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Winchester Cemetery

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Cable, James G. 32b

Cable, Nancy 102a

Cahal, James L. 5a

Cahnes, Emma 11c

Cahue, Robbie Lee 36c

Cain, Mattie W. 9b

Cain, Nora M. 138a

Calbert, (Stillborn) of A. T. 8a

Caldwell, Frances S. 53a

Caldwell, John 30a

Caldwell, Margaret 99a

Caldwell, Ralph M. 22b

Caldwell, Sarah Martha 41a

Caldwell, Smith H. 5b

Calloway, John B. 15a

Calloway, John Owen, Iva Jane 19c

Calloway, Minnie B. 22a

Calmes, Alice B. 33b

Calrk, Boyce T. 26a

Calver, Vinnie 58a

Calvert, Adrian L. 140a

Calvert, Carrie Mastin 77a

Calvert, Charles R. 15a

Calvert, Emma 105a

Calvert, George W. 31a

Calvert, Linda 36a

Calvert, Rosa Baldwin 83a

Calvert, Ruth Gullett 151a

Caly, Floyd W. 66a

Caly, Stanley 12c

Campbell, Arthur 34c

Campbell, Bud 33a

Campbell, Cecil 35b

Campbell, Charles 155a

Campbell, Elizabeth taylor 155a

Campbell, elmer 55a

Campbell, Ernest Ray 69b

Campbell, Etta 54a

Campbell, Faith 115a

Campbell, Fannie 35b

Campbell, Frankie 14c

Campbell, Henry (Bud) 103a

Campbell, J. H. 32b

Campbell, Jefferson D. 30b

Campbell, Joe 24a

Campbell, John M. 63b

Campbell, Lee Wayne 12b

Campbell, Maurice 113a

Campbell, Maxine 67a

Campbell, Nannie J. 19a

Campbell, Steve 93a

Campbell, Thomas Allen 101a

Campbell, Wanda Fay 97a

Cannon, A. L. Mrs. 81a

Cannon, Arthur L. 89a

Cannon, James Orville 76a

Cannon, Maude 121a

Cantler, Clara Wade 91a

Cantler, Earl 37a

Cantler, Edwin 54b

Cantler, Mattie 62a

Carlin, Mary 61a

Carmen, Jesse M. 25a

Carmichael, Donald Lee 9b

Carmicheal, James 160a

Carnes, Walter 140a

Carpenter, Chalemen 51a

Carpenter, H. W. 123a

Carpenter, Haleyon Parrish 11a

Carpenter, Hermon P. Dr. 111a

Carpenter, Homer 91a

Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth 43a

Carpenter, Pamela La Faye 9a

Carpenter, Rose 85a

Carr, Anna E. 49a

Carr, Cecil 55a

Carr, Millard F. 112a

Carr, Ofie 71a

Carr, Russell Wayne 64a

Carr, Thomas N. 149a

Carrier, Albert 42b

Carrier, David L. 58a

Carrington, Anna E. 11a

Carrington, Jo Nell J. 15a

Carrington, John R. 125a

Carrington, Paul 51a

Carrington, Paul Allen 143a

Carrington, Scotty 120a

Carrinton, Wesley 109a

Carrison, Russie H. 90a

Carristo, James L. 45a

Carrithers, Charles A. 108a

Carrithers, Frances 157a

Carrol, Joe B. 52b

Carroll, Ada Fern 32c

Carroll, Charles 119a

Carroll, Dudley 49a

Carroll, Hattie 67a

Carroll, Ida M. 30c

Carroll, James 108a

Carroll, Lester K. 9b

Carroll, Margaret 21b

Carroll, Mary Hampton 87a

Carroll, Oral 10c

Carroll, Viola 47b

Carroll, Virginia 41b

Carroll, William 120a

Carroll, William 31b

Carroll, William H. 137a

Carruth, Mayme H. 142a

Carter, A. W. 21b

Carter, Claudia Brown 24a

Carter, Elizabeth 56a

Carter, Mary 98a

Carter, Richard Cornell Sr. 65a

Carter, Sammy M. 20c

Carter, William 40c

Cartnell, Charles W. 27b

Cartwright, Carl 56a

Carvens, Russell 10a

Casey, Elizabeth 10c

