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Abstracts of Taylor Wills & Estates


In Craven & related counties


Abstracted by Gloria Taylor. Researched by Martha Marble and Gloria Taylor Files are located in NC State Archives Search Room in Boxes 028.508.141 & 028.508.142. Most of the files were reviewed; some were determined not to be of interest to the families we were searching, so did not write information. A few other Wills from other sources are included and are indicated. (gst)

Surname Given Name YearMo. Day County LocationText
Taylor Robert 1700 9 7 Albemarle Grimes Wife & Executrix: Ann Taylor
Taylor Robert 1700 9 7 Albemarle Grimes Witnesses: Tho. Rolfe, Tho. Lewiss, Robert Love
Taylor Edward 1700 12 3   Grimes Daughters: Sarah, Dorcus, Ann
Wife & Executrix: Sarah
Witnesses: Timothy Eives, Rachael Eives, Azrikam Parker, Jr.
Taylor John 1715 3 19 Chowan Grimes Son: John; Wife: Martha; Executors: Henry & William Coner; Witnesses: Jeres. Vail, Robert Stecey
Taylor Thomas 1734 8 20 Grimes WILL: August 20, 1734, July Court, 1736, Currituck Precinct. Sons: Edward and Thomas. Daughters: Sarah (wife of Jeremiah Stephens), Bridget (wife of Samuel Jarves), Bertha Taylor. Grandsons: Benjamin Taylor and Ezekiel Phillips. Wife and Executrix: Easther. Witnesses: Stephen Williams, Solomon Jarves, J. Martyn. Clerk of Court Jos. Smith.
Taylor Edward 1747 4 Currituck Archdale Estate Papers - County of Currituck Providence. Admin of Estate: Mary Taylor. Signed Admin Bond - Mary Taylor, Josias Nicholson, and Benjamin Taylor. (Typed)
Taylor Edward 1747 4 Currituck Archdale Estate Papers- County of Currituck, providence of Archdale. Admin. Of Estate: Benjamin Taylor. Signed Admin. Bond: Benjamin Taylor, John Caron, Joseph Caron. (Handwritten).
Taylor Abraham 1751 4 2 Johnston Grimes? Will: April 2, 1751. December Court, 1751. Sons: Robert, Jacob, Joseph, Abraham. Daughters: Prudence Taylor, Anne Calton, Rachel Beezley. Grandchildren: Dinah and Abraham Taylor. Wife: Ede. Executor: Joseph Taylor (son). Witnesses: Henry Roberts, Sarah Privat, J. Atkinson. Clerk of Court: Chas. Young.

This is the patriarch of an extended Taylor family, who came to Craven Co. in 1729 & settled in northern Craven, southern Lenoir & Jones.

Taylor Thomas 1758 4 11 Craven Estate Papers Estate filed April 11, 1758. Admin Henry Hill, Richard Garrett, Joseph Blount
Taylor James 1767 2 29 Craven Slocum Crk? JAMES TAYLOR  1767 Craven Estate File: Estate Sale: 29 February 1767 - Purchasing items: Mrs Taylor, many purchases, Rascow Lipsey, Gabriel Pecham (?), James W Daniel, Nathan Parsons, Richard Pickrun [probably same as Gabriel above]. John Oliver, Elisha Atkins, Moses Pickun, Joseph Reasonover, Joshua Collings, Lemuel Hatch, Rice Dulin, Arthur Barrinough, Phillip Miller. Signed by Levi (?) Fulshire, Esq.
Taylor Jacob 1767 4 8 Craven Estate File: Adminstrators Bond: April 8, 1767. Elihu Hall, Jacob Shepard (George Pheney Lovick's name marked through).
Taylor Jacob 1767 4 8 Craven Otter Crk. Inventory: taken May 20, 1767 by Elihu Hall, Admin. Also on Micro film. Intestate: Land on Otter Creek. SON: Joshua Taylor.
Taylor Jacob 1770 1 10 Craven Will: dated January 10, 1770. Wife: Ann. Son: Henry. Daughters: Pansseas(sp), Catherine, Iven. Administrator of Estate: Anne Taylor, wife. Witnesses: John Brosoning(sp), Daniel Bronning(sp), & Jasharal(sp) Whitehead.
