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Winchester Cemetery

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Baber, (Infant son of Ruth Baber) 74a

Baber, Anna 27a

Baber, Annie Sarah 137a

Baber, Asa 155a

Baber, Asa 22c

Baber, Asa D. 52a

Baber, Asa P. 7c

Baber, Belvin 135a

Baber, Bertha 62a

Baber, Bertha D. 128a

Baber, Bessie L. 70a

Baber, Charles H. 7a

Baber, Charles M. 6b

Baber, Charlie 17b

Baber, Claude 85a

Baber, Daisu Wade 89a

Baber, Daniel Lynn 143a

Baber, Dee Stanley 70b

Baber, Delia 82a

Baber, Ealy 48b

Baber, Edna M. 67a

Baber, Edna r. 22c

Baber, Edward Allen 66a

Baber, Elija 11c

Baber, Elmer D. 149a

Baber, Elva 99a

Baber, Ernest 46a

Baber, Essie 9b

Baber, Ethelda Pauline 5b

Baber, Eudell Anna 69a

Baber, Eugene 18c

Baber, Eva Jane 132a

Baber, Florence F. 56a

Baber, Frank 28b

Baber, Freda Ann 90a

Baber, Freddie C. 21c

Baber, George 72a

Baber, Gilbert 54a

Baber, Gilbert A. 11b

Baber, Harvey W. 9a

Baber, Henry 52b

Baber, Henry A. 112a

Baber, Henry Oliver 138a

Baber, Ida Jau 67b

Baber, J. T. 55b

Baber, J. W. Ishmael 106a

Baber, Jake 95a

Baber, James A. 55a

Baber, James H. Jr. 35c

Baber, James R. 29b

Baber, James R. 34b

Baber, Jewell 30c

Baber, Joe 16c

Baber, John May 95a

Baber, John R. 30b

Baber, John W. 30b

Baber, Katherine 49b

Baber, Kelly 56a

Baber, Landa Fisher 98a

Baber, Lenore A. 137a

Baber, Leon 142a

Baber, Leon 59a

Baber, Leon Jr. 37a

Baber, Mable 144a

Baber, Mae 30a

Baber, Mae Belle 23c

Baber, Marcus 96a

Baber, Margaret jane 36a

Baber, Marie C. 28a

Baber, Martin Eli 142a

Baber, Mary 36a

Baber, Mary Crowe 105a

Baber, Mattie 82a

Baber, Michael W. 14a

Baber, Minnie 43a

Baber, Mitchell 18c

Baber, Myrtie F. 36c

Baber, Myrtle King 37c

Baber, Nancy E. 27a

Baber, Nannie 63a

Baber, Nannie Hall 82a

Baber, Nannie Johnson 135a

Baber, Nelson 9b

Baber, Oakley B. 20a

Baber, Pascal 110a

Baber, Paul Snowden 83a

Baber, Pauline 19c

Baber, Pleas 53b

Baber, Rachel B. 16b

Baber, Renee 3c

Baber, Rex 32a

Baber, Roland 22a

Baber, Rosella 17b

Baber, Roy 42a

Baber, Roy L. 146a

Baber, Rufus 44a

Baber, Schuyler 160a

Baber, Shelby 156a

Baber, Shelby 72a

Baber, Susan Fox 59b

Baber, Tavie 56a

Baber, Troyla Jan 105a

Baber, Viloa Louise 145a

Baber, Viola H. 6b

Baber, Viola H. 6b

Baber, Virginia L. 15b

Baber, William G. 34a

Baber, William Leon 14b

Baber, William Nelson 107a

Baber, William R. 147a

Bach, Frances C. 154a

Bach, Lula M. 2a

Bach, M. T. 28b

Bachman, Jacob 30b

Back, Jesse 18c

Back, Susie E. 134a

Backwell, Tommy Jr. 75a

Baetens, Stephanie 28c

Baggerman, Garrett L. 130a

Bailey, Albert Eugene 127a

Bailey, Arch 122a

Bailey, Beatie Ellen 74a

Bailey, Benjamin Stanley 99a

Bailey, Bertha 107a

Bailey, Callie W. 157a

Bailey, Charles Ray 113a

Bailey, Cherly 28a

Bailey, Curt 143a

Bailey, D. W. Mrs. 17a

Bailey, Edna 12a

Bailey, Edward 23a

Bailey, Edward D. 27c

Bailey, Elizabeth 104a

Bailey, Elveree 158a

Bailey, Emma L. 152a

Bailey, Eugenia 30c

Bailey, Fanny Matilda 100a

Bailey, Frank S. 33b

Bailey, Green 5b

Bailey, Harold 24c

Bailey, Hazel Mildred 13b

Bailey, Helen E. 19a

Bailey, Infant of Howard Bailey 68b

Bailey, Issac 86a

Bailey, James Nelson 46a

Bailey, Jesse H. 155a

Bailey, Joe 33a

Bailey, John W. 107a

Bailey, Lillie 153a

Bailey, Louie Mrs. 121a

Bailey, Luther 59b

Bailey, Mable 21b

Bailey, Mae Crain 110a

Bailey, Margaret 22b

Bailey, Martha 16c

Bailey, Mary E. 3c

Bailey, Nettie 117a

Bailey, Owen 65b

Bailey, Rankin 47a

Bailey, Sadie frances 46a

Bailey, Sidney 61a

Bailey, Stanley C. 15a

Bailey, Thornton 62b

Bailey, Vernon 18c

Bailey, Walter 159a

Bailey, William 67a

Bailey, William H. 30b

Bailey, Willie Belle 27c

Bailey, Willie L. 27b

Baird, Mattie 95a

Baker, Dorothy 22c

Baker, Fannie 43a

Baker, Harry E. 22a

Baker, james C. (Infant) 28b

Baker, James H. 25c

Baker, Maggie Morefield 150a

Baker, Mark Anthony 24c

Baker, Martha A. 23b

Baker, Mary Bell 10b

Baker, Monte D. 8c

Baker, Orville 14a

Baker, Robert 53a

Baker, Roscoe 16a

Baker, Ruby 22c

Baker, Thornton 36b

Baker, Viola 21a

Bakerm Nannie Lou 52b

Baldwin, Amelia 44b

Baldwin, Eva McKinney 65b

Baldwin, Ira 21b

Baldwin, Lee S. 31b

Baldwin, Lee Wheeler 123a

Baldwin, Lewis 26a

Baldwin, Margaret G. 52a

Baldwin, Molly 34b

Balfour, Maude Elizabeth 31c

Ball, Dillard 23a

Ball, Eva J. 20a

Ball, Infant 20c

Ball, Kate P. 72a

Ball, Lee 69b

Ball, Lizzie 24b

Ball, Lucy Woods 137a