Caskey, Logan 62b

Caskey, Sherman 34a

Caskie, Alice Lee 117a

Caskie, William 83a

Cassidy, Tammy Lynn 130a

Cassity, James Bruce 2b

Casteel, Hanna 13c

Casteel, Lucille Crews 113a

Castell, William K. 9b

Castevans, Amanda 20b

Castle, (Infant of Boyd Castle) 61a

Castle, Alma Rose Fallen 11b

Castle, Boyd 11b

Castle, Daniel Edward 53a

Castle, Edna C. (Infant) 58b

Castle, Elza 8b

Castle, Henry 63a

Castle, James 10a

Castle, John s. 50b

Castle, Rosa Katherine 87a

Castle, Roxie Reed 107a

Caswell, Judy All 91a

Cater, Bryuan 70b

Caudill, Alice 31a

Caudill, Alvin 18c

Caudill, Ann 51a

Caudill, Beraldine R. 25c

Caudill, Betty 35c

Caudill, Cecil Y. 34a

Caudill, Cecil Y. 34a

Caudill, Frank 130a

Caudill, James William 2c

Caudill, Jasper A. 26a

Caudill, Jeffery Wade 70a

Caudill, Mable Kelly 26a

Caudill, Margie L. 27c

Caudill, Sarah Knipp 33c

Causey, Chrisley Sr. 18a

Cayton, John 62a

Caywood, Daisy 40a

Caywood, Frank 69a

Caywood, James 66a

Caywood, Jennie L. 48b

Caywood, Mary Bell 31a

Caywood, Nancy 160a

CAYWOOD, Nancy A. 1836 - 1920

Caywood, W. C. Sr. 42b

Caywood, William Jr. 144a

Cecil, Essie 58b

Chalifoux, Richard John 31a

Chamberlain, Andrew Julian 37c

Chamberland, Leslie 41b

Chamberland, Nannie M 34b

Chamberland, Rosa 159a

Chambers, John Fox 27a

Chambers, John R. 64a

Chambers, Lucille 3a

Chandler, Elizabeth Mae 38a

Chandler, Leora 57b

Chandler, Oscar 125a

Chaney, Crystal 68a

CHANEY, Elizabeth Webber, 1858 - March 02, 1929

CHANEY, J.W. , 1864 - August 13, 1937

Chaney, John Everett 138a

Chaney, Mary Rupard 28a

Chaney, Oren Sr. 7b

Chaney, Troy 11b

Charles, Bert 115a

Charles, Bessie clem 69a

Charles, Daisy 22b

Charles, Dollie 55a

Charles, Etta B. 9a

Charles, Gladys 62a

Charles, Kirt 18c

Charles, Nancy 5a

Charles, Vernon 57a

Charles, Walter 58a

Charles, Zack 44a

Chastian, Infant Boy 40a

Chastin, Darle Jean 150a

Chastin, Jeffery Lyn 121a

Chatfield, Jeffery Lee 12a

Chavis, C. D. 88a

Cheairs, Ethel Garner 15a

Cheairs, N. T. 86a

Cheeseman, Gladys H. 50a

Chenault, Elizabeth 60b

Chenault, Jimm 51a

Chenault, Julia P. 33a

Chenault, Mary B. 18c

Chenault, Rose 19c

Chenault, Tandy 100a

Chenault, William T. 7b

Chesnut, Albert Wayne 151a

Chester, Bertha 107a

Chester, Ellla 151a

Chester, Lula 76a

Chester, M. B. 113a

Chevront, James Carter 33c

Chewning, Esther Rowzee 125a

Childers, Florence 34a

Childers, J. H. 75a

Childers, John A. 143a

Childers, John L. 6b

Childers, Maggie 87a

Childers, Robert Paul 85a

Childres, Grace 34a

Childs, Anne M. 31c

Chism, Albert C. 28a

Chism, Bernice Green 39c

Chism, charles 58a

Chism, Charles G. 124a

Chism, Eliza Frances 88a

Chism, Florence 18a

Chism, Floyd 28a

Chism, Grant 67a

Chism, Homer 65a

Chism, Iva W. 6b

Chism, Jessie 25c

Chism, John Thomas 122a

Chism, John Willie (Bug) 53a

Chism, Marvin Lee 125a

Chism, mary Kerr 115a

Chism, Mattie 16a

Chism, Patsy 43a

Chism, Roy 48a

Chism, S. D. 42b

Chism, Sarah Jordan 12c