Taylor Edmond 1771 12 Craven Estate Papers: December 1771. Rachael Taylor, Cornelius Taylor, Frederick Harget
Taylor John 1772 3 24 Craven Slocum Crk. WILL: 24 March 1772; Proved 28 March 1772. - SONS: Absolam Taylor, money & already received portion; John Taylor, bull/cow. Daughters: Violator Garde, money/land already; Courtney Taylor, now Reed, portion already received; Tammer Taylor, all the remainder of estate both real & personal. Grandson: John Taylor, 2 cows/calfs, etc., all that tract of land & plantation where I now live. Granddaughter: Alse Garde, daughter of Violator, Cow/calf. Executor: Bazell Smith. Wit: Jacob Sikes, Ann Sikes, Elizabeth Thompson.
Taylor John 1772 3 24 Craven Slocum Crk. Estate File: Inventory of estate on Slocombs Creek, 27 March 1772 by Bazell Smith. Entered September Court 1772. [No estate sale papers].
Taylor John 1785 9 9 Craven Swift Crk. Estate Papers-dated September 9, 1785. Administrator of Estate: William Ives. Signed Admin Bond-William Ives, Stephen Dunn, & Henry Peerss(sp). Inventory Sept 9, 1785 by William Ives. Inventory Sale names: George Whitehead, Stephen Kinsey, Jacob Tingle, William Ives, John Oglesbay, Henry Sikes. Patent recorded by Benjamin Griffin. March 13, 1792 - Plan (diagraghm) representing the land patented by John Taylor Nov. 18, 1738 on the So(?) side of Neuse and E'side of Swt Creek. Surveyed by N.Gathem (sp).
Taylor John 1785 9 9 Craven Swift Crk. Note to the court by Benjamin Griffin for March term to inform your worship he is interested in the rectification of the above mentioned Patent and ask the court to direct the Secretary to allow the record of the above said patent agreeable to the above plat is the Law that case corrects.
Taylor John 1785 9 9 Craven Swift Crk. September 9, 1792 - Note to court from William Easterling, Dan Simmons, Seth Peairc(sp) that Benjamin Griffin informs us he has made application to your worship to direct the Secretary to rectify the error in John Taylors patent. Therefore we the subscribers who are well acquainted with the error and the damage the said Griffin must inevetable sustain provided the said Patent is not rectified, do certify we have no objections and should any person be damaged it must be us, therefore we humbly beg your worship to rectify the same agreeable to and in that ease given under our hands.
Taylor Absalom 1790 6 29 Craven Slocum Crk.? WILL: 29 June 1790, Recorded March Term 1791. SONS: John Taylor (money & not more), Davis Taylor (land and Plantation where now live with one other tract joining it containing 100 acres, plus feather bed/furniture/desk). GRANDSON: Absolem Taylor, 75 acres patented by Bazell Smith, Esq. On south side of Buford Road running with James Hammeltons line to the percoason, etc., plus cow/calf. DAUGHTERS: Creasy Taylor, feather bed/furniture; Rebecka Taylor, feather bed/furniture. Remainder of estate not mentioned to be sold & equally divided between last 3 children, namely Davis, Creasey, Rebecka. (Note: John excluded. Executors: Brother, John Taylor and Benjamin Tolson. Wit: John Tolson & Thomas P. Ives.
Taylor Absalom 1790 6 29 Craven Slocum Crk.? ESTATE FILE: Inventory of Estate by Benjamin Tolson, June Term 1791
Taylor Absalom 1790 6 29 Craven Slocum Crk.? Account of Sales: (5 pages), June Term 1791. Present at sale: John Porter, John Taylor, Jr., Bazel Foster, John Taylor, Sr., Abner Bell, Mallica Smith, Elizabeth Williams, Richard Hooks, George Whitehead, Lewis Cavenor, Philemon Holland, William Holland, Newel Bell, Thomas Lovick, Mikel Ellis, James Potter, James Handcock, James Taylor, Fasion (?) Taylor, Major Upton, William Anderson, Thomas Smith, John Dunn. Total sale 166.10.7.
Taylor Absalom 1790 6 29 Craven Slocum Crk. June Court 1794 - Ordered John Blanks, Levi Fulsher & Evan Jones be appointed to settle the accounts of John Taylor & Benjamin Tolson, Executors of Absalom Taylor & make return to next court.