Ball, Walter C. 124a

Ball, William 37b

Ballar, Afa J. 104a

Ballard, Afa Clay 35a

Ballard, Amanda 9b

Ballard, Annie Walker 155a

Ballard, Betty Jean 37b

Ballard, Cecil 49a

Ballard, Chester Mae Mrs. 108a

Ballard, Dorothy 96a

Ballard, Elmer Ray 52a

Ballard, Emma 29b

Ballard, Eugene H. 2c

Ballard, Eva J. 61a

Ballard, George J. 82a

Ballard, Grace 9a

Ballard, Ivory Mae 120a

Ballard, James 13a

Ballard, Janica D. 143a

Ballard, Jesse 22a

Ballard, Jesse J. 71a

Ballard, Joe Ella 3b

Ballard, John F. 15c

Ballard, John W. 37b

Ballard, Karen Lynn 36a

Ballard, Lee 49a

Ballard, Leona 31a

Ballard, Lou Ann 135a

Ballard, M. B. 57b

Ballard, Margaret 95a

Ballard, Mary 14a

Ballard, Millie 106a

Ballard, Nettie 65a

Ballard, Patty 28c

Ballard, Paul 28c

Ballard, Ransom D. 1a

Ballard, Sam N. 73a

Ballard, Sarah F. 13b

Ballard, Sophia 41a

Ballard, Walter 25a

Ballard, William 156a

Ballard, William 60b

Ballard, Willie 85a

Balmut, Charles Michael 125a

Balmut, Louise 56b

Bangs, Adeleen 42a

Banks, Anna C. 56a

Banks, Anna Mae 28a

Banks, Arch 134a

Banks, Asa N. 132a

Banks, C. W. 70b

Banks, Christian Abigail 36c

Banks, Delidia 47a

Banks, Elizabeth Strong 16b

Banks, Ernestine 37a

Banks, Gleen 16a

Banks, Harold 37b

Banks, Henry 14a

Banks, Kenneth 95a

Banks, Leonard 64a

Banks, Leroy 41b

Banks, Lucy 118a

Banks, Mary Jones 49a

Banks, Mary M. 137a

Banks, Nettie Lou 60a

Banks, Richard 116a

Banks, Ricky 33a

Banks, Timothy Glenn 39c

Banks, Virgil 67a

Banks, Virginia 50a

Banks, Walter Edward 130a

Banks, Warren Nelson 25a

Banks, Wiff 12b

Banks, Zelda 40c

Barbee, Owen 30c

Barber, John D. 22b

Barer, Robert Taylor 22b

Barker, Amanda J. 41b

Barker, Anna Baber 146a

Barker, Elmer 7c

Barker, Eunice 12c

Barker, Floyd Jr. 145a

Barker, James C. 38a

Barker, Jordanshea Morgan Bri 66a

Barker, Juanita C. 9b

Barker, Lee 12a

Barker, Lelia 17b

Barker, Lois Ann (Infant) 27b

Barker, Madison 20b

Barker, Mary Wynne 28c

Barker, Reva 49a

Barker, Robert 27c

Barker, Roger Dale 9b

Barker, William Taylor 21a

Barnes, Bernice 26a

Barnes, Brooks 20a

Barnes, Charles 24c

Barnes, Elizabeth 21c

Barnes, Emma Joyce 138a

Barnes, Henry Clay 18a

Barnes, Ida M. 2a

Barnes, Maggie Clem 39c

Barnes, Martha R. 3b

Barnes, Sarah 33c

Barnes, W. W. 53b

Barnes, Walter 16a

Barnett, (Infant of Grover) 40c

Barnett, Ada King 40b

Barnett, Anna Lee 58b

Barnett, Bernice Snowden 18c

Barnett, Bert 90a

Barnett, Carrie R. 2b

Barnett, Clint 27a

Barnett, Dora 77a

Barnett, Earl 99a

Barnett, Ernestine (Infant) 84a

Barnett, Fanny 91a

Barnett, Fletcher 53b

Barnett, Georgia S. 51a

Barnett, Grover 95a

Barnett, James Hobert 12c

Barnett, Joe B. 24b

Barnett, Lida Bell 158a

Barnett, Lillian 30c

Barnett, Lula G. 145a

Barnett, Margaret 50a

Barnett, mary G. 148a

Barnett, Nellie Alma 143a

Barnett, Raymond E. Cpl. 88a

Barnett, Robert 33c

Barnett, Wayne (Infant) 64b

Barnett, William F. 80a

Barnett, William R. 39c

Barnett, William S. 88a

Barnett, Willie 84a

Barrett, Carl W. 111a

Barrett, Dewey 49a

Barrett, Laura B. 41a

Barrow, Asa 70b

Barrow, Carrie H. 101a

Barrow, Curtis Glenn 89a

Barrow, David A. 35a

Barrow, James Hunt 110a

Barrow, Margurette 53a

Barrow, Mattie T. (Katie) 59b

Barrow, N. B. 57b

Bartlett, Ben S. 132a

Bartlett, Carrie 29a

Bartlett, Eldora Dunaway 6b

Bartlett, Fannie 86a

Bartlett, J. W. 15b

Bartlett, Lucille Owen 70a

Bartlett, Mary (Remains) 3b

Bartlett, Mary Lewis 119a

Bartlett, Melvin 102a

Bartlett, Taylor 76a

Bates, Allie Christopher 147a

Bates, Andrew 42b

Bates, Ben Sr. 25c

Bates, Bertha W. 43a

Bates, Billie Martin Jr. 131a

Bates, Charles R. 32c

Bates, Ellis 34a

Bates, Leila 33c

Bates, Leroy 32c

Bates, Lula 39b

Bates, William Allen 90a

Batson, Eva 43b

Batson, J. S. 44b

Batson, Nattie 103a

Batson, Richard 31b

Battaile, James B. 42a

Battaile, John C. 26a

Battaile, Sarah 97a

Battaile, Willis 55b

Battaille, Jimmie Mrs. 3b

Batts, C. Bryan 108a

Baucum, John Dr. 93a

Baucum, Susanna 6c

Baugh, Bernice 26a

Baugh, Sidney 145a

Baughman, Harry E. 29c

Baumer, Brooksie B. 57a

Baumer, M. D. Rev. 70b

Baute, Mary Ella White 96a

Baxter, Clyde 57b

Baxter, Clyde Jr. 61a

Baxter, Jacob A. 65b

Baxter, Mary Craig 96a

Baxter, Mary E. 53b

Baxter, Mayme 63b

Baxter, Nannie 46b

Baxter, Oda F. 108a

Baxter, Oda Nelson 108a

Bay, William 73a

Bayes, Hattie 2b

Bayes, Leander 93a

Bayes, Lena 145a

Bayless, Ethel Combs 24a

Bayless, John W. 92a

Beach, Durbin 37c