Chism, Tony Gayle 40a

Chism. Francis H. 106a

Chisolm, Louise Keal 111a

Christian, Julia A. 67a

Christian, William 37a

Christie, Mary 39b

Christophe, Thomas S. 118a

Christopher, (Infant) 38c

Christopher, Billy Ray 143a

Christopher, Blanche 13a

Christopher, Callie 28c

Christopher, Carolyn Sue 106a

Christopher, Cecil 42a

Christopher, Clara J. 51b

Christopher, Ernest 33a

Christopher, Gaynell 18a

Christopher, Jane 39a

Christopher, John 120a

Christopher, John 53a

Christopher, Lena 30c

Christopher, Lillian 22b

Christopher, Liza 13a

Christopher, Lois 17b

Christopher, Lois K. 112a

Christopher, Lula 12a

Christopher, Mack 123a

Christopher, Rosa H. 26a

Christopher, Thelma Epperson 68a

Christopher, Wiley 12c

Christopher, William 57a

Christopher, William F. 8b

Christorpher, Minnie 17a

Christy, Annie 44b

Christy, Frank 11c

Chugg, Melvin Jr. 14a

Clair, Ida Nickels 132a

Clark, (Infant of Dan Clark) 17a

Clark, (Infant of James Clark) 33b

Clark, Add 153a

Clark, Alonzo W. 44a

Clark, Anna L. 121a

Clark, Anna Virginia 66b

Clark, Betty 79a

Clark, Blanch F. 94a

Clark, Dan 103a

Clark, Donald Ray 149a

Clark, Dora Walling 129a

Clark, Dorothy 34c

Clark, Earl 106a

Clark, Eliza 37b

Clark, Elizabeth D. 39c

Clark, Elnora G. 34c

Clark, Fanny Lou 114a

Clark, Frederick J. 3a

Clark, Garland 156a

Clark, Gertrude 18c

Clark, Gordon 3c

Clark, Grace Allen 160a

Clark, Henrietta Prewit McCan 8b

Clark, Herbert 51a

Clark, Isaac 90a

Clark, J. R. 115a

Clark, James 15a

Clark, James Allan 8b

Clark, James L. 108a

Clark, James V. 41a

Clark, Jenny 25b

Clark, Julian (infant) 14b

Clark, Katherine 158a

Clark, Katherine Lowe 87a

Clark, Lee 34b

Clark, Lucille 19c

Clark, Marcus Eugene 98a

Clark, Margaret 31a

Clark, Margaret 34b

Clark, Mary Helen 66a

Clark, Mary Lindsey 49a

Clark, Mattie Hunt 140a

Clark, Mattie royce 152a

Clark, Mayme O. 116a

Clark, Nancy ann 126a

Clark, Nettie L. 74a

Clark, Nona Monroe 21a

Clark, O. P. Dr. 50b

Clark, Ogden F. 10b

Clark, Paul 14c

Clark, Paul 15a

Clark, Ralph Lee 57a

Clark, Richard M. 47a

Clark, Robert Mrs. 24b

Clark, Robert P. 67a

Clark, Sallie H. 7c

Clark, Thelma 47a

Clark, Virginia 8a

Clark, W. D. 46a

Clark, Wanda Fae 60b

Clark, Wayne 31c

Clark, William 23c

Clark, William 62b

Clark, William 37a

Clark, William D. 22b

Clark, William J. 98a

Clark, William W. 109a

Clarke, C. B. Rev. 60b

Clarke, Orville 29b

Clarkston, Larry Garrye 63b

Claugh, Margaret Owen 60a

Clavert, Harvey 35a

Clay, Bessie Grisby 17c

Clay, Carlene Brant 127a

Clay, Elizabeth 130a

Clay, Emily Clay 9a

Clay, Kenneth Rev. 17c

Clay, Margaret McKinley 6a

Clay, Mary Keyes 39a

Clay, Matt M. 51a

Clay, Nattie N. 131a

Clay, Neal 116a

Claypool, Birch 59b

Claypool, Lorena 12c

Claypool, Robert G. Sr. 4b

Claypool, Tommy 60b

Claypool, Walter 68b

Cleary, Bertine 58a

Clelland, John H. 63b

Clelland, Lindsay Mrs. 16c

Clem, Albert 152a

Clem, Anthony Keith 154a

Clem, Bethel Ann 86a