Taylor Absalom 1790 6 29 Craven Slocum Crk. 3 Sept 1796 - Note from E. Jones & Levi Fulshire. The subscribers agreeable to order of the court to settle with the Executors of Absolam Taylor decd. Find the Estate for amount of 147.12.10, the amount against estate 124.6.10, the remainder past due to the estate 17.11.0 (?) to the best of our knowledge.
Taylor Absalom 1790 6 29 Craven Slocum Crk. Account of Estate by John Taylor & Benjamin Tolson, Account settled, returned Sept 1796.
Taylor Cornelius 1791 Jones WILL: Grandson: David Taylor son of Phillip Taylor & Susanner, his wife.
Taylor Moses 1793 Craven? Moses Taylor 1793; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Rebecca 1794 3 29 Craven Estate File: 29 March 1794. Admin Bond: John Taylor, John Ives, John Williams. Inventory List: Bedset containing bed & furniture and one bedsted, one bed board. Inventory Sale: list a bedset sold to John Taylor for 11.3.2.
Taylor John 1795 12 19 Craven Estate Papers: Dated December 19,1795. Administrator of Estate: Isaac Taylor. Signed Administrators Bond: Isaac Taylor, John Gooding, & George Ellis.
Taylor Davis 1800 4 13 Craven Slocum Crk. WILL: 13 April 1800 (or 1801). Proved Sept Term 1801. Sister: Lucreacy Taylor, all lands. Cousin: James Tolson, all other property, plus feather bed, bolster, & piller, desk, gun. Executor: Benjamin Tolson. Wit: John Porter & Claudius Hamilton.
Taylor John, Captain 1803 Craven Estate Papers Admin of Estate Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Carraway, Henry Tillman.
Taylor John, Captain 1803 Craven Sale 4/2/1804-Elizabeth Taylor, Bridges Jones, Henry Carraway, Joseph Nelson, Ann Sparrow, Edward Pritched, Isaac Phelps, Mr & Ms Carney, Philip Neale, John Porter, Ann Hill. Inventory- Elizabeth Taylor
Taylor John, Captain 1803 Craven [Note: Elizabeth Taylor married William Sparrow January 9, 1806]
Taylor John 1804 12 12 Craven Estate File: 12 Dec 1804, Admin Bond: James Taylor, Levi Fulsher, Thomas Thompson - 100 pounds.
Taylor John 1804 12 12 Craven Dowery of Provisions: Dec Term 1804, Thomas Roe, John Ives, Thomas Thompson & Levi Fulsher, Esq., and Mathew Stevens appointed Companies to lay off & appropriate 1 year provisions to Lucretia Taylor, widow. Returned Sept 1805.
Taylor John 1804 12 12 Craven 11 Jan 1805 - agreeable to order of court subscribers met to support the provision on hand for support of widow & family. Tho. Row, Thomas Thompson, Levi Fulsher
Taylor John 1804 12 12 Craven Sale: 12 June 1805 - Lucretia Taylor, Philemon Holland, Benjamin Rowe, James Taylor, John Ives, William Holland, Daniel Stephens, William Collans, John Whitehead, Thomas Thompson, Lewis Cavender, Matthew Stephens, Amos Rowe, John P. Ives, John Parsons, Thomas Rowe, Archable Gibson, Levi Fulshire.
Taylor John, Captain 1810 12 31 Craven Estate Date December 31, 1810
Taylor John, Captain 1810 12 31 Craven John Harvey to William Sparrow-Bond to refund & Indemnity-12/1810. John Harvey is attorney in fact of the next of kin of John Taylor & together with George, James, and Thomas Taylor, Charles & Sarah Holmes all of Bristol, Great Britain, and Caleb & Mary Thomas Mumbles Kingdom, complaints.
Taylor James 1811 3 27 Craven Colemans Crk. Will: 27 March 1811. Recorded June Term Craven Co Court 1811. Wife: Peggy Taylor, 115 acres land on prong of Colemans Creek patented by John and Absalom Taylor. Son: Asa, 100 acres on head of Black Swamp. Remainder to be sold to pay just debts. Wits: Ruth Smith, W. Holland, William Holland.