Beach, Rebecca W. 9a

Beall, Hettie Conner 127a

Beall, Houston 55b

Beall, Milton 39b

Beall, T. S. Mrs. 48b

Beall, Thomas S. 125a

Beam, Donald 93a

Beams, Viloa 59b

Bean, Ada Pope 114a

Bean, Anna P. 113a

Bean, Belle M. 67b

Bean, Chester 39b

Bean, Clarence L. 151a

Bean, Eli 87a

Bean, Fannie 7a

Bean, George 3b

Bean, Jesse Strode 85a

Bean, Lena 30a

Bean, Lillie Mae 124a

Bean, Mallie 56b

Bean, Matt 19b

Bean, Mattie Bay 74a

Bean, Robert 31b

Bean, Waller 107a

Bean, Wilburn 87a

Beard, Phillip 152a

Beasley, Mary Tipton 159a

Becker, Elizabeth D. 32c

Beckham, Marie L. 67a

Becknell, William Bradley 110a

Beckner, Jean Warren 86a

Beckner, Lucien Col. 131a

Beckner, Marie 82a

Beckner, Seth S. 7a

Becraft, Brack 36b

Becraft, Essie 59b

Becraft, Marie 14b

Becraft, Minnie 5a

Becraft, Robert 5a

Bedford, Archie 7c

Bedford, Caswell 40c

Bedford, Diane 151a

Bedford, Eleanor 108a

Bedford, Emma 114a

Bedford, Henrietta 8a

Bedford, John G. 94a

Bedford, Marion C. 41a

Bedford, Marion Jr. 36c

Bedford, Mayme 43b

Bedford, Violet 39a

Beggerman, Hazel 51a

Begley, A.N. Dr. 16b

Begley, Betty L. 154a

Begley, Evalee 63b

Begley, Floyd 142a

Begley, Isabel 55a

Begley, Leslie 84a

Begley, ronald A. 21c

Begley, William 28a

Belaney, Foree 123a

Bell, Clarence 52a

Bell, Edward C. 8b

Bell, Erma 53a

Bellamy, (Baby Girl) 123a

Bellamy, Imogene Blackburn 37a

Bellamy, Russell L. 18c

Bender, Corinne 30a

Bender, Frank 94a

Bender, Joe 129a

Bender, Kristine 63a

Benjamin, James S. 111a

Benner, John F. 17b

Bennett, Barbara Schnitt 48a

Bennett, Edward 82a

Bennett, Eugene 67a

Bennett, Marjorie 22b

Bennett, W. V. 70b

Bentley, Anna 23a

Bentley, Benjamin Franklin 72a

Bentley, Emma 19b

Bentley, Ernest 1a

Bentley, George W. 1a

Bentley, Ruby H. 121a

Benton, Amile 2a

Benton, Barbara Lee 3b

Benton, Bonnie G. 8a

Benton, Clifton 133a

Benton, Emma 48b

Benton, Evelyn McDonald 11a

Benton, Grace 102a

Benton, Homer Price 156a

Benton, Horace Milton 67b

Benton, J. M. 56b

Benton, J. M. Mrs. 36b

Benton, James 160a

Benton, Jennie 52a

Benton, July Caroline 64b

Benton, Leonard 40b

Benton, Lucien Barzille 99a

Benton, Reshia 64a

Benton, Sallie Scobee 31a

Benton, T. H. 56b

Benton, Woodrow 23b

Berg, Harold James 58a

Bergman, Lenora rice 156a

Berheimer, Frankie Miss 24b

Berqquist, John R. 65a

berqquist, Marjorie 23c

Berry, Clarence 50b

Berry, Fannie B. 33b

Berry, Nannie 62a

Berry, Raymond 158a

Berry, Rose Mary 38c

Berry, Sam 36b

Berry, Thomas 59a

Berry, William A. 35b

Berryman, Bobby 32b

Berryman, Charles w. 14c

Berryman, Earl 89a

Berryman, Eva Belle 28a

Berryman, Fannie 22a

Berryman, Floyd T. 28a

Berryman, G. W. 10c

Berryman, Greenup 33a

Berryman, Infant of J. B. 60b

Berryman, Issac 31a

Berryman, J. R. 155a

Berryman, John H. 54a

Berryman, Linda 32a

Berryman, Lucille 66a

Berryman, Marie 24c

Berryman, Mattie 28b

Berryman, Mildred 32a

Berryman, Mollie 8c

Berryman, Oliphant 76a

Berryman, Omer G. 21c

Berryman, Phillip 29a

Berryman, Polly F. 48b

Berryman, Prewitt 6c

Berryman, Robert 139a

Berryman, Ruby 25a

Berryman, Sallie F. 116a

Berryman, Samuel T. 7c

Berryman, Sarah F. 20c

Berryman, Vina J. 27b

Berryman, Wayne 93a

Berryman, Wilbert 7c

Berryman, William J. 27c

Besuden, Beverly 48a

Besuden, Henry 59a

Betts, Barbee 144a

Betts, Dorothy Hunt 2a

Betts, Mary Kate H. 109a

Betts, mary W. 33b

Betts, Virginia 20b

Bibb, James Mundy 7c

Bibb, Mary Hasting 29a

Bible, Mary While 42a

Bickett, L. I. 57a

Bickett, Virginia 17b

Biggerstaff, Bettie Lou 66b

Biggerstaff, Ella A. 152a

Biggerstaff, John 134a

Biggerstaff, John Sr. 40c

Biggerstaff, Lonnie 18c

Biggerstaff, Mattie 3b

Bigson, Chester 54a

Biles, Cathy Lynn 47a

Billiter, Early 50b

Billiter, Hanna E. 125a

Billiter, Harriet C. 9a

Billiter, Ossie E. 97a

Billiter, William 32c

Binder, Joseph 10a

Binter, Albert Coleman 125a

Birch, Leathe A. 52a

Birch, Lonnie 9b

Birch, Minerva Dee Bailey 149a

Birch, Thomas 106a

Birchum, Carl 42a

Birchum, Flora P. 153a

Bishop, Chester 115a

Bishop, James 6c

Bishop, Lizzie Moore 6c

Bishop, Marion W. 65a

Bishop, Willie Mae 113a

BLACK, Carolyne Jean , dau. of Irene & G.E. Black d. Feb. 5, 1957

Black, David 49a

Black, Earl 50a

Black, Eula Rankin 56a

BLACK, Harry Crawford,  December 19, 1905 - May 18, 1962, son of Mary (Crawford) Black.

Black, Irene 51a

BLACK, Mary CRAWFORD, 1877 - 1947,  wife of G.E. Black, 70b, dau. of William Harrison & Sallie M. (Cobb) Crawford