Clem, Bluford 16a

Clem, Chester 28a

Clem, John 151a

Clem, Johnny G. 155a

Clem, Johnny Ray 53a

Clem, Katie 67a

Clem, Lucille M. 20c

Clem, Lula P. 111a

Clem, Nancy L. 117a

Clem, Sabra 64a

Clem, Willie 103a

Clemmons, Clarence E. 29a

Clevenger, Galla 1b

Clevenger, James 21c

Clevenger, Myrtle C. 41a

Cliff, Fannie 2b

Cliff, George 151a

Cliff, J. M. 29b

Cliff, Louise 35b

Cliff, Mattie 35b

Cline, Ethel 25c

Cline, Pearl Fugate 156a

Cline, Virginia 109a

Cline, Walter 67a

Cline, Walter 80a

Close, Bertie Lee 26a

Closimo, Harry E. 125a

Clouse, Craig David 1b

Clouse, Harold D. 142a

Clouse, Mary C. 157a

Cobb, Eva Lee 156a

Cobb, James W. 41b

Cobb, John W. 49b

Cobb, Thelma P. 37c

Cobern, Jean 131a

Cobs, Nadine 34a

Cochran, Dora Mae 40b

Cochran, John 52a

Cockrell, Anna Love 5c

Cockrell, Carrie Lee 21a

Cockrell, Ella 51a

Cockrell, Emma Thomas 55a

Cockrell, Harriet M. 17b

Cockrell, Lahan B. 22b

Cockrell, McKinley 95a

Cockrell, Robert Renick 12c

Codell, J. C. 75a

Codell, John R. 129a

Codell, Michael 102a

Codell, Pearl 50a

Codell, William Thomas 119a

Coe, Charles Allen 7b

Coe, Willis G. 7b

Coffey, Ellen W. 116a

Coffey, Elwood 20b

Coffey, Etta Lamb 73a

Coffey, James Vernon 3c

Coffey, Jerry Lewis 106a

Coffey, Katie W. 12c

Coffey, Ralph T. 116a

Coffey, Roland 116a

Coffey, Vernon James 144a

Coffield, C. M. 137a

Coffield, Winnie 35a

Coke, Curry Weathers 16a

Coke, Edmond B. 108a

Coldiron, Otis Sr. & Lillie Ma 137a

Cole, Ada Horn 63a

Cole, Anna 18c

Cole, Annie 41b

Cole, Clyde 7c

Cole, Ernest Dr. 96a

Cole, Ernestine 22b

Cole, Fred 62a

Cole, George 104a

Cole, Grace Clark 157a

Cole, Helen L. 18c

Cole, James J. 5a

Cole, Lewis 46a

Cole, Martha H. 92a

Cole, Nettie 105a

Cole, Rev. W. D. 85a

Cole, Robert L. 52b

Cole, Willie B. 2c

Collard, Emma 80a

Collett, Caskey 38c

Collier, (Stillborn of W. A.) 20b

Collier, Dorothy Anne 118a

Collier, Ruth Tabor 96a

Collier, William A. 25b

Collins, Fay E. 141a

Collins, Ida 66a

Collins, John Lee 36a

Collins, Pauline 145a

Collis, (Infant of John Collis) 18b

Collis, Alga 19c

Collis, Angel 2b

Collis, Constantine Mr. 104a

Collis, John S. 57a

Collis, Stayroula 13c

Collis, William S. 123a

Colosimo, Rose Marie 111a

Columbia, Anna Lee 88a

Columbia, Bertha 21c

Columbia, Sharon Rae 95a

Combs, alma 59a

Combs, Amanda B. 82a

Combs, Anthony Pfc. 87a

Combs, Carl Keith 64a

Combs, Chester Thomas 159a

Combs, Conley 8b

Combs, Courtney 32a

Combs, Cullun I. 46a

Combs, Damon 29c

Combs, Dee 34b

Combs, Dwight 31c

Combs, Elizabeth Cline 37c

Combs, Elizabeth Ella 10c

Combs, Fanny Reed 66b

Combs, Hazel Mae 31b

Combs, Hubert 135a

Combs, Hubert (Prewitt) 35c

Combs, J. M. 35b

Combs, Jerry 59b

Combs, Juanita Creech 16a

Combs, Kenneth Lee 146a

Combs, Lester 110a

Combs, Little 48a

Combs, Malinda E. 2a

Combs, Margaret 49b

Combs, Maria Jane 104a

Combs, Mary 17a

Combs, Mary Lola 40b

Combs, Mary Moble 25c

Combs, Matilda 8c

Combs, N. B. 49b

