Petry, Nancy Bryant" 104a

"Pettman, Virgil" 10a

"Peyton, Cortis E." 36c

"Pharis, Albert" 157a

"Pharis, Betty" 120a

"Pharis, Clinton A." 7c

"Pharis, Ellen" 53b

"Pharis, Eugene" 12a

"Pharis, Floyd Fox" 138a

"Pharis, Ida Belle" 118a

"Pharis, J. W." 25b

"Pharis, John W. Mrs." 65b

"Pharis, Jolly" 20a

"Pharis, Jolly B." 34b

"Pharis, Nannie D." 39b

"Pharis, Stella E." 17b

"Pharris, William D." 144a

"Phelps, (Infant of W. C. Phelps)" 48b

"Phelps, Nelson E." 156a

"Pherigo, Mary" 115a

"Phillip, Gene M. Mrs." 110a

"Phillip, H. H." 21b

"Phillip, Theodore" 19b

"Phillip, theodore Davenport" 8c

"Phillips, Helen M." 32c

"Phillips, Lemar Allen" 19a

"Phillips, Martha" 48a

"Phillips, Mary" 31b

"Phillips, Tom Col." 6a

"Phipps, Mallie Lowery" 3a

"Picket, Lena W." 14c

"Pie, Rose Bud" 8a

Piersall J. D. Dr. 42b

"Piersall, Adalite" 49b

"Piersall, Agnes" 35c

"Piersall, Emma" 124a

"Piersall, James F." 132a

"Piersall, Mayme Weldon" 73a

"Piersall, Thomas Chester" 81a

"Piershall, Lewis" 74a

"Pigg, Donald" 60a

"Pigg, Mary" 27b

"Pigg, Z. W." 54b

Pigg. Nora 52b

"Pinnell, Alice" 37b

"Pinnell, Charlie Tucker" 155a

"Pinnell, Gladys" 48a

"Pinnell, John Spencer" 34a

"Pinnell, Myrtle I." 14c

"Pinnell, W. R. Dr." 49b

"Pinnell, Walter R." 54b

"Pitts, Dorothy Mae" 160a

"Pitts, Ernest" 25c

"Pitts, Grace" 47b

"Pitts, Henry Clay" 157a

"Pitts, Howard H." 14c

"Pitts, Kenneth" 31c

"Pitts, Mona Aldridge" 4b

"Pitts, Orville" 12c

"Pitts, Owen Curtis" 12c

"Pitts, R. W. Mrs." 37b

"Pitts, Richard" 94a

"Pitts, Rose" 15c

"Pitts, William " 23b

"Planck, Ishmael" 64a

"Planck, J. B." 106a

"Planck, J. W." 104a

"Planck, Josie Rupard" 64a

"Planck, Sibbie" 22a

"Planck, Ward" 43b

"Plemon, Pary Eastin" 52a

"Plunkett, Betty" 12a

"Plunkett, Lester" 59a

"Plunkett, Sylvester" 72a

"Poasley, Fannie" 69a

"Poe, Cane" 14b

"Poe, Pauline" 19c

"Poer, Anna Green" 5a

"Poer, Ben" 7a

"Poer, Bertha Tabor" 57a

"Poer, Bessie" 50a

"Poer, Clarence" 15a

"Poer, Edgar" 160a

"Poer, Elbert" 56b

"Poer, Elizabeth" 22a

"Poer, F. M." 7a

"Poer, Frances M." 47a

"Poer, Joseph Joe" 36a

"Poer, Josie" 67b

"Poer, Katherine H." 35a

"Poer, Kelly" 97a

"Poer, Lorena H." 5a

"Poer, Marie Wright" 14c

"Poer, Marvin B." 101a

"Poer, Nina H." 26a

"Poer, Pleas B." 133a

"Poer, Pleas B." 44b

"Poer, Sylvia Jane" 60a

"Poer, Vernon C." 94a

"Poindexter, Frances Baber" 142a

"Poindexter, Harry Lewis" 139a

"Poole, Carrie" 23b

"Poole, Irene" 52b

"Poole, Margaret" 115a

"Poole, Percy" 36c

"Poole, Thomas A." 64b

"Pope, George" 92a

"Pope, George Vernon" 63a

"Pope, Isabelle" 79a

"Pope, James D. Sr." 33c

"Pope, Nellie" 44a

"Pope, Walter Lee" 19a

"Poppleton, Marguerite Davis" 20a

"Porter, Charles F." 142a

"Porter, Dewey Morgan" 65a

"Porter, Dolly Carpenter" 87a