Blackburn, Carolyn Prewitt 89a

Blackburn, Donald 29c

Blackburn, Fred r. 92a

Blackburn, Harry J. 2c

Blackburn, Helen 19a

Blackburn, John W. 124a

Blackburn, Letha 21c

Blackburn, Lurania 39c

Blackman, Edith 24a

Blackwell, Alice Miss 75a

Blackwell, Ella Swope 98a

Blackwell, Ernest 98a

Blackwell, Irene Frances 114a

Blackwell, James F. 100a

Blackwell, James Proter 118a

Blackwell, James W. 61a

Blackwell, Lewis Allen 20b

Blackwell, Lillian 39a

Blackwell, Lilllie 113a

Blackwell, Lucy 51b

Blackwell, Marshall 51b

Blackwell, Minnie 23c

Blackwell, Robert 9c

Blackwell, Robert Earl 81a

Blackwell, Russell Clay 118a

Blackwell, Thomas A. 11b

Blakeman, Patricia Ann 85a

Blakemore, (Infant of J. N.) 81a

Blakemore, Ella 60a

Blakemore, F. J. 113a

Blakemore, Frank N. 76a

Blakemore, George 11c

Blakemore, Margaret 10a

Blakemore, Virginia 15b

Blankenship, Adlaide H. 121a

Blankenship, Dora 77a

Blankenship, Infant of Drexel 71a

Blankmore, Virginia Ruth 122a

Blanton, Carrie Fox 53a

Blanton, Effie 23c

Blanton, Elbert Lee 149a

Blanton, Isaac 99a

Blanton, John 8a

Blanton, John Wesley 124a

Blanton, Kitty 63b

Blanton, Rosa Mae 24a

Blanton, Vincent M. 41a

Blanton, Willie L. 136a

Blaunt, Geraldine 136a

Blaunt, Lelia Crawford 104a

Bless, Lou Ellen 58a

Bloom, Katherine 97a

Bloom, Marie 22c

Bloom, Michael Wayne 3c

Bloomfield, Catherine Day 15a

Bloomfield, Clarence 38c

Bloomfield, Ida 115a

Bloomfield, James David 20c

Bloomfield, Lee 57b

Blover, Russell A. 13a

Boandoz, Joseph 44a

Board, Beatrice S. 33c

Board, John William 22a

Bochman, Beatrice 20b

Bogard, Weathers S. 38a

Bohannan, Lola Burgess 60a

Bohannon, Jesse 49a

Bohannon, Naomi Ruth 39c

Bolen, Maurine Tudor 38c

Bolen, Robert H. 15c

Boler, Asa 28a

Boler, Bradley 99a

Bond, Alpha Jones 69a

Bond, Andy Ray 35a

Bond, Charlie 19b

Bond, Floyd 35c

Bond, Floyd 63a

Bond, George 13a

Bond, Lena Jordan 126a

Bond, Lewis 48a

Bond, Mary Larry 137a

Bond, Mettie 17c

Bond, Murray 44b

Bond, Stella Fallen 10b

Bond, Thornton 56a

Bond, Walter 79a

Bond, Wanda Lee 92a

Bond, Will 155a

Bond, William 59a

Bond, William 9a

Bonfield, Lucille R. 3a

Bonfield, William E. 70a

Bonnon, Margaret Virginia 115a

Boodwin, S. R. 4a

Book, Kathy Ann 127a

Booker, Gus 9c

Boone, Arthur L. 27a

Boone, Bettie 49b

Boone, C. M. 118a

Boone, Car 27c

Boone, Carolyn M. 72a

Boone, Carrie F. 59a

Boone, Clement Miller 154a

Boone, Dora Halley 108a

Boone, Florence 126a

Boone, Henry 4a

Boone, Iva K. 40a

Boone, J. A. Mrs. 31b

Boone, James H. 55b

Boone, James Logan 127a

Boone, James Thomas 3c

Boone, Levi D. Sr. 25a

Boone, Martha 39b

Boone, Mary Alice Clark 121a

Boone, Mary W. 57b

Boone, Mayme Batts 128a

Boone, Maynard H. 136a

Boone, Mildred Phillip 145a

Boone, Millie 54a

Boone, Mills F. Sr. 13a

Boone, Milton Enoch 69a

Boone, Nevada 28c

Boone, Pearl Powell 150a

Boone, Rettie 92a

Boone, Robert 45b

Boone, Robert L. 52b

Boone, S. Clay 88a

Boone, Sam 135a

Boone, Samuel M. 92a

Boone, Sarah D. 21c

Boone, Shelby Sr. 24a

Boone, Squire F. 153a

Boone, Thomas 97a

Boone, William Brooks 24a

Boone, William F. 157a

Booth, Florence Mary 49a