Combs, Nancy Clay 11a

Combs, Robert E. 37a

combs, Sam 105a

Combs, Sarah Juliette 30a

Combs, Walter Glenmore Dr. 69b

Combs, Woodrow 45a

Comer, Bertha Ragland 7b

Comer, Cecil Davis 65a

Comer, Ethel Hignite 16c

Comer, Frank 1a

Comer, George L. 40b

Comer, Lucy 54b

Comer, Robert 18b

Comer, Roy 17b

Comer, William Allen 31a

Compbell, May Powell 64a

Conder, James D. 20a

Conder, Tamala Rae 121a

Congleton, Jasper 150a

Congleton, Mary 110a

Congleton, Sarah Edith 106a

Conkwright, Alma Y. 118a

Conkwright, Anna Martin 22c

Conkwright, Bessie 144a

Conkwright, Eliza 99a

Conkwright, Emma 3a

Conkwright, Emma 42b

Conkwright, Emma Jones 31a

Conkwright, George A. 57a

Conkwright, Georgia Mae 149a

Conkwright, Glorena Dixon 4c

Conkwright, J. C. 74a

Conkwright, Jessie L. 148a

Conkwright, John 36b

Conkwright, Joseph 120a

Conkwright, Martha 135a

Conkwright, P. J. 149a

Conkwright, S. J. 65b

Conkwright, Vivian 38b

Conkwright, William Asa 68a

Conkwright, William G. 157a

Conkwright, Yantis B. 4c

Conlee, Catherine 90a

Conlee, Jennie 20a

Conlee, Minnie 129a

Conley, Charles 32c

Conley, Elexious H. Jr. 8b

Conley, Lora Blair 12c

Conley, Orville 22a

Conley, Sam 21c

Conner, Alta Litton 60a

Conner, Chester 151a

Conner, Dallas 55a

Conner, Deward 16a

Conner, Earl 15c

Conner, Earl P. 114a

Conner, Frances G. 133a

Conner, Ida Lou 117a

Conner, Martha R. 30c

Conner, Mary Ann 19a

Conner, Rodwic W. 153a

Conner, Roger 51b

Conner, Sandra Kaye 86a

Conner, Sarah Frances 65b

Conner, William 19a

Conner, Wilson 25c

Conrad, Lillian 40b

Conway, Jimmie 18b

Cook, F. M. 121a

Cook, Flora M. 90a

Cook, Johnny F. 20a

Cook, Onnia Lea Banks 7b

Cook, russell P. 8c

Cooke, James 36b

Cooke, James R. 42b

Cooke, Rosa 42a

Coon, Helen Kash 43a

Coones, Baby 12b

Cooper, Adolphys (Doc) 124a

Cooper, Anna 43a

Cooper, Bell Mann 115a

Cooper, Claude 96a

Cooper, Dach 63b

Cooper, Dallas Aaron 37c

Cooper, Dan 159a

Cooper, Edna Shultz 32c

Cooper, Ella 120a

Cooper, elliott 18a

Cooper, James William 95a

Cooper, Jane W. 53b

Cooper, John D. 49a

Cooper, John Will 127a

Cooper, Lennie W. 52b

Cooper, Leon 20c

Cooper, Lucy Hill 99a

Cooper, Madeline 56b

Cooper, Mae 63b

Cooper, Martha 4a

Cooper, Mollie 136a

Cooper, Nannie 57b

Cooper, Pearce 87a

Cooper, Rev. W. M. 45b

Cooper, Richard Henry 93a

Cooper, Samuel 45b

Cooper, Stella M. 148a

Cooper, Traynor Smith 32a

Cooper, William Rev. 18b

Cope, Bruce 43b

Coppage, Allie M. 2b

Coppage, H. H. 123a

Copper, Clume C. 46a

Copper, Gloriner 64a

Corey, J. T. 53b

Corey, Myrtle Neal 86a

Corey, Patsy Sue 101a

Corey, Robert F. Mrs. 47a

Corey, Sallie Mastin 148a

Corey, Thomas 154a

Corkum, Bertha Foley 5c

Cornett, B. S. 45a

Cornett, Carolyn S. 21a

Cornett, Eli 44b

Cornett, Harold 59a

Cornett, John B. 90a

Cornett, Lena R. 42a

Cornett, Margaret F. 108a

Cornett, Pearl 31a

Cornett, Ralph 53b

Cornett, Rankin 22a

Cornett, Sallie S. 30a

Corns, Jerree 35c

Cosby, Wayne 19c

Cottengim, Ralph 49a