Taylor James 1811 3 27 Craven Colemans Crk. Account of Sales: 2 May 1811. Present were: John Smith, Moses Stephens, Thomas Rowe, Robert H. Franklin, Samuel Patten, William Stephens, Ephriam Wilson, William Holland, Amos Rowe, Yarborough Taylor, Michael Fisher, Philemon Holland, Lewis Cavenno, Joseph Brittain, Archie Smith.
Taylor Abraham 1811 Jones (Spelled Tailor) WILL: Sons: John Tallor, Beasley Tallor (housel goods left on horsebranch in Hanover Co. to be equally divided. Josiah Tallor, Abil Tallor, Thomas, Tallor. Son-in-law: Thomas Wentherton. Executor: Son Joshiah Tallor. Witness: Thomas Lee.

Son of Abraham Taylor, d.1751?

Taylor Charles 1816 Craven? Charles Taylor 1816; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Lucretia 1817 3 1 Craven Estate File: 1 March 1817 Admin of Estate: Amos Rowe, Account of Sales: 4 Jan. 1817 - Purchasing: Will Holland, Amos Rowe, Ephn Wilson, Dexter Gibson, Asa Taylor, John Upton. Settlement: Dec 1818 - 3 vouchers - William Holland Esq., Seth Smith, Amos Rowe. Ordered that Samuel Patten, Joseph Brittain & James Marshall audit and settle the accounts of Amos Rowe, adm of Lecretia Taylor. Balance due heirs $25.24.
Taylor James 1818 6 2 Craven New Bern Estate File: - June 2, 1818 - James former collector of Ocracoke
Taylor James 1818 6 2 Craven New Bern Advertisement of death posted in presence of Jas Y Tignor & Solomon Scott 29 June 1818, recorded 18 Sept 1818. Admin Estate William L. Morris
Taylor James 1818 6 2 Craven New Bern By Attorney George Attemore: Charlotte Ann Taylor, Dugames (sp) Taylor, John Anderson & Julia his wife & William B. G. (S or Y). William BS Taylor has no Guardian.
Taylor Peter 1818 Craven? Peter Taylor 1818; Box 028.508.142
Taylor William 1827 1 1 Craven Admin of Estate Margaret January 1, 1827. Administrators Bond-Stephen Heath, John Washington, John Smith. 3 Justices to grant special letters of admin on estate. are of opinion that the Admin right to sell property of estate (intestate) an unexplained lean of A. Richardson Esq.
Taylor Isaiah 1838 Craven? Isaiah Taylor 1838; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Isaac 1846 Craven WILL: Wife: Hannah. Daughters: Jannet T. Hollister, Mary Attimore, Phebe Taylor, Louisa Taylor, Catherine Taylor, Frances Taylor. Executor: Phebe Taylor (daughter) and son-in-law George J. Attimore. Witnesses: John M. Roberts, Fredrick J. Jones.
Taylor William 1846 Craven? William Taylor 1846; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Ruth 1847 1 1 Craven RUTH TAYLOR     1847    Craven Estate Papers January 1, 1847. Admin of Estate Isaac Chestnut. Deceased 1839. guardian to Jonathan Chestnut. John L. Taylor personally appeared before Clerk of court saying he saw Lucretia Taylor post up notices. Sale of property show Lewis Taylor, Stephen Taylor, & Alexander Taylor purchasing items.
Taylor Jane 1847 Craven? Jane Taylor 1847; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Ruth 1847 Craven? Ruth Taylor 1847; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Samuel 1850 Craven? Samuel C. Taylor 1850; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Asa 1851 Craven Beaufort Rd., Brices Crk. WILL: SON: James R. Taylor, cattle in my mark & other items, land containing 66 acres known by the name of Hampton Land, deed to me by Hampton Williams 3 may 1838; also, portion of tract whereon I reside known by the name of the Wolf Tract or Wolf Land deeded to me by Henerietta Smith contain ing 50 acres, beginning in Elijah Hardisons line, first hollow bridge below Woods road, crossing the Newberne & Bearfort road, down tht branch to where it forks, across the Big Island to Brices Creek, etc. This portion of Wolf Land adjoins the Hampton land. SON: Benjamin R. Taylor, balance of a certain tract of land containing by the deed 150 acres, except 50 acres which I have just willed to his brother, James R. Taylor., other items included. WIFE: Gatsy; Alexander Benjamin Hardison, son of Stephen F. Hardison and his wife, my daughter, Mary Ann should he live to become 21 years of age, either $10 or a cow and calf, whichever the rest of my heirs may see proper to do. Exec: not named. Wit: Will W. Lewis & John P. Ives.