Booth, John C. 9c

Booth, Lula Oliver 155a

Booth, Omer 130a

Booth, Roby 84a

Boots, Mary Sue 31a

Borden, Mary Eleanor Garner 36c

Borders, Clinton 33c

Borders, Edith 30c

Borders, Luther 45a

Bordus, Pearl 16b

Bosman, Ancle 54b

Boston, Annie 19c

Bosworth, Nell Bush 53a

Bothum, Tony 17b

Botkin, Edna Ruth 2c

Botkin, Eugene (Little) 14b

Botkin, Willard Carlyle 18a

Botto, Steve 32b

Bottoms, Josephine P. 62a

Bottoms, Marson 34c

Botts, Ella Rhea 4b

Botts, Elmer H. 36a

Botts, Emma 21c

Botts, Florence 12c

Botts, George William 107a

Botts, James Snowden 103a

Botts, Lora Rye 76a

Botts, Lynn 113a

Botts, May 32a

Botts, Robert L. 3b

Botts, Robert T. 138a

Botts, Violet 11a

Bowen, Brooks 5b

Bowen, C. H. Dr. 75a

Bowen, Christine M. 108a

Bowen, Elizabeth 62b

Bowen, Flora 108a

Bowen, Georgeanne 33b

Bowen, Gerldine 28c

Bowen, Irene 78a

Bowen, Jessie Lee 95a

Bowen, Julia 10c

Bowen, Pearl 53b

Bowen, Roy 6b

Bowles, Clara Gladys 93a

Bowling, Astor 14c

Bowling, Edward 28c

Bowling, George 111a

Bowling, Gladys 53a

Bowling, Helen 37c

Bowman, Allie Mae 48b

Bowman, Carolyn Sue 70b

Bowman, Florence Poer 156a

Bowman, Gertrude 5c

Bowman, James ellis 62a

Bowman, Jeanette 63a

Bowman, Jimmy Ray 22c

Bowman, John M. 158a

Bowman, Joseph 15a

Bowman, Josephine 49a

Bowman, Nelson 48b

Bowman, Susie 85a

Bowman, Sydney Sloan 2b

Bowman, Virginia 15c

Bowser, Grace S. 127a

Bowser, Jack I. 103a

Bowser, Jack T. 102a

Bowser, Meredith 31c

Bowser, Pamela Ann 76a

Bowsher, Samuel 27c

Boxley, Francis 37b

Boxley, J. G. 33b

Boxley, James Ashby 64b

Boxley, Lynne A. 63a

Boyd, Albert Lee 24c

Boyd, Gladys 48a

Boyd, Ike 44a

Boyd, James A. 25a

Boyd, James E. 28a

Boyd, Nancy L. 54a

Boyd, Pearle Mae 16a

Boyd, Sarah 33a

Boyle, Margaret 114a

Bradford, Herbert 118a

Bradley, Anna Lee 160a

Bradley, Anna P. 157a

Bradley, Bertelle C. 139a

Bradley, Charles W. 158a

Bradley, Charles william 66a

Bradley, Cody allen 37c

Bradley, Curtis 66b

Bradley, Emma D. 86a

Bradley, Hattie 35a

Bradley, Henry 42b

Bradley, Jarvis Elvin 112a

Bradley, Jesemal Mrs. 72a

Bradley, Jimmie Mrs. 134a

Bradley, John R. 13a

Bradley, Mamie O. 133a

Bradley, Margaret 47b

Bradley, Mary E. 44b

Bradley, Mary M. 47a

Bradley, Nannie 44b

Bradley, Othel L. 30a

Bradley, Roberta 55b

Bradley, Victoria 31b

Bradley, Walter 54b

Bradley, Warren H. 71a

Brady, Anna Mae King 34c

Brady, Robert 42a

Brake, Geraldine 1b

Brake, Raymond Jr. 30c

Bramble, Ernest 141a

Bramble, Paul 57a

Bramble, Rebecca C. 37c

Bramble, Stella 60a

Brandenburg, (Infant of Lewis) 11c

Brandenburg, Alice 160a

Brandenburg, Alice 20c

Brandenburg, Annie G. 82a

Brandenburg, Birdie 45b

Brandenburg, Chester 120a

Brandenburg, Clifton Pfc. 90a

Brandenburg, Curtis 63a

Brandenburg, D. > 112a

Brandenburg, David 145a

Brandenburg, Elizabeth N. 125a

Brandenburg, Floyd 140a

Brandenburg, Floyd J. 155a

Brandenburg, Foster 58a

Brandenburg, Harvey 77a

Brandenburg, Hubert 118a

Brandenburg, J. E. Mrs. 13b

Brandenburg, J. S. 15b

Brandenburg, James Willis 104a

BRANDENBURG, Katie E. (SHEARER) May 1882 - September 14, 1960, wife of W. Orval Brandenburg