Cottengim, Ruth P. 38c

Cottengin, Imogene M. 16c

Cottengin, Jack Ray 83a

Cottengin, K. M. 156a

Cottengin, Ralph, Jr. 58b

Cottle, James Campbell 127a

Cottman, James A. 112a

Cottman, Mabel 65a

Cottrell, Elizabeth 45b

Cottrell, John d. 27b

Cottrell, William E. 88a

Couch, Katherine 24a

Couchman, Ben 46b

Couchman, Frank 94a

Couchman, Frank Mrs. 77a

Couchman, J. A. 1a

Couchman, John A. 19a

Couchman, Mary 1a

Couchman, Robert 106a

Couchman, Rosa 108a

Couchman, Sara Ann 7c

Couglas, Madge John 8b

Courtney, Augusta R. 69b

Courtney, Clarence A. 143a

Courtney, Mike H. 8a

Cowan, Dora Bush Sryant 22c

Cowan, Ruth 30c

Cowan, W. G. 55a

Cowee, Ronald 37c

Cox, Anthony 123a

Cox, Bennie Clay 145a

Cox, Elizabeth 147a

Cox, John R. Jr. 20c

Cox, Lula H. 56a

Cox, Roscoe 135a

Cox, W. B. 75a

Coyle, Etha 30a

Coyle, Lillian Alice 108a

Coyle, Richard 42b

Crace, Allington 159a

Craft, John D. Sr. 7b

Crafton, C. E. Rev. 68b

Crafton, Stella Tanner 3c

Craig, Clara 64a

Craig, Sallie 13a

Craig, Sarah E. 16c

Craig, William 31a

Crail, Bernie 18a

Crain, Charles M. 13c

Crain, Delmar Mrs. 120a

Crain, Francis P. 45a

Crain, John L. 52b

Crain, Lema L. 28a

Crain, Margaret 27b

Crain, Melvin 42b

Crain, Sarah E. 68b

Crain, Simeon (Removal) 27b

Cranes, Lillian 40a

Crapster, Helen Nelson 59a

Crapster, Robert N. 31b

Cravens, Anna 9a

Cravens, Erman 38b

Cravens, H. H. 50a

Cravens, Lina E. 12b

Cravens, Millie S. 78a

 Cravens, Noel P.,  16 Jan 1897 - Mar 1971

Crawfor, Nancy 1a

CRAWFORD, Amanda (Horn) December 1880 - March 10, 1966, wife of William Anderson Crawford

Crawford, Anna 19a

CRAWFORD, Bert N. November 27, 1902 - February 18, 1985, son of Samuel Plumer Crawford. 

CRAWFORD, Gertrude BLAKE, 1886 - 1946, wife of Thomas Crawford.

CRAWFORD, Bessie J. 1884 - March 1957, wife of William H. Crawford (the son of Calloway & Drucilla Crawford)

CRAWFORD, Bessie F. 1884 - 1957, wife of William H. Crawford

 CRAWFORD, Calloway, January 02, 1836 - 1913, son of Clabourn & Susanna (Jett) Crawford

Crawford, Chester 16a

CRAWFORD, Drucilla (BRITTAIN),1847 - February 17, 1921, wife of Calloway Crawford

CRAWFORD, Fred A. Crawford, September 09, 1908 - July 15, 1951, son of Owen Green Crawford.

CRAWFORD, Ida Mae (Charles), August 29, 1922 - March 28, 1991, wife of Ray Crawford.

CRAWFORD, J. Thomas 1880 - Jan. 1963

Crawford, James 48b

Crawford, Kathy 28c

Crawford, Lee 147a

CRAWFORD, Lillian Lily Ann  (Kelley), 1884 - September 1964, wife of Owen Green Crawford.

Crawford, Lourinia 114a

Crawford, Mary 40b

Crawford, Mary E. 38b

 CRAWFORD, Mary (FROST) Nov. 19, 1903 - Nov. 6, 1946, wife of Bert N. Crawford.

 CRAWFORD, May Taylor 1877 - Nov. 1969

Crawford, Otis 56a

 CRAWFORD, Owen Green,  December 18, 1880 - October 1959, son of James S. Crawford.

 CRAWFORD, Ray, January 30, 1913 - April 19, 1967, son of William A. Crawford.

 CRAWFORD, Rhetta Susan (Hill), February 08, 1877 - March 30, 1960, wife of Sam P. Crawford.