Taylor Asa 1851 Craven Beaufort Rd. Estate File: 8 March 1852: Application for Executors to settle estate. Bond signed by James R. Taylor, Council B. Wood and Alexander Mitchell for sum of $1500. Note attached: 5 March 1852, from Gatsy (x)Taylor to James R. Taylor, adm on the Estate of my deceased husband, Asa Taylor. Wit: C.B. Wood.
Taylor Asa 1851 Craven Beaufort Rd. 9 March 1852 - Note to creditors posted in public places and verified by Council B. Wood, one of the Justice of the Peace for Craven Co who did see a copy of notices posted at the Court House at New Bern, and also at tow other locations: at the fork of Beaufort Road and Elizabeth Ferry.
Taylor Asa 1851 Craven Beaufort Rd. 20 March 1852 - Notice to creditors to present their claims.
Taylor Asa 1851 Craven Beaufort Rd. 12 June 1852 - Inventory of propety of Asa Taylor. Included items mentioned in Will. Registered in Clerk of Courts Office book 6, Folio 151, 24 August 1852.
Taylor Phebe 1851 Craven? Phebe Taylor 1851; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Isaac 1857 Craven? Isaac Taylor 1857; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Alexander 1860 Craven? Alexander Taylor 1860; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Benjamin R. 1864 Craven? BENJAMIN R. TAYLOR     1865
Taylor Benjamin R. 1865 9 11 Craven Estate File: 11 September 1865, Administrators Bond: George W. Hardison, Bryan B. Williams and Gabriel Hardison, Junior administer jointly on estate of Benjamin R. Taylor. Decd, of Craven Co., NC and to state $300.
Taylor Benjamin R. 1865 9 11 Craven Account of Sales: 1865, Copy too light to read, as was the original. Submitted to Court October 1865. Recorded Book No 9.
Taylor Benjamin R. 1865 9 11 Craven 9 September 1867, George Hardison, Charles Hardison and James H. Hunter, all of Craven, $400 paid to State in trust for the benefit of the children herein named… George Hardison is constituted Guardian to Mary E. Taylor, Josephine Taylor, George Taylor and Nancy Taylor, minor & orphans.
Taylor Benjamin R. 1865 9 11 Craven Fall 1867 - Petitioners of Mary E. Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Josephine Taylor, Nancy Taylor and George Taylor, infants under the age of 21 appearing on the behalf of their guardian, George W. Hardison, respectfully showeth unto your Honor to sell property of Benjamin R. Taylor, decd., about 100 acres on Brice Creek and adjoining the lands of Simpson Heath. House has been unoccupied since the death in 1866 of both father & mother of petitioners. Total of Six reasons for selling property of Mary E, Josephine, Nancy and George, all between ages of 4-13 and place money in account to draw interest to use to rear children. Courts agreed to sell land at public vendue.
Taylor Benjamin R. 1865 9 11 Craven 27 Jan 1868, Note to pay Frederick Roberts, cc $325 for purchase of Benjamin R. Taylor 100 acres, Gave $25 cash.
Taylor Benjamin R. 1865 9 11 Craven 27 Nov 1868 Mary E. Taylor, et. al. - C. W. Hardison became the purchaser at highest bid on property sold at Court House. Jan 27th 1868, Charles W. Hardison transferred rights title and interest in tract of land lyying on the west side of the road leading from Newbern to Beaufort and east side of Brices Creek about 8 1/2 miles from New Bern known formerly as the residence of Benjamin R. Taylor sold by Frederick C. Roberts Clerk to James Hunter Sept the 11th 1871. Wit. George W. Hardison.