Brandenburg, Lawrence 34a

Brandenburg, Lee Ann 20a

Brandenburg, Lelia Cole 4a

Brandenburg, Lyle 15a

Brandenburg, Margaret E. 19c

Brandenburg, Mary 3a

Brandenburg, Mary Ellen 41a

Brandenburg, Mary G. 27b

Brandenburg, Maude 100a

Brandenburg, Mayr (Lonnie) 34c

Brandenburg, Michael 116a

Brandenburg, Minnie 50b

Brandenburg, Mollie 72a

Brandenburg, Morton B. 24a

Brandenburg, Omar Lee 146a

Brandenburg, Pearl B. 146a

Brandenburg, Raymond 156a

Brandenburg, Rodney Clifton 129a

Brandenburg, Rosa Marie 40a

Brandenburg, Ruth 65b

Brandenburg, Ruth 94a

Brandenburg, Sarah 18c

Brandenburg, Thomas J. 76a

Brandenburg, Thurman 10b

Brandenburg, Violey 5a

Brandenburg, Walter leon 48a

Brandenburg, William 157a

BRANDENBURG, William Orville, 1884 -  January 31, 1968

Brandenburg, William S. 82a

Brandengurg, Richard Allen 3c

Branham, (Infant Girl) 5b

Branham, Dovie 23a

Branham, Fielden Henry 149a

Branham, Morris 20c

Branham, William 29c

Branham, William 52b

Branky, Susan 35b

Brantley, A. H. 146a

Brantley, Albert Jr. 57a

Brantley, Clara 28c

Brantley, James F. Sr. 5c

Brantley, James Franklin 70a

Brantley, Zettie 84a

Brasgalla, Emil J. 38c

Brasgalle, Dessie Combs 17b

Brashear, Robert Dr. 5c

Braswell, Gertrude 14a

Braswell, Ira 4b

Bratton, (Infant of Bruce Bratton) 12b

Bratton, Charles B. 72a

Bratton, Frank J. (Infant) 14b

Bratton, Julian 159a

Bratton, Lena R. 44b

Bratton, Nancy 10b

Bratton, Nancy Ecton 123a

Bratton, Robert L. 12b

Bratton, Robert L. 41b

Bratton, Sarah (Infant) 14b

Bravett, Ella G. 18a

Brecht, John thomas 66a

Breckenkamp, Nancy B. 139a

Breckenkamp, Richard 23c

Breisacher, Whitney 6b

Breisacher, Whitney 6b

Brewer, Deborah A. 67a

Brewer, Kathleen 23c

Brewer, Leslie 47a

Brewer, Sheldon 32a

Bridges, John 40a

Bridges, William Z. 8c

Bridgewater, C. J. 31c

Bridgewater, Margaret T. 19a

Bright, Bettie F. 19b

Bright, Mary Emma 14b

Brinegar, Archie Jr. 29b

Brinegar, D. A. 100a

Brinegar, David 53b

Brinegar, Dora 12b

Brinegar, Faith (Infant) 136a

Brinegar, Hattie 119a

Brinegar, Issac 69b

Brinegar, Kathleen 37a

Brinegar, Maurice 160a

Brinegar, Preston 157a

Brinegar, Tommy Lee 140a

Brinegar, Virgie Jo. 27c

Brinegar, William A. 129a

Britt, John 29b

Brittain, Edgar T. 8c

Brittain, Hazel Parrish 12a

Brittain, Nellie 158a

Broaddus, Malcolm 22c

Broaddus, Mary 131a

Broadhurst, Bernice 59b

Broadhurst, J. R. 81a

Broadhurst, Minnie Rush 101a

Broan, Leila 38c

Brock, (Infant of Harvey Brock) 6a

Brock, Bertha Gillaspie 7c

Brock, Eddie 33c

Brock, Ella 18b

Brock, Ella 19c

Brock, Elsie 32a

Brock, Emma Gilbert 10a

Brock, Hobert 3b

Brock, Julia Hasting 33a

Brock, Lillie Mae Martin 19a

Brock, Margaret 32a

Brock, Marvin emett 153a

Brock, Nettie 38b

Brock, Oscar 39a

Brock, P. E. 137a

Brock, Robert Algin 101a

Brock, Ruth Martin 82a

Brock, Tom W. 3b

Brock, W. C. 60b

Brock, William H. 17 Jan 1881 - Feb 1971

Brock, W. O. 40c

Brock, W. O. Mrs. 34b

Brock, W. R. (Pete) 37c

Brock, Walker 39b

Brock, William 24a

Brockuss, Rachael 102a

Broders, Donald Ray 64a

Brokshire, Betty 119a

Bronston, Jacob Chenault 85a

Bronston, Schrener Bailey 10b

Brooks, Benevia 14b

Brooks, Clay 148a

Brooks, George S. 8c

Brooks, Geroge 39b

Brooks, Hazel Bradley 2b

Brooks, Jamaica W. 57a

Brooks, John Robert 146a

Brooks, Kyle B. 21b

Brooks, L. B. (Infant) 43b

Brooks, Linda Lots 127a

Brooks, Sallie Estes 65b

Brooks, Thomas Clayton 109a

Brookshire, Adeline 11c

Brookshire, Ann 73a

Brookshire, Annie 50a

Brookshire, Arthur 100a

Brookshire, Edward D. 18a

Brookshire, Frankie 40c

Brookshire, Fred 40a

Brookshire, Gartland 34c

Brookshire, Guy B. 15a

Brookshire, J. N. 41b

Brookshire, John 160a

Brookshire, Julia Ann 36c

Brookshire, Lorenzo 86a

Brookshire, Lula S. 78a

Brookshire, Marietta 11b

Brookshire, Melinda 142a

Brookshire, Rodney H. 34b

Brookshire, Sophie 16c

Brookshire, Talitha 40c

Brown, Alfred 38a

Brown, Alice Christine 22b

Brown, AnnieWilson 15b

Brown, Arthur 84a

Brown, Asa Ramsey 85a

Brown, Bert 11c

Brown, C. A. Mrs. 16c

Brown, Clarice 15a

Brown, Cora 90a