"Porter, Edd" 18b

"Porter, John" 156a

"Porter, John R. Jr." 35c

"Porter, Judith S." 60a

"Porter, Marie Lyon" 65a

"Porter, Mary" 2b

"Porter, Mary Lee" 68b

"Porter, Paul A." 21a

"Porter, William Franklin" 16b

"Portwood, Bessie" 19c

"Portwood, Darnell Keith" 55a

"Portwood, Floyd" 29a

"Portwood, James Linville" 5b

"Portwood, Stanley" 10b

"Portwood, Woodie Wilcox" 156a

"Poston, Mintie" 21a

"Potter, Elbert" 23a

"Potter, Eugene" 79a

"Potts, Banford" 141a

"Potts, Bessie" 42a

"Potts, David" 50a

"Potts, Edward Lee" 53a

"Potts, Effie Gamboe" 60a

"Potts, J. W." 67b

"Potts, Johnny W." 53a

"Potts, Louise" 50b

"Potts, martha" 37a

"Potts, Ruth Marie" 73a

"Potts, Tom" 46a

"Potts, Wallace" 6b

"Potts, Walter L." 29a

"Pottts, elizabeth Crose, Robert L." 142a

"Pound, Elizabeth" 17b

"Pound, James C." 12c

"Pound, Virginia T." 37a

"Powell, Bessie" 4a

"Powell, Chritine Roland" 41a

"Powell, Dallas S." 34b

"Powell, Eliza Jones" 96a

"Powell, Ernest C." 12c

"Powell, Ethel Thronberry" 16b

"Powell, Frances Ann" 38c

"Powell, Frankie H. Mrs." 116a

"Powell, George" 87a

"Powell, George W." 11a

"Powell, Hattie B." 39a

"Powell, Ibsan" 14b

"Powell, Inez S." 50b

"Powell, Isaac" 37b

"Powell, James" 92a

"Powell, James L." 94a

"Powell, Joel H." 9c

"Powell, John" 39b

"Powell, John M." 2b

"Powell, Joseph" 34a

"Powell, Lonnie" 24c

"Powell, Louella" 44b

"Powell, Lucy" 27b

"Powell, Mabbie Hopper" 144a

"Powell, Mayr E." 46b

"Powell, Millie" 96a

"Powell, N. A." 41b

"Powell, Oliver" 97a

"Powell, Pearl" 66a

"Powell, Sallie Patterson" 73a

"Powell, Sam" 27a

"Powell, Sam'" 99a

"Powell, Sidney" 38a

"Powell, Sim" 40c

"Powell, Stanley D." 33c

"Powell, Stanley Miss" 62a

"Powell, Vicotria H." 15c

"Powell, Waller" 67b

"Powell, Wesley" 2a

"Powell, Wheeler" 94a

"Powell, William" 74a

"Poynter, Addie G." 65a

"Poynter, Charolette" 39c

"Poynter, Ernest W." 137a

"Poynter, Joe Wiley" 85a

"Poynter, Rovert Hiner" 1a

"Poynter, Wiley T." 72a

"Prater, Ada Wheeler" 118a

"Prater, R. L." 134a

"Prater, Ruth Petry" 8b

"Prather, Russell r." 4c

"Premature, Birth" 57b

"Prewitt, Anna Coleman Van Mete" 6b

"Prewitt, Arch Paul Jr." 130a

"Prewitt, Bush" 47a

"Prewitt, Callie R." 45a

"Prewitt, David" 120a

"Prewitt, Edna L." 66a

"Prewitt, Effie W." 15c

"Prewitt, Floyd H." 11a

"Prewitt, Gay" 96a

"Prewitt, Halley" 45b

"Prewitt, Hiram G." 159a

"Prewitt, Ida Bell" 4a

"Prewitt, James C." 49b

"Prewitt, JD Gay" 37c

"Prewitt, Johnson L" 121a

"Prewitt, Larry" 100a

"Prewitt, Lucinda Y." 122a

"Prewitt, Lula B." 119a

"Prewitt, Lula Ella" 6a

"Prewitt, Milton" 80a

"Prewitt, Paul" 35b

"Prewitt, Robert C." 86a

"Prewitt, Robert Clifton Jr." 39a

"Prewitt, Robert Homer" 86a

"Prewitt, Rosalie Day" 49a

"Prewitt, Stanleu" 62b

"Prewitt, Stanley" 115a