Taylor Margaret 1866 Craven? Margaret Taylor 1866 (Will 1866); Box 028.508.142
Taylor Sylvester 1866 Craven? Sylvester Taylor 1866; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Gaston 1867 Craven? Gaston Taylor 1867; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Mary 1868 Craven? Mary Taylor 1868; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Joshua 1870 Craven Beaufort Rd. WILL: WIFE: Eleanor (land on N.E. side of the main road leading from New Bern to Beaufort.) DAUGHTER: Catherine Jane Bell, wife of Amos Bell, (land as described above). GRANDSONS: Elijah and Joshua Bell. Son-in-law: William H. Conner.
Taylor Elijah 1873 Craven Gosling Crk. WILL: WIFE: Elizabeth C. Taylor. DAUGHTER: Elizabeth A. Taylor, Sidney J. Harris, Susan A. Taylor. SON: Joshua S. Taylor. GRANDSON: James F. Taylor. Witnesses: William P. Stanton, John Q. Jones. Land on Gosling or Goosling Cr.
Taylor Joshua 1873 Craven? Joshua Taylor 1873; Box 028.508.142
Taylor William 1873 Craven? William Taylor 1873 ; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Benjamin R. 1879 12 22 Craven ESTATE FILE: 22 Dec 1879 - Application for guardianship by Joseph H. Willis for Nancy H. Taylor is a minor child of Benj R. Taylor deceased …entitled to about one hundred dollars of estate. 22 Oct 1879, inventory by Willis for Nancy Taylor cash $48 plus 1/4th share of purchase money from J.H. Hunter sell of property. 30 June 1880, Final inventory of Nancy H. Taylor by J.K. Willis, guardian, now Nancy H. Tooker. 12 Nov. 1880, William A. Tooker applied for guardianship for 16 year old wife, Nancy Taylor, daughter of Benj. R. Taylor. Notice to James H. Hunter monies due for purchase of land or be resold by 6 Dec 1880. Dec 7, Land sold to Henry C. Wood for $425, 100 acres. Fall Term 1880, Judgement for title. 26 Feb 1884, Application for Guardianship of George A. Taylor by B.R. Williams and granted. 26 May 1884, Inventory of account of George A. Taylor & receipt of amt paid by court from fund from slae of land belonging to Benj. R. Taylor dec, dather of said Geo A. Taylor which is all the property belonging to said ward. Final account filed 5 June 1884.
Taylor David 1880 Craven? David Taylor 1880; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Phoebe 1881 Craven? Phoebe Taylor 1881; Box 028.508.142
Taylor Elizabeth 1885 Craven? Elizabeth A. Taylor 1885; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Catherine 1888 Craven WILL: Sister: Frances. Executor: William Hollister. Witnesses: R.P. Williams, W. Hollister.
Taylor Joshua 1892 Craven? Joshua L. Taylor 1892; Box 028.508.142
Taylor George 1895 11 30 Craven WILL: 30 Nov. 1895; Prob. 4 Sept 1897; SONS: John Wright Taylor, Will Sngl Taylor, Samuel Taylor and Ulyses Taylor. GRANDCHILDREN: Ada, George, Henry, Mary, Frederick, SarahTaylor, children of my deceased son Amos. DAUGHTER: Minnie Augustus Taylor to be maintained by brothers until she reaches age or marries. To Wife allots one third of real estate, one half of said dower to be on the north side of the other on Neuse road. Signed George (x) Taylor Wit: JW Lane, RH Russell
Taylor George 1895 11 30 Craven Estate File: Abraham Mitchell, guardian of George Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Mamie Taylor, Fred Taylor, Henry Taylor, filed. Annual acounts filed.
Taylor E.C. (Eliza C.) 1895 Craven? E.C. Taylor (Eliza C.) 1895 (Will); Box 028.508.141
Taylor Frances 1898 Craven? Frances Taylor 1898 (Will 1898); Box 028.508.141
Taylor Julia 1898 Craven? Julia Taylor 1898; Box 028.508.142
Taylor W.S 1899 Craven? W.S Taylor 1899 (Will); Box 028.508.142
Taylor Eleanor 1900 Craven? Eleanor Taylor 1903 (Will 1900); Box 028.508.141
Taylor Amos 1902 Craven? Amos Taylor 1902; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Isaac 1903 Craven? Isaac Taylor 1903; Box 028.508.141
Taylor Elmer 1904 Craven? Elmer Taylor 1904; Box 028.508.141
Taylor J. F. 1910 Craven? J. F. Taylor 1910; Box 028.508.141

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