Brown, Cora Plank 101a

Brown, Daniel 49a

Brown, David 114a

Brown, Eathel Door 15a

Brown, Elby 16b

Brown, Elizabeth 10a

Brown, Ella W. 55b

Brown, Ellen Proctor 71a

Brown, Emma L. 3c

Brown, Etta Baber 104a

Brown, Feldon S. 150a

Brown, Frances 95a

Brown, Gary F. (Infant) 143a

Brown, George Merritt 92a

Brown, Gladys 37c

Brown, Goebel William 45a

Brown, Jess 82a

Brown, Joe L. 7a

Brown, Joe Mrs. 35b

Brown, John A. 33b

Brown, John L. 113a

Brown, Lela F. 68a

Brown, Letcher S. 144a

Brown, Lillie 44a

Brown, Lucian 18a

Brown, M. S. Dr. 2a

Brown, Margaret 33a

Brown, Ollie T. 25a

Brown, Pattie 110a

Brown, Pearl Haggard 114a

Brown, Roscoe 10a

Brown, Ross 28c

Brown, Roy Jr. 40b

Brown, Samuel E. Cr. 41a

Brown, Sidney Hampton 118a

Brown, Stanley J. 53a

Brown, Thomas 86a

Brown, Tillie 9b

Brown, Timothy Gerald 142a

Brown, Viola 4b

Brown, Walter 65b

Brown, Walter L. 45a

Brown, William 113a

Brown, William Mulock 103a

Brown, Zeptha 16b

Browne, Alice 45b

Browne, Andrew 74a

Browne, Colby 80a

Browne, Dr. I. H. 60b

Browne, John Davis Jr. 68b

Browne, Katherine K. 10c

Browne, Winfield S. 82a

Browne, Zack 34a

Brownell, Josephine 121a

Browning, Betty 56a

Browning, Bobby Wayne 149a

Browning, Crystal 50a

Browning, Edna 58b

Browning, Frank 119a

Browning, H. B. 7a

Browning, Isa Lee 102a

Browning, Isaiah 109a

Browning, James Sr. 19c

Browning, Lucy Miss 88a

Browning, Mabel 8c

Browning, Perry 1b

Browning, Ruth 48a

Browning, Sallie 69b

Brroks, Ruth Tucker 19a

Bruce, Denver 19a

Bruce, Ethel Porter 138a

Bruce, Jina 4a

Bruce, Lula B. 36b

Bruce, Mattie Lee 102a

Brueggemann, Louis W. 58a

Bruen, Charles 38a

Bruen, Jesse Lee 118a

Bruen, Nannie Lou B. 2c

Bruen, Susie Lee 61a

Brumagen, (Stillborn of Wm. Brumagen) 7a

Brumagen, Lura 95a

Brumagen, Mae 62a

Brumagen, Porter P. 125a

Brumagen, Ruth 33a

Brumagen, Thomas 91a

Brumagen, William M. 69b

Brumback, Evelyn 2a

Brumback, Lucy 72a

Brumback, M. A. 112a

Brumback, Martin 66b

Brump, Emanuel 40c

Brush, Alfred 9c

Brush, Malinda Tharp 23b

Brush, Sarah 79a

Bryan, Lou 5a

Bryan, Roger 25b

Bryant, Annie 79a

Bryant, Florence 52b

Bryant, Frank B. 48a

Bryant, Jessie 40b

Bryant, Julia Lynn Keith 63a

Bryant, Marshall 11c

Bryant, N. Elizabeth 33c

Bryant, Thomas F. 11c

Bryniarski, Margie Pharis 24c

Buchanan, George 29a

Buchanan, Mary G. 6c

Buchter, Allen T. 28a

Buckler, Ashley Nicole 3a

Buckler, Josephine 35b

Buckner, Allen Marion 81a

Buckner, Allen T. 121a

Buckner, Benjamin Forsythe 89a

Buckner, elizabeth 86a

Buckner, Huston Jane 69a

Buckner, Sarah Martin 79a

Buckner, Susan 57b

Buckner, Thomas 33a

Buckner, Violet 24c

Buckner, William A. 103a

Buckner, William Jr. 123a

Bucy, Bernard 65a

Bullock, Christopher 9a

Bullock, Dewey 53b

Bullock, Gladys Fielder 146a

Bumgardner, Ruby L. 68a

Bunch, A. J. Mrs. 15b

Bunch, Nannie e. 155a

Bunch, Pattie 62a

Bunch, Teresa Lynn 49a

Bunch, Thomas Lee 10b

Bunch, Thomas Lee Garner 36a

Bunch, Vivion H. 97a

Bunger, Margaret 23c

Bunger, Maurice J. 13c

Bunnell, Charles 34a

Bupton, Joseph J. 88a

Burbin, Joseph 112a

Burbridge, James Thomas 86a

Burce, William 54b

Burch, Amy 35a

Burch, Ben 62b

Burch, Chester 151a

Burch, Florence 97a

Burch, Franklin Dee 114a

Burgess, Augusta 65a

Burgess, Bertha 43a

Burgess, Bessie Martin 115a

Burgess, Curtis 98a

Burgess, Everett 8b

Burgess, Frances I. 13c

Burgess, Fred Jr. 112a

Burgess, Howard 92a

Burgess, Jessie 61a

Burgess, Kelly 8b

Burgess, Kenneth Lee 147a

Burgess, Leonard 29c

Burgess, Stella 107a

Burgher, Ada McDonald 139a

Burgher, Algin 39b

Burgher, B. F. Mrs. 23b

Burgher, Ben F. 22b

Burgher, Clarence 32b

Burgher, Cora 28c

Burgher, Donald B. 41b

Burgher, Elsie 3c

Burgher, Eugene 148a

Burgher, J. W. 4a

Burgher, Mamie B. 117a

Burgher, Marcus 25a

Burgher, Millie Adams 121a

Burgher, Molly 43b

Burgher, Ottis B. 12c

Burgher, Viola Belle Watkins 62a

Burgher, William 62a

Burgin, John 24b

Burgin, Wibbi 16c

Burke, Ida 117a

Burke, James clay 68a

Burke, Omer 140a

Burke, W. J. 63b

Burkhart, Bertha Lee 10b

Burkhart, Christine Lane 3c