"Prewitt, Stanley Mrs." 20b

"Prewitt, Strother" 38b

"Prewitt, Sylvia H." 15c

"Prewitt, W. C." 18b

"Prewitt, Winston" 156a

"Price, Chestine" 9c

"Price, Claude" 115a

"Price, Dan" 58b

"Price, Florence Pethtel" 93a

"Price, James" 119a

"Price, James" 52b

"Price, James Rubin Jr." 145a

"Price, Josephine" 47b

"Price, Kate" 99a

"Price, Linnie" 117a

"Price, Minnie" 111a

"Price, Nancy B." 123a

"Price, Percy" 111a

"Price, Sol P." 152a

"Prichard, James" 17c

"Prince, Harry" 154a

"Pritchard, Harry" 159a

"Pritchard, Mable" 159a

"Pritchard, Robert" 13a

"Pritchard, Ruby, P." 64a

"Pritchett, Bonnie Jean" 87a

"Proctor, Daisey" 102a

"Proctor, Elizabeth" 28c

"Proctor, Ella" 25b

"Proctor, Eva" 117a

"Proctor, Frances Brown" 107a

"Proctor, George" 64a

"Proctor, Jones B." 2c

"Proctor, Lottie" 4b

"Proctor, Martha" 29a

"Proctor, Richie Lee" 113a

"Proctor, Thomas W." 7c

"Profitt, (Infant of Earl P.)" 22b

"Profitt, Charles Shelton" 53a

"Profitt, Charles V." 160a

"Profitt, Christina" 66b

"Profitt, Delores Darlene" 135a

"Profitt, Elizabeth" 20c

"Profitt, Harrison" 31b

"Profitt, Janet Sue" 30a

"Profitt, mabel Elizabeth" 35c

"Profitt, martina Lee" 146a

"Profitt, Mort" 54a

"Profitt, William" 70a

"Profitt, William " 107a

"Prortwood, Owen" 114a

"Protwood, Danny Ray" 25a

"Pryse, C. B." 81a

"Pryse, David" 19a

"Pryse, Mary Walker" 39c

"Pryse, Mattie" 152a

"Pryse, R. R." 15b

"Pryse, Robert" 43b

"Pucket, William H." 114a

"Puckett, Ben" 16c

"Puckett, Berry V." 18a

"Puckett, Betty Jean" 13b

"Puckett, C. L." 117a

"Puckett, Charlie F." 82a

"Puckett, Chester" 125a

"Puckett, Della B." 5b

"Puckett, Dennis " 49a

"Puckett, Deward" 32c

"Puckett, Dora" 83a

"Puckett, Dorothy" 147a

"Puckett, Elihue" 36b

"Puckett, Elmer" 66a

"Puckett, Evelyn" 42b

"Puckett, Fannie H." 27a

"Puckett, Gilmore" 20c

"Puckett, Harry Bush" 6c

"Puckett, Helen" 112a

"Puckett, Jared Grant" 21c

"Puckett, Jessie" 43b

"Puckett, Kermit" 19b

"Puckett, Lindsay Vick" 104a

"Puckett, Mable" 3b

"Puckett, Margaret" 20c

"Puckett, mary O." 33c

"Puckett, Mollie Beael" 57a

"Puckett, Nancy" 23c

"Puckett, Ora B." 111a

"Puckett, Owen" 160a

"Puckett, Owen Taylor" 31c

"Puckett, Pearl" 4a

"Puckett, Phillip Wayne" 62b

"Puckett, Phillis Marie" 113a

"Puckett, Russell" 57a

"Puckett, Russell Jr." 86a

"Puckett, Stanley Mrs." 2c

"Puckett, Susan Sams" 57a

"Puckett, Thomas" 16b

"Puckett, Vina Russell" 119a

"Puckett, Viola" 2c

"Puckett, Virginia" 62a

"Puckett, Wayne" 129a

"Puckett, William B." 8b

"Puckett, William Clay" 21a

"Punches, Ida Mae Charles Crawf" 11a

"Purcell, Charles C." 125a

"Purlant, Clara Hancock" 112a

"Purlant, Samuel" 96a

"Pursley, Fauntleroy" 10a

"Pursley, John G." 54b

"Pursley, John M." 70b

"Pursley, Mattie M." 8a

"Pushford, Walter T." 86a