 CRAWFORD, Sallie Mildred (COBB) December 20, 1845 - February 16, 1907 , wife of William Harrison Crawford

CRAWFORD, Sam 1872 - 1963, son of  Calloway & Drucilla Crawford ?

CRAWFORD,  Samuel Plumer, January 06, 1876 - September 04, 1944, son of James S. Crawford.

Crawford, Shelby 146a

CRAWFORD, Sidney Wayne, Sept. 15, 1948 - July 13, 1991

Crawford, Will 25b

Crawford, William 6c

CRAWFORD,  William H. 1875 - 1932, son of Calloway & Drucilla Crawford.

CRAWFORD, William Harrison (Harry), July 05, 1840 - February 09, 1911 , son of Clabourn Crawford 

Craycraft, Adron 30a

Craycraft, Annie 65b

Craycraft, Bruce Lee 128a

Craycraft, Calvert Jr. 128a

Craycraft, Carl 63a

Craycraft, Charlie 100a

Craycraft, Charlie 56b

Craycraft, Clarence 33a

Craycraft, Danny Lee 66b

Craycraft, David 4c

Craycraft, David Stanley 30b

Craycraft, Edd 111a

Craycraft, Elbert 129a

Craycraft, Ernest 30c

Craycraft, Estella M. 123a

Craycraft, Ethel 20a

Craycraft, Florence 102a

Craycraft, Fred 56b

Craycraft, Fred Mrs. 89a

Craycraft, Garnett 30b

Craycraft, George 111a

Craycraft, Geroge 18b

Craycraft, Grace 160a

Craycraft, Henry 24b

Craycraft, Jack 131a

Craycraft, John 67b

Craycraft, lloyd C. 30c

Craycraft, margaret E. 24b

Craycraft, Mary 10c

Craycraft, Stella 28b

Craycraft, Wlizabeth 38a

Creech Emma 45a

Creech, chap 156a

Creech, Luther 32c

Creech, Ruby K. 154a

Creech, Thorton H. 52a

Creed, Doris Jane 20c

Creed, Emma 45b

Creed, Penelope Searcy 138a

Creed, T. Bruce 10c

Creel, Hazel 7b

Creel, Willima E. 11a

Crews, Barbara Alice 5c

Crews, Brenda sue 111a

Crews, James 66a

Crews, Prewitt 77a

Crews, Ray Kendall 23a

Crigger, Bennard 23c

Crigger, Thelma 25c

Crim, Audrey D. 56a

Crim, Betty 64b

Crim, Bobby Chas. 70b

Crim, Carl R. 15a

Crim, Carolyn Bunch 4c

Crim, David J. 33a

Crim, Eliza 90a

Crim, Emma B. 147a

Crim, Ernest W. Wireman 144a

Crim, Henry 46b

Crim, Jack 38b

Crim, Jim W. 4c

Crim, Leona H. 38c

Crim, Mary 46a

Crim, Mary Catherine 98a

Crim, Ottis J. 33c

Crim, Sherman 94a

Crim, Sue A. 153a

Crim, William E. 141a

Crim, William Wash 98a

Crockett, Mary Virginia 160a

Crockrell, Cornelia Renick 14a

Croley, Anna 32c

Croley, James Ross 21c

Cropper, Raymond Edward 94a

Cropper, Rosaylin Mrs. 144a

Cross, John J. 27a

Cross, Mary L. 92a

Crouch, Beverly 151a

Crouch, Brenda Lee 2b

Crouch, Clarence 158a

Crouch, Eddie McCord 32c

Crouch, Elice 154a

Crouch, Elmer 115a

Crouch, Eugene T. 151a

Crouch, George W. 68b

Crouch, Harold E. 27a

Crouch, J. T. 39b

Crouch, J. T. Mrs. 14b

Crouch, Lena Mae 33a

Crouch, Leon 34a

Crouch, Letha 30a

Crouch, Linda 30c

Crouch, Stanley 20c

Crowe, (Infant son of F. Crowe) 20b

Crowe, (Infant) 30a

Crowe, albert 23c

Crowe, Allen 11a

Crowe, Allie White 35a

Crowe, Asa 18b

Crowe, Buford 54b

Crowe, Carol Crouch 38c

Crowe, Claude 153a

Crowe, Cordia Snowden 136a