Burkhart, Connie (Infant) 102a

Burkhart, Floyd 11a

Burkhart, John 46a

Burkhead, Boyd Clifton 112a

Burmback, Alice 19b

Burnam, Janis B. 5c

Burner, Elizabeth Beckner 145a

Burnett, Benny David 74a

Burnett, Victor Otis 127a

Burns, Bernie 115a

Burns, Bernie 32a

Burns, Emma C. 120a

Burns, Lee Roy 68a

Burns, Lester 40a

Burns, Lizzie 31a

Burns, Mable 30b

Burns, Sandra Kaye 116a

Burris, (Stillborn of Bill Burris) 29b

Burris, Leona 40c

Burrus, Albert 51a

Burrus, Anna L. 36c

Burrus, C. W. Mrs. 65b

Burrus, Callie 160a

Burrus, Charles W. 25a

Burrus, Elizabeth Thacker 29a

Burrus, Fred 4c

Burrus, Larry Wayne 87a

Burrus, Leonard D. 11a

Burrus, Milissa 58a

Burrus, Norma B. 132a

Burrus, Ray Ellis 86a

Burrus, Sterling B. 34c

Burrus, William 111a

Burton, Barbara (Searcy) 40b

Burton, Charlie 81a

Burton, Christine 69a

Burton, Clay Henry Sr. 48a

Burton, Cleo Miss. 67b

Burton, Curtis 69a

Burton, David Newt 139a

Burton, Georgia 35c

Burton, Gloria Jean 5c

Burton, John 10c

Burton, John 83a

Burton, John H. 3a

Burton, Lida Lou 52a

Burton, Lillie Jewell 78a

Burton, Maggie 11b

Burton, Matt 152a

Burton, Molly H. 98a

Burton, Particia 48a

Burton, Pattie 40c

Burton, Polly Kissinger 123a

Burton, Ruth 20c

Burton, Sam 130a

Burton, Sarah 25a

Burton, Sophia 28a

Burton, William Jr. 57b

Bush Jonas 52a

Bush, (Infant son of N. C. Bush) 15b

Bush, (Stillborn of Molly Bus 25b

Bush, Albert 15c

Bush, Alice 5a

Bush, Amanda 30b

Bush, Ambrose 107a

Bush, Ambrose G. 132a

Bush, Amy 5a

Bush, Annie Parrish 12c

Bush, Arthur 112a

Bush, Asa 44b

Bush, Brace Conely 28c

Bush, Callie B. 132a

Bush, Charles E. 21b

Bush, Charles W. 39c

Bush, Charlie Lee 74a

Bush, Christy 61a

Bush, Clarence 3b

Bush, Clyde V. 147a

Bush, Doyle Hubert 37a

Bush, Druzie Mrs. 110a

Bush, E. R. Dr. 79a

Bush, Earl H. 14a

Bush, Edgar 5c

bush, Eliza Miss 97a

Bush, Eliza Miss. 155a

Bush, Emma 80a

Bush, Enoch Robinson Jr. 10a

Bush, Fannie 48b

Bush, Frankie 26a

Bush, George w. 138a

Bush, Georgia Cole 36a

Bush, Harvey 63a

Bush, Harvey A. 2b

Bush, Hazel M. 31a

Bush, Henry 24b

Bush, Hubert 34c

Bush, Hunter 29a

Bush, Irene A. 133a

Bush, Ishmael 36a

Bush, J. J. 3b

Bush, J. W. 36c

Bush, James A. 137a

Bush, James D. 147a

Bush, James F. 64b

Bush, James Harrison 67b

Bush, Jessie N. 33b

Bush, Jessie P. 37c

Bush, Joe 17a

Bush, John N. 58b

Bush, John R. 69b

Bush, John W. 41b

Bush, Kate 35a

Bush, Kate 8a

Bush, L. T. Mrs. 15b

Bush, Laura 18a

Bush, Laura 52b

Bush, Laura G. 82a

Bush, Leland 39b

Bush, Lena W. 13b

Bush, Lindsey 49a

Bush, Lois 31c

Bush, Lou M. MRs. 17a

Bush, Louise Pace 49a

Bush, Lucy Hisle 62b

Bush, Mary Miss 92a

Bush, Minerva 53a

Bush, Nancy G 157a

Bush, Neallie 32c

Bush, Nellie B. 22a

Bush, Nelson C. 70b

Bush, O. E. 70b

Bush, O. E. Mrs. 40c

Bush, Ora G. 11b

Bush, Orna M. 14c

Bush, Phyliss 30c

Bush, Rachel Ware 14a

Bush, Robert N. 34b

Bush, Ronald 100a

Bush, Rosie L. 19b

bush, Sallie 20b

Bush, Sallie Mrs. 29b

Bush, Sidney A. 43b

Bush, Stanley Mrs. 119a

Bush, Stella 126a

Bush, Sue H. 36b

Bush, Susan J. 13b

Bush, Susan Miller 104a

Bush, Thomas Shields 21b

Bush, Thornton 50b

Bush, Tucker J. 129a

Bush, W. A. Dr. 19b

Bush, W. A. Mrs. 132a

Bush, Ward 32b

Butcher, John 137a

Butler, Ashley Marie 7b

Butler, E. H. 60a

Butler, Henry C. 102a

Butler, John B. 24b

Butler, John Henry 60a

Butler, Lillie L. 118a

Butler, Mary Groadhurst 11a

Butler, Mary Rush 27c

Butler, Minnie 40c

Butler, Nancy 42a

Butler, Viola 52b

Butney, John 2a

Butsch, J. W. Mr. 10c

Butsch, Warren A. 2a

Butterworth, Stella' 83a

Butterworth, W. A. 96a

Buttons, Bessie Baber O. 52a

Butts, Laura 76a

Butts, Lozzie 5a

Butts, S. F. 42b

Buy, (Stillborn of Porter Guy) 109a

Byrank, Edward albert 74a

Byrd, Arthur 13c

Byrd, Aster 12a

Byrd, Batracia Katherine (Infant) 127a

Byrd, Byrum 60b

Byrd, Clarence Sr. 90a

Byrd, Eliza J. 20a

Byrd, George Madison Rev. 66b

Byrd, Hazel Douglas 20c

Byrd, Juanita 40b

Byrd, Lillie F. 31c

Byrd, Lula 6c

Byrd, Omer Arthur 40a

Byrd, Wanda Fay 102a

Byrd, Wendell F. 87a