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Descendants of EDWARD and MARGARET EVANS
The Evans Family Information by Janet K.Eiskina at

Children of Edward and Margaret Evans:

Justine EVANS, married Cornelius MOORE

Henry EVANS, married Rachel PLUMMER, Nov.11, 1823

John EVANS, married Nancy PLUMMER, June 9, 1814

Margaret EVANS, married Peter D. TREADWAY, Nov. 16, 1823

Ellender EVANS, married Jacob BOWMAN, Oct. 14, 1806

Jesse EVANS, married Edith SMITH, Jan. 9, 1822

Ann EVANS, married Elisha BOWMAN, Jan. 7, 1810

Edward EVANS, married Sally REYNOLDS

Rachel EVANS, married Elhanon CLARK, June 7, 1834

Lucinda EVANS, married James MOORE, March 8, 1828

Minerva EVANS, married Edward MOORE, March 31, 1832

Tabitha EVANS, married William CLARK, August 13, 1832

Elizabeth EVANS, married Samuel PLUMMER, Sept. 16, 1822

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