Crowe, Dora Taylor 70b

Crowe, E. S. 89a

Crowe, Edna 11c

Crowe, Elizabeth 20b

Crowe, Elizabeth 48a

Crowe, Emma 127a

Crowe, Everett 111a

Crowe, Frances 3b

Crowe, Frances C. 116a

Crowe, Ida B. 23c

Crowe, J. R. 66a

Crowe, J. W. 68b

Crowe, James E. 54b

Crowe, James Thomas 135a

Crowe, Jesse 31c

Crowe, John Crim, Edward 22a

Crowe, John W. 34b

Crowe, Julia 135a

Crowe, Julia 41b

Crowe, Lena Boone 20a

Crowe, Lena Clem 124a

Crowe, Lennie 29c

Crowe, Lillian 154a

Crowe, Lucy 46b

Crowe, Mary Louise 73a

Crowe, Melvin edward 6b

Crowe, Mollie 23c

Crowe, Raymond Jr. 66a

Crowe, Roger 27a

Crowe, Rosa Ida Bell 28c

Crowe, Ruth Ann 87a

Crowe, Sandra Jean 132a

Crowe, Sarah Elizabeth 68b

Crowe, Sidney 61a

Crowe, Thomas 158a

Crowe, Walden 56a

Crowe, William 40c

Crowe, William Floyd 111a

Crowe, Woodrow 6b

Croxton, Miss R. Lee 4a

Crozton, Joseph 59b

Crump, alice 50b

Crump, Arrow 119a

Crump, E. B. 21b

Crump, Elizabeth Miss 83a

Crump, Lucy 39b

Crump, Mildred 117a

Crump, Robert Nelson 109a

Crump, Tilton W. 62b

Cruse, Clyde 114a

Cruse, Emma Francis 19c

Cruse, Hattie Gatson 2b

Cruse, Haydon 69a

Cruse, James 18b

Cruse, Katherine Todd 57a

Cruse, Kathleen F. 36c

Cruse, Leo 18c

Cruse, Mildred Epperson 17a

Cruse, Pauline 20b

Cruse, Sandra Gay 70b

Crutcher, Mary Miss. 152a

Crutcher, Ogden Dr. 35b

Cuddy, Flora Mae 12c

 Cuddy, Harvey D., 31 Mar 1896 - Feb 1971

Cuddy, John T. 4a

Cuke, Fritz 38b

Culton, Eugene 36c

Cummings, olla 33c

Cummins, William 138a

Cundiff, Ales 55b

Cundiff, Alexander H. 77a

Cundiff, Bill 29c

Cundiff, Brice 53b

Cundiff, Catherine 36a

Cundiff, Maude 32b

Cundiff, Mose 15a

Cundiff, Ray 39a

Cunningham, Fannie 27b

Curbin, Ambrose 84a

Curgher, Larkin 31b

Curry, Anna 21a

Curry, Anna S. 53b

Curry, Charles W. 138a

Curry, Cora Annette 49a

Curry, Dora K. 36b

Curry, Everett E. 13a

Curry, Flora 25c

Curry, Florence 8c

Curry, George 134a

Curry, H. D. 25b

Curry, Herbert 158a

Curry, Ida Green 104a

Curry, John 13b

Curry, John 29b

Curry, Joseph 92a

Curry, Lucy 7a

Curry, Malinda 5a

Curry, Marguerite 148a

Curry, Mary C. 54b

Curry, Mortrecie 82a

Curry, Ruby M. 3c

Curry, Virginia B. 53a

Curry, Will 84a

Curry, William 66a

Curtis, Nelson E. 73a

Curtis, Allen 28a

Curtis, anna Mae Aldridge 142a

Curtis, Artis Henry Mrs. 122a

Curtis, Carl 113a

Curtis, Clay W. 58b

Curtis, Della May 63b

Curtis, Donald 57b

Curtis, Eliza 2b

Curtis, Elizabeth 142a

Curtis, Emma Mackey 71a

Curtis, Esther Hunter 139a

Curtis, Frances 72a

Curtis, Henry F. 25a

Curtis, James E. 28a

Curtis, Laura 24b

Curtis, Leroy 20a

Curtis, Mae 3c

Curtis, Mary (Molly) 75a

Curtis, Mattie 157a

Curtis, Millard 90a

Curtis, Nannie 40c

Curtis, Richard Hood 111a

Curtis, Sam 27b

Curtis, Samuel 134a

Curtis, Thomas 23c

Curtis, Virgil 52a

Curtis, Walter 40a

Curtis, William 7c

Curtis, William C. 148a